Chapter 5

Once again the images and blurred faces came to him. The whips and other devices that were used to hurt him appeared. Screams were heard, his screams, from pain and hurt, hunger and tiredness. Every time he passed out they woke him up, until they were satisfied. He felt the pain that was being caused and cried out for them to stop, they only laughed at him.

He woke up screaming and crying, his door opened quickly and fear came to him, he started screaming louder. John and Pat O'Brien were down stairs when they heard the screaming and ran up to find out what was going on. They tried to approach Jason.

“No stay back.” He hollered at them, they stopped where they were standing.

“Jason its ok, no one can hurt you. We're here now, come on son let us help you.” Said his dad. Jason just shook his head and looked around. He saw a book on the table next to his bed.

“Don't come any closer; I swear I'll throw this.” He yelled to them. Pat and John didn't know what to do so they backed off. Pat ran out of the room.

“Come on Jason you know we don't want to hurt you.” John tried again; Jason started to throw the book. “Ok, ok I'm backing off.” He said.

“I don't know you; I have no idea who you are.” He said with tears streaming down his face. For 20 minutes John talked with Jason trying to get him to calm down but to no avail.

John heard running up the stairs and Pat came in followed by a woman he didn't know.

“Who are you?” John asked the lady. She smiled at him.

“I'm Dr. Springer. Pat just called me and I hurried over here. By chance I was passing this way when my cell rang. Is this Jason?” she asked. John nodded his head; he then noticed Matt and Josh standing there.

“Go down stairs.” He told them they looked at him then to Jason, finally they headed down stairs. All the while that John was talking with Matt and Josh, Jason was grabbing more things he could throw to protect himself.

“Jason I'm Dr. Springer, I think Dr. Connor mentioned me.” She told him. Jason just looked at her.

“Yeah so what for all I know you lied to him and want to hurt me, leave me alone and get out. I only want to talk with Dr. Connor. Now go.” He yelled at them. Dr. Springer nodded her head.

Pat, John and Dr. Springer walked to the door with Dr. Springer's ushering.

“Jason I'm calling Dr. Connor now.” She said. While she was talking with Jason she pulled out her phone and called Dr. Connor.

“Dr. Connor's office how can I help you?” a lady asked.

“Yes this is Dr. Springer in Savannah Georgia, I need to speak with Dr. Connor right away it is am emergency, tell him it is about Jason O'Brien.” Dr. Springer told the lady.

“Yes ma'am, hold one moment please.” The lady put Dr. Springer on hold and with in a few seconds Dr. Connor came on the line.

“Sherry hey what's wrong?” he asked.

“Hey Jack we have a problem. It seems that Jason lay down and took a nap when he got home and had a nightmare he doesn't believe that his family isn't going to hurt him and he won't listen to me. I am going to try and get the phone to him and maybe you can talk with him.” Dr. Springer said.

“Ok try it.” He replied.

“Jason Dr. Connor is on the line, can I bring you the phone?” she asked. Jason looked at her but didn't' reply.

“Toss it on the bed.” He finally said. Dr. Springer nodded her head and gently tossed her phone onto the bed. Jason picked it up.

“Jason its Dr. Connor how are you?” He asked.

“Scared doc, I had this really bad nightmare I saw them hurting me again and calling me names. I saw the whip and other things that they used on me. I also remember that every time I passed out they woke me up and started again till they felt that they were finished. I'm scared; I don't know who to trust, why doc, why did they hurt me?” Jason asked into the phone and wailing, Jason cried and cried while holding the phone.

While Jason was talking with Dr. Connor Dr. Springer was talking with Pat and John.

“Listen no matter what he says no matter how much it hurts you must be strong for him ok. If you start falling apart now he will only see it as a sign that you can't protect him, understand?” she asked them.

“Yes, Dr. Springer. Thank you.” John said holding Pat in his arms.

“It's Sherry.” She said smiling at them, then turning her attention back to Jason.

“I don't know why they hurt you Jason. Some people are just mean and evil. I want you to listen to me; you can trust your parents and Dr. Springer. If I didn't think that you could then I would not have let you go home with them? You have to believe me Jason I will not let you get hurt if I can help it. And no that is not a promise because I don't know what will happen in the future but I can tell you one thing your parents are not going to hurt you. Please Jason believe me, let us help you ok?” Dr. Connor said.

Dr. Connor talked with Jason for about 30 more minutes before he asked him if he can hand the phone back to Dr. Springer, not throw, or toss, but hand it back. Jason agreed.

“Dr. Springer, Dr. Connor would like to talk with you.” He said holding the phone out. Dr. Springer looked at it for a moment.

“It's Ok if I come near you?” she asked, Jason nodded his head. “What about your parents, can they come over there as well?” she asked him. Jason just looked at his parents for a few moments before he finally nodded his head. Dr. Springer went over to the bed and grabbed the phone. Jason lied back on his pillow and started crying more, as his parents went around to the other side of the bed.

“It's ok Jason we're going to get through this, I promise you. I don't know what has all happened or why, but I promise you that we are here to help you not hurt you. We love you son.” John said.

“Oh Jason please know that we would never do anything to intentionally hurt you baby. We love you.” Pat said. Jason looked at them for a moment.

“Thanks.” He said then turned and looked at Dr. Springer.

“Ok thanks Jack sorry about the call.” She said.

“No problem. I am glad that you did call as I should have told them more about the nightmares but I was hoping that they would hold off till they got him to you. I guess not, don't say anything but I will be down there this weekend.” Dr. Connor said. Sherry smiled.

“Good I think that will help. Well let me get going I'll talk with you later.” She said.

“Ok thanks, Sherry bye.” Jack replied to her.

“You're welcome bye.” With that Dr. Sherry Springer turned off the phone and looked at Jason. “Well young man I hope your feeling better. I'm Dr. Springer by the way. How are you feeling?” She asked touching his hand. Jason jerked his hand away.

“Fine,” he replied.

Dr. Springer just looked at him. “Ok why don't you tell me more about the nightmare you had. I heard what you told Dr. Connor but I would like to hear it from you.” She said.

Jason just sighed and looked up at the ceiling for a few minutes. “Well like I told Dr. Connor the first time I saw him, I can't see there faces but I know there are at least 2 from what Dr. Cunningham said at least 3 men hurt me.” He said stopping to take a break.

Dr. Springer nodded her head. “I can't see their faces just that they're big and scary. I remember the whip and what it did to me. I know it hurt and I know I have some scars on my back, even though no one has told me about them. I remember some kind of table that they had me strapped to and I can see them over me, but that is all I ever dream about. I dream that and whenever I passed out that they would wake me up. Usually by throwing water on me, but one time I remember one of them peeing on me. They laughed and said that I would get used to it.” Jason stopped there and started crying more, he felt a weight on the bed and at first froze but when he looked up his mom was sitting there and she held his hand. Jason relaxed after a few moments of looking at her and crying out some of his pain.

Through sobs and tears he told the rest. “I remember they didn't stop until they were tired, I didn't eat, they never feed me and if one of them left something to eat I would steal it to eat it. Then they punished me for eating what they said was theirs, I just realized that. They always left food so I would get in trouble, but I don't understand why they did it. Why did they hurt me? WHY?” he screamed out collapsing into hysterics and crying more and more as the memories were slowly unlocked.

After Jason calmed down some Dr. Springer finally said something to Jason. “Jason just like Dr. Connor, I don't know why they did this to you. Some people like to hurt others and are just evil. They like the power that they have over people and to prove that they have that power they hurt them. When really all they're doing is causing themselves and their victim in this case you more pain. People like that usually were hurt in their past but not always. Some people just hurt others because they are that evil.

Jason I am going to try and help you get past these demons. I am not going to lie to you it will take a VERY long time to get over this. Years even, but I do promise you that you will survive. I am going to prescribe some medicine for you, one is an anti-depressant, but you are only going to be on it for a short time. There is some new research that some anti-depressants actually hurt people, so I am only going to want you to use them long enough for us to get you feeling a little better. After that I want you off of them. I don't want you feeling any worse and if you stay on them to long you may. So I am going to prescribe one month's worth and that is all. I am also going to give you medicine for anxiety, and another for sleep.

The anxiety pill I want you to take 1 a day and if need be 2, but no more. I want you to take one when you first get up with your anti-depressant medication and then if you need another one you can take another one in the afternoon. Now the sleeping pills are if you can't sleep or if you have a nightmare. Dr. Connor said that after you had nightmares they usually gave you a shot to help you relax and sleep and you didn't have any more nightmares after that. But you can only take them if you can't sleep because of anxiety, which hopefully the medicine for that will take care of that, or if you have a nightmare. Understand?” she asked him writing out stuff that he assumed was the prescription on several different pieces of paper.

“Yes ma'am and thank you, I'm sorry Dr. Springer and…” he stopped there for a moment not sure of what to call his parents.

“Jason, look at me.” Dr. Springer said. Jason turned and looked at her, after looking in his eyes for a few minutes she spoke.

“It's ok if you're scared and you don't know what to call them. They are your parents, we know that, but we also know that you have no memory of them at this time. It may hurt them but if you don't think that you can call them mom and dad right now you can call them Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien or if they allow you to you can call them Pat and John. They won't be mad they'll understand.”

Jason turned and looked at Pat and John for a few minutes, but he still didn't know what to say to them. “I don't know.” He said still looking up at them. Pat was still holding his hand when she talked.

“Jason it is and it will be ok. We don't know what you are going through and we don't know how you are feeling, but we do know that we love you. We also know that it will take time for you to heal and that it will take time for you to learn to trust us again. But please know that no matter what happens we will love you, and if you can't call us mom or dad you can call us Pat and John or Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien. What ever makes you feel the most comfortable?” She said squeezing his hand. Jason listened then turned and looked at John waiting to see what he says.

“She's right Jason. We love you and we only want what's best for you, what ever makes you comfortable.” He said putting his hand down on theirs. Jason nodded then looked up at Dr. Springer.

“So you see Jason they will be ok with your decision. Ok now on to your treatment. I have decided that even though you need to get out, right now I don't think that going into the city will help you much, so I am going to come to your house three times a week. When I feel that you are making progress I will drop it to two then once and when that time comes I will start having you come to the office. Right now I am going to say no school for several reasons. One is that you just got home and with your memory you may not remember everything that you have learned. Once your memory starts coming back we can see where that leads us. Also if you want to go outside you can, but I am strongly recommending that unless he needs to go to the hospital or to his doctor for his back, leg and arm that he does not leave the house.

No going to any friends or neighbors houses. If they want to come over that is fine but make sure that if they do come over that he is in an open room where he can leave. Right now Jason I think any form of confinement will probably hurt you more then anything else. Also I do not recommend that he is pushed into doing anything, if he wants to watch T.V. that's fine but not violent or scary.

If you want I would go to the video store and pick up some cartoons or comedies. Also I am recommending that one of you stay home with him at all times. If one of you work and want to stay home then I can write a doctor's orders stating that you are to stay home.” She said John interrupted her for a moment.

“That's no problem, we own our own accounting and advertisement firm. Most of the work is done here at the house. We have an office down town and I usually am the one to go down there.” John said smiling.

“Good then I don't need to write one. Now I don't want to hinder Jason's education so I suggest that one of you go to the school get what ever books he needs and try and have him start reading them. If they can give you some idea of what he has been learning you can try and slowly teach him but if he doesn't remember then don't push him. Other then that just be careful and if you need me in between sessions call me like you did tonight. Any question?” she asked them as she finished.

“No and thank you.” Pat said.

“Yes thank you so much for coming here and helping.” John echoed his wife.

“Thanks.” Jason said meekly. Dr. Springer looked down at him.

“Don't worry Jason you will get better. Well I think that is it for the night, consider this our first session and I'll see you Wednesday.” She said getting up.

“Would you like to come down stairs and get some dinner?” John asked Jason.

“Yes please.” He replied. John helped Jason into this wheelchair and wheeled him to the stairs. Once there, he lifted Jason out and carried him down the stairs as Pat grabbed the wheelchair and with Dr. Springer's help carried it downstairs.

Dr. Springer said bye one last time and left for the night. John wheeled Jason into the kitchen and up to the table. Matt and Josh were sitting there eating sandwiches.

Matt asked, “You ok?” before John or Pat could say anything Jason answered him.

“Yeah just a nightmare, I'll be fine. Thanks for asking.” John and Pat smiled at each other.

John fixed sandwiches for Pat, Jason and himself after he found out what Jason wanted. Since Jason couldn't remember what he liked he just choose 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. With a bag of chips and drinks they all ate a good dinner, by the time that dinner was over it was about 9:30 in the evening. They were all tired and decided to head to bed.

John carried Jason up the stairs and Matt brought up the wheelchair. John helped Jason in the bathroom and when he was sure that the Jason could get on and off the toilet without any help he closed the bathroom door and waited for him. Jason called him in a few minutes later and John wheeled him to his room.

Once there even though Jason was embarrassed he let his dad help him out of his cloths and into a pair of shorts and a nightshirt. Once Jason was ready for bed John helped him in the bed and covered him up. Debating with himself he went ahead and gave Jason a kiss on the forehead. Jason was both surprised and happy that John gave him the kiss. It helped to show that his dad really did love him, a few minutes later Pat came in and also gave him a kiss.

They both told him that they loved him and then left him to sleep keeping the door open a little so if he needed something they could come and help him.

Jason fell asleep tired and exhausted from the day's events and the nightmare from earlier. He prayed that he could go to sleep and not dream. Finally sleep came and he fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.

To Be Continued ...