Chapter 4

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The drive back to Savannah was a long and mostly quiet drive back. Jason sat there in his thoughts trying to remember who these people that call themselves family are.

Matt and Josh tried talking to him about some games that they play but as far as Jason knew he didn't know how to play them. His mom and dad keep asking him how he was feeling and if he was hurting at all, Jason told them no most of the times but a few times it was yes and they found the nearest exit to let him get out.

Dr. Cunningham gave them a wheel chair for Jason to use so he didn't have to try and use crutches because of his arm. When ever they did get out Jason would just stand beside the side of the navigator and not go anywhere unless he had to use the bathroom. He didn't feel comfortable with these people yet. They understood and took their time with him.

One of the times that they did stop was at the South of the Border , a little town just past the South Carolina boarder from North Carolina . Jason didn't really want to stop but he had this feeling that they did so he agreed.

His dad pushed his wheel chair as they walked along the little town there admiring the different stories around them. They went into a little restaurant there and got some food. Jason was hungry but he was still apprehensive about these people that called themselves his family. He only orders 1 taco and a drink. His mom tried to get him to order more but he didn't want to. They left him alone and stopped trying to push him.

Before they got back on the road they stopped at a store and got some drinks and snacks, for the journey home. They decided unless there was a bathroom break or Jason needed to stop and get out they would just try and drive straight back home.

Jason, feeling like they didn't really want to stop, stopped saying when ever he got a cramp or was hurting. He just let them drive not knowing that his parents were happy and that they had no problem stopping whenever he needed to. He just didn't trust his family yet.

One time he was really hurting and started crying silently but not saying anything kept it to himself. His mom turned around and saw him crying and poked her husband. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw Jason crying. Silently and without telling anyone he stopped and pulled over to the side of the road.

“Why did we stop?” asked Matt who was in the back reading a comic book with Josh.

“Jason needs to get out.” His dad said. Jason was surprised that he stopped for him.

“No its ok we can keep going.” He said sniffing.

“No son it isn't. You're hurting and you need to get out for a few minutes.” John said. With that he got out and walked around and opened the side door. Helping Jason stand he held onto his son as he stood there.

“I'm sorry I'm causing you to stop.” Jason said as more tears came to his face as the pain in his back, leg and arm increased.

“It doesn't matter we should have stopped awhile ok. I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. Jason we are so sorry that this all happened to you, if I could go back and change it I would. I hope you will learn to trust us and believe us son. We do love you.” John said hugging his son and crying.

Pat didn't get out of the car and didn't let Matt or Josh get out either. She felt that this was a father and son moment. A state trooper pulled in behind them, and started walking up to John and Jason. “Everything alright?” he asked them looking at them with concern.

“Yes officer my son just needed to get out for a bit he is hurting really bad right now. Pat can you get his medicine please?” asked John.

Pat got Jason's medicine and some water and stepped out and brought it to them. “Her son, take this. Remember what the doctor said, it will probably make you drowse if you feel the need to sleep do so. We have a pillow back there that you can use.” Pat said handing him the pill and water.

John stepped away and talked with the officer. “If you don't mind me asking what happened to him?” the officer asked.

“About a month ago he was kidnapped, we just found out where he was last Monday. He was up in North Carolina ; we came here Friday and now were going home. He has had the hell beat out of him along with a lot of other problems.” John said.

The officer nodded to him. “Damn man I'm sorry to hear that. Is he ok?” he asked him.

“He will be he is just hurting. He had to have two back operations and they had to go in a third time for hemorrhaging. As you can see his leg and arm are broken and he still has bruises on him that are taking there time healing.” John said with tears coming back to his eyes. “I should have watched them better, but I wasn't there at the school when it happened.” John said crying some more.

The officer put his hand on John's shoulder. “You can't blame yourself man, you didn't know what was going on. At least you have him back now so you have nothing to worry about. I am sure you will all get through this.” The officer said and John nodded his head. “Where are you headed?”

“ Savannah that's where we live,” John said getting his crying under control.

John turned and looked at Jason who looked like he was starting to fall asleep, he rushed over there. Holding Jason up he called to his boys. “Matt, Josh, get the pillow and put it on the door. Jason is starting to fall asleep.” He said.

The boys did what their father asked them to do and the troopers help got Jason on the back seat. With in seconds Jason was out. “Thank you,” John said to the officer and shook his head.

“No problem why don't you follow me I'll get you to the state boarder. And I don't take no for an answer. Do you have a cell phone?” He asked John.

With that the officer went back to his patrol car. John and Pat got in and pulled out after the officer. They saw the officer talking on his radio and the next thing John knew was the officer lights were on and he was motioning for them to follow him.

They reached the Georgia/South Carolina boarder in about 2 hours instead of the 4 it would have taken them. The officer pulled over and waved them on and then turned around and left. As they were approaching the gates to the landings Jason started waking up. “Where are we?” he asked when he was more awake and sitting up.

“Were almost home Jason.” His mom said.

Jason nodded his head and watched as the passed through a gate. He watched the streets and the other houses as they passed them, he noticed a few kids looking and staring at the truck as it passed. He saw them run inside and it looked like they were hollering something. Then he saw the families start to come out and watch them.

Soon they pulled up to a nice two-story house surrounded by trees. It looked like wood that was pained a soft brown. There were double doors for the front doors and huge panes of glass spread out. It looked nice to him. “This is where I live?” he asked them.

“Yes son welcome home.” His dad said.

Everyone started getting out of the truck and noticed that some of their neighbors were there to meet them. John got the wheel chair out of the back and helped Jason into it. Everyone seemed so happy to see him but he didn't remember any of them. John wheeled Jason around the truck to the front steps of the house. He let Jason just sit there and look at it and take it all in.

“Jason I am going to have to pick you up and carry you up the stairs. I will have Matt bring up your wheel chair.” John said.

Jason nodded his head and his dad picked his up. Before Matt could even grab the chair another boy did and brought it up to them. “Here you go Mr. O'Brien.” The boy said.

“Thanks.” He said. The boy nodded his head and walked back down the stairs. Jason watched him walk away from them with his head down. Jason's dad sat him in the chair.

The boy was about his height at about 5'4 and probably weight about 120 pounds. He had dark red hair and if he saw his eyes right he had green eyes. Suddenly something clicked in his mind.

“Jimmy?” he more asked then said. The boy stopped and turned around smiling at him. He slowly started approaching Jason. “I don't really remember you but I know your name is Jimmy.” He said.

The boy stopped in front of him. “Yes that right. I'm Jimmy I'm your best friend.” Jimmy said with tears in his eyes.

“Ok thanks.” Jason said and smiled. Jimmy smiled then turned back around and started down the stairs again. When he reached the road he started running. “Did I do something wrong?” Jason asked.

“No son you didn't. I think he is just happy that you at least remember his name. Why don't we get you on inside? Ok.” John said.

Jason nodded his head and with his family around him they wheeled him into his home. As Jason was wheeled in he saw that they were in a little foyer, he looked left and saw another little room. One thing that he noticed right away was that it looked like the entire house was carpeted. “What's that room?” he asked. His dad smiled.

“That is the formal sitting room. Whenever your mother or I have someone over, we can sit in there and talk with out any T.V. or radio's going. To your right is the stair case that goes up to the second floor.” His dad said. “We'll get to that in a minute.” Jason nodded his head. His dad led him down the hallway into what looked like a regular living room.

“This is the family living room. As you see there's the T.V. and stereo and movie.” His mom said.

Going through the living room to the right was the kitchen and next to the kitchen was the dinning room. In the dinning room he could see a nice dark brown table that sat 6 easily. There was a china cabinet and a buffet in there as well. Going back through the kitchen on the other side was what appeared to be a playroom or sorts. “What's this?” he asked.

His parents smiled. “Jason this is your brothers and yours play room. Ya'll have ya'lls own T.V. with an Xbox and a PlayStation attached to it. All of ya'lls movies are over there. There is a family computer there as well.” His dad said.

As his dad was talking to Jason and mentioned the computer. Pat his mom turned and whispered something to Matt. Matt ran out of the room. “Oh ok cool.” He said smiling.

Coming out of the playroom and through kitchen again he noticed another room. “What's that?” he asked again.

“That is the laundry room and the door there leads to the side of the house. And there is a guest bathroom there as well.”

Going back into the family room Jason noticed the patio doors. His dad saw him looking at them and wheeled him over to them. Out back Jason saw how big their yard was and was amazing. He saw a tree with a rope and old tire on it and he knew that it was for swinging. He also noticed a football, baseball and or sport stuff out there. He scrunched up his face. “I don't like sports.” He said.

His parents laughed. “Well one thing hasn't changed. Those are Matt's and Josh's.” His dad said.

Jason smiled at them and noticed Matt was back. “Yeah we tried to get you to play but you wouldn't.” He said smiling at Jason, Jason smiled back.

“Ok so what about upstairs?” he asked.

His dad wheeled him to the bottom of the stairs and picked him up. While John carried Jason up the stairs Matt grabbed the wheel chair and with Josh's help carried it up after them. Once at the top they opened the chair and Jason got put back in it. Jason noticed how long the hallway looked. The first door on the left opened and it reveled what looked like a boy's bathroom.

“This is your brothers and yours bathroom. Speaking of which Matt and Josh need to clean it up,” his dad said.

Matt and Josh just blushed and nodded their heads. Closing the bathroom door and heading a little ways up and on the right was another door. “Here is your moms and my room.” John said and opened the door.

Jason looked inside and noticed the big queen size bed. There were two dressers and he thought he saw a bathroom in there as well, but he wasn't far enough in to tell. He knew there had to be a closet in there somewhere. Coming out of his parent's bedroom and turning to the left was another bedroom that had the name Josh on the door.

“Well this room is Josh's.” his dad said opening the door. “It needs to be cleaned apparently.” John said looking at Josh who was blushing and trying to look like an angel. The bedroom was messy but looked very much lived in; it had a single bed and a dresser with cloths hanging out of it. There was a little book shelf with a few books and mostly toys on it and a desk under a window that seemed to have papers thrown all over it. A closet and toys were all over the place. Closing the door they walked further down and came to a door also to the right hand side that said Matt on the door.

Opening it up he noticed that is was very clean and looked nice with a twin bed and a dresser there. He too had a bookshelf but it was half filled with books and the other half with trophies. There was a desk along one wall that had papers and books stacked on it. Matt had a lot of trophies of different sports along his wall.

“Nice room and clean to.” Jason said looking at Matt who smiled then looked at Josh who just blushed even more.

They all chuckled over that. At the end of the hall was the last door. It had Jason's name on it. Jason was a little scared at first about opening it not sure what he was going to find but eventually he gave in and his dad opened the door for him. Wheeling him inside he saw a very neat and very clean room.

He had a twin bed as well and a nice size dresser. Along the left wall and under a window was a desk that was neatly arranged with papers, books, there were even a few pictures on the desk. On the left also just as you walk in was his dresser, with more pictures and other knickknacks on it. To the right was a door that he assumed was his closet. “This is my room?” he asked looking up at his dad.

“Yes son it is. Are you feeling alright?” he asked his with concern thinking that maybe it was too much on Jason right now.

“I'm ok I think I'm just tired, will it be alright if I lay down for a while?” Jason asked looking at his dad and mom.

“Sure son if you need anything there is an intercom by your bed. All of the rooms have them. If you need anything, just call and one of us will be here to help you. We love you Jason and glad that you are home.” His dad said giving him a hug.

“We do love you Jason.” His mom said giving him one as well.

His brother also gave him a hug then left the room with their mom and Jason's dad helped him in bed. “Remember if you need anything let us know. The doctors said that you can't get around for a while by your self. Just call us.” His dad said. Jason nodded his head and his dad left the room.

Jason lay there and just sighed. ‘Wow too much right now.' He thought to himself. Slowly he started getting tired and soon was asleep.

To Be Continued ...