Cody and Joel

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I would like to thank a lot of friends for encouraging me to write again. I know I have been away for along time but I am back now and I hope I can continue to write as I have written before. Thank you all.

Cody and Joel

Cody Andrews just lays there looking out the window on his right hand side remembering all that he had done. He was only 13 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes, only about 5'5 and 140 lbs, now only about 115lbs dying of cancer. Leukemia. He looks to his right and sees Joel Michaels sitting there holding his hand and watching him.

Joel was 14 just a few months older then Cody, unlike Cody's blonde hair Joel had dark brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes. He was about 5'9 and 150 lbs. Cody would be 14 in two months but they don't know whether or not he will make it.

"What you thinking about?" asks Cody looking intently into Joel's eyes smiling at him. Joel looks back and smiles.

"I am remember last year when we found out about each other and how we felt." He replied smiling. Cody too smiled at that memory.

"I remember that." Cody said, he smiled and closed his eyes letting him self go and remember.

It was summer of 2001 Cody Andrews and Joel Michaels were sitting by the swimming pool talking to each other about some kids they saw from their class at school. They were laughing and had a good time.

"What do you think about Michael Sanchez?" asked Joel. Cody thought about that for a few minutes.

"Well he seems like a nice kid cute and all..." Cody stopped when he realized what he had said. He turned blushing a deep red and looked at Joel. Joel just looked back.

"What you didn't think I knew. Awwww come on man of course I know your gay. I think you're cute." He said opening up and smiling at Cody. Cody just blushed more and then said what was in his heart.

"Umm I think you're cute as well Joel. Matter a fact for the last six months or so I have been finding myself thinking about you more and more. And I wanted to tell you that I think I am falling for you." Cody said turning away from Joel. Not seeing the smile on Joel's face because he was turned away he didn't see Joel silently say yes to God. Joel made Cody look at him then slowly bent down and kissed Cody on the lips.

"Good that makes it easier for me to tell you that I too have fallen in love with you." Joel said. Cody was so happy he started crying and hugged Joel.

Unbeknown to either of the Mike Andrew and Michelle Andrews were watching this exchange from the kitchen window.

"Well it looks like they finally got together. It's about time." Mike said holding Michell's hand. She squeezed his hand in response.

"Yes it most certainly does. And it is about time too." With that they turned away and went and phoned the Michaels and tell them the good news.

The boys didn't know it but the Andrews and Michaels have both been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Both families decided to wait and see what happens before either parent brought up anything to the boys about their relationship. They decided to wait and see what would happen and see when it would flourish. Now it seems the time had come.

Back outside Joel and Cody were holding hands, talking and listening to each other. They have been friends since they were about 4 years old now they finally were more then friends. Both boys loved it.

Joel led Cody over to the steps in the pool and sat down, pulling Cody in to sit down between his legs. Wrapping his arms around Cody and Cody leaning back against Joel's chest brought the boys much pleasure and love.

"Cody never leave me promise?" Joel asked squeezing Cody tighter. Cody squeezing Joel's arms replied.

"Never love. Not now or ever. You will always be mine and I will always be yours." Joel loved Cody very much and would NEVER let anyone hurt him.

Over the next few months it was brought to the boys attention that the parents knew about their relationship and was fine with it. Both sets of parents loved both boys very much and would do anything they could for the boys.

School started and nothing changed. Cody and Joel kept their relationship secret from all of their friends and never let on to anyone what was really between them. On the weekends the boys stayed at each others houses and enjoyed being with each other even though sex was not a part of the relationship as of yet.

Cody and Joel both talked about having sex and what they thought about it and both agreed that neither was ready for more then cuddling and kissing, holding hands and hugging. They were satisfied with that for the time being.

Thanksgiving approached and Joel's grandparents came in from out of town to be with there for the special day. Joel's parents already told Joel not to mention his relationship with Cody because Joel's grandfather would not understand and may try and cause problems. Joel and Cody both agreed and kept their hands to their selves while the grandparents were in town.

After Thanksgiving had come and gone and the grandparents had left Cody and Joel went back to hugging and kissing at both houses.

One day in early December Cody started getting sick. He was tired and exhausted all the time and just didn't have the energy to do anything. Finally his parents took him to the doctors. Having blood drawn and telling them it will take a week to come back was very tiring and exhausting for them all. They wanted to know what was wrong with Cody and why he was so sick all the time.

Joel stayed over there almost every night to help take care of Cody and to help with what ever he could do so that Mike and Michelle didn't have to do anything.

Finally a week and a half later the blood results were back in. They went to the doctors to finally see what was going on and hopefully have some kind of an idea as to what was going on with Cody.

The doctor led them into his office and had them all sit down.

"Sorry to keep you waiting but I had to call the lab and see what was all going on and if their findings were correct. I'm afraid they are. Mr. And Mrs. Andrews, Cody I really don't know of any other way to tell you this. I'm sorry it's cancer. Cody you have leukemia." The doctor said.

Michelle just about started screaming and saying no over and over again, while Mike held her and comforted her. They turned to Cody to see his with a blank stare on his face. Not knowing what to do or say Mike just took his hand and pulled Cody into a hug. Cody held onto his father and then the tears finally came.

The doctor went on to tell them that since it was Friday that come Monday that Cody will have to be brought into the hospital so that they can start him on some chemo therapy. They nodded and went home to tell Joel the news and to share one last great weekend together.

Joel couldn't believe what he had heard. The one boy in the whole world who he loved had cancer. Joel's parents were supportive of the boys and they stood by them and were going to help them through this all.

Finally Monday came and Cody was off to his first day of chemo. He didn't like the IV's in him or the radiation they had to do, but he knew it was necessary. The entire week Cody was in the hospital. He noticed that by the end of the week that his hair was slowly starting to come out.

He cried feeling that Joel wouldn't love him anymore if he was to be bold. Joel told him that he was love him no matter what, just to prove that when Christmas came Joel gave him a mirror with an inscription above the top saying 'Look Into This Mirror And See What I See. The Most Beautiful Man In The World To me.' Cody saw this and started crying hugging Joel with all the strength he had left.

Cody got Joel a gold locket with their pictures in it for him to wear. The inscription said: 'You And I Are Close To Each Others Heart Forever' Joel cried and hugged Cody because to him that was the God's honest truth.

The week following Christmas Cody went back and started his chemo once again. By the end of the following week Cody had lost most of his hair. Joel brought him the mirror so he could see what Joel saw, 'the most beautiful man in the world'. Joel held and kissed Cody whenever he felt like it or Cody needed it.

In January Cody started getting sicker, the doctor explained it was because they were having to kill the immune system to stop the cancer. But still something didn't seem right to Joel and the Andrews.

At the end of January Cody had to stay in the hospital for the duration of his treatments because of him getting so sick all the time.

The months were passing and it didn't seem like Cody was getting any better. By May the boys failed the 8th grade but didn't care Cody was more important then school right now and they both knew it.

They celebrated Joel's 14th birthday there in Cody's hospital room. The doctor allowed Cody to have some of the cake and ice cream.

Mike and Michelle also knew that Cody's chances of survival were going down hill.

Cody woke up from his dream of the past and saw Joel still sitting there. He smiled at him and took his hand.

"Hey sorry I feel asleep." Cody said. Joel just smiled at him.

"That's ok baby. I understand. I love you." Joel said looking deep into Cody's eyes. Cody smiled and leaned up and kissed Joel.

"I love you too." He said. Slowly Cody drifted back to sleep.

That night Cody slipped into a coma. He got an infection in his brain and that caused him to slip into the coma. Joel cried he knew that Cody would never wake up. He loved him but he knew there was nothing he could do for his love now, but pray. And pray he did.

"God this is Joel. But you know that. I just want you to know if it is not meant for Cody to make it then please let it be a peaceful going away. Don't let him suffer and Jesus be with him and hold him in your arms. Let him know I love him and that one-day we will be together again. Amen." Joel cried while he was praying. Mike and Michelle were behind him and heard it, they too cried knowing that Joel was losing one of the best things in his life.

A few days later Joel was asleep with his hand in Cody's. He dreamed and in his dream Cody was there.

"Don't worry baby, I love you and I always will. I am at peace, I don't hurt no more and I know one day we will be together again. Remember I love you, and you can make it on your own. Remember as long as you have that love for me you will never forget me. I love you Joel forever." With that Cody bent down and kissed Joel on the forehead. Joel woke up hearing a high pitched toned. Looking at the monitor he saw that Cody did indeed died peacefully in his sleep, and Cody came and told him that all would be ok and that he no longer hurt.

Joel cried even though he knew Cody would always be with him, he still hurt and he still missed him, wanting him to be there forever. Yet knowing that Cody would be watching over him for the rest of his life.

So finally Cody Andrews, age 13, died. He died in his sleep peacefully, and with that Joel felt that peace as it radiated from Cody.

The funeral was held at the end of the week. The Andrews and Michaels were, along with teachers and friends. At the funeral Joel stood up and read a eulogy.

"From now till ever is a life time for me, but for you it will be just a moment. Cody Andrews you have been my friend, lover and life mate. I will miss you. I know you are in a better place, and you no longer hurt. I still wish you were with us but now at last you are at peace. I know I will see you again, and I know you love me as I love you. I will never forget you. Not now or ever. As you said when you gave me this locket 'You And I Are Close To Each Others Heart Forever' I believe that. We will be in each other's hearts now and forever.

You were beautiful to me, no matter how you look and I will remember you for yourself, your beauty, your heart, and most importantly your love. I love you Cody Andrews now and forever." Joel broke down and started crying then.

Joel knew he would see Cody again one day but still the pain was still there, it would be there for sometime but even Joel knew that he still had a future, and in his future he would find love again. Not like his and Cody's but still a love that is right for him. A love that would match that which he had for Cody's yet a separate love, but a love nonetheless.

The End