Chapter 8

Dr. Connor did come and see him the next day and stayed for about 4 or 5 hours, and then he left to head home. Over the next month Jason’s physical health did improve and Dr. Connor kept his word and called him at least once a week.


Three times a week Dr. Springer came and visited him and they talked about his nightmares and the pain that he has gone through. He has slowly came to the point that he realizes it was not his fault and that he is a good person and that just because he can’t do something doesn’t mean that he is a bad kid.


Jason did go to the doctors and the doctor went ahead and took the cast off his leg. He has healed nicely and the doctors do not see any reason why he should have it on any more. They did give him a pair of crutches to use till he got the full strength and use of his leg. Physical therapy was going to be needed for that. He was scheduled to therapy three times a week. They made arrangements for a physical therapist to come to the house. His right arm was placed in a half cast and has another 2 weeks to go. Finally he was on his way home without a wheelchair just a pair of crutches.


While at the doctors they looked at his back and noticed that the fusion was doing well and he was healing up nicely in his back. They gave him more pain medicine to help him if he needs it. Jason told them that he hurt every now and then and when he first lies down there is a sharp pain and when he tries and sit up he hurts. He also told them that he can’t’ seem to sit in one area for to long or the pain really starts.


John and Pat were upset because he never told them this.


“Sorry but I didn’t want to be a bother.” He said with silent tears falling down his face.


“Son you are never a bother. From now on if you hurt you let us know.” John said smiling at him and hugging him.


“Yes sir. Thank you.” Jason said.


Jimmy has comes over once a week and they talk about their friendship and slowly Jason has begun to feel real friendship towards Jimmy but also he has slowly started to fall in love with Jimmy. To Jason it has only just happened but to Jimmy this is the second time that Jason has fallen in love with him. And like wise Jimmy has fallen back in love with Jason.


On the Monday morning after he saw the doctor Jason once again woke with the nightmares but this time he could actually see a face. He screamed and screamed and wouldn’t stop even when his parents came into the room to try and comfort him. He screamed so much and so loud it woke his brothers who came running into the room after his parents.


“Mom, dad what’s wrong?” asked Matt as he stared at his brother screaming and huddled in a corner.


“Another nightmare son, go down stairs and look by the phone for Dr. Springer’s number and bring it to me with the cordless.” Pat said trying to hold onto Jason who was thrashing and screaming. Matt ran off to do as he was asked.


Matt came back with the number and the phone and John took it from him and started dialing the number.


Hearing it ring after 6 times he thought she wasn’t going to pick up when finally he heard a click and someone sleepy voice.


“Hello?” Said a man.


“Hello yes this is John O’Brien I need to speak with Dr. Springer immediately it is an emergency.” He said to the man on the phone. John heard her in the distance.


“Greg who is it at this time of the night?” She asked.


“Someone named John O’Brien asking for you he says it is an emergency.” He said. John heard a frantic snatching of the phone.


“John it’s Sherry what’s going on?” She asked more awake now.


“Sherry sorry to call so late or early or what ever but it’s Jason. He started screaming and when we came in here to calm him down he wouldn’t stop. He is thrashing and won’t stop squirming he is acting like he saw someone.” John said into the phone, Sherry could hear Jason’s screams over the phone.


“Ok John I think that he finally saw one of his attackers in his nightmares, I’m on my way. It will take about 30 minutes but I will get there soon. Call the gate and let them know I am on my way.” She said.


“Ok Sherry and thanks, I’m sorry.” He said.


“Don’t be sorry John I think we finally had a break through.” She said and hung up. John hung up as well.


“Pat…PAT.” He screamed. She finally turned towards him. “She’s on her way.” He said. Pat nodded her head and turned back towards Jason and started talking smoothly to him again. John called the front gate.


“Yes this is John O’Brien on Parker Lane , there is a Sherry Springer on the way here. She is my son’s doctor let her through immediately as soon as she gets here.” He said to the guard.


“Yes sir I will.” He said. John hung up and went and sat by Jason to try and calm him down as well.


“Come on son were right here. Don’t worry it’s going to be ok no one can ever hurt you again.” He said. Jason keep screaming and crying. They heard the doorbell and John figured that someone might have called one of the guards. “Matt go and get the door explain what is going on, and tell who ever it is that his doctor is on the way.” John said. “Josh go with him.” He knew that both boys didn’t need to be there right now and see this.


Matt and Josh ran out of the room and headed down stairs, when Matt turned off the alarm and opened the door he was shocked. It wasn’t a guard who was there it was Jimmy. Jimmy ran past Matt and Josh and up the stairs to Jason’s room.


When Jimmy got there he couldn’t believe what he saw. Jason was screaming and crying with his mom and dad trying to hold him down because he was thrashing so much. John and Pat turned towards the door.


“What are you doing here?” Pat asked him.


“I heard him scream, I’m sorry but I want to help I love him to much to see him like this.” With that Jimmy went to Jason’s bed and grabbed the hand that Pat was holding. “Jason come on bud I’m here. Calm down, no one can hurt you I promise you. Jason I know you can hear me I love you. I don’t want to lose you please listen to me. I’m right here.” Jimmy kept saying that and with his other arm he put it around Jason and turned him towards him.


Jimmy was about Jason’s height maybe an inch taller, but where Jason was really skinny all around Jimmy had some muscle on him and he used that muscle to turn Jason towards him. Wrapping Jason in his arms he made him look at him.


Through images and pain racking his body, Jason looked through the tears and saw Jimmy there holding him. He still cried hard and heavy but he stopped thrashing and stopped squirming to get away.


“Shhhh that’s right Jason I’m right here. No one will ever hurt you again; I’m going to make sure of that. I love you Jason and I’m here for you forever.” Jimmy said, holding Jason. With tears in his eyes Jimmy held onto Jason and let him cry into his chest.


The doorbell rang again and Matt went and got the door. This time it was Dr. Springer and Matt lead her upstairs. When she entered the room she was very surprised at what she saw.


There was Jason calming down and she assumed that it was Jimmy who was holding him.


“What happened?” she asked Pat and John.


“Jimmy was able to get him calmed I don’t know how.” He said still in shock.


“I didn’t know he stayed the night I didn’t hear him in the background.” She said to them as she came closer to the bed and same on the edge.


“He didn’t” said Pat smiling at the two boys. “He said he heard Jason screaming and he ran over here to help him. Once he was able to get Jason in his arms and looking at him Jason stopped the thrashing and squirming and now he is just crying.” She finished telling Sherry what was happening as she stroked Jason’s sweaty hair.


Jimmy turned towards the adults and Jason’s brothers.


“I’m in love with him and have been for two years. When he vanished I thought apart of me died, now that he is back I won’t let him suffer again. If any of you have a problem with that then kiss my ass.” He said sternly while holding onto Jason. They heard a giggle coming from Jason after Jimmy said that. They all turned and looked at Jason as he looked up into Jimmy’s eyes. “What’s so funny?” Jimmy asked him.


Still giggling Jason said.


“You just told my parents, doctor and brothers to kiss your ass.” He said and started laughing again. Everyone chuckled at that. “My dad could break you in two and Matt could beat you to a bloody pulp and you still told them to kiss your ass.” He said starting to laugh some more but soon the laughter turned to tears as he started remembering what scared him so much.


“Yeah I did and I don’t care what they think I love you. Shhhhh calm down I’m here now and no one can hurt you.” He said holding onto Jason as a new set of tears set in. Jimmy too started crying tears of sadness for his love.


“Jimmy we don’t care that you two love each other as long as you are both happy.” John said.


Sherry spoke up at that moment. “I hate to do this but Jason what happened?” She asked him. Jason turned towards her and with tears falling from his eyes and holding onto Jimmy he told her of what happened.


“I saw his face.” He said starting to cry harder, Jimmy held and comforted Jason letting him know that he was there with him. “I saw the man who grabbed me, and I saw what he did to me. I still don’t know about the other two I know that two men grabbed me but I can only see one of their faces.” He said breaking down and crying more.


“Shhh love it’s alright.” Jimmy said. John and Pat were rubbing Jason’s back as he talked.


“Jason do you remember anything else?” she asked him. Jimmy shot her a nasty look. “He needs to tell us while it is fresh in his mind. I know you don’t want to see him hurt but he needs to get it out or he won’t get any better.” She told Jimmy; finally Jimmy relented and let her continue. “Jason I need to know what you saw ok.” She told him.


Slowly Jason calmed down and turned and looked at her.


“I saw a man who was tall taller than dad, and big I’m not sure if he was fat or muscled but big. He had a black beard. He had black hair and had dark eyes. I saw a tattoo of a cobra on his right arm.” He started and took a shacking breath. After a moment he continued.


“I remember being put inside of a van and some kind of mask being put over my face. The next thing I knew I was in some kind of warehouse or basement of something. There was a collar on my neck, and I was chained like a dog to the wall. I’m not a dog, damn it I’m not a dog.” He screamed and started crying more. Jimmy held him and comforted him; he wouldn’t let Jason up no matter how hard Jason tried to fight him. After about 5 minutes he calmed down. “I’m sorry.” He said still crying.


“No need to be sorry love we’re here to help you.” Jimmy said kissing Jason’s forehead. Jason looked up into Jimmy’s eyes and smiled a sad little smile.


“I wanted you to be my first.” He said with fresh tears falling. Jimmy only held him tighter.


“I will be your first. What they did to you was rape not making love so don’t worry.” Jimmy said. Pat and John were a little surprised by this but they wouldn’t worry about it now, they needed to try and see what Jason knew. They were happy that Jimmy wanted to be with Jason and they knew that he wouldn’t let him get hurt again.


“What else Jason?” Sherry asked after Jason had calmed down.


“I saw the other things in the room. One was a table it had straps on it. They tied me down and started beating with whips. There was another thing that looked like a big X made out of wood on the other side of the room. They put me on that and beat me too. They took turns coming up to me and…and…” He broke down and shook his head crying.


“Enough for tonight ok?” Jimmy said. “I know you want to know more, but I don’t think that Matt and Josh should hear anymore. Besides Jason’s worn out.” Jimmy said sounding older then his 13 years.


“I agree I’ll be back tomorrow evening. I would suggest that you all take it easy and boys please don’t talk about what you heard.” Dr. Springer said turning towards Matt and Josh.


Both boys were shaking and silently crying. John and Pat got up and went over to them and hugged them.


“Shhhhh boys it will be alright I promise. No one is going to hurt ya’ll it is over; we are going to make sure that you are ok. I promise that.” John said. Both boys nodded their heads.


“Ok tomorrow I am going to come over at 3. I want to spend an hour with everyone. Jimmy you too if you want. If Jason wants you can sit in on his session ok.” She said making a note on some paper.


“Ok thanks.” He said cuddling up to Jason. Everyone looked on as Jason and Jimmy started falling asleep.


“Jimmy does your parents know where your at?” Pat asked him Jimmy turned and looked towards her.


“No ma’am I ran out of the house when I heard him scream. I don’t want to leave him.” Jimmy said holding tighter to Jason. Pat nodded her head.


“Ok, John can you go and tell them?” she asked turning towards her husband.


“Yeah I will.” With that he walked down stairs and to Jimmy’s house. Pat walked Dr. Springer down stairs with Matt and Josh falling them.


“OK I will be back at 3 tomorrow, well later today. Don’t worry about calling me at this hour I don’t mind. I think were finally making a break through here. I do suggest that we call the police tomorrow and the Chief from North Carolina and let him know what and who to look for.” She said stepping out side. John came back about then.


“I told them, they were a little worried when I showed up but I explained to them about Jason’s nightmare and Jimmy hearing him screaming and wanting to stay with him. They are ok now. Thanks again Sherry.” John said.


“No Problem, I’ll see everyone later today.” With that Sherry went to her car and left.


Pat and John got Matt and Josh back to their room and tucked them in. The reassured them that everything was going to be ok, and not to worry they left their doors open just in case Matt and Josh needed them.


After turning out the boy’s light they went and checked on Jason and Jimmy. They found the boys under the covers and snuggled up together Jimmy holding Jason in a spoon position with his arm protectively about him. They knew that Jason would be safe with Jimmy.


Pat and John went back to their own room and went to bed. This was a long night and tomorrow would be even longer.