Chapter 2

Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Connor looked at him surprised. “How do you know that?” asked Dr. Connor. The boy smiled at the two doctors.

“After you two left I was just sitting here and looking out the window. I saw a blue bird fly past. Then the next thing I knew I saw two people holding me, one was a woman a little taller then me and a man that was way taller than me. They keep saying something and I couldn’t make it out. Then the next thing I knew I heard my name. I don’t know who the people are, where they live or anything all I know is that my name is Jason.” He said smiling. Both doctors smiled back.

“Good, now Jason do you know your last name?” Dr. Connor asked him. Jason hung his head and shook it. “That’s ok it will come to you. Now that we have a name it may be easier to find out where you belong. Don’t worry.” He said. Both doctors left the room to talk about the latest development concerning young Jason.

A few hours later Dr. Connor and Dr. Cunningham came in with a man in a suit. Jason looked up and looked at the man with concern. He didn’t know him and he felt that he was about to get in trouble.

“Jason I would like you to meet detective Perry. Don’t worry you are not in trouble. We have tried to tell him that you don’t remember anything but he doesn’t seem to believe us. So you are going to have to answer some questions. Ok?” Dr. Cunningham started.

“Also we are here to make sure that you don’t get too aggravated. If you do the interview WILL be over with.” Dr. Connor said looking at the detective. The detective didn’t seem happy about that but nodded his head.

“Jason I’m detective Perry. I work for the local police department. I have a few questions for you. Just answer them the best you can. First what is your name?” he started holding a pen and a small notepad.

“Jason.” Jason said.

“Last name?” detective Perry said.

“I don’t know.” Jason responded. The detective looked at him for a minute.

“You don’t know?” he asked him.

“No I don’t” Jason said already starting to get aggravated.

“Ok where do you live?” he asked.

“I don’t know?” Jason said.

“Ok then what happened to you?” the detective asked. Jason sighed and told detective Perry the same things that he told the doctors. He woke up in a wooded area made his way to a road and collapsed. That was all he knew. The detective didn’t seem to believe him.

“So you mean to tell me you don’t remember who hurt you and where it happened or anything?” he asked Jason looking at him with disbelieve disbelief.

“No detective I don’t. All I know is my name is Jason and I only found that out a few hours ago. If you would listen to my doctors they will tell you what has happened to me and why I can’t remember. If you don’t want to believe me that is fine but then that is your business. Right now I don’t know anything, and I don’t know what has happened to me. Get out.” Jason said turning away from the detective.

“Now just wait one minute kid, you don’t talk like that to me.” Detective Perry started but was stopped by a hand on his arm.

“That’s it, the interview is over. He told you what he knows, and we told you what has all happened to him. Now you need to leave. Once he said it was over that was it. I will be calling your superior and letting them know of your attitude and the way that you handled a kid. Now leave” Said Dr. Connor.

Detective Perry was pissed but he turned and walked out of the room. Dr. Connor walked over to the side of Jason’s bed.

“You ok?” he asked him looked down with a worried expression on his face. Jason didn’t say anything just closed his eyes.

“Ok I’ll be back later to check on you.” Dr. Connor said. The two doctors left the room leaving the door opened some.

Jason laid there and let his tears fall from him face. ‘Why didn’t he believe me’ he thought. ‘I don’t know anything even the doctors told him that’. The question kept going over and over in his head as the tears came harder down his face.

Slowly he cried himself to sleep with images of people faces that were blurry, and strange objects that seemed to have caused him pain, came and went through his mind.

A nurse woke him up and had him eat. They keep the IV in his arm for pain medicine but still gave him pills when the pain was worse. After eating Jason flipped through the channels and watched the Simpson’s.

A little bit later Dr’s. Connor and Cunningham came into the room, with a man dressed in a policeman’s uniform that had a lot of ribbons and medals on it. He sighed.

“What now, came to drill me some more and try and hit the truth out of me?” Jason asked with distain in his voice. Dr. Connor came up to the bed.

“No Jason that will not happen here. This is Chief Beasley he is the one I called after detective Perry left. I told him what happened and he came down here to talk with you. Not to ask you questions that I promise you.” Dr. Connor got out of the way and let the Chief come up next to the bed.

“Jason I’m Chief Beasley but everyone call’s me chief. I am here to tell you that I am sorry that one of my detectives acted the way he did. I don’t know why he handled you the way he did, but I have talked with both your doctors and him.

As of now detective Perry has been suspended for a week. This is not the first time that this has happened with him but it will be the last. You have nothing to worry about on that.

I am sorry for what has happened to you. I have talked with the doctors and they have explained to me what your injuries are and how severe they are. I am sorry that you have had to go through that. To let you know I am going to take a picture of you if that is ok and we are going to start posting them around town and on the computer to see if maybe we can find out more about you. I am sorry that you have had to go through all of this, and I am sorry for my detective. If you decide to call an attorney and file a lawsuit I will understand.” The chief said.

Jason looked at him and smiled. “Don’t worry I don’t want to sue anyone, I just want to know who I am and what happened to me. That’s all.” He said breaking down into tears. The Chief placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“I know young man I know.” After Jason composed himself the chief took the picture and shook Jason’s hand he left with Jason’s two doctors.

Around 9 o’clock that night Jason fell asleep, but woke up around 1 in the morning screaming and crying. The night nurses were told about his nightmares and were told what shot to give him. Once the shot was given a few minutes later Jason fell back to sleep, and thank God that he had no more nightmares.

Jason awoke about 7:30 the next morning when breakfast was brought in. He missed it the morning before because of the medicine but this time he was able to wake up earlier.

Dr. Cunningham came in about 11:30 and did his check up. He felt that Jason was healing but it was a very slow process for the amount of damage that was done. Dr. Cunningham told him to expect to stay in there for at least another 2 weeks. Jason sighed and nodded his head.

Around 1:30 Dr. Connor came in and shut the door.

“Well Jason how are you feeling today? Better now that no more policeman will be bothering you?” he asked smiling. Jason smiled back.

“Yes sir. I am sorry I got so upset but I don’t know why he acted the way he did. At least it is over. I had more nightmares last night.” Jason said. Dr. Connor wrote something in the chart that he had for Jason.

“Yes I was told can you tell me what you remember of it?” he asked him sitting in a chair next to his bed.

“Well most of it is the same stuff, I see people but I can’t make out who they are. There faces are always blurry, and I can’t really tell anything about that except that they are big and strong.” Jason said.

“Ok well that is a start. Can you tell me if they are men and woman or just men, or just woman; anything like that?” Dr. Connor asked while writing more stuff in his chart. Jason thought for a few minutes.

“I’m pretty sure that they are all men. I can’t be 100% but I am at least 99% that they are all men. Also this time I saw some strange looking objects.” He said. Dr. Connor looked up at him.

“What do you mean by strange object?” he asked bending forward to make sure that he could hear everything.

“I don’t know, one seemed kinda of long and it looked like someone was holding it. It was kinda floppy. I think it was black but it was all too hazy, so I couldn’t really tell what it was. Another was what looked like a table with some straps on it, but once again they could have been holes, I couldn’t see them very well. I’m sorry.” Jason said lying back in his bed.

“No Jason don’t be sorry, you are doing great here. With your help and what ever you remember you may be able to find out who did this to you. Now I am going to run to my office for a minute and get something I will be right back.” Dr. Connor left.

A few minutes later he came into the room with what looked like a magazine.

“Jason this is a magazine showing old weapons from the middle ages and before. I would like to show you a picture and if you can I would like for you to tell me if this is what you saw in your dream” with that he showed the picture to Jason. Jason’s eyes got wide.

“Yeah that’s it. How did you know?” he asked holding the magazine and looking at the cat-of-nine tails whip.

“I had an idea when you described the device to me. I also think that I know what the other object is but right now I am not going to say anything till I can find a picture of it. I don’t want you thinking that what I tell you is the actual device; I want you to see it and tell me if that is it or not.” Dr. Connor said taking back the magazine.

Jason and Dr. Connor talked for about another 30 minutes then Jason started falling asleep. Dr. Connor left him and went back to his office to write down what all happened with his session with Jason.

Jason woke up about 5 and had his dinner. Roast beef and mashed potatoes. After eating he was in more and more pain and called the nurse for some medicine. When the nurse walked in she took one look at Jason and ran out leaving Jason with a confused look on his face.

A few minutes later Dr. Cunningham and the nurse came back in.

“Jason how do you feel?” he asked him, checking his chest and throat.

“I’m hurting really, really bad right now. It feels like my back is trying to fall apart.” Jason said letting the tears fall that he was trying not to show.

“Ok Jason we’re going to take good care of you.” The doctor nodded and Jason felt a needle go into his butt. Then sleep took him away.

When Jason woke up he was in a strange room. There was some sort of mask over his face and he kept hearing some beeping noise. Slowly he turned his head and saw a lady sitting there writing some stuff on a chart. She noticed him and smiled down at him.

“Hey little man you had to have another surgery but don’t worry you are ok now. You have nothing to worry about. I know you are hurting but you will be ok, I promise you.” She said about that time another machine hooked up to him started beeping really fast. She turned and saw Jason’s eyes flutter shut. “Jason come on wake up. Jason.” She said again but he didn’t hear her. She looked and saw that the bed was covered in blood. She called for the doctor and he came immediately.

They had to rush him back into the operating room. Once again Jason woke up and saw the same lady standing next to him; this time instead of a smile she had a worried expression on her face.

“Hey there Jason your ok, I promise you, you started hemorrhaging and we didn’t know from where so the doctor had to go back in. He fixed you right on up, now I need for you to try and stay awake for me ok.” She said to Jason.

Jason noticed that his throat was sore but nodded his head and whispered ok. So for the next hour Jason was in and out of consciousness. When they felt that he was ok and that he would not slip into a coma they took him back to his room.

Jason slept on and off for the next few days, Dr. Cunningham keep coming in every few hours and checking on him. Dr. Connor also came and tried talking to him but chuckled and gave up when Jason started falling to sleep.

Finally Friday rolled around and Jason was fully awake, in pain but awake. Dr. Cunningham came in and examined him and started talking to him.

“Jason your ok, we had to go back into your back again. We missed a vertebra that was putting pressure on your nerves in your back. We had to go and take the pressure off. You will be ok now, I know you are in a lot of pain but don’t worry everything will be alright for you.” He said reassuringly.

“Ok thank you Dr. Cunningham for everything that you have done for me.” Jason said smiling at him. Dr. Cunningham ruffled his head.

“Don’t mention it, young man. You are one lucky boy.” He said Dr. Cunningham was turning around to leave when the chief walked in followed by Dr. Connor.

“Hello Jason how are you feeling?” the chief asked. Jason smiled at the man, he knew that the chief had come and visited him while he was in and out of sleep the past week.

“Fine chief thanks.” Jason replied smiling.

“Good I heard what happened earlier this week and I am sorry that you had to go through another surgery but hopefully that will be your last.” The chief said patting Jason on the shoulder.

“Thanks chief.” Jason said smiling at the old man.

“Now the reason that I am here is because we think we have found your parents.” He said stopping for a minute to let what he just said sink in. “We found a report about a missing 13 year old boy. The boy fit your description and we contacted the local police. Tuesday a woman called and talked to me, she told me what her son Jason looked like. We believe that it is your family they will be here tomorrow morning.” He said looking at Jason.

Jason didn’t know what to think or say, he just nodded his head.

“Ok get some rest I will be back tomorrow with them, I will personally escort them here.” The chief said. With a nod to everyone he left the room Dr. Cunningham following him out. Dr. Connor stayed.

“Jason how do you feel about this?” he asked him. Jason just looked up at him.

“I’m not sure, scared, maybe happy if they are my family, but what if they are the reason that I am here like this?” he asked. Dr. Connor nodded his head.

“I understand and don’t worry we will all be here for you. If they are the cause of what happened to you, they will never be able to hurt you again, that I promise.” With that Dr. Connor left.

Jason lay there and thought over what would happen tomorrow, who these people were and if he really was their son. The next thing he knew was that it was evening and the food was there. Jason ate, watched some TV and fell back asleep.

Once again the nightmares came and the nurses gave him something to calm him down. The next morning he woke up scared and uncertain of what the day would bring. After breakfast Dr. Connor came in and they talked some more about what would happen that day. Finally at 11:30 there was a knock on his door and the chief came in.

“Hello Jason are you feeling better today?” he asked smiling down at him. Jason looked at him with scared eyes.

“Yes sir, I’m scared though. What if they aren’t my parents?” he asked with tears sliding down his face. The chief did something very unlike his self; he put his arm around Jason and hugged him.

“Not to worry, I meet with them and they have a picture of you and the rest of your family. They are your family, and they want to take you home. I told them that you have to stay here for another week or so, at first it was only two weeks but after the emergency surgery I don’t know what the doctor will say. Also if you’re scared that they are the reason you are here, don’t be. I did a full background check and had some cops I know from down there run the investigation again.

I can tell you that they are not the cause of what happened for you. But just in case you will always be able to get in touch with me if you need anything.” The chief said handing Jason a card. It had the chief office and home number on it. Jason thanked the chief and surprisingly hugged him. Jason put the card in the draw next to his bed. “You ready to meet them?” he asked.

Jason looked at him for a minute. “Yes sir I guess.” He said. With that the chief went and opened the door. Jason was scared but hopeful that maybe now he can find out what happened.

To Be Continued ...