Camp Time

By Pyro

Chapter 2

"I don't know what to do with him. He wrote no by his name in all the activities" Mark told Don the head councilor. Don just nodded his head.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I already talked to his parents and they said they were going on a second honeymoon. Unless it was an emergency like he had to be taken to the hospital not to call them. They feel that this is something that he needs and maybe it is." Don said.

"Yeah I know but I can't get through to him. I don't know how. He has only talked to me two times and both times he was on the verge of yelling and as for Brad he isn't making things easier for him either."

"Well why not move him to another room. Give him a new roommate. Someone that seems more like him or a little less out going?" asked Don.

"I was thinking about that, but I'm not sure who although, I did notice there is one boy that was put over with Greg named Steven that seemed kinda shy but was more out going then Brian. Maybe I can move one of my boys over to Greg's and get Steven over to my cabin and put him in with Brian and move Brad to another room. What do you think?" Mark asked.

"Sounds like a great idea do it." Was all that Don said. Mark left to get it down.

About an hour later Brian woke up and noticed that Brads things were gone and a new boy was sitting on Brads bed reading a comic book. The new boy was about 5'8 and 150lbs, with red hair and blue eyes. He had freckles that seemed to be all over by what Brian was able to tell. The new kid heard Brian move and looked over. He gave a slight shy smile.

"Hi I'm Steven," the new boy said. "You must be Brian" Brian just nodded his head. "Cool I was told to move here and Brad was moved somewhere else. From what I understand he is still here just in a new room." Steven said. Brian just shrugged his shoulder and got up and headed to the bathroom. His roommate watched him go.

Steven was told that Brian was shy and seemed to not talk to anyone. Steven liked these little challenges, besides he thought that Brian was very cute. Yes Steven is gay as well.

When Brian returned from the bathroom he pulled a book out of one of his bags and started to read it and ignore Steven. At first Steven seemed upset but not for long.

"Hey do you want to go to the dock. We can hang out down there before dinner?" he asked in excitement. Brian just shook his head. "Oh ok, who knows maybe later on." He said getting up and going out of the room. Brian watched him go while looking over the top of his book.

'Wow nice butt' he thought. At that thought his cock gave a jerk in his jeans. That was unexpected; he has never had that happen before. Sure he has seen cute guys before but none had ever affected him like that. Brian slowly put down his book, got up and walked out of the room. He noticed that no one was there, and slowly he went and looked out the door and saw Steven walking towards the dock. Brian quietly opened the door and walked down the steps and then quietly followed behind Steven. Unbeknown to him or Steven Mark was watching what was going on with a smile on his face.

Brian continued to watch Steven as he was walking to the dock. Steven felt someone watching him and turned around and caught sight of Brian ducking behind a tree. Steven just smiled turned around and keep on walking. When Steven got to the dock he sat down and stared out over the water.

Brian slowly creep up behind him but even when the boards squeaked Steven never turned around. Slowly Brian sat down next to Steven and looked out over the lake.

Mark was watching this all from behind a tree. Don walked up and Mark told him to be quite and just watch. Together they watched the two boys who at first seemed to be just sitting there.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" asked Steven in a whisper.

"Yeah" Brian said just as quietly. Steven watched as Brian scooted closer to him. He turned and looked at Brian and gave him a small shy smile, which Brian returned.

"So you seem like you don't want to be here. I know how you feel I don't either. My parents made me come here. Said I need to be more socialable." Steven said scooting closer to Brian. Brian just nodded his head.

"Mine too." He said scooting closer as well. Soon the boys were right up against each other touching from Shoulder to hip. There seemed to be an electric spark that went through the both of them that caused them to look at each other.

"Wow" Brian said getting lost in Stevens blue eyes. Steven nodded and swallowed hard and loudly.

"Yeah wow," he to said getting lost in Brian's green eyes. The boys felt themselves starting to come together in a kiss, when a throat clearing itself was heard. The boys jumped apart and looked behind them only to see Mark and another guy there.

"Hey guys come on and get ready, it's almost time for dinner." Mark said smiling at them. The boys got up but looked at there feet as the shuffled past Mark and the other man.

"Well it looks like they are going to hit it off very well." Replied Mark.

"Yes indeed they are. You do realized that those two almost kissed right?" Don asked.

Mark nodded "Yep but you don't have a problem with gay people, hell I know that, your ok with me." He said looking at Don.

"Your right I don't, but the other campers may. Lets just say we didn't see anything and if them two meet up lets say at night and sit under a tree and kiss or talk, we won't see that either." Said Don with a smile on his face as he turned and walked away. Mark just smiled and chuckled and walked to go and meet the boys for dinner.