Chapter 10

Jimmy did stay there by Jason’s side for the entire day. Pat called Jimmy’s parents and they brought Jimmy some clothes so he could get out of his night clothes.


All they could do now was wait to see what was going to happen and to see when Jason would wake up.


Jimmy stayed that night, with Jason and about 10, Jason finally woke up. Jimmy was watching T.V. and holding Jason’s hand when he felt a squeeze. Jimmy turned and looked at Jason with a smile on his face. “Hey baby, you ok?” Jimmy asked holding Jason’s hand and squeezing it back in return.


Jason just looked back at Jimmy with a scared look in his eyes. He tried to pull on the tube but Jimmy stopped him.


“No baby you can’t do that. I know you can’t talk right now and you want the tube out but right now you have to keep it in. I’ll call the nurse ok?” Jimmy said, Jason nodded his head and Jimmy reached over him and hit the call button.


A few moments later a nurse answered. “Yes?” she said.


“This is Jimmy Bradshaw I was calling to let you know that Jason is awake.” He said.


“Ok thank you Jimmy I’ll be there in a moment.” The nurse said.


Jimmy took Jason’s hand and held it, while looking straight into Jason’s eyes. “Baby I know you’re scared but I promise you that you are going to be ok. They had to operate again but don’t worry it went well and your going to be alright. I promise you. I love you Jason.” Jimmy said holding onto Jason’s hand and squeezing it once again.


Jason looked deep into Jimmy’s eyes and knew that Jimmy was telling the truth that he was going to be alright. About that time the nurse came in and smiled at Jason.


“Well now how are you doing Jason?” she asked him looking over his chart and looking at the monitors beeping off and on.


Jason touched his throat and his chest and pulled slightly on the tube, telling her that he wanted the tube out and telling her that his throat and chest were hurting him. The nurse smiled down at him and nodded her head.


“I know Jason I know I will call the on call doctor and see about giving you some more medicine to help with the pain. As for the tube will you have to wait till tomorrow for your regular doctor to decide if that comes out or not. I’ll be back in a few minutes ok?” she said. Jason nodded his head and the nurse walked out.


A few minutes later a doctor walked in and looked over Jason’s chart.


“Hey Jason I’m Dr. Will, I’m the on call doctor for the night, I was told that your chest and throat hurt?” he said looking at Jason for confirmation. Jason nodded his head as he looked at the doctor. “Ok well I will have them give you something for pain and put it in your file. As you know the tube will be coming out tomorrow. Would you like for the nurse to call your parents and let them know that you’re awake?” he asked.


Jason nodded his head, and the doctor smiled back.


“Ok I’ll have her call them and let them know that you are awake. If you need anything else just have your friend let us know. There is paper and a pen in the drawer next to your bed so you can write down anything that you want.” Dr. Will said.


Jason nodded his head. “Ok thanks doc.” Jimmy replied for them. The doc smiled then walked out. Jimmy sat and talked with Jason while they waited on the nurse. About 15 minutes later the nurse returned with a needle and a smile on her face.


“Hey Jason I called your parents and they are on the way. This is for you, since I can’t turn you over I am going to give this to you through your IV ok?” she said, Jason nodded his head and looked at Jimmy. Jason pointed towards the drawer and Jimmy got the hint and opened the drawer and grabbed the pen and paper.


Jason took the pen and paper and wrote three words on it. Jimmy took the paper and read what he wrote.


‘I Love You’ is what he said to his love. The nurse looked over and saw what was written and smiled at them both.


“You’re lucky to have each other.” She said then walked out of the room with a smile on her face.


“Yes we’re very lucky.” Jimmy said to the door. Jason slowly started getting sleepy and soon was out.


A while later Jimmy was asleep in the chair next to Jason when he felt a hand on his shoulder, Jimmy looked up and saw Mr. And Mrs. O’Brien standing over him.


“Hey.” He said stretching and turning to see if Jason was asleep or awoke, but with the medicine that the nurse gave him he was sure that Jason was asleep, and he right.


“He woke up for a few minutes?” asked Mr. O’Brien turning and taking Jason’s hand in his own.


“Yes sir he was scared and tried to take the tube out but I stopped him. The on call doctor came in and he had the nurse get him something for pain and told Jason that tomorrow the tube could come out.” Jimmy said.


Jimmy got up and headed to the bathroom to relive himself. When he came out he heard Mr. And Mrs. O’Brien talking quietly. Jimmy went back to the chair he was sitting in and sat down taking Jason’s hand and listening to his parents.


“So they think that he can go home in a few days?” he asked them, they turned and stared at Jimmy for a moment. At first they were silent then Pat went and kneeled next to Jimmy and took his other hand.


“Not exactly Jimmy. We have been talking and with Jason’s nightmares getting so bad we aren’t sure what to do. Dr. Springer said that maybe a group home with other boys like him could help him recover faster and they could deal with him nightmares and emotions.” she said staring at Jimmy.


Jimmy was shocked and scared he heard about things that could happen in a group home and he snatched his hand out of her hand.


“You’re thinking of sending him to a group home. What you don’t love him enough to try and help him yourself? Or is it that you don’t want to try?” He asked standing up and walking away from them. “I have always heard that when a person has amnesia that the best thing for them is to be around those that are his family and friends. Well I am telling you now that if you send him there he is going to feel that you don’t love him and that you are abandoning him. Jason already told me that he feels that you all don’t love him. Hell he’s told me that he feels that ya’ll are ready to get rid of him some days. Maybe he is right and your are.” he said all but shouting at them.


Jimmy turned to walk out of the room when he felt a hand on his shoulder stopping him. Jimmy turned and stared up into John O’Brien’s eyes.


“Jimmy it isn’t like that. We are doing the best we can and maybe your right but right now we don’t know what else to do with him. We want him to stay home and we want to take care of him, but at the same time we feel that we are neglecting Matt and Josh. We don’t know what else to do, and you just can’t keep on taking care of one and ignore the other two. Maybe when you are older you will understand but right now this may be our best option.” John said.


Jimmy just stared at Mr. O’Brien with contempt on his face.


“I understand alright, I know what you mean but have you ever thought that if you send him there then you are giving into his fear that you don’t’ want him. I know that you all feel that you are neglecting Matt and Josh, Jason and I have talked about that but he also understands that if he weren’t there then you wouldn’t have to choose between them. He has already cried about that, I guess he is right. Your lives were better without him there, I told him no but that is how he feels. Maybe he was right and ya’ll think the same thing.” With that Jimmy walked out of Jason’s hospital room.


Pat sat down and laid her head back in shock at what Jimmy had said. ‘Maybe he’s right’ she thought she closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep. John sat down in the chair on the other side of the bed and closed his eyes thinking the same thing. Slowly he too fell into a deep sleep.


Neither one heard the door open and Jimmy come into the room. Jimmy saw them and just sneered then went and gave Jason a kiss on the forehead. Jimmy said a silent pray then went and lied on the floor at the foot of Jason’s bed and he too fell asleep.


The next morning John and Pat woke up with the sun shining, Pat looked and didn’t see Jimmy and was afraid that he never came back to the room, scared that he could have been hurt or got in trouble she got up and started walking and stopped. Pat got Johns attention and he too got up and looked, and they both saw Jimmy asleep on the floor.


John thought as he watched Jimmy and decided that he couldn’t do that to Jason or his brothers. If Jason was to leave them again it could hurt them all, John got Pat’s attention and shook his head. Pat knew what the shook meant and she agreed, they would not be sending Jason to a group home.


About that time the door opened up and in walked Dr. Sherry Springer and another doctor. They both stopped and looked at what Pat and John were staring at. The new doctor shook his head.


“That is neither healthy or comfortable.” he said. He slowly walked over and knelt down and shook Jimmy’s shoulder. “Come on young man it’s time to get up.” he said. Jimmy slowly awoke and noticed a doctor standing over him.


“Yeah, yeah I’m up.” he said and slowly stood up and winced slightly because of his back.


“You see sleeping on the floor does not help you. Are you Jason’s brother?” he asked staring down at Jimmy.


Jimmy stared at the doctor for a moment. “Who wants to know?” he asked him looking at the doctor with uncertainly. The doctor gave a small chuckle.


“You must be Jimmy, Jason’s best friend.” he said looking at Jimmy smiling. “I’m Dr. Abrams.” He said sticking out his hand for Jimmy to shake. Jimmy looked at him for a moment before shaking his hand. “Now why don’t you go use the bathroom and wake up while I check out Jason.” with that Dr. Abrams shooed Jimmy to the bathroom.


When Jimmy came out of the bathroom he noticed Jason awake and went and stood by his side. Jason looked at him and tried to smile.


“Ok Jason I am going to remove your tube, but I will let you know right now that you will not be able to speak for a few weeks. All the screaming that you did from your nightmare has not only made your throat raw but also has torn some muscle and tore your larynx some. So for the next few weeks no talking, if you must talk and I mean if it is necessary then you may whisper but only if it is necessary.’ Dr. Abrams said. Jason nodded his head.


“Good now I am going to pull out the tube and when I tell you to take a deep breath I want you to inhale as much as you can and when I give you the word I want you to blow it all out. Understand?” he said to Jason. Jason nodded his head and then Dr. Abrams started loosening the tape. “Ok Jason you ready?” He asked and Jason nodded his head. “Take a deep breath,” he said, and Jason took a deep breath and held it until the doctor said other wise. “Now.” Dr. Abrams said and Jason started blowing all the air out of his body as Dr. Abrams pulled out the tube.


It seemed like Jason was going to start throwing up and it sounded like he was choking. Dr. Abrams assured everyone that this was normal and to calm down. A few moments later Jason was able to breathe regularly and everyone relaxed.


Dr. Abrams had Jason open his mouth and he checked out his throat.


“Ok well I am going to prescribe some antibiotics so you won’t get an infection and if you do start to get one I will give you something else. Remember Jason you must not strain your vocal cords or your throat. You have done some very serious damage to them. I would advise gargling with warm salty water. It will burn and sting but it will help it heal up as well. I am going to keep you in here today and depending on how you are responding to the medicines I am going to be giving you will depend if you go home tomorrow or the next day.” he said, the Dr. Abrams turned to Jimmy.


“And you young man do not sleep on the floor again. Remember it is not healthy and you can hurt yourself.” with that Dr. Abrams walked out of the room. Dr. Springer walked over to Jason.


“Well we will have to revise our sessions so you can write everything down.” She said smiling down at Jason. “I do have something I would like to talk with you about.” she said, but before she could continue Jimmy started talking.


“What, that group home?” he asked turning and looking at her. “I heard about that and I think that you are wrong to want to send him there. All you’re going to do is hurt him more, but then again I guess that none of you really care.” He said staring at Dr. Springer waiting for her to say something else.


Dr. Springer took a deep breath. “Jimmy it may be the best thing for him, he needs attention plus his brothers are…..” at that point John interrupted her.


“Hold on Sherry, Pat and I decided that we don’t want him to go to a home. It hurt his brothers when he was kidnapped and now he is back. If he goes away again they may feel that he is not coming back. We have decided that were just going to try and stick it out and make sure that we spend time with all of the boys.” he said.


Dr. Springer looked at him and then turned to Pat who was nodding her head. She smiled at all of them.


“Ok I understand, we won’t do that. We will work with him at the house, now if you will all excuse me I would like to talk with him in private.” she said. John and Pat both gave Jason a hug and a kiss, and told him they would be right outside.


Jimmy came up and kissed Jason hard on the lips and hugged him as well. “I love you I will be with your parents.” he said pulling out of the hug. Jason nodded his head and mouth ‘I love you’ back and watched Jimmy walk out with his parents.


“Now Jason lets talk about your nightmares and what happened this time, I am going to ask questions and you nod your head yes or no.” that is the last thing Jimmy heard before he shut the door.


Jimmy walked into the hall where Pat hugged him. “What made you change your mind?” he asked them still hugging Pat.


“You did kiddo.” Pat responded walking over to a bench with Jimmy beside her and John behind them.


“Me! What did I do?” he asked sitting down.


“Jimmy you slept on the floor at the foot of Jason’s bed. You wouldn’t leave him no matter what happened. You have been by his side and your have stayed there even when things got scary. Jimmy your love for him is what is keeping you here. How can we do anything less?” John said hugging Jimmy to him.


“You see Jimmy your dedication has shown us that even through the bad times that you are going to stay by his side. His brothers have been there and they even understand why we spend a little more time with Jason. They don’t resent him, they love him. You have shown us that there are people who will stand by the ones that they love no matter what. We are going to start spending more time with all the boys, not just Jason.” Pat said smiling at Jimmy. Jimmy smiled back at Pat and started crying.


“Thank you, thank you both.” he said John squeezed Jimmy’s shoulder and Pat hugged him again about that time Chief Beasley from North Carolina walked up to them. John stood up and shook the Chiefs hand. Pat noticed the Chief and she too stood up and shook his hand.


“Hi Chief how are you doing?” John asked? Chief Beasley just stared at him for a moment.


“I’m doing good. How are you and your family doing?” Chief Beasley asked.


“Well since you’re up here then I guess that you have heard that Jason is back in the hospital?” She said and the Chief nodded his head. “He is going to be alright, Matt and Josh are doing good and this is…” she started to say but was cut off by Jimmy.


“Hi Chief Beasley I have heard a lot about you, I’m Jimmy Bradshaw.” He said shaking the Chiefs hand. “I’m Jason’s boyfriend.” he said standing his ground against anything that this man may say to him.


The Chief stared down at Jimmy for a second then started smiling.


“I’m glad to meet you Jimmy, it sounds like with you around Jason won’t have any problems with anyone.” he said.


“Not if I can help it he won’t.” Jimmy said smiling and meaning it, the Chief chuckled and smiled at Jimmy.


“So Chief, what brings you here?” asked John. The chief turned and looked at John.


“Well John I have some good news and some bad news.” he said.