Chapter 13

No one said anything when Jason said that but everyone did turn

No one said anything when Jason said that but everyone did turn and stare at the defendants.

“Ok Jason from what you said you have amnesia, and you say that you remember their faces from your nightmares is this correct?” Mr. Ewing asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Ok Jason what can you remember happened to you?” he asked Jason knowing that this story was the most damaging of all questions.

“Umm well I remember being hit a lot. I know that they put me on something called the rack and stretched me. They would beat me with whips and chains until I passed out. Then they would pee on me to wake me up….” He started then started crying on the stand.

Jimmy stood up and looked at Jason and tried to will him to be strong. Jason looked up and saw Jimmy who mouthed he loved him. Jason smiled then turned and actually faced the men who hurt him.

“They would leave food out and if I ate it they beat me for taking what was theirs. I remember one of them stomping on me and I heard a crack but didn’t know what it was, I was hurting so much. I remember them putting me up some boards made like an X. I remember them taking turns shoving their penises up my butt, and down my throat. I remember the hurt and the pain.

They would laugh at me when I cried, they called me names and would just whip me some more. No matter how much I cried and told them no they keep on hurting me, one of them even tried to shove their hand up my butt but it wouldn’t go so they beat me for that. I told me NO.” he said and broke down crying.

The judge called a recess and Jimmy ran up to Jason and took him in his arms and held him. With John and Pat’s help they lead him into the side room where he could calm down.

It took nearly 20 minutes to calm him down and in that time Mr. Ewing had to ask the judge for additional time due to how upset Jason was. Dr. Connor and Dr. Springer came in and talked with Jason and helped him calm down as well, finally he was calm enough to take a sip of water and not throw it up. Jimmy stayed by his side the entire time.

They went back and waited for Jason to be called to the stand again. He was called back and Jimmy walked with him up to the gate and stopped. Jason smiled at him and Jimmy smiled back and they both sat back where they were supposed to be.

“Mr. O’Brien do you think that you are well enough to continue or do you want some more time?” asked the Judge.

“I’m fine your honor thank you.” Jason replied with in a weak voice.

“Ok well then lets begin, and I am working you both Mr. Ewing and Mr. Samson you WILL be very careful about how and what you ask this young man.” The judge said once again, they both nodded there heads and Mr. Ewing stood up.

“Ok Jason what happened when you were found?” Mr. Ewing asked.

Jason went on and told him about being naked and covered in blood, and crawling to the side of the road. He told them about Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Connors and how they helped him and the many different surgeries that he has had to undergo.

While he was up there he told them about his feelings of being scared and about how he wasn’t sure about his family till he got home and saw the pictures of him and his family. Jason really smiled when he told them all about Jimmy.

“I remember when my dad had to carry me up the steps because of the cast and there was a boy there who helped carry up my wheel chair. I looked at him and at first I didn’t recognize him but then I did. I didn’t know where I remembered him from but I remembered his name as Jimmy. I called him and he smiled so bright, and he said yeah, I remembered his name and he was happy about that.” Jason said smiling at Jimmy, Jimmy smiled back with tears in his eyes remembering that day.

“Ok Jason after that what happened?” Mr. Ewing asked.

Jason went on to explain about the nightmares and how bad they got, about how one was so bad that he had to be rushed to the hospital and had to have another operation because he tore his larynx and vocal cords and tore several veins in his throat and even one in his chest.

Jason went on to explain about Mr. Ewing coming and visiting and him having to write down everything that he told him here.

“Ok Jason thank you for that. No further questions your honor.” Mr. Ewing said and sat back down.

“Mr. Samson any questions?” the judge asked.

“Yes your honor just a few.” He said. Mr. Samson got up and grabbing a pad went and walked up to Jason.

“Mr. O’Brien are you gay?” he asked.

“I object your honor what is the relevance?” Mr. Ewing said.

“Your honor I am trying to show that Mr. O’Brien could possibly have ran away because of his sexuality.”

“Ok I will allow it but you will need to tread carefully, and if you slip up your not going to like it.” The judge said looking at Mr. Samson.

“Yes your honor,” he said turning back to Jason. “So Mr. O’Brien are you gay?” he asked. Jason looked at him for a moment before replying.

“Yes I am.” He said staring right at Mr. Samson and not letting him get to him. Mr. Samson walked up and put blocked Jason’s view of Jimmy.

“Ok who is your boyfriend?” he asked.

“Your honor I object, to me it is as if he is trying to give someone else either a bad reputation or because he can try and intimidate the other young man.” Mr. Ewing said.

“I don’t intimidate that easily. If he wants to come after me he can.” Jimmy said standing up. People gasped and started whispering and the judge had to bang the gavel to get order in the courtroom.

“Silence or I’ll clean the courtroom.” He said and waited till it was quiet. “Young man you will not speak out again do you understand me?” he asked Jimmy.

“Yes your honor but if I may?” Jimmy started and the judge decided to allow Jimmy to speak.

“Your honor I am not ashamed and I am not scared of these men sir. If they want to know about my relationship with Jason I will be more then happy to tell them. I am not going to be scared off and I have my faith in God that he will not let anything happen to me.” Jimmy said.

The judge stared at him for a moment.

“Young man I am proud that you are willing to stand up and protect Mr. O’Brien, and I am proud that you are not afraid to say who you are. I will let you know now that if Mr. Samson’s reason for trying to find out who you are is so he can intimidate either one of you, then he will find himself in a cell, now please take your set.” The judge said and Jimmy nodded looked at Jason then sat back down.

“Ok now Mr. O’Brien did you run away?” he asked.

“No why would I?” Jason replied.

“Did anyone know about your sexuality before you disappeared?”

“Not that I can remember, but I was told by my parents that I told them.” Jason replied smiling at his parents.

“How did they say they reacted?”

“Well they said that they were fine with it but asked us to talk with them before we decided to try anything sexual. After I got back home from being kidnapped and Jimmy and I started hanging out then I fell back in love with him and he with me. We talked and decided to wait on anything sexual till we are older.” Jason said staring the man down.

Mr. Samson didn’t know what to say to that.

“Ok then. You said you had amnesia so how do you know that it was my clients?” he asked Jason.

“Like I said earlier when Mr. Ewing asked me I had nightmares and they were in them.” Jason said.

“We only have your word and supposed dreams. When did you first see the pictures of the defendants?” he asked.

“When Chief Beasley came and saw me in the hospital in Savannah after I had the nightmares that caused me to hurt my throat.”

“Did he point out any of the people in them?” he asked.

“No he just handed them to me and asked me if I recognized anyone. I looked through them and pointed out the 4 men that are sitting at your table.” Jason said.

“Ok and your sure that he didn’t point any of them out?”

“No he didn’t.”

“Are you sure?”

“Your honor I object he has already asked him and gotten a response, this is badgering now.” Mr. Ewing said.

“I agree move along counselor.” The judge said.

“No further questions your honor.” Mr. Samson said.

“Your excused young man” the judge said. Jason stepped down and walked to Jimmy and his parents, they started walking towards the doors when they heard.

“Your honor the prosecution rest.” Mr. Ewing said.

“Mr. Samson do you have any witnesses?” the judge asked him.

“Sir if the court pleases I would like to call Jason O’Brien’s boyfriend.” He said.

Jason, Jimmy and Jason’s parents stopped walking and turned towards the judge to see what he says.

“Your honor I object.”

“Why do you want to call him Mr. Samson?” the judge asked him.

“I think that he could shed some light on Jason’s attitude and his behavior before the alleged kidnapping.”

“Your honor they were barely boyfriends I don’t think that he can talk about his mental state.” Mr. Ewing said.

“I don’t mind.” Jimmy said stepping back up. “As long as Jason and his parents can be here.” He said staring at the judge.

“Ok take the stand young man, but Mr. Samson you can only ask him about their relationship NOT about what any parent thought about it.” He told Mr. Samson who nodded his head.

Jimmy took the stand and was sworn in.

“Please state your name for the record?” Mr. Samson asked.

“Jimmy Bradshaw.”

“Ok Mr. Bradshaw we have heard evidence that your are the boyfriend of Jason O’Brien is this correct?” he asked.

“Yes it is.” Jimmy replied smugly.

“Ok when you and Jason decided to become boyfriends what did you two decide?” he asked him.

“Well we decided that we wanted to try and be boyfriends then decided that we wanted to wait for sex because we didn’t feel that we were ready.” He stated.

“Ok; what did either parents say about it?” he asked.

“Well far as I knew neither one knew about it, now that Jason has his memories back both of our families are fine with it and like Jason said have told us to talk with them before we decide about sex.”

“Ok, did Jason ever mention anything about running away if his parents were to find out?” Mr. Samson asked.

“No he didn’t he didn’t feel that it would be a problem but we still wanted to wait to see if our feelings were real or just friendship.” He said.

Mr. Samson was speechless and didn’t know what else to say.

“Nothing further your honor.” Mr. Samson said in defeat.

“Mr. Ewing would you like to ask any questions?” the judge asked.

“No thank you your honor.” Mr. Ewing said.

“So be it, Jimmy your excused” The judge said.

“Thank you your honor.” Jimmy replied and walked back to Jason and Jason’s papers. They all walked out and waited in the hall way.

Three hours later Mr. Ewing came out and started talking with his assistance and 15 minutes later he was called back in.

After about 30 minutes Mr. Ewing came out smiling.

“It’s over, the defense called all four guys and we buried them. The jury deliberated and it only took 15 minutes. They were found guilty on all charges and were given 50 years each. They have to server at least 35 years. Jason you have nothing to worry about anymore. It’s over.” Mr. Ewing said smiling at him.

“Thank you” Jason said smiling and hugging Mr. Ewing with tears in his eyes. Jason turned and hugged his parents and then turned and faced Jimmy. “It’s over baby, I’m free.” He said.

“I know love I know.” Jimmy responded and held Jason tightly letting him cry.

“Come on son lets go home.” John said.

“Ok dad, and dad, thank you and thank you too mom.” He said.

This was the first time that he really called them that. He only called them that a few times this time he knew he could do it and wasn’t afraid.

They flew home the next morning and for the first time in almost 4 or 5 months Jason was able to sleep in peace.

At the beginning of the next year when the boys were starting the 8th grade Jason finally was able to go back to school. No one said anything about him being gone and they all said that they were glad to see him back.

Over the summer more of Jason’s past came back to him, he still has holes in his memories and a large part of his past growing up was missing. He decided not to worry about it and decided that when and if they came he would worry about it.

Jason and Jimmy also decided to come out. They got some flack and some students caused a few problems for them but soon everyone just left them alone.

For Jason his life was about as complete as it could be. He knew that there were going to be hard times and he knew that there were going to be times that he was going to go through more hell then he can imagine, from memories and even nightmares, but Jimmy is there and he knew that with Jimmy next to him he could make it in life and knew that he would be alright.

Jason knew that he had a long road to travel to not only get better all the way but he knew that his parents, brothers and most importantly that Jimmy would be there to help him all through it.

So Jason lives and over time he was made whole and became a great man who had another great man named Jimmy standing beside him through the good and the bad times. And in the end they stayed together to over come the odds and to make the perfect family with the children they adopted.

They adopted and raised four children 2 girls and 2 boys who became some of the best students the school had ever seen and some of the best and strongest leaders there ever was.

Jason and Jimmy watched with pride and with joy in their hearts what had become of their life together. Their love for each other proved they could over come anything and together they beat Jason’s demons and he was healed and loved.

Jason lived and made his life the best he could and proved even through hell with a good family and a good man he could make it and he did.

The End