Chapter 9

Jimmy woke up about 9 and Jason was still snuggled up to him. He smiled and kissed the back of Jason's neck. Jason squirmed a little and turned towards Jimmy smiling at him.


“Morning,” Jason said shyly. Jimmy smiled back at him and kissed him on the forehead.


“Morning baby. How do you feel?” He asked. Jason's smile vanished and he looked down. Jimmy made him look up into his eyes. “You have nothing to be ashamed of or to fear.” He said pulling Jason tighter into the hug. Jason just snuggled into Jimmy and his protective embrace.


“I'm just tired and sad. I hate these nightmares.” He said.


“I know love but soon they will be gone.” Jimmy reassured him.


Jimmy and Jason got up and one at a time went and used the bathroom. After they washed their hands they looked into Matt and Josh's room and noticed that they were still asleep. Slowly and quietly the two boys made their way down stairs.


Entering the kitchen Jason noticed him mom and dad there talking. Holding hands they slowly approached Jason's parents.


“Morning why are Matt and Josh not at school?” Jason asked sitting down in the chair next to his mom while Jimmy stood behind him with his hands resting on Jason's shoulders. His mom and dad smiled at them both.


“We felt it was better if they stayed home. After last night they needed a break, but don't worry you didn't do anything wrong. They never knew the whole story and now they do. It is just going to take some time for them to understand everything.” Pat told them.


“Jimmy take a seat next to Jason we would like to talk with you both.” John said getting up.


Jimmy sat down next to Jason and took his hand and held onto it. Not as a life preserver but as a sign of his love and daring anyone to say anything about it.


John and Pat just smiled at the two boys.


“Okay here it is. We have known that you two have been in love for a long time. Jason you told us before the accident. The reason we didn't say anything to you is because we were told not to. You had to learn this on your own and as we can all tell you did. Jimmy we are very happy that you and Jason love each other and want to be together. You standing up for yourself last night has shown us that no one else is better for Jason then you are.” Pat said.


“Boys we know that eventually you two are going to want to try and have sex but we ask that you two wait for a while okay. You are only 13 and there is no rush for that, we know that you two love each other and that you two want to be together. If you two want to kiss, hold hands or cuddle on the couch while you watch TV that is fine. We just ask that you keep it indoors and not outside. The reason why is just because we are okay with it doesn't mean that the world is. I hope you two understand this.” John said.


“Yes sir we do. We have already talked about this before the incident and decided that we want to keep it quite. Right now Jason doesn't need any harassment from the school or the kids at school.” Jimmy said answering for the two. Pat and John nodded their heads.


“okay now Jimmy do your parents know about you two?” John asked them. Jimmy looked at John for a moment before answering.


“Yes sir they do. They are not happy about it but I told them if they try and keep me from them that I would run away or try and hurt myself. I know that no one wants that but I love Jason enough that I would leave and hurt him that way instead of having my parents hurt him, that was before what happened to him happened.


They saw how I was with him gone and we have talked a lot since then. They are okay with it now. I think they realize how much that I love him and he loves me.” Jimmy said turning and kissing Jason on the cheek. Jason blushed and John and Pat chuckled.


“Okay Jimmy we understand. Now I don't know how Matt or Josh will handle this but I will make sure that they understand they do not hurt either one of you with words or say anything mean to you two.” John said. Before he could say anything else Josh spoke up.


“We don't care how they feel for each other. We love Jason and Jimmy is his best friend.” Josh said.


“And as long as Jason feels safe that is all that matters. And if any of the kids at school find out I'll take care of them.” Matt said smiling at Jimmy and Jason then walking over and hugging each of the boys. Josh went and hugged Jason and Jimmy as well.


Later that day Dr. Springer came by and talked with all of the boys to make sure that they were okay. She talked with Jason and Jimmy the longest making sure that they were okay with the nightmares and talked with them and explained how with Jason's traumatic experience could have some problems with there relationship but she did let them know that she would be there to help them through it all.


Through out the week Dr. Springer stopped by several times to make sure that Matt and Josh were okay, along with Jimmy.


Every night Jason woke up screaming and crying remembering the pain and the tears that he cried as he was hurt by the strange man.


Jimmy came over everyday after school and did his homework with Jason and helped Jason with his homework that he had to do. No one mentioned the night of the revelation of the latest piece of information.


Dr. Connor called every other day to make sure that Jason was okay and he was getting everything that he needed.


Jason did start having memories come forward while he was awake. He was scared to say anything about them because some of them didn't make sense to him.


Through out the month that Jason was home schooled and saw Dr. Springer he went outside everyday so he could get used to being outside again. He never went out the front door only the back where no one would see him. He was scared that the neighbors would make fun of him and his family.


On Saturday night Jimmy was staying the night as he did on the weekends and once again the nightmares came and this time he couldn't seem to stop them or control them.


Jason screamed and screamed and Jimmy was scared because this time he couldn't help him. Jon and Pat ran in and grabbed Jason and tried to wake him up and it didn't seem to work. As Jason screamed they saw blood coming out of the side of his mouth, at first a little like he bit his lip or tongue a little, but then more seemed to start flowing.


Scared Jon and ran called the ambulance, and then called Dr. Springer. Dr. Springer told him that she would meet them at the hospital. John then called the front gate and told them that they had called an ambulance.


A few minutes later the ambulance pulled up and Jimmy ran out and saw the police and an ambulance there. He directed them up stairs to Jason's room.


“What's going on?” asked the police officer, seeing John and Pat holding Jason down.


“He's having a nightmare and we can't wake him up, all of a sudden he started bleeding from his mouth at first just a little then in gushes.” Pat said. The officer and paramedics nodded and then the paramedics started working on Jason.


As the paramedics worked on Jason John and Pat told the police officer what all led up to Jason being like this, he was both stunned and upset at hearing this.


“My God and all he is having is nightmares. I'm sorry, is there anything that I can do?” he asked them. They nodded there head and watched as the paramedics loaded Jason onto the stretcher and with tears in their eyes thy followed the stretchers out of the house and into the street.


“Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien only one of you can come in the ambulance.” One of the paramedics said. They looked at each other then at Jimmy.


“He will go with him. Don't ask but he needs to be there with him, please.” Pat said looking at the paramedic. He nodded his head and helped Jimmy into the ambulance, Pat, John, and the two boys watched as the ambulance drove away then went and changed and left the house to head to the hospital.


They arrived at the hospital and saw Jimmy talking with Dr. Springer.


“Sherry thank you for coming.” John said shaking her hand.


“Your most welcome Jason is a very good young man and needs all of the help that he can get. I have called Dr. Connor and Dr. Cunningham and they are going to be calling the doctors here. Maybe they can find out what is all going on and help even though they are not here.” She said.


“Okay thanks, Jimmy how are you doing?” John asked. Jimmy looked up and he could see fresh tears falling. John pulled Jimmy into his arms and hugged him, Jimmy started sobbing and Pat rubbed Jimmy's back as John held him.


“It's going to be alright Jimmy. I promise he WILL be alright.” Pat said.


“Yes he will be fine.” said Dr. Springer.


They all sat down and waited for what must have been at least two hours, and it was in fact closer to three. Finally a doctor came out and found them.


“Are you the O'Brien's?” he asked.


John and Pat stood up. “Yes doctor we are.” They said at the same time.


The doctor smiled at them. “I'm doctor Walker, and if you don't mind me asking who are the rest of these people?” He asked them.


“This is Matt and Josh his brother, his best friend Jimmy, and his psychologist Dr. Sherry Springer.” Pat said.


The doctor nodded. “okay well why don't all of the adults come down here and let the boys sit here and wait. I need to talk with you all in private,” said the doctor.


“Doctor, I am Jimmy Bradshaw, and I live next door to Jason and his family. I want to tell you I am more then Jason's best friend, I am his boyfriend, and his lover. I love him more then you will ever know. If there is something going on with Jason then I have a right to know about it. And if you have a problem with two boys being boyfriends, then keep that opinion to your self, frankly I don't care. Now you WILL tell us what in the hell is going on with Jason and you WILL tell us right now.” Jimmy said his face turning red from anger and from being scared. Dr. Springer put her hand on Jimmy's shoulder.


“Calm down Jimmy, if the doctor does have a problem with it, he cannot speak his mind. It is against the rules. Now doctor I think you can safely tell us all what is going on. This is Jason's family, all of them so I think they have a right to know.” Dr. Springer said.


The doctor just stood there and looked at them all. “Your right and I apologize, as for you being with Jason, don't worry about it. My son is gay and is about your age, he also has a boyfriend. okay whey don't we all go over to this room and I will tell you all what is going on.” The doctor led them over to a room and they sat quietly waiting for him to speak.


“okay here is the deal, you said that he had a nightmare well there was more to it then that. When he had the nightmare he struggled and he screamed so much that he tore several muscles and this is the bad part, some of his veins were torn as well. He started bleeding so bad that he started chocking to death. We had to send him up to emergency surgery; he will be fine though, so there is no need to worry.


I will say that he is going to need to take it easy for a while, he will have to stay in the hospital for several days and he won't be able to speak for about a week or two. He tore his throat up pretty bad with the amount of screaming he has done.


Doctor Cunningham told us about what surgery he had, but not about what happened to him. Does anyone know why he was having a nightmare?” He asked looking around, at first no one said anything.


Pat and John were about to speak when Jimmy spoke up first. “He was kidnapped and raped months ago. His family finally found him a few months ago and he has been seeing Mrs. Springer here since he got back. I think you should call Dr. Connor. No offense Mrs. Springer but I think that Jason may want to speak with him.” Jimmy said not looking up.


“Your right Jimmy and I already have, he is on his way down here. He should be landing in about an hour.” Dr. Springer said. About that time the door opened and walked in Dr. Connor.


“Sorry I'm late, the plane hit a small problem.” He said walking in. Jimmy got up and ran and hugged him. “You must be Jimmy nice to meet you.” He said hugging him back. “Don't worry Jason will be fine he is a strong kid and to make sure that he is going to be okay I brought in his doctor.” Dr. Connor said and about that time Dr. Cunningham walked in.


“Sorry were late.” He said. John and Pat got up and shook the doctors hand.”


“Thank you Dr. Cunningham for coming here to help with Jason, I know that he is in good hands with Dr. Walker here but I know that he will feel more comfortable with you here.” Pat said.


“No problem at all, when Dr. Walker called and then Dr. Connor we decided to come down and see what we can do. Dr. Walker has kept me updated and I know that Jason is out of surgery and in the recovery room. Now if you don't mind I would like for Dr. Walker to take me to him so I can see what all is going on.” With that Dr. Walker and Dr. Cunningham walked out and headed to Jason.


“Well let's all sit and see what is going on.” Dr. Connor said. After they all sat, Dr. Connor began. “Jimmy, Matt, and Josh lets start with you, how do you feel about what has happened tonight?”


For the next hour and a half both Dr. Connor and Dr. Springer talked with the boys and Pat and John about how they are feeling and about what they have all thought about what is going on with Jason this time.


Finally about 8 that morning both Dr. Walker and Dr. Cunningham walked into the room.


“How's everyone doing?” Dr. Cunningham asked. They all just looked at him, “Yes I see. Well we have some good news and bad news.” He started out.


“The good news is that Jason is going to be alright and that he will be out of the recover room soon and into a room by him self.” Dr. Walker said sitting down next to Dr. Cunningham.


“The bad news is that we had to go back in and operate once again. He started bleeding out in his chest so we had to go and look and find the problem and we did. It was a small hole in his pulmonary artery leading to his left lung. We don't know how that happened it just did. We are assuming that it is from all of the screaming he has done.” Dr. Cunningham finished.


“Well I will say this I don't think it is over. Until we can catch the men who did this it isn't going to be over. He needs to confront his demons and until the police catch him there isn't going to be much we can do. We need to stand by his side and let him know that he is safe and loved.” Dr. Springer said.


“I agree hopefully soon we can help him understand that the nightmares may have come from what happened to him but they can't hurt him anymore.” Dr. Connor said.


They all agreed and sat there for a while longer till a nurse came and told them that Jason was in a room and they could all go and see him.


Pat, John, Matt, Jason, and Jimmy all followed the doctors up to the 3 rd floor to the pediatrics floor to where Jason was. When they got to his room they saw a nurse walk out and hand Dr. Walker a chart.


“Okay before you all go in there is something that you all need to know. You will see Jason with a tube down his throat. The reason for this is because he needs to be able to breath with out too much pain as he inhales. His throat is already raw and sore and yes the tube will irritate it some but not as much as if he had to breathe on his own.


So don't be surprised by that or the wires that are connected to him, those are to help monitor his heart and breathing. So please try and understand that, also right now he is still sort of out of it and may not be awake to much to respond to anyone.” With that they all walked in.


Jimmy walked straight up to Jason and looked at him and smiled.


“You're still beautiful as the day I first saw you 9 years ago. Yes I knew back then that I wanted to be by you for the rest of your time. I didn't understand that back then when I was 4 but I do know. Jason I am going to stay by your side and walk with you till the end of time. Please get better and please know that no matter what happens I will always be here to help you. Please wake up soon and be with us, I love you.” With that Jimmy bent and kissed Jason on the cheek with Jason's family and doctors all watching and not caring what they thought about what he said at that moment.