The Lonely Prince

Chapter 2

As they approached, Adam and his mom's house Adam noticed the TV crews and reporters that were there. He also noticed a white canopy over the driveway. It was enclosed on all sides and lead from there to the front door. Just like with the driveway the walkway leading up to the front door was encased is cloth as well.

"Why is everything covered up?" Adam asked looking at his mom.

"Baby they did that for your privacy. So the reporters won't be able to bother us right now." She said. Adam only nodded his head as they pulled into the driveway. He noticed that two other agents lifted and closed the end flap keeping out the reports and other media types.

An agent opened the door to the limo for them. As Adam was about to get out Agent Brandon stopped him.

"No sir I must get out first." With that he got out and looked around making sure that no one was there that wasn't supposed to be.

"You can get out now sir," he said.

With that Adam and his mom got out. They were escorted to the house and let in. When Adam walked in he was shocked to see that in his living room was what appeared to be some kind of command center or something. Mary took Adam by the arm and led him upstairs.

Adam walked in and noticed all the blinds in his room were down.

"Why are the blinds down?" he asked. Mary looked at him, sighed and with a sad smile told him why.

"Honey it is for your protection. Right now you can't open the blinds or any of the windows. I'm sorry son." She said hugging him. After hugging him she helped him onto the bed. She handed him his pajama bottoms and called for Agent Brandon.

"I can do it mom." He said. Adam bent down to take off his shoes and a throbbing pain shot through his chest causing him to fall forward. Agent Brandon caught him in his arms. Smiling he said.

"Let me help sir. I don't need you getting hurt on my shift." With that he took off Adam's shoes but left the socks on. Mary stepped out of the room while Agent Brandon helped Adam change into his pajama bottoms. A minute later he called Mary into the room. "I will be down stairs if you need me ma'am. There will be an agent in the hall in case of trouble." With that he turned around and left them alone.

Adam lay back in bed and Mary covered him up.

"Will you please tell me what is going on now? Please?" he asked looking into her eyes.

"Yes son I can now." She said sitting on his bed next to him holding him. "Let's see where to start. Do you remember the name of the country that I said those men were from?" she asked him.

"Seary." He said. She nodded her head.

"Ok well baby they are here to protect you and I. You see there are some things you don't know about your father. You know that I meet your father at college in my sophomore year right?" she asked and Adam nodded his head. "Well as you know we got married after we both graduated. Me in real estate and your father in business, honey your father wasn't from this country. He came here to go to college, to get his degree so he could run Seary when it was time." She said she stopped to let all of this sink into Adam's head.

"What do you mean by run?" he asked looking at her confused.

"Adam honey I know I should have told you sooner but your father originally wanted to wait till you were older, but we no longer have that time. Honey your father Was Prince Alex William Ryan of Seary. You are the Crowned Prince Adam William Ryan of Seary. Your father was to be king but he died too soon." She said looking at him and waiting to see what he thought.

Adam couldn't believe it. This was some mistake or a cruel joke.

"You're lying. I know you are." He said starting to cry, Mary tried to hug him but he pushed her away. "No I can't believe this." He said.

"Awwww honey it is the truth. You see your grandparents and I decided to wait till you turned 18 to tell you, but there was an accident and we can't wait any longer." She said.

"Why?" was all he asked.

"Adam we wanted you to have a normal life a life away from the palace and the ceremonies and all that being a prince entails. But as I said there was an accident. Your grandfather William has died. I know you never meet him and you only received gifts from them but now you know why."

"So what does this mean?" he asked after sitting there for nearly five minutes in silence.

"Well your Grandmother wanted to come and tell you herself but we felt that that might do more damage then good. Honey we're going home." She said. Adam turned and stared at her.

"You mean were moving over there?"

"Yes honey we are." She said smiling. "You can start over and make friends over there, and start a whole new life. No more bullies no more threats. And maybe you can find a certain young man to make you happy." She said smiling.

Adam whipped his head around and looked at her.

"You…you…know?" he chocked out. Mary went and hugged her boy.

"Yes son I know. I have known for a few years now, but honey that is ok. I don't care about that. As long as you are happy that is all that matters to me. I don't hate you and you will ALWAYS be MY son. Nothing else matters." She said holding him and letting him cry.

After a few minutes Adam stopped crying and Mary handed him some tissue.

"Feeling better now?" she asked. Adam nodded.

"So your not disappointed in me?" he asked looking at her with unshed fresh tears.

"Oh baby of course not. I am happy to have you as my son, as I said I don't care that you are gay. I only ask that you be careful and use protection." She said. That made Adam blush and giggle.

"OK thanks mom. So when do we leave?" he wanted to know. He finally got it around his head that he can start over and maybe have some real friends now. Mary smiled at him.

"Not for at least a month to a month and a half. Remember you have to heal some more. Plus there will be a trial because of Max and Butch. But don't worry we already have lawyers on that to get it moving fast." she said. She noticed that when she said the two bullies names that Adam flinched and paled some.

"Don't worry baby no one can hurt you any more. As of now Agent Brandon and Agent Michael are your personally protection detail, you will also have more people with you when you leave the house. And to ease your mind I'll have some protection too." She said smiling. Adam smiled at that.

"Good I was worried for a minute."

"I have an idea why don't I have Agent Brandon come up here and tell you a little about Seary." She said. Adam nodded his head.

"Hey mom while you go and get him can you bring me something to drink please?" he asked.

"Sure honey." She said as she walked out the door.

A few minutes later she returned with Agent Brandon in tow. She handed Adam his water and sat on the bed next to him. After taking a sip Adam turned to Agent Brandon.

"You can sit down if you would like." Adam said looking up at Agent Brandon with a smile.

"Thank you your Highness but I would prefer to stand. Your mother tells me that you wish to know about Seary. Is that correct?" he asked looking at Adam.

"Yes sir it is. What is it like? What do the people do there? That sort of stuff." Adam explained.

"Hmm well your Highness, there are about 3 million people on Seary. It is ruled by the Monarch, in this case the Queen and one day you. They deal in wines, and some fruits. Seary owns several colonies around the world. Their main source of income is wine and farming. Thanks to Seary certain countries have plenty of cloths and other resources that your Grandfather the king helped them with.

You your Highness and your mother will live with your grandmother in the royal castle. A castle that has stood against the ages of time, it is stone but the interior has been renovated for central heating and air. New electrical circuits have been installed and every few years it is updated for modernization, but only on the inside. The out side is still stone and brick. Once you get there you will see all of it in great detail and will be taught all about the history of Seary. I can tell you that the castle has over 100 rooms, that includes the kitchen, dining room, sitting room, the formal sitting room, library, the bedrooms of course, also several rooms on each floor are taken up for security.

I love the castle I have been there almost since I became an agent." Agent Brandon said. Adam was smiling the entire time he was told of the castle.

"Wow that sounds so exciting. What are the schools and the other kids like?" he asked fearing that they were all bullies.

Agent Brandon just smiled.

"The kids are pretty much like your kids here. You have both the good and the bad that goes with any school. You will probably be taught at the castle for the first month or two you are there. The only reason for that is so that you can learn about the history of our Country and about the school system and how it works. Then after you are ready you will be enrolled in one of the schools there.

Also the schools are very academic. You pretty much have the same kind of class but they are all on a more advanced level. From what I read about you and what your mother told me you will fit in just fine there with all of them," he said. Agent Brandon then looked at his watch. "If you will excuse me your Highness, ma'am I need to go and check on security.

"Ok thank you." Adam said. Agent Brandon returned the smile and left the room.

"So what do you think?" asked Mary.

"I don't know yet, I think I will like it but until I get there I won't know for sure." He said. Mary just nodded told him she was going down to fix lunch then left him there with his thoughts.

For two weeks all Adam did was stay inside and watch TV or talk on his computer. The school sent over his schoolwork and the superintendent called to say how sorry he was about Adam getting beaten up. Adam's mom let him know that the school was irresponsible in their ability to protect her son. She also told him that if she finds out that another student is being beaten or hurt she would call the school board and the Secretary of Education and let them know what is all going on.

Now Adam is back at the doctors getting looked at. As they left the house that morning to go there he was still wondering why so much security went in to protecting him. Agent Brandon said that it was the way that things happened. Adam just shook his head but let it go, knowing that he couldn't do anything about it.

On arrival to the doctor's office the agents pulled around back and hustled him into the office before any reporters could really see him. Once inside he was sent into an examination room immediately. He kinda grumbled about having to do that but when Agent Brandon looked at him Adam was smiling; Agent Brandon smiled back and just stood there waiting on the doc.

The doctor looked at him and said he was ready for school but no long distance traveling for another month. Adam and his mom thanked the doctor and left.

They exited out the back again.

As they were getting into the limo a photographer appeared out of nowhere and started taking pictures. Agent Brandon got Adam and his mom in the car and slammed the door. At the same time another agent grabbed the photographer's camera and ripped out the film exposing it to the sun. They all got into the car and the truck behind them and left the photographer standing there dumb founded.

Since today was Friday Adam would start back on Monday. That night Agent Brandon sat down with Adam and talked about what was going to happen.

"Ok Adam here's the drill, we pull up in front of your school there will be a lot of reporters and photographers there. What I need for you to do is not to answer any questions and just head straight inside as fast as you can. Now while you are at school there will be four agents myself included that are going to be with you, and no there is no negotiating that one. I need you to say as little to your friends as you can about what is all going on. It is already out that you are the Prince of Seary but they don't know a lot about what will happen or anything like that." Agent Brandon said. Adam just looked at him then put his head down.

"Don't worry I don't have any friends and I know that the only kids that are going to be nice to me are the ones who are going to want something from me. I eat by myself and I would like to keep it that way." Adam said. Agent Brandon nodded his head.

"No problem at lunch when you sit down we will be there and we will not let anyone get near you. Don't worry you're going to be ok. Also anytime your ribs start hurting you and you don't think that you can last much longer out and about let us know and we are gone. You have nothing to worry about ok." He said.

"Yes thank you Agent Brandon" Adam said. Mary said the same thing to him.

"You two are welcome so don't worry." With that Agent Brandon got up and left to do some work.

That weekend went by very slow for Adam. Occasionally he would peek out his window to see if the reporters were still there. They never saw him but he always saw them. At night when he couldn't sleep he would hear the agents checking the house and even coming into his room to make sure that no one was in there but him. It was kind of annoying but he was glad that they were there to protect him.

Finally Monday came. Adam was up at 6 and took a shower and did his morning business. His mom made him breakfast and they ate and talked about his school and her work. Finally at 7:30 Adam, Agent Brandon and 3 other agents left the house to take him to school.

They got in the limo and pulled out of the makeshift canopy. The reporters saw this but to the Adams amazement none followed them, which could only mean one thing.

As they pulled up to the school they saw reporters all over the place. Students were standing outside watching the reporters. When the limo drove up the reporters tried to rush over but the police were there along with several other agents that had been there since early that morning. They kept the reporters back from the limo so that Adam would have a safe trip into the school.

"Well here we are." Agent Brandon said. "You ready?"

Adam looked at him for a few minutes.

"I guess so, time for school." And with that one Agent opened the door and Agent Brandon got out first. After making sure that the coast was clear he allowed Adam to get out of the limo.

Adam looked up at the school and sighed, he knew this was going to be a long day and hopefully a short trip to the end of one life and on to his new one.