The Lonely Prince

Chapter 5

Over the next few days Adam was taught how to be a proper Seary Royal. He was taught how to eat with the right utensils. Learned how to walk properly and even how to wave. Over the next few days he was also taught how to walk into a room and the proper etiquette for appearing in front of the Queen when they were in a public setting.

Over all Adam did remarkably well, for someone who had no real training. A tutor came and taught him about the school there and started him on his lessons. He enjoyed this greatly, and he seemed to excel in everything he did. His tutor was most impressed with Adam and told him so on many occasions.

During the next few days before the coronation Adam sat down with his grandmother and told her he was gay. All his grandmother did was smile and said she already knew. She told him not to worry that that would not affect him in being prince or king. She did tell him that he would have to marry but that would not be a problem because she knew a princess who she heard was gay. So that would do for show. She also told him not to worry he was only 14 and there was plenty of time for that. Adam was happy that she was not upset at him being gay, he cried in her arms for almost an hour.

Also during the week all of there stuff came from the states. With several servants helping him he was able to put up all of his stuff in the proper place that he wanted.

At night he would either sit on the balcony and watch the sky or play in his game room.

Finally Friday came. Adam was nervous all morning he knew that the coronation was to start at one sharp. With servants help he was dressed in a shirt with a button up type of shirt that looked like a jacket to him. He had the matching blue pants and black wingtips that were shined to perfection. He thanked the man then left. Adam walked through the castle and watched as the people got everything set up. The only room he was not allowed in was the throne room. That he had to wait to see till the coronation started.

Finally one o'clock came around.

There were many guests there including the Queen of England and her family, and many other diplomats and famous people were there as well. He asked his mom why the President of the US wasn't there. His mom said was that there were personal reasons involved.

Finally his mom was called in. Adam was by himself and had to wait. After about ten minutes the doors opened and it was his turn.

"Welcome Adam William Ryan Prince of Seary," said a gentleman on his left. As Adam walked in everyone either bowed or curtsied to him. Adam walked up towards the thrown and even though he walked proper his mind was racing with all the decorations and crest that were there. Adam came to the front of the thrown and bowed to his grandmother.

"Welcome Adam, Prince of Seary." She said. Adam smiled back.

"Thank you your Majesty." He replied. From her left came a Priest holding the Bible and a large piece of parchment. Following him was another man holding the crown that would be placed on his head shortly. The man came and stood in front of Adam.

"Sir my name is Pastor Robbins. Please place your right hand on the Bible." Adam did so. "Do you Adam William Ryan promise in front of the God, before your Queen, and before your countrymen and these honored guest to uphold your duty and honor, to your country and your people?" he asked. Adam looked at the man and replied.

"Yes I do." He said. The man smiled, another man came and took the Bible from the priest. The priest took the parchment and held it out in front of Adam.

"Please place your right hand on the parchment. Adam did so.

"This parchment is the original law that was writ when the kingdom was first created. From there other laws have been made and through this original work the kingdom stands and works for the people." He said. "Do you Adam William Ryan do solemnly promise in front of God, before your Queen, the People of this country and this honored guest that you will uphold this law? That you will hold it in your heart and learn from it? Do you promise to act fairly and truthfully to your country and your people?" he asked.

"Yes I do so solemnly promise." Adam said. The priest nodded his head and handed the parchment to his assistant, and took the crown from the other person there.

"Please kneel." The priest said. Adam knelt on both knees in front of him, the priest held the crown over Adams head.

"With the power of God and the Queen of Seary. In front of these witnesses and in front of the country of Seary I proclaim you: Prince Adam William Ryan, Crown Prince of Seary and the colonies." with that the priest put the crown on Adam's head.

Adam stood up and bowed to the priest as a sign of respect then turned and bowed to the guest then finally turned and looked at his grandmother. They smiled to each other and Adam bowed to her. The Queen stood and took Adams hand and he walked up to the thrown next to the Queens. While she held his hand she said.

"I present to you your Prince and future King: Prince Adam William Ryan." With that they both sat down and everyone started clapping.

After about an hour the last guest was presented. Adam let out a silent sigh.

"Thank you every one for coming." The Queen said as she stood. "Now let us all head to the ball room, for dinner and dancing." Adam got up and placed his arm out for the Queen to set her on his. Together they walked down the stairs from the throne and headed out the doors to the ballroom. Then the other guest joined them.

Later that evening after the guest left, Adam decided to turn in for the night. His crown was placed back in the vault. He told him grandmother and mom good night and headed up stairs to bed.

Over the next month Adam stayed in the castle. He was tutored on the country and the people and his class work. He went out riding on his horse and swimming in the swimming pool. He didn't talk with anyone outside of the castle and it was beginning to depress him. Finally on Friday he told him mom and grandmother that he wanted to go to a park in the city. Maybe try and make so friends. They thought that was an excellent idea. It was about time that he wanted to get out.

Saturday morning he left with his security detail and for the first time since he arrived went into the city. They passed many parks but there really wasn't anyone there finally they came to the middle of the city and off to the side there was a big park.

The park was named after his dad William. He smiled at the name and started to walk into the park. There he saw a bunch of kids playing games, cricket, rugby and even soccer. He went and sat on the swings that were nearby and watched them all. He asked Agent Brandon to scatter some of the detail or he won't be able to make any friends. They agreed and some of them went back to the car and waited.

One of the boys playing rugby looked and saw Adam sitting there at first he didn't recognize him but after a few moments he saw all of the guards and knew who it was.

"Hey that's the prince. Want to go and see if he wants to play?" asked one of the boys. They all agreed and started walking over towards Adam. Adam saw them and at first was scared. The security team seemed to just appear right before the boys got to him. They all stopped seeing the men with their hands in their coast. They knew that they were arms.

"We just wanted to see if he wanted to play," said one of the boys.

"Its ok guys let them come up," said Adam. The security detail scattered again.

"Hello your majesty my name is Noah Woods. Would you like to play some rugby? Were only playing tag rugby so it is nothing to hard." He said. Instantly Adam liked Noah. To him he was beautiful. He had fine blonde hair and green eyes.

"I would like to but I have never played before. Sorry guys, but I liked watching ya'll all play. I never really got into sports." Adam said then lowered his head, he thought that they would just laugh and walk away but they didn't.

"Hey that's cool, if you want I can sit out and explain it to you so if you want to play one day you can." Noah said.

"Really?" asked Adam.

"Sure." With that the other guys took off but not quite as far and Noah began to teach Adam about the game.

"Wow it looks like fun but I was never any good with sports, I seem to not be any good at anything but reading, writing and tennis." Adam said.

"Hey that's cool, but it doesn't mean that you can't watch right?" asked Noah.

"Yeah I guess I can." Adam said with a smile, Noah smiled back.

"So how old are you if you don't mind me asking your majesty?" asked Noah.

"I'm 14, but please call me Adam." Adam said. "What about you?"

"I'm 14 also are you sure it will be ok if I call you Adam?"

"Yeah it will be fine. What school do you go to?"

"I go to St. Paul's. What school do you go to?"

"No where yet but I start on Monday at St. Paul's as well." Adam replied.

"Cool maybe we will be in some of the same classes together. So do you have any games to play at the castle?"

"Yeah a few, I am still learning some and they seem kinda hard but I'll figure them out eventually, if I don't die from frustration first." Adam said and laughed. Noah laughed with him.

"I know what you mean when I first started playing geostrob I kept dying and I got pissed real fast." They both giggled at that. "So do you miss your friends back home in America?" Noah asked.

Adam put his head down.

"No I didn't have any. I was too much of a geek for everyone, because I didn't like sports or I liked to read, and because of my glasses and braces." He said. He felt the tears coming to his eyes and stood up and turned away from Noah.

Noah got up and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Hey man, don't worry. We won't we won't make fun of you. I know that my friends are cool enough to except everyone as they are. You don't have to worry about that. Besides I'll be your friend." Noah said. Adam turned around and faced him.

"Really?" he asked. Noah just smiled and held out his hand. Adam took his hand and shook it.

"Now come on lets get closer and I'll explain the game to you. Even if you don't play at least you will know what it is all about." Noah said putting his arm over Adams shoulder and leading him closer to the other boys.

For the next hour they sat and watched the game and Noah explained it to him. Several times the boys had Noah come in and take someone else's place, and whenever that happened another boy would come over and talk with Adam and explain things and answering questions where Noah left off. By the time that the game was over Adam had met all of the guys. Then Adam had a really good idea.

"Hey guys if you want to play someplace where you won't have to worry about hitting anyone I could see if you could come to the palace and play there. We have something like 1000 acres." Adam said. All the guys started smiling.

"Cool man," Said Noah.

"Ok I'll ask my grandmother and call you." Adam said with that all the guys left and Adam went back to the castle.

When Adam arrived he told his mom and grandmother about the boys he meet and about how they explained rugby to him. He told them that they were all very nice and that they seemed really interested in getting to know him as a friend and not the prince. He also told them about inviting them over to play rugby out on the backgrounds if it was ok with his grandmother. Adams grandmother smiled at him.

"Adam you don't have to ask my permission to invite someone over. This is your home just as much as it is mine." She said smiling at him. Adam got up and went over and hugged him grandmother.

"Thank you, I need to call Noah." Adam got up and was about to walk out of the room when he stopped and turned back to his mom and grandmother. "I forgot to get his number." Adam said. His mom and grandmother watched as his face fell. Adam turned around and was walking towards the doors to leave with his head down when Agent Brandon walked in and came up to Adam and gave him a slip of paper.

"Here you go." He said. Adam took the paper from him and read it. It was a note from Noah.

"Hey sorry I forgot to give you my tele number. I wrote it down real quick and gave it to one of your security guards. Call me.


Adam turned around ran back to his mom and grandmother and showed it to them. They both smiled at him. Adam turned and left them room this time.

Adam ran up to his room and went into his bedroom. He sat on the bed and called Noah's house.

After a few rings a man answered.

"Hello?" said the man.

"Hi my name is Adam is Noah there?" Adam asked hesitantly. The man chuckled.

"Yes your highness he told me you would be calling, hold on please." In the background he could here the man called for Noah. Noah picked up a few seconds later.

"Ok dad got it." Noah said. His dad hung up.


"Hey Noah; it's Adam. Thanks for the note, when I noticed I didn't have your number I kinda gave up till on of the security guards gave me your note." Adam said. Noah giggled.

"Yeah I kinda figured that you forgot about the number. So how are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm fine thanks. How are you?"

"I'm doing ok. All me mates really enjoyed hanging out with you today. We thought maybe next Saturday if you wanted we could all get together and go to the movies or bowling or something." Noah said. Adam couldn't believe it.

"Wow really?" he asked.

"Yeah man I told you they like you. They don't care that you're the prince or anything." Noah said. Adam smiled on his end of the phone.

"Cool yeah I'd love to. I will have to check to make sure that my mom or grandmother doesn't have anything planed. Oh by the way my grandmother said that all of you can come over when ever you want to play rugby." Adam said. He could here Noah smile on the other end.

"Cool." Noah said. They talked for a few more minutes then hung up from each other.

Adam slept great that night and the next morning he was well rested and ready for church. They went to the local church and Adam enjoyed himself immensely. He noticed that Noah was there as were the boys from the park. When church let out and his mom and grandmother were talking with the priest Adam went and talked with Noah and the other boys.

Adam told them that they could come over anytime that they wanted to just call ahead and make sure he was there. They said cool and they couldn't wait.

Adams mom Mary and his grandmother Queen Katharine approached. When the boys saw them they bowed to her.

"No boys do not bow to me we are on holy ground the only one you bow to is to God and his son Jesus. So Adam these are the boys that you met?" asked his grandmother.

"Yes ma'am. This is Noah here, then there is Zack, Bobby, Rusty, Chris, Matthew, Mike, Roger, and Brad." Adam said.

"It is nice to meet you all," said Mary.

"You to your majesty," Noah said.

"Ok boys I know that Adam told you all about coming over. Just make sure you call ahead of time to make sure that we are there. I hate to break this up but we need to get going," said the Queen.

"Yes ma'am" said Adam. Adam said bye to all the guys then him and his mom and grandmother left for home.

Adam had a great time that day at church and after. Later that night Adam was both excited and scared. Tomorrow he would start school. He didn't know what it would bring or whom he would meet. All he knew is that it was bound to be a great adventure.