Chapter 2

The next morning my alarm went off at six. I had to be at the bus stop by 6:45, so it was hurry and get ready. When I awoke, my 'best friend' was standing proud, tenting the front of my jockeys. There was no time to play, so I got up and put out my school cloths. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. Finishing that, I wrapped a towel around myself and headed back to my bedroom, dressed, and went downstairs. My mom was making breakfast; dad was already dressed and reading the paper at the kitchen table.

"Morning, Son, are you ready for your first day at school?" my mom asked as I sat down. She put bacon, eggs, toast and a glass of milk in front of me.

"Yes ma'am, I hope so," I said, as I started eating, "I'm still scared somebody is going to find out about me."

"Son, it will go fine. Just be yourself, and try not to stare," my dad said, eating his breakfast. Mom sat down and started eating as well. When I finished, I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, and grabbed my book bag. Telling my parents 'bye,' I headed out to the bus stop. When I got there, about ten other kids were already there waiting for the bus, including the two boys whom I had seen talking and playing the day before.

I stood back from the crowd, by myself. The two boys saw me, and started talking and laughing. I had a feeling they were going to make my life hell. The bus pulled up and we headed off to school, Bartlett Middle School. This was my last year in middle school, then I would be going to High School.

I sat to the front of the bus, near the driver; feeling that sitting there, no one would bother me. As I sat and just stared out the window, those two boys took their seat behind me, and I could hear a little of their conversation.

"Hey Jarad, you hear that there are a lot of fags starting school this year?" one of them asked.

"Yeah, Billy, I did, I think they should have there asses beat." the other one said, and they both started laughing. I just grimaced and didn't say anything. I knew there was a possibility that something like that may happen if anyone found out. The bus pulled up in front of the school and everyone got off. I went in and found Room 21, my homeroom. I had received a class schedule when we registered here last week.

Mrs. Barlem was in the room as we entered. One of the two boys was in my homeroom. I groaned quietly to myself. He sat near the back while I sat at the front. The teacher then put us in alphabetical order, but we still were not near each other. She went over the rules and gave each new student a map of the school, so we could find our way around. The bell rang, and we headed to our first class of the day, which for me was Gym.

I dreaded it, because I was afraid that we would have to take showers; and I that I would pop a boner seeing the other boys naked. Luckily, neither of the two boys was in my first period; I was safe so far. There were a lot of cute looking boys there. Most of them seemed OK, and were talking as if they had known each other before. I sat on the end of the bench.

When the coach came in he silenced everyone. He told us we wouldn't be having showers, but to bring deodorant to get rid of any smell afterwards. 'Thank God,' I thought. He went on to explain that we would need shorts and a white T-shirt for the class. If we didn't dress properly, we got an F; if we didn't participate, and had no doctor's excuse, we got an F; three tardies and you failed for the quarter. He told us some of the things we would be doing and I groaned, because I didn't like sports. I think I may get my father to give me a permanent excuse, so I can drop this class... I really hate sports.

After the coach left, there were only fifteen minutes of class left, so he let us talk and get to know each other. I figured no one would talk to me, so I pulled out my book and started to read. It was a surprise when one boy came over to me and started a conversation. But what surprised me the most, was his eyes. They were like sapphires; blue as blue could be, so beautiful you couldn't help but look into them.

"Hi, my name is Alexander Daniels, what's yours?" he asked, sitting down next to me. Alex is about 5'8", maybe 120 pounds, with blonde hair. He looks as if he works out; he's gorgeous.

"Hi, my name is Brett Mikells." I said shyly. He looked at me and smiled. I liked him the minute I saw him.

"You're new here, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yeah, moved here a few weeks ago." I replied.

"Yeah, cool, I moved here about five years ago. My dad works at the hospital, he's in administration at Memorial Medical, and my mom is a real estate agent. What do your parents do?" Alex asked.

"Oh, my dad is a doctor at Memorial. He was asked there because of his work in genetics and brain surgery. My mom is a stock broker." I replied, thinking it cool our dads worked at the same place.

"Hey, that's cool. Wait, you're Doctor Mikells son, then. He helped a friend of mine the other day when he scratched up his hand. Jimmy said it didn't even hurt when your dad bandaged it; that your dad was really great. This is SO COOL, both of our fathers working at the same place." Alex said, laughing. I started laughing, too, and we talked till the end of the period. As it turns out, he and I have four out of six class together, including our lunch period. We walked to our next class, Biology, and took our seat.

The teacher came in, as the rest of the students were filing in and taking their seats. She called the roll and then started telling us what we would be doing, and how we are going to be working. When she finished going over the rules, she let us talk. Alex and I talked till the end of the class period; when the bell rang, we went our separate ways. He went to Art and I went to Music.

I noticed that one of the two guys whom I had had a bad feeling about was in my music class. The same thing happened there as in the other classes; stating the rules and then allowing us to talk. After that class I headed to English. Alex and I also had this class together. The only bad thing was that the two, whom I now considered bullies, were also there. They sat behind us and started talking. Alex and I ignored them, but I knew that something might happen. The teacher came in and went over the same things as in the rest of the classes; the rules and passing out the books, and then letting us talk.

"Hey, Billy, you know, I think we may have a fag in here with us," one of the boys laughed.

"Yeah, I think so too. He seems too shy, and looks too pretty to be straight," Jarad said. They laughed, and we ignored them. The bell rang for Lunch. Alex and I went into the cafeteria, got our food, and found a table. Some of Alex's friends came over and he introduced them to me. They seemed really cool, and we had a good time talking and laughing.

After lunch we went to our next class, Math, which I HATE! Math was never my favorite subject. I just wasn't good at it. We had the same boring procedures; rules and stuff. Both of the bullies were there as well. History was my next class, while Alex went to Social Science. Each class started the same way, as if the teachers felt that if they didn't repeat the rules, we would forget them or something. That was our last period. Now the day was over. When I got to my locker, I was surprised to see that Alex's locker was right next to mine. I hadn't noticed him there that morning.

"Hey Alex, how was your first day?" I asked. He looked at me and put his hands around his neck, making a gagging noise. We just laughed..

"It was all right, but why do these teachers have to go over the rules EVERY time? I hate that," he said. I agreed.

"Hey, can I have your phone number, then we can talk this evening, and all?" I asked, hoping he would say 'yes.' He is really cute, and I wanted to get to know him better, even though I knew I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being close to him.

"Sure, give me yours too." he said. So we swapped phone numbers and left for the day. When I got home no one was there. I fixed a snack and headed to my room to do my homework.

Once in my room I realized I was hard, and 'my friend' wanted to play. Taking off all my cloths, I laid on my bed. I took the lotion bottle and poured some in my hand. I was thinking of Alex as I slowly started to jack off. He was so cute. I imagined that it was his hands rubbing up and down my hard shaft; that he was leaning over me, kissing me, and licking my neck. My left hand started rubbing and pulling slightly on my balls. Thinking of Alex, I started pumping faster, and was really getting excited Letting the index finger on my left hand slide down between my balls and ass, I worked it into my hole. Slowly circling my hole, it became intense, and I shot a HUGE load all over my chest.

I lay there panting and exhausted. When I regained my breath, I cleaned myself up. Dressing again, I started to do what little homework the teachers given us. By the time I had finished, my mom was home and making dinner. I turned on my computer and checked my e-mails, then started reading the Nifty archives. As soon as my dad got home, we ate. I told them how my first day had gone, and about my new friend, Alex. They both smiled, and I blushed, telling them that it wasn't like that. All they said was, 'Yeah, OK, we believe you,' in that irritating way adults have. After dinner I watched some TV for a while, and then went to bed, waiting for another day of school to come.

The first week went pretty much the same; we were playing volleyball in Gym. That was fun, but it was also a problem talking with Alex, looking at the other boys, and not getting hard. The first few months were pretty much like that, the bullies picking on people and everything. They never really bothered me, and I didn't understand why. I also noticed a bunch of girls looking at me. 'Wouldn't they like to know ...hehe,' was all I thought. Alex, it turned out, was the quarterback for the school football team. Even though I didn't like football, I decided to go and watch the first game. I seems that all the guys I was hanging around with played on the football team, and were really cool. Whenever one of the bullies tried saying something to one of their friends, these guys were there looking out for them, it was SO COOL. Well, as always, everything good has to come to an end.

One day, while in the lunch room, I passed the bullies' table and one of their comments caught my ear.

"Hey Jarad, I heard that Brett Mikells is a fag," Billy said with a smile.

"Oh really, well we are just going to have to teach him what we do with fags," Jarad said, laughing. I don't know how, but they found out, or they were just making guesses. I ate lunch with the fellas, and thought nothing of it till after school a few days later. I was waiting for Alex, because we had a report for Biology to do, and I was going to his house to work on it. Billy and Jarad came out of nowhere and walked up to me.

"Hey Brett, we hear you're a fag, is that true?" Billy asked me.

"No, it isn't," I replied, turning and looking at the other boys, hoping that my fear didn't show.

"Well, we saw you checking out the boys in the locker room. You were looking at them more than you should have; so yeah, we know it's true," said Jarad with a wicked smile.

"Well, whatever y'all think y'all saw, it isn't true; so go away and leave me alone." I said turning away from them. I was scared, and was afraid that they were going to hurt me.

"Well, we know it is true, PLUS we saw your mom in Barnes and Noble picking up an XY magazine for you. We heard her say, 'And Brett wanted XY.' We recognized your mom from when we saw her pick you up one day, so we knew it was for you. We wondered what it was, so when she left, we went and looked at the mags and saw it. When we opened it we saw what type of mag it was. So yeah, we know you're gay." Billy said, smirking and coming closer to me. I turned around and just looked at them with tears in my eyes. I was speechless and starting shaking.

"Wait till the school finds out; you are going to get it SO bad," Jarad replied with laughter in his voice.

"Come on guys, you don't know what you are talking about," I said, trying to believe myself and NOT them.

"Yeah we do, and now you are going to get it. Oh, here comes Alex now," Billy said. When Alex came up to us he gave them an hard look, and just stared at me, noticing I was crying.

"What's going on, Guys, you trying to beat up my friend here?' he asked in a rough and hefty voice.

"Naw, we don't have to do that, Man; not after you hear this?" Billy said smiling.

"Hear what?" Alex once again asked the two boys.

"Well, just to let you know, we saw Brett's mom in the Mall one day and she was picking up a magazine for Brett. We heard her say his name and the name of a magazine, and when she left we looked for it and found it. It was XY Magazine. If you aren't familiar with it, don't worry, only FAG'S truly know what it is. Right Brett?" Jarad said. The two boys saw more tears streaming down my face and laughed. They said 'bye' and ran off laughing. I looked at Alex, he had a stunned expression on his face.

"Brett," he said. Just saying my name, I knew he knew. I just stared at him for a minute, then turned around and ran home. I lived about four miles away, and ran there in about thirty minutes, never stopping to breathe. By the time I got home I was out of breath and still crying. I ran up to my room, threw my book bag down and fell on my bed. I lay burying my face in the sheets, and just sobbed and screamed. My final thoughts were that everyone knows, and my life would be over. With that, I passed out.