Chapter 11

It's summer time now and we are out of school and ready to party. The last day of school was great. We had a blast; all of our friends were hanging out with us but Billy and Jamie were sitting at another table, and we weren't sure why. I pointed this out to Alex and he nodded. I got up and walked over to them. As I approached the table they didn't even look up, I thought I saw a tear falling down one of their cheeks but I wasn't sure.

"Hey you two, why aren't you eating with us?" I asked. They just shrugged their shoulders, but didn't look up. "Hey come on you two what is going on?" I asked really getting worried. Billy looked up and it looked like he was going to say something but couldn't then he just started sobbing. Jamie took him in his arms and held him. Everyone knew at school that they were together since the dance for the GBSA. I bent down and Billy flinched away. "Come on please talk to me," I begged with tears in my eyes.

"Billy and me are upset because y'all are going away and are going to forget about us," Jamie said crying holding on to Billy. I started crying but smiling at the same time. I loved these two and they were like my little brothers.

"Hey we ARE NOT going to forget about you two, I promise. You have nothing to worry about. Yes, once we start high school we are going to be busier but we will still make time to see you two and spend time together, I promise y'all," I said with tears in my eyes. Billy got up and gave me a big hug then they joined us at our table. I told Alex what was going on and he understood. All of the team did. We had a great conversation, and we had a great time together. I knew I would see the two later so I wasn't worried about it, but I still gave them a hug and that made them feel better.

After school Alex and I went to my house to start our summer together, but as we walked in my mom and Alex's mom were there. We knew something was up.

"Ummm..hey," I said tentatively.

"Oh boys hi, how was your day? Did you have fun?" my mom asked. We nodded. She pointed to the love seat and Alex and I sat down. He grabbed my hand afraid that something was wrong. Our moms noticed this and laughed.

"Don't worry you two nothing is wrong. We just want to talk to you about a few things," Mrs. Daniels said. We just sat there not knowing what to say. "Well we were thinking how would you two like to go to summer camp this year. I mean what would you think of that?" she asked. We just looked at each other and as before it was as if Alex and I were reading each other's thoughts.

"Dunno" we said together. Mom and Mrs. Daniels nodded their heads as if they understood.

"Well why don't you two think on it and let us know by the end of the week ok?" my mom said.

"Ok," we said together. We got up and headed upstairs hand in hand. When we got to our room we shut the door and sat on my bed; we were both in deep thoughts about what we should do. We would like to go but I have never been before, what would happen if people found out. We didn't get a chance to talk about it because there came a knock on our bedroom door. Alex got up and opened it. There stood Billy and Jamie with tears in their eyes and a sad look on their faces.

"Hey guys what's wrong?" I asked. They came over and gave me a hug then Alex.

"Our moms want us to go to summer camp, but we want to stay here with y'all." Said Billy crying holding on to Jamie. Jamie had his arms around Billy and was crying too.

"Well don't get too upset, our mom want us to go to summer camp as well. We don't know what to do because we want to be together and if we go we may be found out and be hurt or get in trouble because of it." I said with Alex's arms around me. Sometime during the talk we got in our usual position with me leaning on Alex and his arms around me. Billy and Jamie nodded knowing what we were talking about because they wanted to be together as well. We talked for a while then they left. After my dad got home my family and Alex's went out to eat, we talked a little about summer camp but not much. Alex and I went to bed when we got home. We cuddled then fell into a restful night's sleep. The week was going ok and we were still talking about camp and what we should do, Billy and Jamie along with Billy, Jarad, Brian and Eric all came over everyday to talk. We were all asked about camp as if our parents have gotten together to send us to camp, but none of us knew what to do. We saw the brochures and were sure that the all-boy's camps would have been fine but our parents wanted us to go to a normal camp, we just didn't know what to do. Friday was approaching and we all had to have a decision by then. We didn't want to upset our parents but we knew that we really didn't want to go. So after one more talk me, Alex, Billy W, Jamie, Jarad and Billy S, decided 'why not?' We let our parents know that Friday night and they were happy. It turns out that they wanted us to go because they all wanted a second honeymoon. The following Monday we would all be on our way to camp.

The camp was called Camp Kawana. Monday came and we all headed to the pick up point. We brought along 5 pairs of shorts, 3 pants, 8 shirts, a lot of socks and underwear our bathing suits and our shoes. We all met at the pickup point and loaded onto the bus together. There were about 60 kids on the bus and since we were three couples we decided to sit together in the back. We were all talking quietly and noticed that a big kid came and sat in front of the seat that me, Alex, and Billy W were on. Billy S, Jarad and Jamie all sat on the one across from us. The big kid heard us talking and kinda snickered but we ignored him. Something told me we may have problems but I wasn't going to say anything unless he did.

It took about an hour and a half for us to reach the camp and we all were both excited and scared. Excited because we've never been to camp yet scared because we were afraid that someone was going to find out and hurt us. We pulled up to the camp and got off the bus, as we were lining up we noticed that the fat kid was near us and would laugh or snicker at something. The councilor came up to us and started talking saying the normal 'welcome to camp' speech that I have heard in the movies. Since me and Alex and Billy S. and Jarad were all the same age we would be in the same cabin, we were excited till we found out that the big kid would also be in there. We also found out that Billy W. and Jamie wouldn't be in with us but in another cabin. We were upset that we wouldn't be able to all be in the same place. We made plans to try and meet later and eat together if we can. We all went to our cabins and unpacked and got settled. A horn sounded and we went to the dinning hall to eat lunch and get together. We walked in and found out that the tables were set by cabins and that we weren't able to sit with Bill W. and Jamie, but we were able to sit next to their table.

The head of the camp went on to explain about the different arts of the camp that we can join. There was sports for the sports people, arts and crafts for the ones who enjoyed those, nature hikes and talks, poems and reading material, and loads of other stuff. I knew that Alex would do the sports and I would do the nature, and reading and writing activities. Even though I didn't enjoy sports I knew I would be there to support him and cheer him on. I talked with Alex and he was ok with the fact that I was doing my activities and he was doing his. We agreed to spend time together late at night whenever we could get a chance.

After lunch and the meeting Alex, Billy S, Jarad, Jamie and Billy W all got together and took a walk. When we were far enough in the woods that no one could see us we each took our partners hands.

"So what do you guys think of the camp so far?" I asked holding Alex's hand.

"It's ok, I hate the fact that we can't show our true feelings for the ones we love," replied Jarad reaching over and placing a simple little kiss on Billy S' cheek. This caused him to blush and us to start laughing.

After walking for five more minutes we sat down and I cuddled up to Alex in our position. Billy S, and Billy W also took the same position with their boyfriends and we all smiled at each other. Our boyfriends put their arms around us and we put our heads on their shoulders.

"I agree with Jarad, I mean Jamie and I are in our cabin and there are all of these other boys around, and don't get me wrong they are cute, but Jamie is SO MUCH cuter and I can't even give him a hug or a kiss and tell him I love him. I hate that," said Billy W with tears in his eyes. I knew how much they meant to each other but didn't realize till now how much they also needed each other. "I mean he practically lives with me. His parents are cool with it and God knows my mom is and we spend the night at each other's house ALL the time. Since I live closer to school he stays with me on the weekdays and I stay with him on the weekends," he said.

That surprised me and the other boys. Hell, even our parents didn't let me and Alex stay together any more than Friday and Saturday nights. Alex and me started the giggling thinking of what they did together EVERY night. Billy S and Jarad must have been thinking the same thing because they started giggling too. At first Billy W and Jamie didn't get it until I motioned with my hand to my mouth in a sucking motion. They both started blushing BIG time, which sent us into more laughter. Billy and Jamie soon joined us in the laughter. After we all laughed a while longer we calmed down and just sat there with our boyfriend and watched the sun set. It was so magical. There were all these colors, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and blue; it was as if you could actually see the universe in all its wonder at that moment. It made me think that if nothing else came of the trip, we were there watching this magnificent sight with the ones we loved, but like all good things it had to end as the bell for supper rang. We didn't realize that we spent all afternoon talking and relaxing and enjoying each other's company. We got up gave our lovers a kiss and started to leave but before we did I stopped Alex. I looked at him and smiled.

"I love you Alex Daniels and with this sun set as it is, I want you to know I will always be with you, and always be here for you. All you ever need to do is ask," I smiled letting a tear of joy fall down my cheek. Alex looked at me too and tears welled up in his eyes.

"I love you Brett Mikell's and with this sun set as it is, I want you to know I will always be with you and always be here for you. All you ever need to do is ask," and with that he leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss. The kiss was one of passion and love, a simple kiss. We turned around to leave and saw the others each kissing their boyfriends. We smiled and grabbed each other's hand and walked past them. A few feet away they caught up to us, we kept on walking and we let our boyfriends hands go before we even got to camp just to be on the safe side. We went and ate dinner together then headed to our separate cabins. We had to take a shower then get ready for bed.

The showers room was a big room but there were cubicles so people could have their privacy. We all took our showers and talked a little while as we washed and joked around. We got dressed then headed back to our cabin. As Alex and I were walking to our cabin we saw a few girls walk by. They stopped stared and smiled; we smiled back but keep on talking and walking.

"UGGG I hate that," I said. Alex giggled and then whispered to me.

"Baby you have nothing to worry about, I am NOT nor will I EVER leave you. Not for another boy and certainly NOT for a girl," he said that. I looked in his eyes smiled and nodded my head. By the time we got back to the cabin there were only a few boys there. We sat on our bunks and started talking.

"So what are you going to do tomorrow?" I asked Alex.

"I will probably see if there's a football team going on or something like that. What about you?" he asked back.

"I'm not sure, maybe I'll see if the Poetry and Reading cabin is starting anything. Or the nature activities. I'm not sure yet," I replied. Alex nodded his head.

"That's cool so we still having lunch together tomorrow?"

"Yep as always." By this time we were sitting on my bunk. Alex had the one above me, and we were playing cards. We stopped talking and just played, a few of the other boys came over and wanted to play so we dealt them in and we had a hand of poker going. The big kid that was laughing at us came in and wanted to play so we dealt him in and started playing over again. After a few minutes the councilor came in and told us 'lights out' in ten minutes. We all groaned but nodded anyway. We played a few more hands then we separated and went to our bunks. Alex was whispering to me when the big kid came up to us.

"So what are you two talking about, sneaking out later tonight and butt fucking each other?" he asked laughing. I couldn't believe he said that. I wanted to cry. Alex got up in his face and settled it.

"NO FAT ASS we were talking about what we are going to do tomorrow in our activities. So why don't you butt out and get away," Alex said. The big kid just looked at him all mean and such then turned and walked away. We climbed in our bunks just as the lights were being turned out. I hoped tomorrow would be a better day.

The next morning we awoke to the sound of a horn. I pulled the pillow over my face and the blanket over the pillow. I started dozing off again. When someone pulled the blankets AND the pillow from me, I was about to holler at them when I looked up and saw Alex standing there smiling down at me. I smiled back and I was about to reach up and kiss him when I noticed where we were. I frowned for a minute then got up. We changed our clothes then headed to the mess hall. When we got there a lot of the other campers were already there. We sat at the table that we sat at yesterday, after we got our breakfast. Let me tell you, pancakes and eggs with sausage and milk would be good if the milk wasn't almost warm and the food wasn't either cold or burnt. Talk about overkill or underkill on food. I saw Billy and Jamie walk in since Jarad and Billy S, were already with us. I saw that Billy was crying and I figured that maybe he just missed home; boy was I wrong. I saw him sit down and Jamie went and got their breakfast. When he returned he put the food in front of Billy but all he did was push it away. Jamie looked like he was about to cry which I don't think I could have handled, hell I was already about to cry since Billy was crying. I told Alex I would be right back and went over to them.

"Hey Billy what's wrong?' I asked him sitting by him. Billy turned looked at me then threw his arms around my neck and started sobbing. Jamie started crying and Alex came over and put his arm around him to comfort him. "Hey, hey why the tears?" I asked. He just continued to cry and soon I felt like I would cry too. He finally lifted his head and whispered in my ear what happened.

"When we got up this morning I had a boner and I couldn't help it. I looked at Jamie and he had one too. Well I started walking over to him forgetting where I was and was about to kiss him when some of the boys started laughing. I was scared, I thought Jamie would hate me for forgetting where we were, but instead he turned and told them to shut up, they did, but our councilor came in and saw me crying and asked what happened. I didn't want to say anything but one of the other boys told him that it looked like I was about to kiss Jamie and they were giggling, then the boy told them that Jamie told them all to shut up and they did. Well the councilor looked at us in disgust and said it looks like we have a couple of fags on our hands and we know how to deal with them. Then he turned around and walked out," when he finished he started crying again. About that time Billy and Jamie's councilor came up.

"What do you think you are doing at my table? You belong over there, now leave my boys alone especially my little funny boys," he said looking mean. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I let Billy go, turned around and punched his councilor in the nose. I am VERY protective of Billy especially after what happened. Alex has always protected me and I will always protect Billy.

The lunchroom went quiet. All of my anger came up once again.

"HOW DARE YOU?" I hollered at the top of my lungs. "He's 12 years old and you embarrass and THREATEN HIM. I DON'T THINK SO." By this time Alex grabbed me in a bear hug and hung on for dear life; I think he was afraid that I may do to him what I did to Billy's father, I think I just might have. By this time some of the other councilors and the nurse were there with the head of the camp.

"What is going on?" asked the headman.

"That little punk hit me for no reason after I told him to go back to his table," he said. Billy's councilor was looking at me as if telling me I better not say anything about what happened. He was wrong.

"FOR NO REASON. I DON'T THINK SO. YOU THREATENED BILLY, EMBARRASSED HIM AND HURT HIM BECAUSE HE'S DIFFERENT. WELL FUCK YOU, I'M GAY TOO ASSHOLE NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?" I asked. I wanted to bring Alex in it but I don't know if he wanted me to or not, that was up to him. I found out my answer when Alex said what he did.

"Brett here is my boyfriend you idiot, and if you keep looking at him like that we are going to see if we are going to have a repeat of what he did to Billy's EX stepfather," Alex said with venom in his voice and anger in his eyes.

"Now calm down everyone, what is this about Jake here threatening Billy and WHO is Billy?" he asked. About that time Billy came out from behind me. When I turned around I saw Billy S and Jarad with looks of disgust on their faces at Billy's councilor I shook my head and they calmed down some what. Billy S, may have turned out to be real soft but when it came to hurting his friends and other gays, well let's say his attitude is mean VERY MEAN, worse than when he was a bully. Jarad was the SAME way.

Billy came from around me and stood in front of me. Alex let me go but kept his arms around my waist to hold onto me just in case I went after Billy's councilor. Billy looked at the head of the camp and started crying. I put my hand on his shoulder and he turned and wrapped his arms as far around me and Alex as he could. I lifted his chin smiled at him and nodded my head. He smiled then turned back around. Billy's councilor was looking at him shaking his head and then held up a hand like he would hurt him, I saw red. I jumped from Alex's grip before he knew what happened and started punching the guy. He blocked most of my punches but I did get a few in. It took Alex and another councilor to pull me off. I kept struggling to get to him and Alex did the only thing he could to calm me down. He pulled me away from the other councilor, turned me towards him and kissed me. It took a few seconds to realize what was going on but when I did I relaxed and closed my eyes. We broke the kiss a few seconds later, Alex looked at me and smiled then I looked at him and smiled back but started crying. He held me and wouldn't let me go till I finished calming down. By that time everyone in camp was there staring at us and we didn't care. I soon regained my control and with Alex's arms around me turned to face the others. There were a few smiles as if saying way to go or I wish I could do that, but there were also a few not so sure looks but nothing mean except from Billy's councilor Jake.

"See what I mean FAGS are here," he said. I just cried. I was tired of fighting and I couldn't handle it anymore. I think Alex got mad but before he could do anything a hand came from around us with a body attached and slapped the councilor. It was the kitchen lady, Helga. We were all startled.

"How dare you say that in MY kitchen. These are fine young men and woman in here, and these two boys love each other and just because they are boys you want to harass and cause them problems; I wouldn't be surprised that the entire group doesn't sue you and this camp for bigotry," she said in a broken German accent. I smiled at her when she turned around and she smiled back. She looked at the two of us and just nodded her head and went about her way. By this time the head of the camp just looked at us all.

"Well I don't know what Jake was thinking but this camp is open for everyone. Jake since you don't like it and you did threaten a camper and this could possibly put us in danger of being sued you are hereby terminated and you have 30 minutes to get your belongings and get out of here. You are no longer welcome here and if you EVER set foot on this property again, I will have you arrested. Do I make myself clear?" he asked.

"Yes sir, and let the little faggots have the camp I don't care anyway, so FUCK OFF," Jake hollered. I was getting madder and madder but Alex kept a firm grip on me. The head of the camp turned and looked at me.

"I am sorry about that. By all rights you could be sent home for this BUT since I can see why it happened and what happened, I would let it drop. BUT from now on any problems and you come and see me, ok?" I said 'yes sir' and turned around to see Billy and Jamie hugging each other. I walked over and hugged them as well. As we were sitting down to finish our breakfast the head of the camp, Mr. Ryle, we soon learned that was his name, went over to the microphone and made an announcement. "As of now I will say this one time and one time only. This is an open camp to ALL boys and girls. No matter your age, race, country of origin, disability or sexual orientation, if any of you choose to harass or hurt someone else because of there differences then be forewarned we WILL send you home. There is NO bigotry at all in this camp and it will NOT be tolerated." With that said Mr. Ryle sat down to finish his breakfast as well.

I didn't think any of the guys would talk to us at our table probably thinking we will want to hit on them or try something with them, but I guess I was wrong. They asked questions and we answered them.

"So you two really gay?" one of the boys asked.

"Yes we are" said Alex smiling at me. I smiled back and took his hand in mine under the table.

"You two are boyfriends so you aren't going to try anything with any of us are you?" asked another boy kinda nervously. I looked at Alex and he looked at me and we started laughing.

"No, we aren't. We are committed to each other. I love him too much to cheat on him. Also I don't believe boyfriends or girlfriends should hurt each other especially that way, let alone fiancées," I said smiling as I held up my ring to show them. Alex just smiled and held up his.

"But those are on the wrong hand. They should be on the left," one of the other boys said.

"Well we decided that for right now they will be on our right hands, then later on maybe after we graduate high school will we put them on our left hand and make it permanent. We are engaged and happy with each other," I said smiling. A few of the guys congratulated us but the big kid from our cabin didn't say anything until we got up to go.

"I am going to see if I can get transferred to another cabin," he said

"Oh really, and WHY is that?" asked another boy at our table sarcastically.

"Because I don't want to be around these two fags and their shit," with that he got up and went to talk with the councilor. Apparently it didn't turn out as he wanted it to, because all he did was get mad and storm out of the building. I shrugged my shoulders and walked the other way.

Alex did find the football team tryouts and went out to see if he could get on it. He did, of course. I went to the reading cabin and found out that a poetry contest would be held and we would be discussing Hemingway later in the week. I couldn't wait.

After dinner that night and our showers Alex and I were on my bunk sitting and talking. Out of respect for the other boys we didn't sit how we usually did but we did hold hands. A few of the boys noticed and made funny comments that we all laughed at. At one point I just busted out with, "You're just jealous because I can get some whenever I want!" Some of them laughed, some went 'eeeewwwww' but the boy who said it blushed and ran outside. I thought for a moment then told Alex I would be right back. I went outside and found him sitting on the steps with his knees drawn up to his face.

"You alright?" I asked as I sat down next to him.

"Yeah," was all he said.

"Come on Peter what's wrong?" I asked. He just shook his head and I could tell from the moonlight that he was crying. I put my arm around him and he just started crying harder. I could tell he was because his shoulders were shaking, even thought he cried silent tears. He finally calmed down.

"You're right, I am jealous. I want a boyfriend too. You see I'm 14 and I've known I was gay since I was 12. When what happened in the mess hall happened I was SO happy that I wasn't the only one, BUT seeing you two together makes me want someone for myself. There are a few boys here that I would LOVE to be with, one in particular. We live in the same city and go to the same school but he is straight. His name is Steven." I told him I was sorry but who knows maybe things would be all right just wait to see what happens. He agreed then our councilor came up to tell us lights out and saw us talking, he asked if everything was ok and I assured him it was. He just smiled nodded his head then went inside and yelled.

"Lights out in 10 minutes," he turned around then went to the bathroom. We walked in with my arm around his shoulder and he was smiling and laughing. I told him I had to tell Alex and he said ok. I went over to Alex and whispered what happened. He was surprised but understanding. I smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss when I thought no one was looking I was wrong.

"Ok I saw that, NO MORE. If I can't find a girl to kiss I don't want to see you two. AND NO BED SQUEAKING going on either," he said laughing, everyone started laughing, and then I did it, I did the one thing to make them laugh harder, I blushed. When they saw this they just kept laughing. I threw my arms around Alex and hid my face in his shoulder. He just laughed and hugged me back. Let me explain one thing about my blushing that makes everyone laugh. When I blush I turn RIPE RED, I mean so red that I look like a cherry, and it's VERY noticeable. After that we all crawled into our own beds and settled down for the night. As I was dozing off I could have sworn I heard a few beds springs squeaking and a few moans. I guess some of the boys had to relieve themselves, hehe.