Chapter 4

I woke up with a pounding headache and not knowing where I was. I felt someone stroking my hair and holding my hand. I slowly became aware of voices. It was my parents and Alex. I slowly opened my eyes, due to the light in the room. I looked around and saw Alex on my left and my parents on my right. Alex was holding my hand and stroking my hair. He was telling them about what happened. They looked at me with concern on their faces. I slowly realized, besides my head; my chest, ribs, and arms were hurting too.

"Hey sweety how are you feeling?" My mom asked me.

"" I was able to get out, my throat was dry and hurting. My dad went and got a nurse and they brought me some ice chips. I sucked on the ice chips a bit, and my throat slowly stopped hurting and I was able to speak. "What happened? " I asked. I looked at Alex, and noticed his eyes were read and swollen like he had been crying.

"What do you remember?" Alex asked me. I thought about it and it slowly came back to me. I looked at Alex with surprise and gladness on my face. My eyes were showing how much I loved him. He looked back at me the love and sadness.

"I remember Billy and Jarad kicking me, and then you and the football team came up and stopped them. I remember everything you said and what you did... " I trailed off, not looking at him thinking it was a dream.

"You mean the kiss?" He asked, with hope in his voice. I slowly nodded and looked at him. He had tears in his eyes again. I took my hand from his and brushed them out of the way. I looked into his eyes as my hand held his left cheek.

"I was afraid it was a dream. I remember you coming up to me, looking sad like you let me down." I said. He started crying harder.

"I...I ...I did let you down." He choked out the words. I looked at him, deep into his eyes.

"No you didn't you were there when I needed you the most." I slowly bent forward and brushed my lips against him. We heard the clearing of a throat, and then we remembered where we were, and who was around us, to top that off, a doctor and a nurse were standing at the door watching us. I felt heat rise-up my face, and I laid back down.

"Well you seem to be feeling better after everything that has happen in the last day," the doctor said, as he and the nurse came into the room shutting the door behind them. I looked at them like they were crazy, then something dawned on me. It was DAYLIGHT. I looked at them with questioning eyes. Alex saw the fear in my eyes and grabbed my hand. I was to scared to resist. What did he mean by 'day?' 'How long have I been out?' These questions and others were floating around my head.

"How long have I been out of it?" I asked, scared to know the answer.

"About two days Son," my dad said. I looked at him in wonderment.

"How? Why?" I asked, starting to cry, thinking something was very wrong.

"Well, the two boys that were hitting and kicking you did a major number on you, " the doctor said. " You have a concussion, a few broken ribs, and we had to operate to take your appendix out. They did a number on you that will leave you hurting for quite a while, I am afraid." At that point I started bawling. I was scared; I didn't want to get hurt for this. It isn't my fault that I am gay; why did this have to happen to me? Please God I just want to die.

"Brett, don't worry, Billy and Jarad got arrested the same night you were sent here. The police showed up. You see after I kissed you, and you passed out I started screaming for someone to get help. Your parents showed up and asked what happen. I was crying so hard that Eric and Brian had to tell them what happened. They called an ambulance, and I held you 'til they got there. They wouldn't let me go with you, but I came with your father. Your mother road in the ambulance with you. I haven't been home yet. My parents showed up here, after Eric called them and told them what happened. I told them the truth Brett..." He said he started crying. "I told them.... that I loved you.... that I was gay and I wanted to stay with you." At that point, he broke down completely.

"What happen Alex?" I asked, holding his hand tighter.

"He looked up but couldn't speak. My mother took over for him. She came around the bed and started rubbing his back.

"Brett, because he is gay his father pretty much kicked him out of his house. His mother didn't say anything. She just looked sad, and walked away. I don't know what will happen, but for right now he will be staying with us." As she said those words, Alex started shaking and sobbing. I sat up in bed, and not caring who was watching lifted Alex's face and made him look at me. With tears streaming down his face I brought our lips together, and kissed him. A gentle, loving reassuring, kiss. When I broke it off I looked into his eyes, he was still crying but now they were tears of joy and happiness.

"We WILL make it work. I promise." I said, looking into his eyes. No one said anything; they let us have our minute together. He just nodded and held hand. The doctor said I should be released in the next couple of days. So, I could go back to school come Wednesday. My parents left shortly after that, saying they were going to get something to eat and bring something back for Alex. I asked them to bring me something from McDonald's. They said they would ask the doctor, and if he says it is OK, then they would, if not then sorry, but they couldn't. I said, "OK," and they left. Me and Alex just watched TV for a little bit, then something came to my mind. We were siting there holding hands. I turned off the TV, and Alex looked at me with a questioning look on his face.

"Alex what about the football team? You kissed me in front of them and the school. What are you going to do about it?" I asked, scared for him. He just looked at me and smiled.

"Brett, a week before the game, I asked to talk with the coach and the team. I sat them all down and I told them. I told them; I was gay, and I was in love with you. A few seemed kind of uneasy at first. I told them I haven't changed, and I am NOT looking into trying to get it on with any of them. I told them it is still me, and that nothing has changed, they just know a little bit more about me. Then I asked them, who would want to date there ugly ass's any ways? With that, they busted out laughing. Some told me it would take a little while to get used to it, but to give them time, and they will, BUT, they will always be my friends. Some said they already knew and was just wondering when I was going to say anything, or if I was at all. And, as for you, some said they already knew about you too before you came out, and they were just wondering how long until we hooked up. Some even had a side bet going to see how long." He said, then I started laughing, and so did he. I stopped shortly after, because my side started hurting. He looked at me and I told him I was fine. He finished telling me that is why all of the team was smiling at me, because they knew he was going to tell me after the football game. My parents came back and they brought us food, I LOVE McDonald's. We ate and talked. Then they all left. Alex kissed me bye and I blushed, because of my parents being there, and they started laughing.

"I love you Brett." Alex said looking into my eyes. I looked back and smiled

"I love you to Alex thank you." With that he kissed me again, and they left.

The next day about 3:30 in the afternoon I was siting waiting on the doctor to come and check up on me. One more day and I am out of here. I still have to take it easy, but I can go back to school. The door opened I was expecting it to be Alex. It was, but he wasn't alone. The coach and the football team were ALL there. I looked shocked. Alex came over to me gave me a quick kiss, much to the amusement of his football mates. There were some catcalls and hoots. They started laughing, but really started when Alex turned around, shot them a bird, and stuck his tongue out at them. They all quieted down and the coach started talking.

"Brett, we are all sorry for what happened to you. After Alex told us about himself, and how he felt for you. We each took our time getting used to it. By the time the football game came around, Alex was nervous and quite upset. We all saw this, and decided it was time. W brought out a plaque that had his name on it, and said, 'the best player of the year.' He was shocked, and started crying. He asked "Why?" And, we explained it took courage to do what he did. and come out to us all. We all told him we are fine with it. We noticed, that he didn't look at any of the other guys anymore than they ALL do, which is to size each other up." When he said that, they all looked surprised, like, 'how did he know?' I saw their expression, and started laughing, and so did the coach. "Aw come on guys I was a teenager once, I know what y'all do in the locker room. Well anyway. After the game, and what Alex did, and was holding you when you passed, out we all decided something. He loves you so much, to out himself in front of the school, and the world. Lose his parents, because of their prejudice. Yes, we know about that. Well, anyway, we decided that we need him in good shape. So, as of now, you are an honorary part of the football team." The coach handed me a jacket with my name on it. I saw it and started crying. I was thanking them, and they all came over and gave me a hug. They asked when I would be out of here, and I told them tomorrow, and I would be back at school on Wednesday.

They said their good-byes, and left me and Alex alone. I looked at him and he looked at me. He came closer and slowly bent down and gave me a kiss. Not any kiss, but one of passion and love. I felt his tongue at the entrance to my mouth and I opened my lips. I felt his tongue pass mine as he slid his tongue into my mouth, and mine into his. We kissed for the first REAL time, a REAL kiss, full of love and all of the feelings that go into a kiss like that. We slowly parted our hands still together. T

There was a sniffle behind Alex. I looked, and there were my parents, my mom had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. My father's face showed one of pride and love for his son. But, what got my attention wasn't my parents, but Alex's. I looked at Alex and he knew something was wrong. He turned around and about dropped to the floor when he saw them standing there.

"Mom, dad what are y'all doing here?" He asked, both scared yet angry. The anger was winning over. "You told me you didn't want a faggot in the family that you disowned me. So what in the HELL are you doing here?" He asked again. He was standing in front of me like he was protecting me from them, I couldn't see them, but I could feel the tension. I closed my eyes and waited for their response.

"Son we came to say we are sorry." Mr. Daniels said. I could hear the sadness in his voice.

"We are sorry Son. Please forgive us. We got scared and upset. Upset, because we didn't know and wanted grandchildren, and scared, because of what may happen to you in the world when they find out." Mrs. Daniels said. She started crying. I was expecting to say anything, but like always, my mouth over took my head.

"No matter what you should always love him, and stay with him, and help him. However, you just turned tail and ran. Hurting him more then you should have." I said. Alex moved back and let his parents see who he loves, and what has happening. When they saw me they gasped and looked away. No one said anything about what I said, because they all knew it was the truth.

"You are right and we are wrong. I don't admit I am wrong a lot but now I am. I want to ask you BOTH to forgive me. Alex you are my son and I love you no matter what. I am asking you to forgive an old foolish man. And Brett, I am asking you too for forgiveness. For hurting Alex and hurting you. Maybe we didn't cause this, but maybe if we were more opened minded we could have seen what was to come." Mr. Daniels said. Me and Alex looked at each other. We nodded our heads. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels came over and gave Alex and I a hug.

The doctor came in to see how I was feeling. I told him fine, just a little sore, and the cast itches. Oh, didn't I mention; that some how while Billy and Jarad were hitting me, they either hit or kicked my right arm and broke it. The problem is I am right handed. I can't write or use my hand at all. So, I can't even jack off. Now I don't know about you, but a 14 year-old that LOVES to play with himself and he can't; well lets say, that is TORTURE hehe.

The next morning the doctor came in around 10, looked me over, and let me go. My mom came and got me and we went home. We got something to eat and waited for Dad to come home from work to go to dinner. I learned how to eat left handed. I tried writing, but gave up. At about 4:30 Alex and a few of the football players showed up. I was in my room on my computer. There was a knock on my door, and I told who ever it was to come in.

"Hey baby how are you?" Alex asked, as he came up behind me and gave me a hug.

"Fine and you? How was practice?" I asked, turning in his arms, I was about to kiss him when I noticed Eric and Brian there looking at us smiling. I blushed and hid my head. They started laughing.

"Hey stop laughing I am a hurt man here." I said, showing my cast, and trying to look innocent with puppy dog eyes. That just made them laugh harder and me too. After we quieted down, we told each other how our day went.

"Football practice went OK. Kind of slow, and school was BORING." Eric said laughing. I noticed that Eric and Brian were always together and it made me wonder, but decided NOT to ask.

"Well today was OK, I learned how to eat left handed, but writing, forget about it, I can't do it." I said. They said don't worry, they will take my notes, and Alex said he will help me with my homework. I said OK. Eric and Brian left shortly after, and me and Alex finally kissed. There was a knock on my door and we jumped apart. We looked at each other and started laughing. My mom said Alex's mother called and wanted to know if he was staying for dinner or not. I looked at him begging with my eyes. He said he would. My mom left and I jumped in his arms knocking him down.

"I love you Alex Daniels." I said.

"And I love you Brett Mikells." He responded. We looked deep into each other's eyes and kissed. When Dad got home we went and got something to eat. Me and Alex on one side of the table holding hands under it, and Mom and Dad on the other. We got a few stares from some of the kids that were there, that went to our school. We ignored them not caring. After we ate, we took Alex home. I walked him up to his door. Before he went in, he kissed me long and hard. I loved it. After he walked in after he hugged and kissed me again. I went back to the car. My mom and dad were smiling at each other and at me. I just smiled back and ignored them.

When we got home, I got ready for bed. With Alex helping me with my homework, I got it all done for the days I missed. I tried playing with myself in the shower, but with the plastic covering on my right arm, I couldn't do it. Hell, even with out it, I can't with the cast. I tried it with my left hand, but it didn't feel as good. When I went to bed I decided to try something I read on the Internet.

I pulled down my jockeys and grabbed the towel from under my bed. I placed it where my dick would be and laid down on it. I slowly started rubbing my dick back and forth. I tried it and I didn't feel anything at first, so I grabbed the lotion and put some on it. I rubbed it in with my left hand then laid back down. This time it felt good and different. Better with the lotion, it was smoother. I knew the sheets would feel better, BUT I didn't want to get anything on them hehe. I was moving back and forth, and I felt the cum boiling in my balls. I started moaning and groaning, and shortly I came. I felt it shoot on my stomach, and dick, and balls. I laid down exhausted for a minute. I turned over, took the towel, and wiped myself up. I threw the towel under the bed and pulled my jockeys back up. I laid down, covered up, and thought about Alex, his face, his body, and his lips. I closed my eyes and slowly feel asleep with a hard dick, and thoughts of making love with Alex floating in my head.