Chapter 14

I heard people talking, but I didn't open my eyes, not yet. I didn't want to believe that it was real; soon I heard them say he was in a coma and I knew it was real. Tears silently left my eyes as I lay there. I turned on my side and silently sobbed into the pillow. I felt the bed being sat on and my mom's hand stroking my head.

"Oh honey, it'll be alright. Please come on baby, shhhh," she said trying to smooth my feelings of hurt. I slowly sat up and buried my face in my mom's shoulder and cried. A few minutes later I looked up and saw my dad standing there smiling at me, he knew I was scared but he knew I could do what was expected of me. Alex's mom and dad came over and put their arms around me as well. I let them hug me, that's when I noticed that I wasn't in Alex's room. I was in a small room on a sofa, not a bed. Wow I must have really been out of it not to notice the difference. I looked as the door opened and saw a doctor come in.

"Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Daniels if I could talk to you for a few minutes please," he asked looking at Alex's mom and dad.

His mom got up and simply said, "Doctor this young man is Alex's boyfriend I think that whatever you have to say, you can say in front of him and his parents." She said it with pride and then turned and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and went to stand beside her. At first the doctor looked uncertain then nodded his head.

"OK, please have a seat," he said. After we sat down with my mom and Mrs. Daniels on either side of me he began. "Well, as you know both legs are broken and so is his right arm. His brain is still slightly swelled and I believe that's why he's still in a coma, that and he's been through so much that his body feels the need to rest and the brain is not letting him wake up, till some of the pain has left. Mr. Daniels, Mr. Mikells since you are both doctors I believe you understand this?" he asked looking at them. They nodded and then continued to talk.

I just zoned out thinking of Alex lying there in bed not moving. And, like in a dream, I got up. Everyone stopped talking and just looked at me. With tears in my eyes, I approached the door, opened it and walked out. My mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels and the doctor followed me, not saying a word just watching. At first I stopped at a window and looked out. I looked up and smiled, saying a silent prayer. I think that this dumbfounded them but they didn't say a word. I continued walking down the hall towards Alex's room.

When I got there I just stared at the door for a minute, out of the corner of my eye I saw my mom start to walk towards me and my dad stopped her. She looked at him and shook his head, she nodded and everyone there all knew I had to do this on my own. I slowly opened the door and walked in. I didn't look up at first because I didn't want to but then something happened; a peacefulness came over me I looked up and smiled. I don't know why but something told me that everything was going to be OK. I slowly walked towards his bed and then stopped at the bedside. I looked down at him; I slowly bent down and kissed his cheek. Then I slowly whispered, in his ear, I whispered so low that no one but him, God and me would know what I said.

"I love you Alex, and I will be here till you wake up, and when you do I will help take care of you, you have been so strong for me, now it's my turn to be strong for you. As we said at Christmas: Forever, and you know what, forever hasn't come yet. So baby I am here till you are well again." With that I kissed his cheek, turned around and brought the chair that was in the corner of the room over to the bedside and sat down. I carefully took his left hand in mine and smiled down at him. I just looked and remembered all the time that we spent together, just watching the sunset or sometimes getting up early enough to catch a sunrise. I remember when he saved me and helped me. He was my strength now it was my turn. I didn't care who was watching or who was listening. I said what I had to so only he could hear; now the rest didn't matter.

"Hey baby, I hope you can hear me. This seems weird talking and not seeing your eyes, looking at me, but you know what, I don't care. You are still beautiful to me and no matter what I will stay by you and help you. Remember when we went to summer camp and the sunset that we saw. That was SO beautiful and I remember looking into your eyes right before we kissed. God that seems like ages ago. Oh well at least we still have the memories." I smiled saying that, and kept on talking. Laughing at some stupid joke every now and then and no one said anything to me. Matter of fact I think that the adults left me be for a while because the next thing I know mom is bringing me some lunch. Wow I didn't know I was ever hungry but she did.

Later in the afternoon Billy S, Jarad, Brian, Eric and the rest of the old JV's came by. They saw him and some wept and some didn't but we all talked and laughed, I could tell that things were going to be OK. They even said when he woke up and was able to come back to school that they would help me take care of him, I smiled told them thank you. A little while later they all left. The Varsity team came by around 4:00 and saw him and we all talked and laughed and had a good time. At one point a nurse came in and saw them and said that we shouldn't be joking, it isn't appropriate, I told her that this is what Alex would like and if she didn't like it to get a doctor. She left red faced and I laughed. Apparently she did get a doctor but all he did was come in tell us to keep it to a minimum roar and left smiling. I smiled and thanked him and told him we would.

Apparently the nurse didn't like it and said so the last thing I heard was him say, "Nurse sometimes a patient like Alex needs to hear normality around him, who knows it may even help him. Now be a good nurse and go back to work."

I laughed at that and so did the team. They left and around 6:00 dinner was served. Apparently someone told them I was staying and no one asked why except that nurse but she was told it was none of her business. Around 7:30 Billy W and Jamie showed up. At first they were a little scared to come in but they did. Billy just saw him lying there and started crying. He turned and with tears in Jamie's eyes as well they hugged.

"Hey come on, it will be alright, I promise you. I can tell he will be just fine," I said smiling at them. They turned to face me and rushed into my arms. I got them quieted down and explained why Alex was in a coma. They didn't like that word but they understood what it was and knew I wanted them to use the proper terms so they wouldn't be afraid of it. After a while they too left and that was it for the visitors for the night. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels came back from dinner and we all talked. I told them about that peaceful feeling I got and why I thought everything was going to be all right now. They nodded their heads, smiled and agreed with me. They left around 9:00 and I was left alone with Alex. I took his hand in mine and laid my head next to his, I slowly fell asleep and dreamed of Alex.

The next morning I awoke to a woman's voice.

"HUH, that is disgusting. You evil boy you, get away from him." It was the same nurse that caused problems the other day.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her shrugging her hands off of me. She tried grabbing me again but I got away and went around Alex's bed.

"What you were doing holding his hand and laying your head next to his, that is disgusting, friends don't do that," she said.

"Well, he is more than my friend; he's my boyfriend now get over it. His parents and mine are fine with it and if you don't like it then fuck off," I said getting mad. She looked at me in surprise then came around the bed and slapped me.

"How dare you talk to me like that you ungrateful little shit. You both are fags and are going to hell," she said trying to hit me again, but this time I pushed her away and hit the emergency button next to the bed, with in 10 seconds there was a doctor and another nurse and two orderlies there.

"SHE is NOT allowed back in here," I said loud and clear.

"Why you little, how dare you say that, you and your faggot ass can get out of here and let normal people be. You probably corrupted him and turned him gay, how can decent folks like us live with faggots like you. You are going to hell," she said approaching me. At that point I saw red, I started walking towards her with a fire in my eyes that I don't think anyone has ever truly seen before. She got this scared look in her eyes and slowly started backing away from me.

"ME, GOING TO HELL? I DON"T think so, you BITCH. YOU are a homophobic right wing fruitcake. HOW DARE YOU, HIT me and tell me I am NOT decent, well honey you are going to jail for assault and battery to a minor, I HATE people like you. Alex and me have been together for over a year. When we graduate from high school we are going to get married. It is people like you that don't know anything and it's people like YOU that cause teens to kill themselves. You are NUTS woman, and as far as I am concerned you are going to jail." by that time two security guys showed up, I looked at them and simply said " Arrest her she slapped me and threatened me. I want her gone NOW," I said. She tried to say something but the doctor and the other nurse stopped her.

"I thought I heard you say faggot and other words that are NOT acceptable here, and I thought I heard a slap, I guess I was right. Nurse Myers you are hereby dismissed from your duty and are under arrest," said the head nurse. I just looked at Nurse Myers and smiled.

"You can't do that, it's HIS fault and his filthy ways," she said, I shook my head and pointed to the door. The security staff took her and handcuffed her and led her away. After that they checked on Alex, and the doctor left as well. They sent food up to the room and I ate while watching TV, I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up and saw my mom and dad there, with Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.

"So I hear there were some problems this morning," my dad said, I smiled and nodded. I told them what happened and Mr. Daniels said that there were others who complained about her behavior and such I guess she finally got what she deserved. On a good note they caught the drunk driver that hit Alex and he's in jail for the following: Hit and run, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, assault and battery on a minor, and reckless driving. He will be serving about 20 years in jail, hehe serves the ass right.

The day went by slowly and calmly with a few visitors here and there. Alex's brother and sister came by and we all talked and by lunch they left. I ate and just watched TV; I went of for short walk but not going to far from Alex's room. When I returned they were wheeling him out I thought something had happened.

"ALEX what's going on?" I asked running up and stopping them, a nurse came up to me and smiling replied.

"They're taking him for some tests, nothing more, you can either wait here or walk with them." I sighed in relief and decided to go with them. I held his hand and talked to him while we walked.

"I guess I made a real brat of myself just then hmmm, you are probably laughing your fool head off, but that's OK I still love you and the rings still mean more to me than anything," I said. The orderlies didn't say anything, just smiled and we keep on walking.

It took about 2 hours to run all of the test and to see what was going on, they said the swelling had gone down and his body was slowly healing but they still aren't sure why he is in a coma. That scared me and I started to cry. They told the Daniels and my parents the same thing. Later that day a nurse came in and said that they had to give him a sponge bath I told them I could do it, at first they weren't real sure but then the doctor told them who I was and the nurse smiled and said "So you are the one who got Myers fired, thanks" she winked at me and I smiled back at her. She showed me how to bath him and put on a fresh gown. I was slightly embarrassed because while I was bathing him I got hard, hey, what can I say, 15 and a boyfriend naked on a bed, you do the math hehe. After we finished, the nurse left and me and Alex's parents sat there watching TV. I was holding his hand the entire time. I wasn't sure but I could have sworn that I felt his hand slightly tighten on mine. At about 9:30 Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Daniels left. I watched a few more minutes of TV then went and used the bathroom and changed into some shorts and a T-shirt my mom brought for me. I finished up my business in the bathroom and took my seat by Alex's side. I said a silent prayer then put my head down and fell asleep.

I don't know how long I slept but the next thing I know someone is silently saying my name or trying to at any rate. I slowly lift my head up and wipe the sleep from my eyes, there I see Alex looking at me, and I couldn't believe it. He tried saying my name but not a lot came out. Earlier that day they took him off of life support saying that he could breath on his own and that was a great sign. I looked into his eyes and silent tears of joy fell down my face, he smiled at me and I tried getting up to get a nurse but he wouldn't let my hand go. He shook his head and smiled at me, I nodded back and hit the call button, the nurse came over the intercom.

"Yes Mr. Mikell's what can I help you with?" she said. The nurse knew who I was and decided to call me Mr. Mikell's when they found out that Alex and me were engaged, a few faked a sigh of hurt and I giggled at them.

"He's awake nurse, please get the doctor," I said smiling at him.

"What, you serious?" she asked.

"Yep, very," I said smiling. A few minutes later a doctor and the nurse who was on duty came into the room. They turned on the low light so they wouldn't blind us. They saw Alex and I looking at each other, oblivious to anyone else.

"It's a miracle," said the nurse. Alex shook his head smiling at me with tears of happiness down his face I nodded and turned to face them.

"No miracle, just love," I said then turned back to see Alex nodding at me. The doctor looked him over and had a hard time with him refusing to let my hand go but they were happy that he was awake. A few minutes later my parents and Alex's showed up; the nurse had called them and let them know what was going on. By then Alex could talk, getting sips of water to help.

"So baby how are you?" his mother asked after the doctor did his exam and said Alex was much better but would still be in the hospital for a few more days.

"Fine, when I woke up and saw Brett here I thought it was a dream, but I guess it wasn't and you know what?" he asked looking at me.

"No, what?" I asked smiling back at him.

"I remember what you said, how I took care of you and now it was your turn. I love you Brett," Alex said with tears running down his cheeks. I smiled with tears of joy and leaned in and gently kissed him in front of the nurse and doctors, and families that were there. After a while I noticed that the sun was up and Alex was back asleep. I laid my head down and fell asleep as well.

When I awoke next I felt someone rubbing my head. I looked and saw Alex staring at me, I smiled and leaned in and kissed him, and GOD it was SO good, being able to feel his lips again. Someone clearing their throats brought us back to reality, we turned and saw the nurse smiling at us and I blushed, which she laughed at.

"Does he always turn that color of red?" she asked bringing in some pills for Alex.

"Yep," Alex said and chuckled. The nurse giggled, gave Alex his medicine and left, I knew by night shift EVERY nurse was going to hear about that and I was in TROUBLE of being teased hehe. Later that day the old JV that was now part of the varsity team and the regular varsity team came by at one time to see him. We all had a good time and no one said anything about my holding Alex's hand, they just smiled and nodded their heads. They stayed for about 30 minutes then left, later that day a florist came and there were tons of get well cards and flowers added to the ones that were already there. Billy S, Jarad, Billy W, and Jamie all came at one time to see Alex, they smiled and gave him hugs and a kiss on the cheek.

"So when are you going to get out of bed and stop lazing around?" asked Billy S, with a smile. I just rolled my eyes and laughed, like everybody else.

"Whenever the doctor lets me," was Alex's reply. We all nodded and smiled; we couldn't wait.

"When I saw you there I just....just," Billy W started to say, but started crying. Jamie took him in his arms and held him tightly. I walked over and gave him a hug, he stopped crying after a minute then Alex said the best thing he could.

"Hey little bro, don't sweat it, I always come back," he said with a smile. I smiled at him and so did Billy. I could tell that he was VERY happy now. I'm not sure if it was the little bro or the come back part but he was much happier after that. I personally think it was the little bro remark. They stayed a while longer then left, with smiles on their faces.

"This has been a very busy day," I said with a sigh and a laugh. Alex giggled and I went over to him and kissed him. I saw the sheets rise at a certain body area and grinned. He nodded and my hand slowly slipped under the covers. I brought them to his pride and joy and slowly stroked up and down. He sighed and suppressed a moan, I smiled and kept on going, I slowly let my hand drift away and I lifted the sheets back and put my head underneath. As my mouth made contact with his tool he breathed in deeply and I smiled around his piece and went to work. A few minutes and a loud moan later he shot his load in my mouth. I got from under the blankets and found him asleep with a smile on his face. I smiled and went to the bathroom to relieve myself.

The next couple of days were kinda hard, I learned all that I had to, to help Alex and it was hard but worth it. He was released on Wednesday and we went back to his house, when we got there a bunch of my clothes were there and his mom said that she figured that I would be over here to help him and my mom brought some of my clothes over. I said thank you and just lay down with Alex. Slowly the week went by and the weekend, we were doing a few small exercises so his legs wouldn't freeze up and they wouldn't hurt him so much. Monday he was allowed to go to school but had to go in a wheel chair. We got caught up on our schoolwork with the guys coming over and helping us and bringing our homework. With the exception of a few assignments we were in pretty good shape.

We got up early on Monday and I took a quick shower then went and gave Alex his sponge bath. We took the opportunity, well I did, and relieved a big problem he had. All of the times that he helped take care of me now it was my turn and I loved it. After his bath I got him dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. Because of the cast he couldn't wear pants and even though it was slightly cold outside he had to wear them but that was OK we put a blanket over his legs to help keep him warm.

His dad took us to school, when we got there Alex was nervous until he saw the football team there to help him. I got out and waved at them then went around to help Mr. Daniels with Alex. I got the wheel chair and he picked Alex up and put him in it. I put the blanket over his legs and Alex held our book bags. I wheeled him around the truck to where the football team was waiting. They saw him and smiled. Patted his back and then took up position on all sides of us, once at the doors they opened them for us and we went in.

The students there stopped and stared, Alex didn't pay them no mind he just put his hand over his shoulder and grabbed my hand, he held it tight as we went to the office and gave them his passes. The Principal was there and talked with us for a few minutes too see how we were doing, we told him fine and then he gave us a surprise. He changed my classes to match Alex's so I could help him. We thanked him and went to our homeroom, we walked inside and I wheeled Alex over to my desk.

I sat down and as we started talking a few of the kids that were there stopped talking and just looked. I was getting irritated and when the teacher walked in I went and talked with him. I told him I was tired of the gawking and if Alex agreed I was going to make a quick statement. He agreed and I went and talked to Alex about it, he was OK with it and said I was doing a great job of keeping my cool. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand and held it. The teacher took roll, and then said what was needed to be said then let the class know I had something to say. I got up and looked out over the class. With nervous butterflies in my stomach, I started.

"Hello everyone, as you saw, Alex is in a wheelchair. For those of you who don't know, two weekends ago a car hit him. He was in a coma and by the following week he was out of it. Both of his legs are broken and are in casts, that's why he's in a wheelchair and the blanket is over his legs, please let your friends know what is going on and please stop staring. It makes us uncomfortable, him because it makes him feel like he is different when really he isn't and me because I feel what he feels, thanks." With that I took my seat and Alex took my hand in his cast-enclosed hand and with his left hand turned my face towards him, he bent forward and gave me a quick kiss and a smile. I smiled back.

Everything was going fine and a few of the kids asked how Alex was and Alex let them know he was fine, just in a little pain. And, of course, the football team HAD to ask if Alex had given me a ride yet, this coming from Graham the most quiet of the bunch, everyone laughed even Alex and I blushed and laughed and responded NO, but that is something we should try, which only made us the RIDE of jokes hehe.

After school Mrs. Daniels was there and Brandon the QB helped put Alex in the back seat while I put up the wheelchair, he said he would like to accompany us so he could help get Alex out of the truck. We agreed and I slid into the back and put Alex's legs over mine and Brandon climbed up front. It was a quiet ride to the house, when we got there I got out and grabbed the wheelchair and Brandon got Alex out and put him in it. Alex thanked him and Brandon asked to use the phone to call his mom to have her pick him up. Alex's mom said sure, help yourself.

He called and she said she would be here in 30 minutes. So we went up to Alex's room with Brandon carrying Alex and me the wheelchair. I tell you Alex would probably have been lighter hehe. We went into the room and Brandon sat Alex on his bed and took a chair by the computer desk. I came in and set the wheelchair by the closet then climbed on the bed and sat next to Alex who grabbed my hand and held it. Brandon just looked at us and smiled.

"You two are really in love aren't you?" he asked. I just smiled and nodded.

Alex smiled then looked at Brandon, "If Brett was dying and I was a match I would give him my heart just so he could live." When he said that I felt tears running down my face. He would give me his heart to make sure I lived. I knew I wanted to be with him forever. I Looked at Alex and he looked at me.

"Me too," was all I could say, Alex bent in and kissed me. We all chatted for a few minutes then Brandon got up and left. After we had dinner my parents came over and asked if we were going to the house for the weekend and we agreed to. There would be a lot more room and that is what Alex needed on the weekends. After I showered and sponged down Alex we crawled into bed. Since Alex could only sleep on his back I snuggled up to him on his left side instead of the right like I am used to and put my head on his shoulder.

"Brett, what I said this afternoon about giving you my heart if you needed it, that was true, you know that right?" he said gently. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Yes I know it's true and I would give you mine," I said as I smiled and kissed him. I don't know how we did it but VERY carefully we made love that night. Slowly and carefully, with all of the love in the word with us, we made love till late in the night.