Chapter 6

“AAAAAHHHHHHH…” he screams, waking up from another nightmare. Jason's parents are there in an instant.

“Jason, it's ok we're right here. Nothing can hurt you.” Pat says holding her son. Jason crying and shaking from his dream can't do anything else. “Tomorrow we are going to get your medicine ok?” she says to him. Jason nods his head, as he slowly starts to relax. He lays back and tears still fall from his eyes, while his mom holds him he closes his eyes and falls back to sleep. Pat turned and looked at John.

“Tomorrow you get the meds ok?” she said, all John did was nod his head and hug Jason. They watched Jason for about a half hour then went back to their room to sleep, they left Jason's door opened all the way just in case.

The next morning Jason woke up and needed to use the bathroom, he didn't want to bother his parents so he tried to get up and out of bed by himself. As he got to his feet his left leg gave out and he fell to the floor. John was just coming up the stairs and saw Jason fall.

“Jason you alright?” he asked, picking Jason up off the floor. Jason clung to him as John helped him into the wheelchair.

“Yes sir sorry I didn't want to bother you so I tried to get up and go to the bathroom by myself.” Jason said with his head hung down, he started trebling afraid that his dad would be mad and hurt him. John noticed the shaking and figured out that Jason was upset and scared.

“It's alright Jason look at me please?” he asked, Jason looked up into his face and John was smiling. “If you need something let us know ok we're here to help you. You don't have to be afraid. We know that you want to do stuff on your own because you don't think we want to be bothered, but trust us we want to.” John said smiling.

Jason smiled back. “Yes sir, I need to go to the bathroom really bad.” He said.

John took Jason down to the bathroom and wheeled him in, after making sure that the brakes on the wheelchair were set he walked out closing the door. Jason grabbed the sink and lifted himself up and with one hand pulled his shorts and underwear down. He sat on the toilet and relieved himself.

When he was finished he called his dad, John came and got him and wheeled him to the stairs. He set the brakes and picked Jason up and carried him down stairs to a chair that was waiting for Jason. John went and retrieved the wheelchair.

Once in the wheelchair John wheeled Jason into the kitchen.

“What do you want to eat?” he asked.

“Cereal is fine.” Jason replied. John got the cereal, milk, a bowl, and a spoon and set them in front of Jason. Jason couldn't pour the cereal or milk and asked his dad to help him. John just smiled and was more then happy to help his son, while he was pouring the cereal and milk Jason noticed that his mom wasn't there and neither were Matt or Josh.

“Where is everyone?” Jason asked starting to eat.

“Your mom went to get your medicine and your brothers are at school. She decided to go since she had some other errands to run.” John replied watching his son eat. He was so happy that Jason was home but he wanted the men who hurt his son. “When she gets back I'm going to run to your school and get your books and whatever the teachers have for you. When I get back if you want and feel up to it we can try and get you back to learning.” His dad said. Jason nodded instead of trying to talk with his mouth full, for some reason he knew you weren't supposed to do that.

After swallowing Jason replied. “Oh ok cool, I don't know a lot I don't even remember where my school is or who my teachers were. So I hope I can remember what I am supposed to know.” He said.

“Don't worry son we can work through this and if you don't remember something then we can start over and you can learn all over again. I also got you something.” John said. He went into the living room and came back holding Jason's laptop but to Jason it was brand-new.

Last night John and Pat took all of Jason's journals that he kept on there and the stories that he read from a gay site called nifty and down loaded them onto disk. They didn't read anything as they knew it was Jason's private stuff and since they knew he was gay they also knew about the nifty achieves.

“Here I know that you can't write with your right arm in the cast so we figured that maybe you can type. It will be easier on your hand and arm.” John said putting it in front of him. Jason was speechless; he couldn't believe that they did this for him.

“Wow thanks but you didn't have to I could have found a way to write.” He said rubbing his hand over the top of the laptop. John just smiled.

“It was no problem and we would do it for your brothers if one of their arms were in a cast.” John replied smiling at his soon. Jason smiled back at him.

“Oh ok thanks. I don't want ya'll to think that you have to show me special treatment or anything. I'm not special, I'm just me.” Jason said. John shook his head with a serious look on his face.

“Yes Jason you are special, you all are special to me and you mom never think that your not because you are.” John said ruffling Jason's hair.

Jason smiled back at him and continued to eat his breakfast. Just as he was finishing up the front door opened.

“I'm home.” Pat said. John went and helped her to carry in some grocery's and Jason's medicine. Once in the kitchen Pat sat everything down and went over to Jason and kissed him on the forehead. “How do you feel?” she asked him.

“Fine, thank you.” Jason replied smiling up at her. Pat smiled back.

“Ok I'm off to get his books I'll be back in a bit.” John said kissing Pat on the lips then Jason on the forehead. After grabbing his keys he was out the door.

“How long do you think he will be gone?” Jason asked his mom. She turned and looked at him.

“It will take about an hour. He has to drive to the school and then find all of the teachers and get the syllabus, your school work and your books.” Pat told him.

“Oh what's a syllabus?” Jason asked slowly pronouncing the word to make sure that he said it right. Pat looked at him and smiled; to her he was still very inquisitive as he always was.

“A syllabus is what the teachers use to let you know what they are going to teach you. On it, it will tell when you're going to learn a certain part of the subject and for how long. It can also tell you when each test is, that all depends on how each teacher makes out their syllabus.” Pat told him smiling at him.

“Wow ok thanks.” Jason said turning and looking out the window. “Is it always this quiet around here?” he asked her.

“Yes it is, that is one of the reasons why we bought this place. You have to have a pass to get onto the property. Also out here you don't have to worry about hearing all the sounds of the city and you can get a good nights sleep.” She said getting up and getting two glasses of water.

She grabbed the medicine off the counter and brought it back to the table. She read each label and each of the cards that told about the medicine. Once she did that, she took one of the anti-depressant pills and one of the anxiety pills and put them in front of Jason with a glass of water.

“I want you to go ahead and take these. One is your anti-depressant and the other is the anxiety pill. The pharmacist told me that it may make you drowsy and if you want to rest then you can. It will take about a week for them to get into your system real good, but once they do they will start working better.” Pat told him.

Jason nodded his head and took the pills. They sat there for a bit before Jason looked up at Pat.

“Can I go and watch some T.V.?” he asked.

“Sure honey let me wheel you in there.” She said. She unlocked the brakes and wheeled Jason into the family room, she handed Jason the remote and turned around to clean up a little bit. After a few minutes she realized that the T.V. wasn't on. “Is everything alright?” she asked coming to stand back in front of him. Jason looked up at her with tears in his eyes.

“I don't remember how to work this. I'm sorry.” He said breaking down again. Pat took the remote from him and hugged him gently.

“Awwww honey I'm so sorry, I kinda forgot that you didn't remember. It seemed like you were back here like before. Don't cry baby it will be alright, here let me show you how it works.” She said picking up the remote control. For the next 15 minutes she showed Jason how to work the remote for the T.V. VCR and DVD.

Once that was done she let Jason watch T.V. while she cleaned up. After an hour John came home with Jason's schoolwork. About that time Jason had to use the bathroom anyways. John helped Jason into the bathroom and waited outside the door for him to finish. Once he was finished John wheeled him into the kitchen and up to the table.

“Ok I don't think that we're going to do any work today, but I want you too look over these papers and see if you can remember learning any of this. The teachers decided that you should have all of the work from the beginning of the year just in case you couldn't remember learning any of it. I hope you don't mind me telling them that you were home and that you had amnesia. I didn't tell them anything else that was wrong with you.” John told Jason as he and Pat sat down.

“No that's ok, I don't mind. I just hope they don't ask me about everything that happened; I don't think I'm ready to tell anyone that yet.” Jason said looking at his parents.

“Don't worry Jason if anyone asks all you have to tell them is that you don't want to talk about it. If the counselor at your school whenever you go back, to make you talk about it, tell who ever it is that you are seeing someone already and you don't want to talk about. If that person tried to make you then you let us know. We will take care of it from there.” John said. Jason nodded and started looking through his books.

Jason seemed to remember most of the stuff that he was looking at but not how it was taught to him, how he was taught or who taught it. His mom put a sheet of paper in front of him.

“By the way your teachers gave me some test for you to take. With them we can help to determine what you do remember and what you don't.”

“Ok thanks maybe that will be easier on me.” Jason said closing the book he was looking through. Jason picked up another book and for about an hour looked through each of his schoolbooks. As with the first one Jason remembered a lot of the stuff that was in them and what he was taught, just not who, how or how it was taught to him.

Finally getting tired of looking through them he put them up and asked to go back and watch some T.V. His dad wheeled him into the family room and sat down next to Jason and watched T.V. with him. They were watching T.V. for about 20 minutes when the phone rang, and Pat got it.

“Jason it's for you.” She said bringing in the phone. Jason was wondering who was calling him since he couldn't remember anyone.

“”Hello?” he said into the phone.

“Hi Jason how are you feeling today?” the person asked.

“Dr. Connor hi I'm feeling ok. How are you doing?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“I'm doing good. I just called to see what was going on and how you were adjusting to being home. Also wanted to see if you had anymore nightmares?” he asked him with concern in his voice.

Jason frowned for a minute. “Yes sir I did, my parents came in and held me for a while then I fell back to sleep. It was the same dream of the people hurting me, but once again I couldn't remember who they were.” He said.

“Well remember you may not remember much more then that right now but like I told you it will come back just slowly and when it does there are going to be people there to help you.” Dr. Connor said.

“Yes sir I know.” Jason replied.

“Well I don't want to keep you, oh did you get your medication?” he asked him.

“Yes sir and I already took one for the depression and one for my anxiety.” Jason replied.

“Ok good, well I'm going to let you go, talk to you soon.” Dr. Connor said.

“Ok and thanks doc. Bye.” Jason replied.

“Bye” and Jason hung up with Dr. Connor. Jason went back to watching the T.V.

For the rest of the day Jason sat and either watched T.V. or read through his schoolbooks. Right before Matt and Josh got home Jason noticed that his dad never left for work, he was curious about this and decided to bring up the subject even though he was scared that his dad would get mad.

“Ummm I have a question.” Jason stated still not able to actually call his mom and dad, mom and dad.

John looked up from the papers he was looking at and noticed the scared look on Jason's face.

“What is it son? You can ask me anything and I won't be upset.” John said taking Jason's hand to help calm him down. Jason smiled a bit from the contact.

“I was just wondering why you weren't at work?” he asked him.

John laughed at that. “Well Jason like I told Dr. Springer, your mom and I own our own advertisement and accounting business. We don't have to go into the office all that much. Most of the work we can do from here, but there are days that one of us are going to have to go in. On those days depending on what the problem is will depend on which of us goes in. Your mom mainly handles accounting problems and other accounting related business, where I handle the advertisement side of the business. Together we do quite well and we have become quite successful.”

“Oh ok thanks.” Jason said turning back and looking at the T.V.

At 4 o'clock on the dot Matt and Josh walked in the door, they dropped off their schoolbooks and went into the kitchen for a snack. Not seeing anyone in there they headed to the family room.

“Hey were home.” Matt said sitting down next to his dad, and Josh sitting on his other side.

“How was school dear?” asked Pat coming into the room.

“Fine everyone wanted to know if it was true that Jason was back, we told them yeah, then they started asking us a bunch of questions like, what happened to him? Where was he? Was he hurt? We really didn't know what to say so all we told them was that he was fine. Finally before school got out the principle made an announcement that Jason was home and was alright and please do not bother us about details because it is a private family matter and to not speculate on what has happened.” Matt said telling the end like he was reciting something.

Jason looked down at the floor and then turned back to the T.V.

“Jason don't think that you did anything wrong or that you have caused any problems you didn't” John said putting his hand on Jason shoulder, Jason shrugged off his shoulder and tried to wheel himself out of the room, he couldn't so Pat came around the sofa and took Jason out of the room.

“Where to?” she asked him. Jason pointed to the sliding glass doors. She put on the breaks and started to walk away.

“I would like to go out on the deck please.” He said sounded very timid.

Pat was going to tell him no but decided that maybe some fresh air would do him good.

“Ok let me grab your jacket.” Pat went and got his jacket and helped him put it on. She wheeled him outside and set the breaks. “I'm going to leave the door open so if you need anything.” She said. Jason only nodded his head, with a sad and worried look on her face she went back in.

Once in the family room she turned towards her other two boys. “From now on do not mention anything from school that anyone says about Jason. I don't care what is said you wait till he is not around. Right now he is blaming himself and he is not to be blamed.” Pat said sitting next to her husband with tears in her eyes.

“Ok mom we won't. Jimmy wanted to come over and see him, what do you think? I mean he did recognize him. He doesn't remember him but he recognized him.” Josh said taking his moms hand.

“Tell him we will let him know. When Dr. Springer gets here tomorrow night I'll ask her about it.” Pat said. The boys nodded their heads.

Later that night John went and got Jason for dinner. Jason was still outside and just watched the darkness come and watched as the twinkling of the stars appeared.

“Time to come and eat.” John said taking the breaks off.

“I'm not hungry I just want to go to bed.” Jason said. John was going to argue then remembered what both Dr. Connor and Dr. Springer said about not pushing him.

“Ok son I'll take you up.” John said.

Once at the bottom of the stairs John picked Jason up and called for Matt to grab the wheelchair. Matt followed them up the stairs and set the wheelchair up for Jason then with his dads prompting headed back to the kitchen.

John stopped at the bathroom so Jason could go and when Jason was finished wheeled him to his room. John helped Jason into his night cloths and then into bed, with a kiss on Jason's forehead John walked out. He turned to say goodnight and saw that Jason was already asleep.

“Love you son.” He said. John left the door opened half way and went to join the rest of his family for dinner.