Chapter 11

John and Pat stared at the Chief as he said that.  About that time the door to Jason’s room opened and Dr. Springer walked out.  She walked down to where they were standing and introductions were made. 

“Dr. Springer I would like you in the room when I tell Jason what I need to tell him.  I have some good news and some bad news.” he said.  Dr. Springer agreed and they all walked to Jason’s room. 

“Jason some ones here to see you.” said John, Jason faced the door and watched as Chief Beasley came in the room.  Jason smiled at him and shook his hand when the chief came over to his bed.

“How you doing Jason?” he asked. Jason moved his hand in the so-so jester and the Chief looked at John and Pat.

They went and explained to him what happened the night before and about it taking time for Jason to heal up.  The Chief nodded his head.

“Jason I hope you have a speedy recovery.  Well let me get to the reason why I am here.  Jason I have some good news and some bad news for you.  Do you want to hear what I have to say or would you prefer me to tell your parents and I let them tell you?” he asked Jason not knowing what Jason would want.

Jason grabbed the note pad and wrote something then handed it to the Chief.  The Chief read what was written and nodded his head. 

“Ok I’ll tell you.  Jason the good news is that we think that we have caught the guys who did this to you?” he said looking at Jason, and as he watched he saw fear, and relief both pass through his eyes. “Now I have some pictures here with me, and I need you too look at them if you think that you are up to it and tell me if you see the men that hurt you in any of the pictures, I need you to do that before I tell you the bad news ok.”  He said.  Jason nodded his head and the Chief turned and looked at Jason’s parents then at Dr. Springer.

“Go ahead it will help him if he sees the faces and if he can confront them.” Dr. Springer said. The Chief nodded his head and handed Jason five pages with photos on them. 

Jason looked at the first page, he looked over each picture very carefully, he didn’t seem to recognize anyone on them, he looked at the second page and froze, the first picture he recognized the man.  Jason pointed to him and the Chief nodded his head.

On the third and fourth page he also recognized one man from each page.  When Jason got to the last page he not only froze but started crying pointing to the fourth person on the page.  The Chief looked and took the pictures from them, Jimmy hugged Jason and started comforting him. 

After a few minutes Jason started calming down but he still cried.  Jason wrote another note and handed it to the Chief.

‘The man on the last page is the one that I see the most of in my dreams.  He is the man who mainly hurt Me.’ he said.  The Chief took the note read it then handed it to John and Pat then to Dr. Springer.

“Jason are you sure?” asked Dr. Springer, Jason nodded his head. 

“Now Jason the other three men are you sure about them as well?” the Chief asked Jason.  Once again he nodded his head and silent tears still fell from his eyes.  “Ok Jason I had to ask that.  The four men that you picked out are the ones that we arrested; now here is the bad news.  I am going to call the DA’s office up in North Carolina and he is going to have to issue you a subpoena what that means is that your are going to have to come back up there and testify against the men?” he said watching as the horror and fear ran through Jason’s eyes and face.

Jason started shaking his head and silently saying no.  The Chief took Jason from Jimmy and from Jason’s parents and held him.

“Jason I know that this is scary but I need you to do this for me.  Not only for yourself but to make sure that they don’t do this again.  Besides once you confront them I bet it will help you with the nightmares and with the other problems that you are having.” he said hugging Jason, Jason hugged him back.

“His right Jason once you confront them then you can start to heal more.” Dr. Springer said.  Jason sat there silently for a moment just hugging the Chief and looking at Jimmy.

“I’ll be there for you all the way through it.” Jimmy said taking Jason’s hand in his.

“Son we’ll all be there for you, you will never go through this alone.” John said patting his sons shoulder.  Jason leaned his head back and looked at the Chief. 

‘Ok I’ll  do it’ he mouthed.  The Chief just nodded his head and hugged Jason again.  He put Jason back on the bed, stayed and talked a few more moments then turned and let to get started on the case.

Later that evening after everyone but Jimmy left, Jimmy and Jason watched T.V. until they both feel into a deep sleep.

The next day Jason and Jimmy sat and talked until Jason’s parents were able to show up and see him.  They brought along Matt and Josh, both boys were happy to see their brother. 

“Hey Jason how do you feel?” asked Matt taking Jason’s hand and squeezing it slightly. Jason shook his hand in the so-so gesture and Matt smiled.  “I know you will get better and soon.  I can’t wait for you to come back and be able to come home.” He said smiling me Jason.

‘Me too’ mouthed Jason who smiled back at Matt.  Josh hugged Jason’s hand as well and quietly talked with Jason for a moment before letting go.

Dr. Connor and Dr. Cunningham walked into the room about that time and Jason looked at them with surprise.  ‘What are they doing here?’ he mouthed to his parents.

“You didn’t think we would miss this chance to come and see you did you?” Dr. Connor asked smiling as he shook Jason’s hand.  Dr. Cunningham shook it next.

“Well my boy I am assuming that Dr. Abram has told you about the surgery and all?” he asked and Jason nodded his head.  “I bet he didn’t tell you that when they went back into you that I was with them?” he asked again and Jason shook his head.

“Well we did and you are going to be just fine, I promise you that my friend.  Now I am assuming that he told you that you won’t be able to speak for the next few weeks?” he asked and Jason nodded his head.  “Good well it will give you time to heal, we have been giving you medicine to help you sleep and that is probably why you haven’t had any nightmares.”  He said.

“Jason I want you to try and do something for me ok?” Dr. Connor started and Jason turned his attention to him.  “Ok it may work or it may not, when you have another nightmare try and make yourself realize that it is that and nothing more.  I want you to try and realize that it is nothing more then that.  It may work then again it may not, we won’t know till you try.  If it does then great and if not then fine we will understand.  It doesn’t always work.”  He said and Jason nodded his head in response.

“I have also been told by Dr. Springer that the Chief came and saw you, is that true?” he asked and once again Jason nodded and tears welled up in his eyes.  “Ok is it true that you picked out the guys that hurt you and you have to go and testify against them?” he asked slowly and as the tears feel from Jason’s cheek he nodded his head.  “Ok well I want you to know something, when you have the trial I will be right there with you.  I may not be able to be in the court room till after I testify and I will have to because I helped take care of you while you were in North Carolina.  Dr. Cunningham will also have to testify, so you will be having both of us with you.” Dr. Connor finished.

Jason cried silent tears then reached up and hugged Dr. Connor and cried on his shoulder.

“It’s alright to cry Jason remember that and no matter what know that I am going to be here with you through this all.  I have heard it could be up to a month maybe a little shorter before you will have to be up there and when you do I am going to be there with you every step of the way to make sure that you are safe.”  He said holding on to Jason and wishing he could take the pain away from him.

“I will be there as well Jason, no matter what I am going to be there with you also.”  Dr. Cunningham started.  “Matter afact while you are up there I will be doing check-ups on you to make sure that you are doing ok and that you are healthy.  If I find anything wrong with you then you won’t testify.” Dr. Cunningham said.

Jason pulled back from Dr. Connor and mouthed a thank you to them both.

“You’re welcome come on lie down and get some rest that is the best way to heal up.” Dr. Cunningham said covering Jason back up with the blanket.

Dr.  Abrams came in and saw everyone there.  He recognized Dr. Cunningham and started talking with him a bout how Jason was doing then he turned towards Jason’s parents.

“So have you all decided if he is going to a group home or not.”  He asked and before anyone could say anything Jimmy stepped up.

“Dr. Abrams we have decided that Jason will not be going to a group home.  We feel it would be in his best interest to be with his family.” he started, and before he could continue Dr. Abrams interrupted him.

“Jimmy I am sure that you don’t want him to go but I feel that he needs to.” he said with a smile putting his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder, Jimmy shook it off and started stepping up to Dr. Abrams with fire in his eyes, but before he could do anything Dr. Connor stepped in and turned Jimmy back to Jason’s bed.

“Dr. Abrams the family has already discussed their decision and it was decided that he will not be going.”  He said. 

“I don’t think that you understand Dr. Connor, Jason needs to be with people who can take care of him twenty-four hours a day.  He needs professional help and I will insist that he goes to one.” Dr. Abrams said John interrupted this time.

“Dr. Abrams if you try that I will have you arrested, for false imprisonment.  My son will do better at home then at any group home.  Dr. Springer already tried to talk us into it but we have decided against it.  It is our final decision, if  need be I will hire a full time nurse to take care of him.” He said.

“Jason don’t you want to get better?  Don’t you want to go to a place that can take care of all your needs?  Don’t you want to stop being a burden on your family, and taking up all of your parents time and taking the time away from your brothers?” he asked trying to smile and making it seem like it was the right thing to do.  No one noticed Dr. Cunningham exiting the room.

Jason didn’t think like that and turned and looked at his brothers with a worried face.  Josh spoke for both of them.

“Bro don’t even think about it, we understand that sometimes you need mom and dad more then we do, we understand that.  We have already talked about it and we still get time to be with them so don’t listen to him, we want you to come home.” he said turning giving Dr. Abrams a nasty look. 

Before Dr. Abrams could reply there was a commotion and the door opened.  Dr. Cunningham and another doctor walked in at that moment.

“Dr. Abrams what is going on in here?” he asked him.  Dr. Abrams truned and faced Dr. Michaels the head of the hospital.

“Nothing sir I am just trying to make sure that Jason gets the help he needs.” he said turning and looking at Dr. Cunningham like he had lost his mind getting the head of the hospital involved.

“Well from what I was told you tried and made Jason feel guilty about wanting to go home and were trying to force him to go to a group home. Is this true?” he asked looking down at Dr. Abrams.

“I was just making sure that Jason was going to get the help he needed.” he said standing firm on his decision. 

“I see, well as of now you are no longer his doctor.  I will personally be taking Jason’s case with Dr. Cunningham’s help, you can leave now.” he said to Dr. Abrams.

“Fine but I still think he needs to be in a group home?” he said.  He started to walk out of the room when Jimmy stopped him.

“Dr. Abrams how many of your patients have you sent to the group home?” he asked him.  Dr. Abrams turned and faced Jimmy.

“That young man is none of your business.” he said turning and starting to walk again.

“Dr. Michaels, does the hospital get a commission or do doctors get a commission or some other form of honor if they send someone to the group home?” Jimmy asked, that stopped Dr. Abrams dead in his tracks; he turned and glared at Jimmy.

“You know I am not real sure but I think that the doctors get an incentive for sending patience there.  Why do you ask?” he asked smiling knowing what Jimmy was thinking but wanting Jimmy to say it anyways.

“Well I was just wondering how many patience that Dr. Abrams have been sent to the home, and how much he got from each one.  I think someone needs to look into that.” he said smiling at Dr. Abrams, who was turning redder by the minute.

“You know young man I think your right.” he started them turning to Dr. Abrams he continues. “Dr. Abrams as of right now you are suspended following in investigation, get out of the hospital.” he said.

Dr. Abrams knew that he was defeated and turned and left the room.

“Well now that all of the excitement is over let me have a look at his chart.” Dr. Michaels said. 

He read Jason’s chart then turned and talked with Dr. Cunningham. After conferring for a few moments he turned back towards Jason.

“Jason I am sorry I have not formally introduced myself.  I’m Dr. Michaels.” He said holding out his hand for Jason to shake.  Smiling Jason took his hand and shook it then mouthed a thank you to him.

“Don’t worry Jason I have heard a few things so I was not surprised that this happened I was only hoping it was a one time thing.  Well after talking with Dr. Cunningham we have decided that you can leave tomorrow afternoon if you are feeling better and a little more of the swelling in your throat has gone down.  How does that sound?” he asked and Jason just nodded his head. “Good well I will let you go for now, if you need anything just let the nurse know.”

Dr. Michaels shook everyone’s hand and left them all alone.

“Ok Jason NOW it is time for you to rest I didn’t want you to get upset or excited but I wasn’t sure how to stop Dr. Abrams without some help.  Well it is time to rest and everyone can come back later tonight.” Dr. Cunningham said. 

Everyone but Jimmy said their goodbyes and left Jason to rest.  Jason fell asleep a few minutes later, and Jimmy just sat there holding his hand and watching T.V.

The next morning Pat and John showed up around 9 and sat quietly till Jason woke up.   Jimmy was awake and told them that Jason woke up at 8 when his breakfast came and while he ate Jimmy went and got something from the cafeteria. 

They were pleased that Jason ate his breakfast and that Jimmy also was able to eat.  Jason woke up about 10 and was hurting so they called the nurse who brought in a pain pill for him. 

Dr. Michaels did his rounds and checked on Jason, he saw that the nurse had to give him another pain pill and slightly frowned. He looked at Jason’s throat and saw that he was still swollen.

“Well your still pretty swollen lets see what this afternoon brings you then we can see if you are able to go home or not ok?” he said and Jason nodded his head.  Dr. Connor and Dr. Cunningham walked in and talked with Dr. Michael’s then Jason.

“Well Jason lets hope it goes down enough that you can go home, you know other wise that you won’t be able to.” Dr. Cunningham said and Jason nodded and frowned which caused everyone to laugh.  The laughing only made the frown worse.

“Come on love it’s alright don’t worry.”  Jimmy said trying to give Jason a kiss but Jason just turned his head and which caused Jimmy to laugh.  Jimmy turned Jason’s head and gave him a kiss anyways.

“By the way Dr. Connor and Dr. Cunningham where are ya’ll staying?” asked Pat.

“Oh were staying at the Ramada Inn on 204 and 95.” Dr. Cunningham replied.

“Well why you don’t stay with us.  We have two extra bedrooms that you can use.  I mean you have been so much help for Jason and our family I figure we owe you something?” John said.

“Well I don’t mind if Jack doesn’t mind.” he said. 

“No that is fine with me but please start calling me Jack and him Tom.” he said. 

“Ok that is fine and you can call us Pat and John.” Pat said, agreed they all turned back towards Jason. 

“Well young man it is nearly noon they are going to bring in the lunch tray soon so we are going to go and get something to eat.  Come along Jimmy lets go.” Dr. Connor said.

Jimmy just shook his head. 

“No offense doc but I promised Jason I would stay right here with him and be with him till he is home, and I plan on making sure that I keep that promise.” Jimmy said taking Jason’s hand in his.

“Jimmy I admire that about you that you want to be with Jason but I am pretty sure that Jason would not want you to stay cooped up in here; also you need some exercise and a decent meal.” Dr. Connor replied.  Jimmy just shook his ahead again and turned towards Jason.

‘Baby please go and get some real food, I promise that I will be alright.  Don’t worry you will only be gone for a little bit I am sure I will be alright.’ Jason mouthed to Jimmy.

Jimmy only stared at him then asked, “You don’t want me here?” wanting to cry.  Jason grabbed Jimmy’s hand.

‘Of course I want you here with me.’ he smiled at Jimmy causing him to smile back.  ‘I just want you to get some real food and tell me how it tastes so I can get all mad at you and everything.’ he said silently laughing causing Jimmy to giggle. 

“Ok I will I love you.” Jimmy said bending down and kissing Jason.  Jason smiled back.

‘Love you to’, and with that Jimmy, Pat, John, Dr. Connor and Dr. Cunningham all left for some lunch.

They returned about an hour later and Dr. Springer was there talking with Jason everyone but Dr. Connor stayed outside of the room for about a half an hour, then they could go back into his room.

Later that day Jason was released to go back home since Dr. Cunningham would be staying with him. Jason and Jimmy were both very happy and with Jason and Jimmy in Jason’s parents car and Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Connor following Jason’s family car finally left the hospital and headed home.