The Lonely Prince

Chapter 1

I would like to thanks Sid for editing this story and Sid and Mike for their continuing support and love that they have shown me over the years.

Thanks Guys

Adam William Ryan's was your average 14 year old. He had deep red hair, and deep blue eyes. He was short for his age, only going to 5'4 tall, he weighed about 110 pounds. He had a flat stomach and no real muscle. He wore braces and needed glasses when reading. To some he looked cute but most boys at his new private school saw an easy target. Adam was gay and he knew it, which was one of the reasons that he keep away from all of the boys at school.

The older boys pushed him around and tripped him up all the time. They knocked his books out of his hand and slapped him up side the head. He was very weary of it all, but no one seemed to care.

His dad died when he was eight and he lived with his mom. She was a nice and pretty lady for her age. She was 35 and a real estate agent and made a pretty good income. Mary Ryan's was 5'6 tall and 125 pounds. She had the same color hair as her son but her eyes were hazel. Adam got his eyes from his father.

Adam's father had died in a plane crash while returning from a business trip from Europe. He was on his company's private plane. As the plan was crossing the Atlantic Ocean the engines stalled and the plane went down. No one survived.

Mary knew all about the problems that Adam was having including the fact that he was gay, but there was little she could do. She told Adam to go to the principle and when he did the taunting and the beatings only got worse. One day he came home and his eye was so bruised from being punched that it was closing and he couldn't see out of it. She had taken him to the hospital and the x-rays found that his orbital socket was broken. He couldn't go to school for two weeks. When he finally did go back to school one of the bullies 'accidentally' hit his books up causing them to hit his eye and cause the swelling to start up all over again. She wished she knew what to do but she had no idea what else she could do to protect him.

Finally on this day Adam had had enough. After having his eye cracked and not being able to see for almost a month he had had enough.

As the last bell for the day rang out, Adam had his book bag and was on his way out the side door when two of the biggest bullies cornered him, Butch and Max.

"Well hey there pipsqueak." Butch sad grinning, Max was behind him with a sadistic grin as well.

"What do you want?" Adam asked them staring them down.

"Hey look he thinks his all tuff." Butch replied laughing to himself.

"Look I am tired and I want to go home. Just leave me the hell alone finally. I haven't done anything to you two and all you do is pick on me. Well find your self another target." With that Adam went to go around them but Butch grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and stopped him.

"I don't think so we like you to much."

With that Butch hit him in the stomach causing Adam to fall to the round. Tears came immediately to Adam's eyes. As he tried to get back up Max kicked him in the ribs and they all heard a load crunching sound. Not caring the two boys balled up and was going to start using him as a punching bag.

As Max and Butch were looking down about to hit Adam they noticed two sets of feet appear behind them.

"Leave him alone." They heard. Both boys turned around and saw two men in suits standing there wearing ray band glasses. Both men were over 6 feet and had solid muscles showing through their suits.

"Hey man this doesn't concern you, leave now and I won't have to tell my father about you and have you fired." Butch said standing up.

"Son I don't know who your dad is and I don't care. All I care about is the boy you're hurting. Leave him alone now or you will be arrested." The headman said in a strange accent that sounded almost British but not quit. About that time they noticed two cop cars and a limo out in the car lot. The police were heading their way.

For the first time Max and Butch looked scared. As they turned to go they noticed Adam was standing and holding his ribs. Adam too noticed the men and the police and got scared. Not wanting to get into trouble he turned and ran before anyone could stop him, within ten seconds he was in the woods and was gone.

The police got there and took Max and Butch into custody and lead them away. The headman in the suit talked into a radio hided in his cufflink.

"The Prince has run." With that the two mean turned and walked towards the waiting limos.

Adam kept running. He knew if he got to the edge of the woods he was home free. It was near his home. As he started to slow due to the pain in his chest he couldn't believe that he just ran all three miles to the end of his street through the woods.

Adam turned and looked behind and didn't notice anyone following him. He turned and walked out onto the street only to be meet by a ton of people in front of his house. There were TV cameras all over the place and police as well. Adam feared that his mother was hurt or worse.

As he walked near two of the reporters recognized him.

"There he is." They hollered out as they ran towards him. The other reporters followed along with the police. Cameras were being shoved in his face and people were hollering questions at him. He stood still and between the fear that something was wrong with his mom and the pain in his chest he collapsed there on the ground just as the police and Secret Service caught up with the reporters.

Adam woke up to a beep and a searing pain in his chest. He thought it was all a dream. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed his mom sitting there watching him.

"Mom" he croaked out. Mary smiled at him.

"Hey baby boy. How are you feeling?" she asked feeding him ice chips.

"I hurt real bad. I thought something was wrong with you when I saw all the reporters and the police." Adam said swallowing more ice chips. Mary smiled at him.

"No baby nothing is wrong. Actually there are some things that are going on but they are all good baby. I promise. Why don't you rest and we will talk later. Ok?" she said smiling at him. Before he could respond the door opened and a nurse walked in. Adam turned and looked at her then noticed behind her outside of the door were the same two men in suits from the school standing there.

"Mom why are they here?" he asked pointing at the door and the two men. One of the men heard him and turned and looked inside. He came into the room.

"Baby this is Special Agent Brandon from the Secret Service. Baby they are from the Secret Service from Seary." Mom said smiling at me.

"Where's that?" he asked. Before his mom could tell him Special Agent Brandon spoke up.

"Sir it is up in the northern part of the Atlantic between Great Britain and Norway." He said and Adam remembered that strange accent he heard when he stopped Max and Butch from hurting him.

"Oh ok." Adam said, before anyone else could say anything the medicine that the nurse gave him caused him to go back to sleep.

Adam woke up around 9 that night. His mom was there watching TV and the door and curtains were closed. He turned and made a sound of pain that attracted his mom.

"Hey honey, how are you?" she asked.

"Still hurting mom. What happened at the house?" he asked with a scared look on his face. Mary wiped his face with a wash clothes and looked at him.

"Son I am not going to tell you why the Secret Service is here or why they were at the house. Not right now anyways. I will explain that when you get out of here. But apparently what I was told was that after the reporters and cameras got in your face and were hollering questions at you, you passed out. I guess you thought that something bad happened huh?" she looked him in the eyes as she asked. He started crying and replied.

"I thought you were dead." He chocked out. Mary bent forward and gave him a hug.

"Awwww honey no nothing like that happened at all. Something good is happening. I will explain that all to you when you get home. But we need to talk. Max and Butch have been arrested. They are being charged with assault and battery and attempter murder and a few other charges that I will explain to you later. For now I want you to get some rest. Tomorrow the doctor will be in to look at you and say if you will be able to go home or not." Marry said.

A nurse came in about that time; Adam noticed that two new agents were at the door.

"Time for your meds, your…"She stopped with a look and a shake of the head from Mary. "I mean Mr. Ryan." She smiled at him, gave him his meds, and helped him wash it down with water. She then turned and left. Shortly Adam fell back to sleep.

The next thing he knew was the morning light coming in from the window behind the light curtains. His mom was reading a paper and turned when she heard his rustling.

"Morning sport, you sleep ok?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am." About that time the doctor came in. Agent Brandon followed him in.

"Well Adam how are you feeling this morning?" he asked looking him over, with push and prodding on his chest.

"My chest is still hurting, and I have a headache but other then that I'm ok. Can I go home please?" Adam asked.

"Well you are going to be sore for about a month. I am going to tell you now, you can go home but with the following restrictions. No traveling for at least a month, maybe a month and a half. You are on bed rest for the next two weeks, other then getting up and going to the bathroom or trying to sit at the dinner table no real moving. After two weeks you will be back in here to see me and if I think it is ok you can go to school. But nothing else," He said.

"Ok doc thanks." Adam said with relief.

"Ok now Mrs. Ryan's if I can have you step out I need to take out his catheter." The doctor said. She nodded her head and left the room closing the door behind her. The doctor turned towards Agent Brandon. "You can leave to." He said.

"Sorry Doc I can't. I am not aloud to leave my protectee. We're all men here and we all have the same thing." With that he went and leaned against the wall. He did it so Adam would feel like he had a little bit of privacy.

The doctor sighed. "Ok now Adam what I want you to do is relax. I am going to deflate the balloon in your bladder. Now you are going to feel like you have to pee but you really won't have to. And if you do try and hold it, it may sting some but that is normal ok?" he asked Adam as he lifted up the gown. Adam nodded his head.

The doctor started pulling out the catheter and with only a light hiss it was out.

"Ok Adam you can get dressed now. And don't forget what I said about not moving too much." With that the doctor left. Mary was about to come in and help him get dressed but Agent Brandon stopped her.

"Ma'am maybe it would be better if I helped. You know how boys at this age are." Mary nodded her head and blushed and walked back out the room to wait.

"Come on sir, let's get you dressed." At first Adam just stared at the man not trusting him then decided that if his mom trusted him then he could to. Adam let Agent Brandon help him with his pants, socks and shoes. He helped Adam put his arms through his shirt and left it there for Adam to button up. Agent Brandon went and opened the door to let in Mary.

"Ok honey here's the wheel chair, you ready?" she asked as he sat in the chair.

"Yes ma'am." He said.

They went down the elevator and noticed that they were in the basement instead of the main lobby.

"What's going on?" Adam asked kinda scared.

"Standard protocol sir. We are trying to minimize your chances of being seen by the media." They wheeled Adam to a limo that had other agents around it along with the police department. Agent Brandon helped Adam into the limo with Mary right behind him. Agent Brandon and the other agent from the school got in back with them sitting at the other end. Adam noticed two more agents getting in the front seat while the others got into a black truck behind them. With police both in front of and behind the two vehicles they were off.

Off to what ever was happening and going to change Adam William Ryan's life forever.