Chapter 10

Well here it is one month before we graduate to the ninth grade. Wow it has been in interesting year by far. I never thought that my life would turn out the way it has. First I have to move to another city. I meet a great friend and his friends became mine. I think I lost him because two idiots and bullies found out I was gay. I get hurt and find a boyfriend in my best friend. We pretty much promise of ourselves to each other, and became the happiest couple in school. We meet a new small kid in school turns out he's abused and we got him help. He got a boyfriend and became a VERY happy kid. The two biggest bullies of my life tried hurting me again and in turn got in A LOT of trouble and had to help out with the school first Gay Bi Straight Alliance. It turns out that they became some VERY good friends of Alex's and mine. If that wasn't weird enough Billy and Jarad (the two bullies) turn out to be gay and in love with each other and were only acting the way they did because they were scared that people would find out. They turned to Alex, and me and we helped them over come their fear. With our help, they were able to admit their true feelings for each other at the GBSA first dance. Now it is only a month away till we leave here for the next higher grades and our own little prom. WOW! I am SO excited. I can't wait to see what happens between now and then. It is April 30, and things were starting to look good for us. We were popular, but that is NOT the only place we were popular. What we didn't know, is that the new high school already knew about us, and so did the students. Well we didn't know that until we got there. You see, a month before an 8th grader leaves, they take a trip over to their new middle school to see what it looks like and such, and to see how things work there. So here we are, there are about 100 8th graders and we are sitting in side the auditorium at Jenkins High School. It isn't very big, but it is kind of nice. The principle explained a few things about the school and what was expected of us as we entered here.

One of the biggest things he said, was that 'hatred and harassment of any kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED here.' A few people who were sitting near us smiled and looked at me and Alex. We just blushed and kinda sat a little lower.

After the principle did the intro. to the school, several teachers took us in groups and lead us around the school. I noticed that a few students in the school were staring at me and Alex. I looked down to make sure we were holding hands. I know at the old school we do and no one says anything. BUT, this is a NEW school so we don't want to freak out too many people do we? Well not yet hehe. As we walked I noticed more and more students stopping and staring at us. I wasn't sure why, maybe it was because we were surrounded by the football team, or maybe because of some other reason I wasn't sure of.

We got to the cafeteria and the some of the students were eating lunch. We were told we could get lunch and eat there. My group headed over to the lunch line and got in Alex and me. We were first followed by Eric, Brian, Taylor, Chris, Tyron, Jake, the rest of the football team and following were Billy and Jarad. We all got our food and saw an empty table and went to it. As we sat down we noticed more and more of the kids eating staring at us. I got tired of it and said something to my table.

"What is HELL is going on here?" I asked. Everyone looked at me questioningly.

"What do you mean Brett?" asked Alex.

"Look around most of the lunch room is staring at us. Not like you take a quick glimpse at the fresh meat about to enter the school but like they see something interesting I am tired of it." I said getting upset and scared. Alex noticed me starting to shake and took my hand in his under the table. I looked at him and in his eyes I saw all the love I needed to see to make me feel better. I slowly stopped shaking and turned to look around the table. Everyone was watching me with concern. They all knew I didn't like to fight and I was just scared and VERY shy in nature. They were my best friends and protectors.

"Sorry everyone it is just scary being stared at by everyone," I said sadly looking down at the table.

"Don't be sorry Brett. We know how you are and we won't let anyone hurt you we promise." said Brian.

I looked up and everyone was shaking their heads. Just then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and turned my head to see what it was. What I saw amazed me. The Varsity high school football team was heading our way. I could feel their gaze on us and then I noticed that the football team at my table got up and stood in front of the table. I stood up but didn't go in front of the table. When the other team got to us the just stood there staring down or directly at some of the players from my school. No one said anything and the whole lunchroom was quite. The one I am assuming was the quarter back spook first.

"Which one is your quarterback?" he asked.

Alex stepped forward. "Me Alex Daniels, who are you?' he asked stepping up to him. They looked at each other for a minute.

"I'm Brandon Michael's the quarter back for the varsity high school football team. So you are the famous Alex Daniels," he said. He looked past him at me and simply said "And you must be Brett Mikell's" I nodded my head but didn't move around to meet him. He turned his attention back to Alex. "Is what I hear about you and a few of your players and friends true?" he asked simply.

"And what would that be?" asked Alex not backing down.

I LOVE HIM to death but sometimes I just wish he would back up and breath. "That you and Brett over there are gay and going out. That a few of your team members are gay and some of your friends here today are as well." he said.

By this time we had several teachers standing near to make sure nothing happened and had other students standing near as well. "Yeah so what of it. As I have told others, anyone touches Brett, or our friends they will regret it." He said meanly looking straight into Brandon's eyes.

Brandon looked at him and nodded, then smiled. "That is cool man. We just wanted to say hey and welcome you here. You see my older brother is gay and I don't have a problem with it. I just wanted to meet my younger equal from another school. Me and my pack protect the smaller ones here at Jenkins. Is it true what Brett did to some guys father?" he asked.

We all breathed a sigh of relief and the football team from my table sat down and the high school football team joined us. I was still standing when Alex came over and he saw me shaking badly. Alex walked up to me and took my hand in front of the other football team. He took his other hand and wiped my face I didn't know I had been crying. I was scared and I didn't want anything to go wrong. I was still shaking and I couldn't hear Alex I was shaking SO bad. He finally grabbed my face and made me look at him. He was smiling.

"It's alright Brett. Everything is going to be alright. They only wanted to welcome us and see if we could protect others here as we were doing in our school." Alex said.

Their quarterback came around the table towards us. I started to coward back.

"Is he ok?" Brandon asked in a quite voice.

Alex shook his head. "He has been through so much hell he can't stand fighting. Yeah he did that to that boy's father, I think that was the only time I have ever seen him hit anyone. He can't stand fighting. He had the hell beat out of him and was in the hospital for two days because of two bullies. The bullies after all sorts of stuff apologized and turned out that they were gay and scared that someone was going to find out. They are now VERY good friends of ours. They are over there" he pointed to Billy and Jarad.

Billy saw how I was shaking and didn't know he had affected me so much. He started shaking and Jarad grabbed him and held him.

"I,,, I'm so...sorry...Brett" he sobbed.

I knew what he meant, but the pain was still there. I honestly didn't know weather I could stand another attack like that or not.

The quarterback went over to Billy and Jarad. He was talking to them, and Billy slowly calmed down. He smiled at Brandon and Brandon smiled at us. He walked back over to us.

"He had no idea he affected Brett like this." he said looking down at me. I was still shaking but being in Alex's arms with my head on his shoulder I was slowly calming down. After another minute I was calm. "Thanks Brandon. Sorry for how I was acting I can't help it. I am just a big baby." I said looking down.

Alex lifted my head and looked into my eyes. "NO you are NOT. You are a sensitive loving guy. You're the guy I love and if anyone has a problem with it let them deal with ME." he said.

I looked at him and smiled. I knew right then and there, I would love him forever. I lifted up my right hand and met his. Our two rings came in contact and I felt much better.

Brandon saw this and gasped. "WOW you two ARE series aren't you?" he asked. We nodded and sat down. "That is SO cool. My brother and his boyfriend just got married as well. That is great guys and trust me, NO ONE will bother y'all here, not as long as we are around, and Brett with Alex by your side you will be more then protected."

I smiled and blushed "hehe Does he always turn that shade of red?" he asked laughing.

"Yes," everyone at our table laughed and I started giggling which sent them into laughter louder.

We all sat there talking and enjoying our time together getting to know the other team. Turns out they are all juniors with the exception of a few seniors. The bell rang and they headed to class and we stayed until everyone else cleared the cafeteria then we headed to the buses.

We got back to school and everyone wanted to know what happened. So we told them they were amazed yeah I never thought they would be as accepting as they would be for a football team. (Author's note: I have yet to meet any football players in Savannah GA, where they except gays. This is just fiction).

School let out and me and Alex headed back to my house. When we got there we dropped off our book bags in our room and then headed to the kitchen, my mom was home early and we sat and talked while we ate a snack. She handed Alex an envelope and told him to open it. He did and a key fell out. She told him it was a key to the house, and that since he was part of the family he needed his own, that he could come and go as he pleased, AS LONG as he let them know where he was going if he was staying the night with us. I giggled and he laughed and thanked my mom by hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. After we ate our snack we headed up stairs and started on our homework. The two desks that were in there were great. One was big enough for two people and the other had a computer on it.

We did our homework on one desk, and played on the computer with the other. After our homework we talked about our prom coming up and what we were going to wear. He said tuxes, and I wasn't so sure about it. He said I could go in a dress if I wanted to, and started laughing. I jumped on top of him and started tickling him until he begged for mercy.

"Ok ok I give." he said still laughing he slowly calmed down he looked at me and said. "Ok no dress maybe a skirt." he started laughing and I started tickling him again.

Out of no where a flash came and we turned towards the door. Standing there was my mom and snapped another picture before we could do anything. "MOM" we both hollered. She started laughing and walked away.

We looked at each other and smiled. I looked into his blue eyes and could see all the love in the world for him. As he looked into mine I prayed he could see the same. As if reading my mind he smiled and nodded his head. I leaned down and kissed his lips. Soft and gentle, careful wanting to fill them all. I put my arms under his arms and turned us over with him on top of me. I loved feeling him on top of me. He looked down and smiled at me. I smiled back and we kissed again.

Then once again a flash. We looked and my mom was there. I blushed and hid my head. She started laughing. Here we were on my bed kissing, her only son with another boy on top of him and if we lifted up she would be able to see out excitement. Then of course I have to blush.

We giggled and this time closed the door behind her. We exhaled then started laughing. We headed down stairs and got on the love seat and cuddled up together and started watching TV.

My dad got home and we ordered pizza. After we ate me and Alex stayed on the love seat. I don't know how long it was, but the next thing I know it was dark and there was a cover covering us. It was only Thursday night and Alex couldn't be here. He wasn't allowed to spend the night on school nights. I felt arms tighten on me and then relax. What happened? I slowly looked at the VCR and the time read 1:30 am. WOW it really wasn't a dream. I got up and shook Alex.

"Wha..." he mumbled.

"Alex baby come on lets go up to our room lets got o bed up there." I said bending down and gently kissing his forehead.

He slowly opened his eyes and smiled. "Ok" he said, as he got up it registered with him where he was.

"OH MY GOD my parents are going to kill me," he said.

The light came on and we were blinded. If took a minute to see again, and there was my dad.

"Hey you two alright I thought I heard something?" he asked looking at us. I was smiling and Alex was confused.

"It's like 1:30 in the morning my parents are going to kill me." Alex said. My dad chuckled and shook his head. "After you two feel asleep. Brett's mom got her camera and took some more pictures of you two together asleep and happy in each other arms. I went in and called your parents. I told them what happened and they said they would bring over a change of clothes. Well when they walked in and saw y'all together like that they couldn't believe how happy you two looked. They dropped off your clothes and said they will see you two tomorrow evening. Y'all will be having dinner there. They think it is time for you to tell your sister and brother Alex." My dad said. He nodded his head in agreement. We all said our goodnights and went to bed. Dad went back to his and Mom's room, and Alex and me back to our room. We got in bed took off our clothes and cuddled up together with my head on his chest, and fell asleep. We awoke fresh and great the next morning. We showered (separately of course) got ready for school, had breakfast then headed to the bus stop. This would be the first time that Alex ever came with me to my bus stop in the morning. When we got there everyone saw us and started giggling. I blushed and that made them start laughing more. "OK ok I feel asleep watching TV at his house that is ALL." Alex said blushing.

We got a lot of sure and 'uh huh's,' and a lot of smiles. I couldn't help it and busted out laughing. Billy and Jarad showed up and saw us together. They must have been thinking the same thing as the rest of them and just smiled and nodded there heads. I laughed and Alex just shook his head smiling. "I SWEAR, we didn't do anything last night," Alex said

Billy and Jarad just looked at each other then us and said. "Sure and neither did we." They nodded and I looked at them.

"Well I have my parents to back us up what about you two." I said smiling at them.

It was there turn to blush and Billy hid behind Jarad while we all laughed. We got on the bus and started joking and having fun. The team found out about Alex staying the night and started joking and saying stuff such as, 'NOOOooo,' he stayed the night and they had nooky; on school nights bad boys, 'hehe.' A few others were bound and determined to say we were the horniest people in school. We keep denying it, and they kept going on and on about it.

Hehe maybe we should have and then they would have left us alone, but we didn't. The rest of the day went fast and we had a pretty good day. The prom was coming up in about three weeks and we still didn't know what to do.

After school we went back to my house to get ready to go over to Alex's that night, his older brother and younger sister were going to be told about us. His older brother was home from college I didn't even know he had one till he mentioned it a month ago. Oh well I guess he was embarrassed by him. I made sure, that was ALL he was keeping from me.

We got home, got my stuff together, and got on the computer and chatted with a few friends we made on line. My mom came home around 5 and then we headed over to Alex's house. We got there and we all went in. My mom talked with Alex's mother and me and Alex went into his room.

We walked in locked the door, then locked lips. We got to the bed and laid down with him on top of me and kept kissing until a knock at the door stopped us.

"Shit" I said whispered.

"Yes?" Alex asked.

"Hey little bro open up." came a guys voice.

Alex looked at me and there was a slightly scared expression on his face. "My brother" he said I nodded. He got off me and I sat up on the end of the bed and grabbed a magazine to look at. Alex straightened out his clothes and opened the door. The guy that walked in was definitely his brother. He looked liked an older version of Alex, or Alex looked like a younger version of him. They hugged and then looked over at me.

"So how is your friend?" his brother asked.

"Oh Wil this is Brett Mikell's, Brett this is my Brother Wil" Alex said with a grin on his face.

I got up and shook his hand. He gripped it and shook my hand when he saw me since he let go.

"Oh damn man sorry didn't mean to hurt you I keep forgetting my own strength." Wil said.

I nodded my head and said that was ok. We talked for a few minutes then Wil headed to his room. By this time his dad had returned home, and his sister was there, and dinner was almost ready. We went and got ready for dinner then headed down stairs. When we arrived at the table everyone was already sitting down.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniels were at both ends; Wil was to Mr., Daniels right, with Sarah his sister to his right next to her mother. Alex sat as his fathers left, and I would sit next to Alex and his mother.

We had roast, with potatoes, corn, carrots, and salad. We made small talk about what happened at school today and how Wil's college was coming along. Sarah talked about being excited about summer coming up and Mr. and Mrs. Daniels talked about their day at work.

After we all ate and had pecan pie for desert, Wil and Sarah were about to get up when there father stopped them. "Wil, Sarah before you get up there are something we need to talk about." he started.

They sat back down and turned to their father.

"Yes dad is everything alright?" Asked Wil, with concern in his voice. His father nodded his head and I assume was trying to think of the best way to start. "Sarah with Alex staring high school next year, and there being more people over here, there is some stuff you should know about. We don't know how you will take it, or even if you will understand it. If there is something you don't understand let us know and we will help you to understand ok?" Mr. Daniels said.

Sarah had a questioning look on her face but smiled and nodded her head. "Umm dad no offense to Brett but if this is a family discussion shouldn't he not be here?" asked Wil.

"Well this involves him Wil. Just be patient and listen ok" his dad advised. Wil nodded and looked at me then back to his dad with a puzzled expression on his face.

"As you know we don't believe in bigotry in this house. As you know we accept everyone, and everyone's personal opinions here" Mr. Daniels started. Everyone nodded their head and listened.

"Well a few months ago, actually about October something happened and we found out some stuff. At first your mother and me made a stupid error and in doing so almost lost someone we love VERY much. We talked it over and asked for, and are receiving the forgiveness that we so desperately wanted. We got back on the right path." Mr. Daniels stopped, took a sip of his drink and continued:

"Wil, while you are going to be here this summer you are going to see some stuff that might make you uncomfortable and you may not like it. The same goes for you Sarah, but the thing is that with Alex starting high school there maybe be a few people saying stuff to you at your school, or if we have people over here you may hear some stuff"

"Dad please I need to do this ok." Alex said.

His father looked at him with pride and love in his eyes; he nodded his head and let the discussion be taken over by him.

Alex took a deep breath and began. "Sarah some of the things you will hear are not pretty, and some are cruel. But just remember that I am your brother, and I am the same as I was before now."

Alex took a deep breath and turned to Wil who was looking at me with puzzlement and wonderment on his face. Maybe he knew maybe not. "Since both of you will be here this summer you two will see some stuff, and then when school starts you may start hearing stuff. Sarah from your friends, and from others around here. I hope you still feel the same after I tell you what I have to say." he said.

He started choking up and tears fell from his eyes. He looked over at me. I smiled shook my head and continued to look at him. He smiled at me and knew that I would stand by his side no matter what. Before he continued he took my hand in his and with enough courage to face a school told his siblings about himself.

"Wil, Sarah, I am gay. Brett here is my boyfriend. Actually, I guess in a way my fiancee. We gave each other rings and promised ourselves to each other. One day we want to get married and be together forever. If you hate, me tell me now. Let me know and I will never bother you ever again." with this he looked at both his sister and brother.

There was shock on their faces. They looked at me, but I wasn't looking at them I was looking at Alex. The courage he must have had to have. First to almost lose his parents, then give up his siblings for me. Alex turned to look at me and with a smile and tears of joy on his face, held one of my hands while with the other took my face in his hand and gently kissed me on the lips. A soft gentle kiss, one that showed our love and need for each other, to anyone looking. It was a simple kiss and it lasted for just a second, when we broke apart we were looking into each other eyes, with tears of joy on our cheeks and love showing all through out us.

"I love you Brett," he said

"And I love you, from now till the day we die" as I said these words we heard sniffling and turned.

We were so much moved with each other that everyone else in the world for that second was gone. Just us and no one else. When we faced the table, his mother, sister and even his brother had tears in their eyes. His father was smiling and it looked as if he too had a tear ready to fall, but he held it in place and just smiled letting us know that he was completely and finally ok with us, and loved us regardless.

His brother was the first to speak. "I...I don't know what to say. Brett do you really love Alex as much as you say?" he asked.

With a smile on my face I held up my right hand and showed them the ring. "Yes I do now and forever till the day I die." I said. I looked back at Alex and he was smiling at me.

Alex held up his ring and said. "Forever till the day I die" and he took my hand in his and kissed it. We smiled then turned back to the rest of the table.

"Well I have to say I never saw this one coming with you being a football player Alex. I mean the quarterback, captain of the football team I NEVER saw this one coming man. BUT if you are truly happy and this is what makes you happy then you have my blessing." Wil said.

He got up and came around the table and gave Alex and me a hug. "Welcome to the family Brett." he said.

"Thanks Wil" I said hugging him back.

After he hugged us he went back to his chair and sat down. Everyone at the table turned to his sister. She sat there still in thought. I believe that she was completely speechless.

"What kinda things will I hear at school Alex?" she asked. Alex and me looked at each other. Both sets of parents don't know everything that happened. So we told her. "Well from the mean people you will hear that we are fags and should be killed." When he said this, her eyes got big and started tearing up.

"Shhh I know you don't want to hear that, but that is the truth I will not lie to you. Also, you will hear people saying that I am a hero, and that the football team is a hero for saving Brett's life. You will hear that Brett is a hero for saving a boy he barely knew. The boy was being beat by his stepfather when he found him and a friend of his messing around. Brett has never fought a day I his life, but when we were at the hospital with that boy, his name is Billy, and his boyfriends name is Jamie. Well, while we were there, Billy's stepfather came in, and when Brett heard who it was he went ballistic and attacked him. He about put him in the hospital. How Brett and I started the first Gay Bi Straight Alliance. How we helped younger kids. You will hear how we kissed and held hands and how we took care of each other. You will hear how Brett's mom got a teacher fired for not liking the fact that we are gay. When he was hurt and in the nurses station; and I was there, the teacher came in saw us, and tried to make us go back to class in stead of getting some help. The nurse stepped in and helped us. Then Brett's mother showed up and saved us. You will hear all sorts of stuff some good and some bad. BUT one thing that you will NEVER hear, and if you do it is a complete lie, is that me and Brett have ever hurt each other or another student except in self-defense. Those are the kinda things you will hear. I guess the question is, are you ok with us being gay?" he asked looking at her.

The whole time me and Alex were holding hands. Sarah finally looked at us smiled hopped up from her chair, ran around the table and gave both of us great big hugs. She went back to her sit and we all relaxed.

Me and Alex headed back to his room and sat on the bed in our usual sitting positions. With him sitting on the bed, and me sitting between his legs, his arms wrapped around me. We were sitting there quietly just talking about what just happened when a knock on the door startled us. I was about to get up when Alex tightened his grip on me and shook his head with a smile on his face; he said, "Come in"

Wil walked in. He blushed seeing us like this and we told him not to. He needed to get used to it. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at us. " I was a question?" he asked.

"You just did but go ahead" Alex said.

We all chuckled at this and then Wil asked. "How did you two meet and how did you two hook up?"

I looked at Alex and he looked at me at first I was smiling then the memories came back and my smile went away and a sad look came upon my face Alex saw this and tightened his grip on me.

"Is he ok?" Wil asked.

Alex nodded his head. "Our meeting was cool, how we got together wasn't," and so Alex started. "We met the first day of school in gym class. Turns out our dad and his dad both work at Memorial. Well, we hit it off and became friends. The football team and him became friends. Then one day after practice Billy and Jarad two good friends of our NOW, but NOT then, came up to Brett and started causing problems. And when I came up there, they basically said he was gay. Well Brett got upset, and started crying, then ran home. I came around that evening talked to his parents and understood why Brett didn't say anything. I had to do that even though I knew why. Well Brett wasn't in school for the rest of the week. When he returned on the next Monday the kids were mean and started calling him names and pushing him, his homeroom teacher didn't even care. Well finally, Friday after a week of him avoiding me and the team, we got mad. So after school one day we cornered him. We told him we didn't care that he was gay, we were just as upset he didn't tell us. We already knew he didn't try stealing glances at us and he helped tutor a lot of us, so we could stay on the team. Well once world got around that the football team accepted him then most people left him alone. Well after our first game, Billy and Jarad got a hold on Brett while he was waiting on us. They started beating him up. They would have probably killed him if not for the team coming out when they did. We stopped them, Brian held onto him while I talked to Billy and Jarad you could say. By the time I talked to them they understood that they were NOT to bother Brett ever again. Turns out that they got sent to juvi for about 2 or 3 months. Well when I turned around to get Brett he looked like shit and I was scared because I let him down. I talked to the team the week before and told them how I felt. Some already knew, and some just didn't care, and some said it would take time but they would be ok. Well I took Brett in my arms and we said a few things to each other and with tears in my eyes I told him I loved him and then I kissed him. He passed out. We finally got him to the hospital where he was in a sleep for two days. When he awoke I was there. We talked, he found out that Mom and Dad kicked me out, then the next day they came by to visit, we all talked and everything was fine. And here we are." Alex finished and kissed my cheek he could taste the salt from my tears on them. I still hurt living that night. Alex wiped my eyes and just held me. "WOW that is amazing. And you two are still together and happy?" he asked. We nodded our heads. While we were talking we didn't hear Sarah come in. We heard some one sniffing and turned to see Sarah, and Mr. and Mrs. Daniels in the hall bedroom.

"Sorry we heard you talking. I remember that too." Mrs. Daniels said. "OH MY GOD I am SO sorry Brett, Alex for all you had to go through." Sarah said she came in and gave us a hug.

We all talked for another hour, with me in Alex's arms. Finally, we all started getting tired and we all got to bed.

Well me and Alex undressed and crawled under the covers to go to sleep. Before drifting off I told Alex how much I loved him and he replied with the same. The next morning we were rudely awoken.

"Alex, Brett get up love birds. Come on get your lazy asses out of bed." Wil's voice called.

I liked him last night; right now I want to hurl something at him. I felt on the floor for a shoe and threw it at the door. When it hit, I heard him start laughing. I was still on my stomach with my right leg over Alex's right leg, my head on his shoulder and his arms wrapped around me. I slowly started drifting back to sleep with Alex's breathing lolling me to sleep. I thought I heard the door open but I wasn't sure. The next thing I was aware of was cold air on my ass and some one saying "What the fuck" I opened my eyes to see Wil staring at us and Alex sitting there pulling the covers back over us.

"Bro you are SO dead." Alex said.

Wil just keep laughing. "Sorry dude didn't know you two sleep in the buff. Hehe cute ass Brett hehehe sorry had to say that. Come on it is 10 in the morning. Time to get up." he said.

"Wil if I EVER get my barongs before I forget, I am throwing you in the pool head first." I said and drew the blankets back around my head and burrowed under them. When I was down in the covers safe and warm and I thought he left I felt a pain on my ass cheek.

"OOOOWWWCCCHHH what the HELL was that for" I hollered coming out of the blankets.

Alex and Wil were laughing their fool heads off. Well Wil was, until Alex saw me. I didn't realize I was standing up in bed till I saw Alex mouth start to water. I started giggling and Wil didn't understand until he saw Alex and the way he looked at me. "EEEEEEEEEEWWWWW guys it is TOO EARLY in the morning for that." he said

"Not for us" Alex responded walking over to the bed. He put his arms around my waist and I put mine around his neck, I got down on my knees. We stared into each other eyes and then started kissing. I laid back and Alex got on top of me. We started kissing hard and passionately. I think we both wanted and needed this BUT WIL thought other wise. For the next thing we know there are two cups of ICE water being thrown on us. We hollered and he laughed leaving the room.

15 minutes later we come down stairs and Wil is in the kitchen, and when we walk in everyone starts clapping and whistling apparently Wil told what he saw. I was so embarrassed I hid my head in Alex's shoulder. Alex started laughing and just said they were jealous because at least he got some. He said that his parents looked at each other and busted out with, "We got ours last night Mr. smart ass"

"EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" all of us kids said. They started laughing and we had breakfast. We all asked what everyone was doing, and me and Alex said we needed to go and get some tuxes for our prom. Wil said he would take us and their father gave them his credit card. I told them we need to swing by my house so I can get my dads, and Mr. Daniels said no need just to use his. I told him I didn't have the money to pay him back. He took me by my shoulders and looked me square in the eyes. "Brett you are family now. Don't worry about it." with that he gave me a hug and a kiss on the top of my head.

I wanted to cry but held it in. I said thank you and we all left. In the car me and Alex sat in back and I let a few tears fall. Alex didn't say a word; he knew I was happy that I was accepted into his family, so he just wiped them away, kissed me and let it go.

We went to Olgelthorpe Mall and headed to Simon's formal wear. It took about 3 hours but we finally got our suits for the prom. Will dropped us off at my house and we went in and showed my mom and dad the Suites. They loved them. When questioned how I got mine I told them and dad said he needed to pay Mr. Daniels back. I told him what Mr. Daniels said and my dad smiled and nodded his head.

We spent the rest of the weekend at my house and relaxing. The rest of the weeks were coming and going fast and faster, in no time the prom came upon us. It was Friday night and at 7 PM at my house with all of my family, and Alex's there, the limo pulled up. We were already dressed and ready to go. We got in the limo and headed to the school. When we got there the driver opened the door and we got out. Other kids saw us and came up to us and talked with us.

We made our way inside and it was beautiful. White, light pink, and baby blue. It almost looked like a wedding shower. I loved it. They were playing a fast song when we got there. We saw the football table and walked over to it. With a surprise there was Brian and Eric with each other and Billy and Jarad joined our table. I was happier than; I had ever been in my entire life. We sat down and watched people dance, when our song started; we looked at each other and got on the dance floor. We loved that song. It was, "This I PromiseYou," by N'Sync; that was our song and I loved it.

As we danced we looked into each other's eyes and just held on for all we are worth. We knew that our love would last forever if we worked hard at it and learned to talk and accept things as they came. We danced and by the end of the song we were the only ones on the floor. Everyone started clapping and cheering.

We finally made it. We showed people; that just because you are different, doesn't mean that you are evil or bad. We overcame our differences in this time, and we made an impression upon a lot of people.

That evening after the prom and we got back to my house. My mom and dad did what I asked of them, when we walked in my room there were candles everywhere and incense of roses where in the air. Taking Alex's hand I led him over to the bed. Slowly I took off his jacket, then bent down and took off his socks and shoes. I stood up and removed his bow tie, cummerbund, and shirt. I kissed him hard long and deep. After I broke the kiss I removed him undershirt and pants. The only thing he was wearing was his jockeys. I hooked them and pulled them down. Now, perfectly naked. I pushed him on the bed and slowly started taking my clothes off, my shoes and socks, jacket, tie, cummerbund, shirt, undershirt, and finally my pants. I turned away from him and dropped my jockeys.

I turned back and saw him looking at me. He smiled and stood up. He walked to me and I saw him in all of his 14 year-old glory. He was beautiful, what I needed and wanted in my life. He led me back to the bed and slowly started kissing me. My lips, cheeks, chin, neck and worked his way down to my nipples. He licked and sucked on them. Working his way down past my abdomen and to my cock. He swallowed me whole in one shot. And I about came. He bobbed his head slowly and rhythmically. He brought he head up and kissed me.

I turned him over and started working my way down his body I started sucking him off then I stopped. I reached over to the night-stand and grabbed the K-Y. I applied it to his cock and rubbed it in very good and made his slippery. I took some more and applied it to my rear. I fingered myself for just a minute then stopped. I crawled up towards the front and laid down. Alex got up and hovered over me looking at me. "I Love you Brett Mikells, now and forever." he said with love and more emotions then I have ever heard from him before.

"And I love you too Alex Daniels, now and forever" when I said that a tear dropped from my eye and I smiled at him. It was a tear of love and joy from me to him.

I lifted my legs and he put them on his shoulder. I slowly put his cock at my entrance and when I nodded he slowly pushed in. He stopped when the head was first in, for me to adjust. After a minute he finished until I could feel his pubic hair on my ass cheeks. He pulled out a little then back in. I moved my legs till they were wrapped around his waist I smiled at him as he slowly made love to me. He moved rhythmically and lovingly, our kisses the most romantic we have ever had.

We made love like it was the last time in the world. He started to speed up just a bit, but not a lot. I was getting close and so was he. We had already stopped at least 2 or 3 other times, and this time we couldn't stop. At the same time I felt my cock let go and my seed spilled forth between us, he let his go deep in side of me. I could feel it as it pumped into me. All the while with soft moans of pleasure and love, we kissed connected forever. After a few minutes of catching our breaths he pulled out slowly. We wiped each other off and our eyes NEVER left the other. Alex laid down and with my head on his chest said our goodnights.

"Goodnight Brett Mikells Love you"

"Goodnight Alex Daniels love you too"

"Sweet Dreams"