Chapter 7

Wednesday started off like Tuesday and everyday before that, with another nightmare. They seemed to be getting worse as the days go by. Matt and Josh left for school and John had to head into the office that left Jason with his mom Pat.

Pat couldn't help Jason down the stairs until John came home for lunch. So she brought Jason his breakfast and medicine and nothing was said about the night before. Jason was fine with that. He stayed in his room not leaving unless he had to use the bathroom.

John came home for lunch and took Jason downstairs. They had a good lunch and the conversation was light and mainly about what was happening at the office.

After lunch John left to go back to the office and Pat started teaching Jason his schoolwork. Jason told her what he knew and what he remembered being taught, she was happy that he was able to remember the work.

So she started him on the lessons he was supposed to be on when he was kidnapped. Jason worked slowly because of his right hand but was able to get at least two subjects, history and math out of the way before he had to take a break because he was hurting. Pat was fine with him taking a break knowing that he was able to get a lot of work out of the way.

About two they started their next lessons of English, geography, reading, and science. Jason did well in each of those subjects as well. Pat didn't tell Jason that he was a straight A student and that he was one of the brightest people in the school, she felt that if she told him that, that he would feel that he had to study harder and that would only cause him more pain. So no she decided to let him go slow and to see how much he can do without him feeling like he has to be perfect.

At 4PM Matt and Josh came home and relaxed watching T.V. until it was time for dinner. Dinner was at 5:30 and by then John was also home from a very busy day. Pat and John noticed that Jason didn't say too much at dinner and they were hoping that he was doing ok. They didn't want to bring it up with Matt and Josh there because they were afraid that they would try and push their brother into talking about something that he didn't want to.

At 6 the doorbell rang and John went and got it. Dr. Springer was standing there with her bag in her hand.

“Good evening Sherry how are you doing?” John asked taking her coat.

“I'm fine John how are you doing? How is Jason doing?” She asked him smiling at him. John's smiled slipped off his face.

“Well last night we were talking and I think that Jason is starting to blame himself for what happened to him. One of his friends named Jimmy wanted to come over and we said no not until we talked with you about that. Matt and Jason also told us that people were speculating about what happened to Jason. Well Jason got really upset and wanted to go outside. So we let him sit outside for a while. He didn't even eat dinner. Then tonight at dinner he barely said anything at all. According to Pat he has barely spoken today.” John told him.

Sherry nodded her head. “I have been expecting that. Don't worry I'll talk with him and see what I can do. Is there any place that Jason and I can talk in Private?” she asked.

“Of course you can use the office. It's this way.” John said showing her where the office it.

John went and got Jason and wheeled him in, then turned and left the room shutting the door. When the door clicked shut Jason jumped and got a scared look on his face. Dr. Springer noticed this right away. “Don't worry Jason; remember Dr. Connor told you that I was ok. I'm not going to hurt you.” She said sitting in a chair opposite Jason. Jason just nodded his head and relaxed a little not enough for Dr. Springer but she understood his fear. “So how do you feel?” She asked him.

Jason just looked at her for a minute. “I'm ok.” He said but from the way he said it Dr. Springer knew he was anything but fine.

“Jason please look at me.” She asked him. Jason turned and looked at her. “I know your not doing ok. Your parents told me what happened last night and then today where you barely spoke. Now I know that you barely talk as it is, but you spoke more yesterday and the day before then you did today. I would like to know what is going on and I want to help. So please tell me.” She said.

Jason just looked at her and didn't say anything. Finally he sighed. “I'm scared, I keep hearing people say that it isn't my fault what happened to me, but I can't help but feel that it is. Also what Matt and Josh said about school, I feel that it is my fault that they had to go through all of that. As for today I just didn't feel like talking. I'm sorry I'll talk more if you want.” Jason said sounding very scared, crying and very upset. Afraid that they would send him away and he would only get hurt worse.

“Oh Jason no we are not upset that you aren't talking. We are only worried that you didn't want to talk. And no Jason none of this is your fault but it will take time to get used to that. You need to hear it everyday and you are going to have to understand that you did nothing wrong. Jason it is very important that you understand that. Now I was told that your friend Jimmy wants to come over and be able to see you. What do you think of that?” She asked him.

Jason sat and thought about that for a minute. Then turned and looked at Dr. Springer. “I don't know. I know I remember his name but I don't remember anything about him. I just don't know.” Jason said looking down.

Dr. Springer nodded her head and wrote some stuff on the pad she had with her. “I know Jason that is why we are going slowly with this. We don't want you over whelmed, but there are certain things that you do need to do and certain people that you may need to see to help you. So why don't we say that Jimmy can come over for one hour tomorrow, no more. Then you two can sit down and talk, I will leave certain things that he can't speak to you about. How does that sound?” She asked him Jason just stared at her for a minute.

“Ok thanks.” Jason said. The rest of their time together they just talked about the nightmares and what all he remembered from them. Together they were able to come up with a few things that he could see more clearly. They talked about how Jason felt about his family and where he is. Dr. Springer thought that they had a good time and an excellent session.

Dr. Springer left leaving instruction with Jason's family about what Jimmy can and cannot mention. She also told them to let them have some privacy but also be in an area where if Jason needed them they could be there for him. Jason sat there for a few minutes more before he called one of his parents to come and get him. They brought Jason into the family room and sat him next to the couch so he could watch T.V. with them.

Later that night as Jason lay in bed he thought about the session that he had with Dr. Springer. He was excited to being able to see someone other then his family and maybe seeing Jimmy would help bring back more of his memories.

The next day Jason awoke and his dad came and got him. After using the bathroom and getting dressed he carried Jason down stairs. John went and got the chair and after putting Jason in it he went and took him into the kitchen. After eating John left for the office and Pat started tutoring Jason.

That afternoon when Jason's brothers came home Jimmy was with them. They all walked into the family room and saw Jason sitting there watching T.V. Jason looked up and watched Jimmy watch him. Before anything was said John came into the room and asked to speak with Jimmy.

“Jimmy I want you to know that Dr. Springer said it was ok that you talk with Jason. All we ask is that you not bring up anything personal between you two or anything that Jason said to you that is a secret. He has to find these things out on his own.” John told him. Jimmy nodded.

“Yes sir I understand.” He said. John nodded his head and let Jimmy go back into the family room with Jason.

“Hey how are you?” Jimmy asked Jason sitting in the chair next to him. Jason stared at Jimmy for a moment before answering.

“I'm ok I guess. I still don't know really who anyone is. I still don't know how I know your name, but I do.” Jason said. “So were we best friends from what you said right?” Jason asked him. Jimmy looked and saw John and Pat standing at the door. They nodded their head for him to go ahead and answer the question.

“Yeah we are. We are the best of friends.” Jimmy said, kinda sad because he wanted to tell Jason so much about what they meant to each other but couldn't.

Jason hearing that they were best friends was really exciting maybe he could find out what he was like.

“Cool so what kinda of things did we do?” he asked Jimmy excitedly. Once again Jimmy looked at John and Pat and they nodded their heads.

“Hmmm well we liked to ride our bikes around the neighborhood, we also liked to go and play in the woods. I play baseball and football, and a few others but you never were interested but you came and watched and cheered me on. When you went and played tennis I came and cheered you on.” He said.

At first Pat and John weren't sure if Jimmy should have told Jason that but seeing that he was smiling they felt it was ok.

Jason giggles.

“Yeah I kinda of thought I didn't like baseball or football. When I came home I saw the baseball and football out back. I knew I didn't like it and I told them. They told me yeah that I didn't and that me not remembering didn't change that fact.” Jason said and giggled

“Well we spent the night at each others houses.” Jimmy said. Pat and John weren't sure what Jimmy was going to say but hoped it wouldn't be too much. “We stayed up late and played the game cube, and play station, we talked about school and our teachers. You sucked in math and I sucked in social studies, so we made fun of each other about that.” Jimmy said chuckling. Jason laughed with him.

“I can imagine that, mom or Pat sorry has been helping me with my school work. I am doing ok with math but I don't like it, and some of the equations are hard.” Jason said laughing.

“Yeah you always worried about those, but hey you always got them in the end.” Jimmy said.

Jimmy stayed for about an hour and finally left. Jason felt better talking with him and it did help him understand things about him self-better. There was only one thing that seemed to bother Jason. That was when Jimmy was around and they shook hands Jason seemed to of wanted to hold on longer. It was as if he didn't want Jimmy to leave. Pat and John noticed this as well.

Later that night while Jason lay in bed, he thought about Jimmy and the touch of their hands the next thing he knew he was hard and wanting to touch himself. But Jason was scared he wasn't sure if what he was feeling was right or wrong. He lied there and cried himself to sleep confused and afraid.

About 4 in the morning Jason woke up again from a nightmare. Screaming and hollering not to hurt him Pat and John ran in there and comforted him. Soon Jason fell back to sleep with tears streaming down him face.

The next morning John helped Jason down stairs. It was Friday and John or Pat had to go into the office to give out paychecks and to check the week's business deals and make sure that any problems that arose were taken care of. Finally Pat agreed to go she didn't want to leave Jason but John told her that maybe Jason would talk with him since they were both guys.

Pat left and John went into the kitchen to see if Jason needed anything.

“Need anything son?” John asked smiling at Jason while he ate his breakfast.

“No I'm ok thanks but when do I get to get this cast off? It is itching like crazy.” Jason said. John chuckled.

“Not for another 3-4 weeks I'm afraid. It needs time to heal, and we take you to the doctors next week for a check up and then he can decide on how much time it will take from there.” John said.

Jason frowned. “Ok. So where is Pat, I mean mom, sorry.” He said blushing.

John just looked at him. “No need to apologize. It is ok, we told you not to worry. Well she had to go into the office to pay the employees, and to help solve any problems that may have arisen this week.” He said looking at Jason with a smile.

Jason lowered his head and looked at his lap. “Sorry for causing you so much grief, if you want you can just hire someone so I won't keep you out of work.” He said.

John just stared at him for a moment; he put his hand on Jason's shoulder before speaking. “Son listen it is ok and we are not going to hire someone to take care of you. You are our son, and it is not a problem for us to be out of the office. We have an office manager that normally handles everything. There are just a few things that she can't do, so that is why either your mom or I go down there and make sure everything is going ok. So you don't have anything to worry about. Now finish eating and let's get started on your lessons.” John said squeezing Jason's shoulder.

Jason hurried and finished eating and waited for John to bring in the laptop and the books. For the next 4 hours they sat and worked on his class work and homework, Jason didn't see to have any problems understanding anything. A few minor problems in math but he got those after they were explained in a way that he could understand.

Finally it was lunchtime, and John fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for Jason and himself.

After lunch they went back to work and finished a few hours later. Matter of fact, they got so far ahead that Jason already did half of next weeks assignments as well. John wasn't through yet. He had Jason take a thirty-minute break then brought him back into the kitchen for an exam.

“Ok son this is your weekly exam. It is to see if you have remembered everything that you have learned this week. On Monday either your mom or I will drop it off at the school to be graded. You are going to have to write on the exam so that they know it is yours. The school has already been told that your right arm is broken so they are expecting some problems with your test, but they are going to grade it any ways.” John said putting the sheet in front of Jason.

Jason picked up his pencil and when John said time he started. Jason only had 45 minutes to complete the exam; he was finished in 30 minutes. He reread over everything and then told his dad he was finished.

“I'm finished.” He said, John came over and looked at it.

“Not bad.” He said.

Jason blushed. “I would have been finished sooner but with writing with my left arm it slowed me up.” Jason said blushing.

John just laughed. “Son this is fine. You had 45 minutes and you finished it 15 minutes before time was up. Why don't I roll you into the family room to watch some TV,” John said. Jason nodded his head.

A few hours later Pat arrived home and then Matt and Josh did as well. They talked about their day and asked Jason how his was. Then they turned and watched TV together.

They ate dinner at 5:30 and at 6 the doorbell rang. Pat went and answered it. She was shocked when she opened the door to see not only Dr. Springer there but also Dr. Connor as well. Dr. Connor put his finger up to his lips for her not to say his name.

In a whisper he said. “I wanted to surprise Jason.” He said. Pat nodded and led them into the office. The Pat went and got Jason.

When Jason was wheeled into the office he screamed in surprise.

“Dr. Connor.” He was smiling when Connor came over and gave him a hug.

“Hey kiddo how you doing?” he asked.

“Fine thanks. What are you doing here?” Jason asked him. Dr. Connor sat down.

“Oh I just wanted to come and see how my favorite patient is doing. Dr. Springer has kept me informed on how you're doing. I was told that you remember a friend of yours.” He said. Jason nodded his head, and at that Pat walked out shutting the door behind her. She went and told John and the boys about Dr. Connor being there.

“Yes sir I did. But I seem to….” He stopped and blushed not sure on how to say what he wanted to say. Dr. Connor and Dr. Springer both noticed this.

“Jason it is ok to tell us what ever it is that you want to tell us. We told you that what we say here is confidential. Besides there is nothing that you can say that either one of us has probably not heard from a patient before.” Dr. Springer said, and Dr. Connor nodded his head.

Jason nodded his head in agreement but still sat there for a few moments before he started again.

“I mean it was great seeing and talking to Jimmy. He told me about how I liked tennis and he didn't but that he came to watch me and cheer me on whenever I played. I didn't know I liked anything but I'm glad that he told me because it did make me try and think about what I like and don't like. He told me that he played baseball and football but I even though I didn't like it but I always was there to cheer him on and to watch him. I kinda figured I didn't when one day Matt and Josh were watching a baseball game and I didn't like it.” He said blushing. Both doctors laughed and Dr. Springer wrote something in her file on him.

“But when he got ready to leave he shook my hand and it seemed that….” He stopped once again and blushed. “Well it was like I didn't want to let his hand go. But I finally did and that night I thought about his hand and I kinda got hard…” he said the last in a whisper. Dr. Connor and Dr. Springer both smiled.

“It's ok Jason; I'm not only a doctor but a woman with a teenaged son as well. So that is nothing new to me. So what happened next?” She asked him to help him feel better about what he said.

“Well I started crying and I feel asleep. I didn't know if it was right or wrong to feel that way about him. I mean even though I know him I don't remember him. That had me worried and I cried myself to sleep. That night I had another nightmare about the men again. I woke up and mom and dad were there to help me. Well that is all.” Jason said with his head down.

“Jason as a doctor there is nothing wrong with how you felt about your friend. As a friend just keep looking at your feelings and see where they lead, but don't push it ok. Let them come to you and just see how you feel.” Dr. Connor said.

“That's right Jason. Remember over time you will hopefully and completely remember everything. So don't worry don't push yourself, let it all come together on its own.” Dr. Springer said.

They all talked for about an hour and then finally the time was up. Dr. Connor promised to come back by the next day and to visit as a friend because he was leaving on Sunday to head home. Jason was very happy with this and couldn't wait to see him again.

That night John helped Jason into bed and as soon as Jason's head hit the pillow he was asleep.