Chapter 12

Jason’s return home was good, yet sad.  He was scared of the nightmares yet he hated being in the hospital. Jimmy had to go home because he hadn’t been home for over a week, and he needed to spend sometimes with his parents and family. 

Jason hated having to stay in bed all the time but Dr. Cunningham wanted him to rest so he would heal faster.  Jimmy came home with Matt and Josh everyday and helped him study so he wouldn’t miss learning what they were learning in class.

Jason still had the treatment time Dr. Springer and Dr. Connor and that did help him dealing with his latest ordeal along with everything that had happened to him.

Everyday Jason got better and by the end of the week he was able to whisper without it hurting him.  The following Monday an ADA from North Carolina showed up to talk with him about the upcoming trial and all that is expected of him.

They invited the man in and he sat on the couch and talked with the two doctors while Pat and John went and got Jason.

“Jason there is a man from North Carolina here to see you; he is with the DA’s office and his name Mr. Jacob Ewing.  So you don’t have to be scared he is here to find out what you remember and let you know how the trial is going to go.” John told him.

Jason just stared at his parents and nodded his head. Even though he could whisper he still didn’t talk unless he needed to.

Jason followed his parents down stairs and sat on the couch across from the Mr. Ewing.

Mr. Ewing just stared at Jason for a moment before he started to actually talk with him.

“Now Jason I understand for your two doctors here that you have amnesia.  Is that correct?” he asked him.

“Yes,” was all that Jason said sitting in between his parents.

“Well what can you tell me about what happened to you?” he asked taking a pad out of his briefcase and writing some stuff on it.  So for the next half an hour Jason wrote down everything that happened to him and gave it to Mr. Ewing

“Ok now Jason have some questions for you, even though you just told me what happened to you I need to ask these questions so that I have them answered directly ok?” and Jason nodded his head and Mr. Ewing began.

“Is your name Jason O’Brien?” he asked.  Jason nodded his head. “I need you to verbalize your answers please.” He said looking at Jason.  Before he could continue Dr. Cunning ham interrupted him. 

“Mr. Ewing you have to realize that you need Jason to do that but you must remember that he can barely whisper. So you are going to have to get the answers another way if you need him to vocalize his answers.”  Dr. Cunningham stated staring at Mr. Ewing, who nodded his head.

“Ok then Jason I will write down all the questions and you can fill them in ok?” he asked and Jason nodded his head.  For the next 10 or 15 minutes Mr. Ewing wrote down all the questions that he needed answers for.  “Now Jason I know that some of them are going to be very personal and make you think about everything that happened but I need the answers for them.” He said handing Jason the pad.

Jason nodded his head and took the pad to the dining room table and started writing while the adults all talked.

“Mr. Ewing when do you think that the trial will be?” asked Pat holding John’s hand.

“We’re not sure I am hoping sometime in the next month but who knows really it depends on if we can get all the investigations done and if the gentlemen’s attorneys try and block some of the warrants that we have issued.  So who knows really but hopefully in the next month.” he said again. 

“Ok will we all be subpoenaed to have to be there?” John asked looking at Mr. Ewing directly in the eyes.

“Yes you will be, Jason and the both of you along with the kids that told the police that they saw Jason being put into a van.”  He said.

“Ok well when should we expect them?” John asked again.

“Not until we have a date for the trial. Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Connor and probably Dr. Springer will also be subpoenaed.” Responded looking a two of the three doctors that were there at the moment, Dr. Springer wasn’t there that day.

“That won’t be a problem.  Matter afact, Pat and John, when you are your family come up you can stay with me.  I have a big house and plenty of room since I am single.” Dr. Cunningham said. 

“Are you sure we don’t want to put you out?” Pat asked.

“Absolutely, don’t worry about it, as I said I have plenty of room.”  He responded smiling at them. 

“Ok thanks.” About that time Jason walked back in and handed Mr. Ewing the paper. Mr. Ewing looked at the paper then back to Jason and smiled. 

“Thank you Jason I can see that it was hard on you and I am sorry for that, but I needed the answers. I do need you to sign one more piece of paper.  Since you had to write out your answers I need you to sign this paper saying that you were the one who wrote out the answers on it.  Then I will need one of the doctors to sign it as a witness.” He said pulling out the said piece of paper reading over it and then signing it. 

After he signed it he read it out loud then let Jason read it and sign it then turned and faced the two doctors.

“If it is alright with Dr. Cunningham I will sign it.” He said looking at Dr. Cunningham who smiled and nodded his head.

Dr. Connor signed the paper and handed it back to Mr. Ewing.

“Ok well that is all, I think I’m going to go now, thank you all for your help.  Jason don’t worry this will soon be over and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.” He said to Jason as he shook his hand.

‘Thank you’ Jason mouthed at him and Mr. Ewing nodded his head then shook everyone else’s hand, with that he turned and John showed him the way out.

Dr. Connor and Dr. Cunningham left the next weekend and Jason was healing up very well. 

A month later the subpoenas came and they called Dr. Cunningham and let him know.  He told them not to worry and that the house was ready, they thanked him and made the arrangements and talked with the boys about what was going to happen.

Jimmy wanted to go and they talked with his parents and they agreed saying that with what Jason was about to go through that he would need his best friend/boyfriend there with him to help him through it all. 

Through out the two months before the trial Jason got his voice back but he was told to still be careful with it because it would take at least 6 more months before it was completely healed up. 

Jason worked on his school work and continued to see Dr. Springer.  She decided that the time came that he could leave his residence as long as his family was with him.

They all agreed and on one Saturday took Jason along with Matt and Josh and Jimmy to the mall.  Jason was scared and nervous but stood up straight and with his family and Jimmy by his side went and faced other people. 

They spent about two hours at the mall and Jason enjoyed himself immensely.  They visited several stories that Jason started remembering that he liked and even bought a few things, finally Jason was tired and wanted to head home.  They left and by the time that they arrived at the house Jason was asleep.  With Jimmy’s help they got him up to his room and Jimmy kissed Jason then headed home. 

The day came for them to leave and Jason was more scared then he had ever been.  He really didn’t want to go but he knew that he had to.  They decided to fly up to North Carolina and rent a car.  All the arrangements were made and they all left for the final chapter in Jason’s past. 

They arrived with no problems to North Carolina and Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Connor was there to meet them.  They got their rental car which was a small van and followed the two doctors to Dr. Cunningham’s house. 

The arrived and while everyone else unpacked Dr. Connor went and talked with Jason about what was going to be happening. 

“Ok Jason I know your scared so don’t worry about it.  Here is what I want you to do. When they ask you a question I want you to answer it honestly, do not lie and if you can’t remember anything then tell them that.” He said and Jason nodded his head.

“What about their attorneys?” he asked them.

“Well the DA has already talked with the judge and he told all the attorney’s that they are to treat you with respect and to not make you anymore upset then you already were.  He explained to them about your memory problems and about what you have been through so everything should be just fine.” Dr. Connor said. 

“Ok thank you.” Jason said. They talked for a few more minutes then rejoined everyone else.  As they walked out of the office Jimmy came up and stayed right next to Jason’s side.

Dr. Cunningham had pizza delivered and they sat down and ate as they ate Dr. Connor turned towards Jimmy.

“Now Jimmy when Jason gets up there to testify they are going to ask him questions that may make him cry. I know that you’re very protective of him, but you’re not going to be able to jump up and defend him.  You are going to have to stay quiet and be polite no matter what happens understand.”  He said to Jimmy.  Jimmy looked at him and it wasn’t friendly.

            “Jimmy you have to behave your self or they are going to kick you out of the court room understand?” Dr. Cunningham said, Jimmy looked at them both then nodded his head. 
Jason reached out and grabbed Jimmy’s hand. 

“It’s going to be ok, I may cry but I will be alright, I promise.”  He said looking deep into Jimmy’s eyes. 

“Ok.” He replied and squeezed Jason’s hand. Jason smiled back and they went back to eating and talking about what was going to happen.

That night Jason and Jimmy barely slept, Jason because he was scared of what would happen the next day and Jimmy because he was worried about Jason.

When morning came both of their eyes were slightly red from not sleeping and had bags under their eyes.  Dr. Cunningham saw this and gave them both some medicine to help calm them down.  They thanked him then went and had their breakfast.

They arrived at the courthouse at 9 and were met by Mr. Ewing.  He was going to take Jason into a side room and talk with him but both Jason’s parents and Jimmy all said no.  Jason was not going to be separated from them for anytime.

Mr. Ewing agreed and they all went into a side room once seated Mr. Ewing began.

“Ok Jason I know that you were told that we were all supposed to treat you with respect and treat you very carefully, right?” he asked and Jason nodded his head.  “Ok well the defense attorney’s are going to try and make it seem like you either wanted to run away or will try and make it seem that you have been having sex and that you asked these guys to do this to you.  The good thing is that we have all of this evidence that proofs that you did not ask for any of this.  You are to speak openly and not scream but make sure that it is loud enough for everyone to hear ok?”  And once again Jason nodded his head.

They were lead into the courtroom and sat behind the prosecutors table. The judge came in and the court was called to order, but before anything could happen the defense attorney stood up.

“Your honor I am Mr. Samson for the defense, I would like to make a motion please.” He started.  The judge nodded and let him continue.  “Well your honor I have been told that the key witness to the prosecution is here, I would like to ask that he and his family wait outside until he is called, and then when he is called for them to all wait outside.” He said smiling at the judge.  The judge turned and faced Mr. Ewing. 

“Your honor Mr. Ewing for the prosecution, with the amount of emotional, mental and physical damage done to this young man his family is here as a support group.  I am asking that they stay when he testifies for not only moral but emotional support.

He has been through a great trauma and he needs the support your honor. I have both his doctors here who can testify to his mental well being. I have Dr. Sherry Springer from Savannah and Dr. Jake Connor from here at the hospital where he was treated. I also have paper work here from them both showing explaining his emotional trauma.”  He said and before he could continue the judge held up his hand. 

“Ok gentlemen this is what I will do.  They will all wait outside and when Jason has to testify his parents may sit in the gallery.  I understand from the briefs that he needs the support…” the judge stopped and looked at Jason who stood up.  “Yes young man?” he asked smiling at Jason. 

“Umm your honor my name is Jason O’Brien I would like to ask that one other person be in the room please?” he asked the judge.

“Ok son who is it?” he asked.

“My best friend Jimmy, you see when I came back home and I couldn’t remember anything the only person I remembered was my best friend here.  He has been here for me through all of this and I would like him to sit with my parents please.” He said looking at the judge like he was about to cry. 

“That is fine young man and I understand. So your parents and your best friend may be in here when you testify, but when you are not on the stand you, your parents, brothers and best friend must wait outside.” He said and Jason nodded and he and the group left the court room to wait outside. 

For the next two hours Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Connor were both in the court room testifying.  By the time they both finished it was lunch and the judge called a recess till 1 o’clock. 

They all went to the deli across the street and had something to eat.  Jason barely ate and it was only with Jimmy encouraging him that he even drank anything. 

One o’clock that rolled around and they were all at the court house once again.  This time Pat was called in and testified for nearly an hour then John was called in and he testified for about an hour, after both of them were finished Dr. Springer was called in to testify and she was on the stand for about an hour and a half.

It was nearing 5 o’clock and the judge decided that that was all was needed for the day.  He called recess until tomorrow at 9 am.

Mr. Ewing said that this was not unusual when the key person was to testify last.  They all left and headed back to Dr. Cunningham’s house. 

They arrived and once the door was open and the alarm turned off Jason bolted up stairs and shut the door that was his and Jimmy’s room.  There was a soft knock and John came in.

“Hey son what’s wrong?” he asked him.

“I’m sacred I don’t want to testify.  I don’t want to relive it again and again.” He cried and John reached out and hugged Jason who climbed in his lap and held on to him. John rocked him back and forth and helped him to relax.

“I know son but you’re going to have to.  You need to put this behind you and this is the only way.  I want you to be so brave and you have to remember the judge said that your mother and I along with Jimmy can all be there with you.  So you will have nothing to worry about.” John said calming Jason down. 

Jason nodded his head ad relaxed in John’s arms.

They went down stairs a while later and Jimmy was once again by his side and holing him.  Jason wrapped his arms around Jimmy and held on.

The next day, when they all arrived at the courthouse Mr. Ewing once again met them at the entrance and led them into a side room.

“Ok Jason today is your day.  I know you don’t remember much but I want you to remember what you can when you’re on the stand ok?” he said and Jason nodded his head.

At 9 o’clock the court was called into order and the defendants was brought in before they called in Jason the judge turned and faced the accused.

“Gentlemen I am going to only tell you this one time.  If you try and intimidate this young man or you try and scare him.  If you do anything that makes it look like a threat I will add on more charges against all of you, and you will not be present for the rest of this trail.  Do you understand me?” he asked the men.  They nodded their heads then he had the bailiff bring in Jason.

Jason and his mom, dad and Jimmy all came in.  Jimmy. Pat and John all sat in the gallery while Jason was sworn in.

“I do.” He said after he was asked if he would tell the truth.

“Please state your name for the record?” asked Mr. Ewing.

“Jason O’Brien.” He replied.

“Ok Jason can you tell us what happened to you in October of last year?” he asked smiling at Jason.

“No sir.” He replied.

“Why not?”

“I have amnesia; I have part of my memory back but not all of.  I don’t know how I was kidnapped.  I do know that I was raped, and beaten and left for dead.” He said.

“Ok Jason how do you know these things?” he asked him again.

“Dr. Cunningham told me about them, he told me about the surgeries and everything that happened to me, and Dr. Connor has been helping me along with Dr Springer in dealing with the nightmares.” He said.

“What nightmares?” Mr. Ewing asked.

“I awoke out in the woods do to a nightmare, and I have been having them every night since then.”  He said.

“Jason in these nightmares do you ever see the faces of the people who hurt you?” he asked Jason knowing that this would be one of the most crucial questions. 

“Yes sir, at first I didn’t but over the months they faces started appearing in the dreams and I was able to make out who it was.” He said looking down at his hands.

“Ok Jason can you tell me if you see those same men in the courtroom today?” he asked.

At first Jason just sat there and didn’t say anything then the judge turned to him.

“Young man your going to have to say something.” He said facing Jason. Jason looked at him and with tears in his eyes he nodded his head.

“Yes sir.” He said.

“Ok Jason are you saying that they are here today?” Mr. Ewing asked once again.

“Yes sir.” He replied not wanting to look up.  Mr. Ewing looked at Jimmy and had him stand up. At first Mr. Samson stood up and was going to object but the judge waved him into his seat.

“Jason look up and over my right shoulder please.” Mr. Ewing said. Jason looked up and saw Jimmy standing there.  Jimmy nodded his head and smiled at him.

“The men who hurt me are there sir sitting at that table.” Jason said pointing to the defendants table.