The Lonely Prince

Chapter 3

Adam walked through the hallways to his homeroom. Students stared at him and the four bodyguards that surrounded him. When he arrived at his homeroom the teacher looked but said nothing. Adam took his usual seat in front of the class and waited for the school day to begin. Agent Brandon and Agent Michaels sat in the seats next to him and the other two agents went and stood on opposite ends of the classrooms by the wall.

"Excuse me gentlemen I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to get up. Those sits are for the students." The teacher said.

"Ma'am I'm special agent Brandon, I am afraid I cannot do that. Prince Adam must have two of us near him at all times. There is nothing we can do about that, we have already gotten the approval from the principles office." He said staying where he was. She was about to respond when the principle came in.

"Mrs. Rivers is there a problem?" he asked.

"Yes sir there is. These two men say they must sit next to Adam. I am afraid I need the seats." She said staring at first the agents then Adam. When Adam saw the look that she gave him he sank down lower in his sit. One of the Agents was about to come over and say something when Adam shook his head. The agent nodded and stood where he was.

"Well Mrs. Rivers I am afraid you will just have to work around them. He is their protectee and from what I understand they must be near him. Not only to stop reporters but to stop the bullies as well. Since we could not stop them these men will. Have a good day." With that the principle left.

Mrs. Rivers sighed and looked pissed but knew better then to say anything.

The other students started to come in and the two boys that usually sat there were told to sit in the back. They didn't like it but shrugged and went to the back.

Mrs. Rivers did the attendance then told them of the upcoming rally and the usual school notices.

"Also class as you can tell there are four men in this room. To let you know they are here to protect Adam." She stopped when she got a look from the four men. "I meant Prince Adam, they are here for his protection, so please be careful with what you say and how you act around them." She said staring out at her students. "You may talk among yourselves until the bell for first period rings."

Adam sunk lower in his sit trying to vanish. Agent Brandon stopped him and made him sit up.

"Your Highness do not worry no matter what she says she can't hurt you. Also you must learn to sit up properly. There will be a man from Seary coming this evening that is going to start teaching you the etiquette of the Royal Court. You will be learning from one of the best men in the country." He said.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know we were expecting company. But why is he coming now instead of waiting on me to come over there?" Adam asked.

"So you will already be prepaid and know how to present yourself to the people of your country. Also your grandmother is going to want to see you be proper when she first meets you. Also so you know when you are in public with her she will seem like she is cold and not very comforting but not to worry in private she will be loving and caring towards you. She will hug you and talk with you as her grandson and not as the prince. That is the way that the royals all over the world are." Agent Brandon said.

"Ok thank you." He said. The students were talking quietly so as not to scare the agents and get hurt. When the bell rang Adam tried to get up but was stopped.

"Wait till they clear out." Agent Brandon said. Adam nodded his head. After the last student left Adam and the agents left the room to start Adams school day.

Most of the kids were cool and stayed out of the way but a few tough guys who thought they were bullies said some comments that caused them to have several agents in there face.

All of the teachers said the same thing about not letting the agents distract them from there work. They said it mostly nicely and did not have a problem with the agents that sat around Adam.

Finally lunch arrived. Adam walked in and started walking to the lunch line but was stopped.

"Your majesty please come with me over here and sit. One of the agents will get your lunch." Agent Brandon said. Adam nodded and went and sat at the same small table in the corner that he always sat at for lunch. The agent that went for his lunch appeared shortly with his food. Adam ate then took out his homework from his previous classes and started on it. Agent Brandon watched and shook his head.

Agent Brandon didn't think it was right that Adam didn't have any friends. He hoped once they returned to Seary that he could find some friends and finally be happy. After about 45 minutes the bell rang and he was off to another class.

Just like before the teachers said the same thing and were all nice about it except his gym teacher.

"Excuse me what do you think your doing? You guys can't be in here while the boys are changing," said the gym teacher looking at Adam with a hateful look.

He went forward to drag Adam to his office but was stopped with a strong hand on his arm. A few seconds later he found himself on the ground with his arm-twisted back and a knee in his back.

"Sir if you even think about moving you will be sorry. I will break every bone in your arm." Brandon said.

Adam stood still not believing what just happened. Once the coach came forward two of the agents grabbed Adam and put him in between them protecting him. While Agents Brandon and Agent Michael grabbed the coach.

"You can't do this. That little shit is my student. Let me up." He tried to move only to feel a pop in his shoulder. The coach screamed.

"I told you so. As of now you are under arrest. Move and I may have to shoot you and yes I can do this. I am sanctioned in the USA for protecting my protectee. You have tried to hurt him." The agents picked him up off the floor. Agent Brandon looked at Adam seeing how scared he is and talked into his cuff mic.

"Code red." Was all he said in less then 2 minutes the room was covered in agents. They had their weapons drawn and out.

"Stop." Adam said everyone looked at him. "You don't need to do this ok. I'm alright he didn't get near me, let the rest of the students go." He said. At that Agent Brandon looked at him and then nodded his head and the new team disappeared. About that time the principle came in.

"What is going on?" he demanded to know.

"Sir this man here tried to grab my protectee and hurt him. You could see it on his face, as of now he is under arrest." Agent Brandon said.

"No he isn't" Adam spoke up.

"What?" Agent Brandon said.

"Look he didn't get near me, let him go I just want to go home now." Adam said and started walking towards the door before anyone could stop him. Agent Brandon couldn't believe it, but he smiled he knew that Adam was going to be a great King one day, one with heart and passion for his people. Agent Brandon let the coach go while the other agents went after Adam.

"Consider yourself lucky if I had my way I would have had you arrested then sent to Seary. Over there you wouldn't have seen the light of day." Agent Brandon said. "I would have that arm looked at. It looks like it is dislocated."

"Don't worry about this Agent he will have all the time he wants. You're fired." The principle said looking at the coach. Agent Brandon just smiled.

"You can't do that to me." The coach said.

The principle got up in his face.

"Yes I can. I told you all what was going on and what had to be done, but you blatantly disregarded what I said. You broke the rules and now you are gone." He said. The principle turned and walked out of the locker room leaving the coach and the other students there. You could hear him tell the other teacher that the coach was fired and that he would be taking over all the students today.

The agents caught up to Adam as he walked out the front door. No one not even the teachers tried to stop him. As he got to the car one of the agents caught up to him and opened the door. Adam climbed in and shut the door. A few seconds later the door opened and agents Brandon and Michael climbed in. The agent outside shut the door and the other two got up font.

On the ride home they were quite. Adam didn't want to talk and Agent Brandon didn't know what to say. They arrived at home and pulled into the canopy, an agent opened the door and agent Brandon got out first. After a second he let Adam out. Adam ran up the walk way and into the house. He ran up to his room and slammed his door and locked it. Agent Brandon knocked and didn't get a reply.

"Your Majesty please open the door. I would like to talk with you." He said. He didn't get a reply. He posted two agents in the hall now instead of one in case of trouble.

Adam lay on his bed and cried himself to sleep. A few hours later there was a gently knock on the door.

"Honey can you open the door please. I would like to talk with you." Mary said. Adam woke up and opened the door. Mary walked in and looked at her son sitting on the edge of his bed with fresh tears poring down his eyes. "Awwww honey what's the matter what happened?" she asked hugging him.

Adam started really crying and hugged her back. After a few minutes he stopped and told her all that had happened.

"Honey you know they are only trying to protect you." She said.

"I know and it isn't really that, it's that all this year the coach has been mean to me and it's as if he really wanted to hurt me. Then when I saw what agent Brandon did I felt sorry for the coach. I didn't want him hurt I know why he did it but still I can't stand to see people hurt even people that are mean to me." Adam said. About that time agent Brandon walked in.

"Your highness if I may say." He started. Adam nodded his head. "Sir I think you are going to be one of the best kings ever. You have a good heart and I heard what you said. You don't like to see people hurt even your enemies. That is a sign of a truly good man with an honest and caring heart. You your majesty will make a fine young man and an excellent king. I'm sorry you had to see what happened but now you know when we go and protect someone we do it with everything we have. I know we scared the kids in there today and I am sorry for that but still my main objective was to protect you. Then seeing how you took charge and had us just leave everyone. That is the sign of a true king. As of now your majesty I pledge my allegiance to you, and to your future children." Agent Brandon said getting on one knee and bowing. About that time agent Michaels came into the room.

"As do I your majesty." He said getting down and bowing at Adam.

"We do to," said the other officers in the hall and on the stairs.

It seemed that his entire protection detail were on his side and were pledging their support and allegiance for Adam and his future.

"Thank you all." Adam said smiling. They got up and left him and his mother by themselves.

"Wow honey you showed them what a true king is. You should be proud of your self." She said hugging him. Adam hugged her back and thought about something for a minute.

"Mom, do you think we can try and get a tutor here. I don't want to go back to that school again." Adam asked.

"I'll see what I can do. Come on down stairs dinners almost ready." She said.

Adam followed her down stairs and into the kitchen. The burgers were almost finished. Adam grabbed the cheese, broke up the lettuce and cut the tomatoes. He grabbed the chips and put them on the dinning room table.

"Agents would you like me to cook you all something as well?" she asked them. Agent Brandon came into the room.

"Thank you ma'am but our resident chef just pulled up. I went ahead and called him in. I know that you would probably like to cook for yourself but if at anytime you don't want to he can cook for you." He said.

"Ah ok thank you" she said. She took the food into the dinning room and she and Adam had a nice dinner just talking quietly and relaxing.

The next day around ten in the morning a man showed up and was escorted into the dinning room where Adam was.

"Sir your tutor is here." Agent Brandon said.

"Thank you Brandon." Adam replied. The night before he asked agent Brandon if he could just call him Brandon. Brandon liked that and agreed to it.

The tutor saw the four men in the room and opened his case showing he had nothing but books in there.

The tutor started teaching Adam and by three o'clock he was finished for the day. The agents lead him out.

For the next month that was how it was. The tutor would come at ten and leave by three sometimes 3:30. Adam was well and truly ahead of his class.

Finally the day for the doctor came. Adam was in the room and the doctor came in. He looked Adam over and said he had healed up nicely. He could now travel. Adam was relieved. They thanked the doctor and left for home. When they arrived home they noticed a moving van in front of their house.

"What's that for?" he asked.

"Well honey they are going to be boxing up all of our stuff and shipping it to Seary. So we won't have to pack anything but a carry on bag and a suitcase." Mary said.

"Oh ok." He replied. They got into the house and Adam went ahead and started packing his suitcase and his carry on bag. He packed his game boy and some of his books, and some personal items he didn't want anyone seeing. After he finished with his carry on he did his suitcase. He finished up about four and set it all by the door.

"Mom what about my schoolbooks?" he asked. Agent Brandon came into his room about then.

"Sir they were taken to your school this morning by one of the agents. They dropped them off and left. No one said a thing." He said. Adam looked kind of down.

"I was hoping someone would have said bye."

"Well the principle did. I'm sorry sir, but I do believe that you will have a better time in Seary. I think you will make plenty of friends and not just because you are the royal prince." Agent Brandon said. Adam thought about this for a minute and smiled.

"Yeah I think your right." Adam and Agent Brandon went down stairs.

At nine the next morning the limo and the trucks carrying the agents pulled into the general aviation section of the airport. There stood a jumbo 747 with the royal seal of Seary on it. The jet was white with a red strip down its side. The royal seal of a stag on all fours with a crown on its head, around the stag was a red circle going all around it.

The limo and trucks stopped and the agents after making sure that no one was about that shouldn't be opened the door.

Adam and his mom got out and looked up at the plane. Agent Brandon came over and stood with them.

"Wow that's awesome." Adam said smiling.

"Yes sir it is. If you're ready lets get you on your way to your new life." Agent Brandon said. Adam looked at his mom then back at Agent Brandon and nodded his head. With Agent Brandon in front of him his mom beside him, Agent Michael behind him and several more agents surrounding them they headed up the stairs and onto a new life.