The Lonely Prince

Chapter 4

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean was a new experience for Adam. He kept looking out the window at the colors of the ocean and the sky. To him the sky seemed a lighter blue and the ocean a darker blue.

Adam still couldn't believe that other then his mom and himself the only other people on this huge plane were the pilots, security guards and the cooks. He was amazed when four hours into the flight one of the stewards came in and brought sandwiches and chips for his mother and himself.

"Wow thanks." He said. The steward smiled back.

"Your welcome your Highness. I hope you like it when you are finished just punch three on the phone and someone will come and retrieve everything. Have a good flight." He said bowing then walking out of the room.

"Mom, why does everyone bow to me?" Adam asked his mother. He thought he knew why but he still wasn't quit sure.

"Honey you're the prince. It shows a sign of respect." She replied.

"Oh ok thank." He said smiling at her. She returned the smile and they both sat quietly finishing their lunches. After lunch they headed into the lounge to watch some television. There were over 200 channels from around the world to choose from. They decided to watch some TV from the UK.

Four hours later there came an announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen we are now four hours out of Seary. Just wanted you to know and I hope that you have enjoyed the flight so far." The captain said.

"Wow only four hours how long have we been flying?" asked Adam. Mary looked at her watch.

"Hmm, eight hours now. Wow we have been flying for a long time but at least it has been in comfort." She said. Adam nodded his head and turned back to the television show.

After the show was over Adam went to the video cabinet and looked to see what they had. He saw they had the movie Clue an excellent comedy in his opinion and decided he wanted to watch it. He showed his mom and she nodded her head in agreement.

Just as the show was ended another announcement came over the intercom.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we are now flying over England and if you look out the side windows you can see the beautiful landscape. We are about thirty minutes out so please be prepared to sit tight" the captain said.

Adam and his mom looked and saw the landscape and some of the houses that were scattered around the countryside.

In the distance he was able to make out Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the Parliament building. He was amazed at its size.

"Mom do you think that our castle is that big?" he asked. Before Mary could reply Agen Brandon walked in.

"Yes and no sir. It is roughly the same size in width but it is taller. Some of the rooms are bigger than that in Buckingham Palace and some are smaller. From what I understand you are going to have three rooms of your own." Agent Brandon said.

"Really? Why?" asked Adam.

"Well one is your bedroom with a bathroom attached. The other is a sitting with a half bath in it. And the last is basically a playroom. Where you will have your games and books and so forth in there." Agent Brandon replied smiling watching Adams face light up with joy.

"Wow that is going to be so cool." Adam said. Mary and Agent Brandon laughed at him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats and galley please let me know when you are locked down. We are landing in ten minutes," the captain said over the intercom.

Adam, Mary and Agent Brandon sat back and talked more about the castle. Agent Brandon told him about the dinning room and kitchen and all of the other rooms that were at the castle. He also went ahead and told them what would happen when they landed.

He warned them that the media will be there and that a lot of people will also be there to get a look at the new prince, the next king of Seary.

The plane landed without any problems and very smoothly. Adam and his mom put got up and put on their shoes while Agent Brandon went and coordinated with the other agents. They saw the stairs where put by the front of the plane. Adam and his mom walked up there and waited on the other agents.

"Right please remember what I said. Wait till I give you the go ahead." Agent Brandon said. Adam and his mom nodded their heads as agent Brandon opened the door.

Agent Brandon looked and noticed all the people behind the fence and all of the media from around the world covering this important occasion. Agent Brandon looked down and saw the other agents standing there, making sure no one got to close. Another agent opened the limo door and waited for the royals to come down. After a minute or two of making sure everything was all right agent Brandon let Adam and his mom come out.

As Adam and his mom stepped out onto the top of the stairs they looked and noticed all of the people and media, but what got Adams attention the most was beyond them he green lands of Seary. When the crowd saw Adam and his mom they started cheering and calling out there names.

Adam and his mom descended the stairs and got straight into the limo for the ride to the palace. The ride to the palace was fast but delightful. Adam was able to see a lot of the city as they traveled to the palace at the edge of town. The main city of Greenwich was very beautiful the downtown area looked like the past with the modern world thrown in around it. The people of Greenwich lined the streets cheering for the new prince and his mother.

As they approached the palace Adam saw that the gates were closed but started opening as they approached them. The police were there to help make sure that no one got past the gates. They drove in through the gates and they closed behind them then they drove for about five minutes before they came up to the front of the castle.

Once at the doors an agent opened the limo door and Agent Brandon got out. He looked and made sure there was no direct threat. After feeling sure that nothing was wrong or would happen he let Adam and his mother out of the limo.

They approached the door and it was opened for the by what looked like a butler who bowed as they went past him. The doors were shut and Adam was in his new home, safe and happy.

The butler led them through the foyer and into the steady. Adam noticed that once the doors were shut most of the agents seemed to have disappeared, he was happy that he wasn't surrounded by them all the time now.

They entered the formal lounge and standing there in a white gown with a crown on her head was his grandmother. Queen Katharine was 60 years old but didn't look over 50. She had blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She stood straight and proper.

When Adam entered he stopped and stared at her.

"Grandmother?" he asked. Queen Katharine looked and smiled and with tears flowing down her cheeks she ran up to Adam and hugged him.

"My dear boy, my dear sweet boy," she said. Adam hugged her back with tears running down her cheeks as well. After about five minutes of hugging Adam's grandmother the Queen released Adam and pulled Mary into a hug.

"How is my daughter doing?" she asked smiling at her. Mary returned the hug.

"I'm fine mom how are you?" she asked.

"I'm doing better now. Now that you both are here," The Queen said turning to face Adam. "Now young man I am sure that you have a lot of questions that you would like to ask." She said leading Adam and Mary to the couch.

"Yes ma'am but I'm not sure where to begin." Adam replied sitting down.

"Well what's the first thing to pop into your head?" asked his grandmother.

"Hmmm well I know why you all keep this a secret from me, but I still don't know the whole thing of why." Adam started off.

"Well as your mom told you we wanted you to grow up and be a normal boy for as long as you could. But with the death of your father and now grandfather that had to be cut short. We are sorry for that, but let me tell you the story of your grandfather." And with that she started telling Adam how his grandfather decided the whole thing and what should happen. "So you see Adam your grandfather was the one who wanted you to have the normal life that he never did."

"Oh I see. So I am the crown prince and no one can take that away right?" he asked. She smiled at him.

"No Adam no one can take it away. This Friday will be the official coronation for you. You will have a crown placed on your head and you will be announced as the official Crown Prince of Seary. So you will have this week to learn how to act and what you will have to do." She said smiling at him.

"What about my mom?" he asked looking over at his mother.

"Son your mother already has a title. She is known as Princess Mary Meredith Ryan Princess of Seary. But she will not have the throne and she already knows it. If your father were alive then she would become the new Queen and him the King. But the way our law works you will become the next King and your mother will always be a Princess." The Queen said. Adam looked at his mother in wonder.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked her. Mary just smiled at him.

"I wanted to wait till we got here. As you noticed if you were to think back we didn't let you see any newspapers or watch the TV. I just wanted you to think of me as your mom, not as a princess. I hope you will forgive me." She said looking deep into Adams eyes.

"Of course I forgive you. You're my mom and I love you." He said getting up and giving her a hug.

"Ok what crown will I have put on me?" Adam asked with curiosity and wonder in his voice. Adam's grandmother smiled and picked up the phone.

"Bring it in please." She said. A few moments later the doors opened and in walked a man carrying a red velvet pillow with a crown on top. The crown was gold and round. In the middle of it stood four stones. At the top was an oval shaped diamond and going to the right was an oval shaped emerald, on the bottom was a ruby and on the left was a sapphire. Adam stared at it with awe.

"Wow that is amazing. May I hold it please?" he asked. The Queen nodded her head and the man holding it went to one knee in front of the prince and bowing with his head held the crown in front of Adam.

Adam picked up the crown and felt its weight, which to him felt very heavy. He noticed on the inside names that were in craved there.

"Whose names are these?" he asked showing the names to his mom and his grandmother.

"Those are all the names of the princes who wore that crown before you. Once you become king you will get a different crown. The day before your coronation the crown will be sent to have your name and the date of the coronation in craved there as well. Right under your father's name," She said. Adam looked and saw his father's name there. Tears glistened in his eyes. "I know my child I miss him too."

"Thank you. Can I get something to drink please?" he asked. The Queen looked at one of the servants standing there and he went and got them all some water.

"Why don't I show you to your room. You mom already knows where her's are." The Queen said. After drinking his water Adam nodded his head.

Queen Katharine led Adam and his mother to the stairs and headed up the stairs.

"Adam your room is on the fourth floor on the left. What we call the east wing. Your mother's is on the south side and mine is on the west." She said. Once they reached the fourth floor they turned right and came to a set of double doors. With his grandmothers prompting Adam opened the doors.

Adam couldn't believe what he was looking at. In the room was a formal sitting room. He had a couch, a love seat, a dark wooded coffee table, and chairs scattered all over the place. They were a sat on a lovely Chinese rug that covered the whole floor. There were art and antique vases were all over the entire place.

"Wow this is huge." Adam said. His grandmother and his mom laughed.

"Go to your right," Said his grandmother. Adam went and opened the double doors on the far end of the wall. The doors were heavy dark wooden oak.

There to his amazement was his bedroom. Almost as big as the formal sitting room. There was a king sized four-poster bed with dark wood surrounding the base of it. The four-poster was made of the same dark wood as the bottom of the bed. To his right was a dresser with five drawers in it. The dresser matched the wood of the bed. On the other side stood another item that looked like a dresser but he knew it wasn't.

"What's that?" Adam asked.

"Open it and find out?" his grandmother said. Adam went over to the item and opened it. There was a 30-inch TV, VCR, DVD combo.

"Oh My God, that is amazing. Thank you." Adam said. Looking in the three drawers on the bottom he noticed that was a place to place his movies in. Looking next to the TV cabinet he saw a door there. Wondering what it was he opened it and inside was a huge bathroom. With a sink, separate bathtub that could be used as a Jacuzzi, and a separate shower. He had a double sink and a toilet with another strange looking toilet next to it. "What's that for?" he asked. His grandmother and mom laughed.

"That is a bidet. It is used to wash your backside when you are finished used the bathroom." His mom said. Adam blushed and shook his head. Adam left the bathroom and looked on the other side of his room and saw another door. Adam opened the door and noticed that is was a walk in closet. The closet was about 20 feet by 20 feet. It was huge and he loved it.

Coming out of the closet he noticed the balcony doors. Adam went over and opened them up and stepped out onto his own private balcony that stretched to all three of his rooms. Looking he could see that the land seemed to go on for miles and miles.

"How much do you own?" he asked his grandmother. Coming up and putting her hands on his shoulders she replied.

"Dear we, as in you, me and your mother own about 1000 acres out there. It is all fenced in. You will still have to go with guards but if you want to look about the land that can be arranged. Come on there is till one more room to look at." She said. Adam's grandmother led them into the bedroom and shut the door. She then led Adam and his mom through the sitting room to another set of dark oak doors.

She pushed Adam gently towards the doors and he opened them. In side was a game room that he could not believe. There was a pool table, a foosball table, pinball machines and many other games. Including a huge wide screen TV that had an x-box, PS2 and many other games hooked up. He also noticed that there was a VCR and DVD built into it. Adam looked and saw a cabinet with video's and DVDs in there and plenty of room for more. There were chairs and beanbags thrown all over the room.

"Wow," Was all Adam could say.

"Yes I imagine it is a wow. This is all your Adam. Your father had it built when you were a boy. We just updated it as the years went by. There is a table over there on the far wall for your computer. Also that door over there leads into a half bath room with a sink and toilet only and there is another half bathroom in the sitting room. When your stuff gets here I will have some of the servants help you put everything where you want it." Adam's grandmother said. Adam turned and hugged him grandmother.

"Thank you.' He said. She smiled at him.

"Well it is almost 7 o'clock now. Why don't we head down stairs for some dinner?" She said.

"Yes please." Adam replied. Adam taking his grandmother hand in one hand and his mother's in the other; led them through the sitting room and out the doors, only stopping long enough to close them. Taking there hands again he led them down stairs for dinner.

Adam was excited he loved his rooms and his family, but he knew that a lot of work was to come in the next week before the coronation. He was both excited and scared, but he knew with his mom and grandmother there with him he would be all right.