The Lonely Prince

Chapter 6

Adam was up at 6 am Monday morning. He took a shower and used the bathroom. After the shower he got dressed in his school uniform, which consisted of black trousers, a dark blue shirt, a black blazer with the school emblem on it and a black tie. To top it all off he had to have either black socks or navy blue socks with black loafers. His gym kit was already packed.

He already had all of these because a week before a tailor came by to fit him for his school clothes plus a new wardrobe appropriate for a prince.

Adam headed down stairs and went into the dinning room to have breakfast. His grandmother and mom were already there waiting on him.

"Good morning honey how did you sleep?" asked his mom smiling at him.

Adam smiled back. "Great thanks. I'm really excited but also scared." He said.

"I understand honey. But remember no can hurt you. You will have 2 bodyguards this time instead of four. Since were home it is less likely that anyone will hurt you, but also if something is wrong in less then two minutes another group will be there. But baby you have nothing to worry about." His mom Mary said.

"I know but still you know how I am." Adam replied starting to eat.

"Don't worry Adam everything will be alright. Matter afact I already got your schedule for you," his grandmother said and handed it over to him.

Adam took it from her thanked her and looked it over.

"Hmm ok so I have English, science, history, gym, lunch, math, government, and finally politics. Ok I see why about all except the last two." Adam said putting it next to his plate and finishing eating.

"Honey you are the next King you have to learn about your country, the way the government works and about the politics in it. So you have to take those classes," said his grandmother. Adam just nodded his head.

At 7:30 Adam was out the door, in the car and on his way to school with Agent Brandon and Agent Michaels.

They pulled up outside the school and watched the students standing there talking and waiting on school to start.

Agent Brandon and Agent Michael got out and looked around. The students standing there stopped and stared. A few seconds later Adam emerged and looked around as well. With Agent's Brandon and Michael next to him he made his way up the stairs and into the building heading to the main office.

Once there they walked up to the desk and got the secretary's attention.

"Yes how may I…" she started then stopped when she saw who it was. "Your majesty I apologies, here is your schedule." She said handing it over to him. Agent Brandon took it from her looked at it then handed it to Adam.

"Thank you…" he started then stopped and looked at the name plate on her desk. "Thank you Mrs. Harrison I already have it. I was told to stop by and let you know to let the headmaster know I was here." He said smiling at her. They left the office and headed to his homeroom.

As they walked down the hall the students stopped and got out of their way. They all knew who he was but everyone was too scared to try and talk with him.

Farther down the hall Noah saw him and smiled. He hurriedly got his books from his locker and walked up to his friend.

"Adam hey. How are you?" he asked shaking his hand. Adam smiled back.

"Fine Noah and you?" he replied.

"Doing great. So got your schedule yet?" he asked. Adam nodded and handed it to him.

"Cool looks like we have 3 no 4 classes together also homeroom together and lunch. Cool most of the guys have lunch with us as well. And I am pretty sure that you will have at least one of us in all of your classes." Noah said handing it back to Adam.

Adam smiled at him and was happy to know that he at least would have someone in most of his classes that he knew.

They approached the homeroom talking the entire time. When they walked in the teacher saw them and smiled.

"Hello your majesty. I'm your homeroom teacher Mr. Harold, how are you this morning?" he asked smiling.

"Fine, thank you." He replied. The teacher looked and decided where to put him when agent Brandon stopped him.

"Sir it would be best if he sat somewhere near the back by the other door. I know that it is locked from the outside. If we have to get him out of here in a hurry it will be better that way." Agent Brandon said. Mr. Harold nodded his head.

"You're right. Well your majesty Mr. Woods's here sits on the last seat. But he can scoot over one and you may sit there. BUT gentlemen no talking unless allowed or I will separate you too." He said smiling at him.

"Sir you offend me I'm an angel," said Noah grinning. Mr. Harold chuckled.

"Yeah and I'm the king of England." He said. They all laughed about that and Noah and Adam took their seats.

The other students started coming in and talking. Adam noticed that Rusty, Bobby, Brian, and Zack where in the same homeroom as he was. They smiled and waved and he smiled and waved back. Mr. Harold called the class to order, and started the roll call. When he got to Adam's name, he simply said. "Mr. A. Ryan." Adam smiled and silently thanked him and responded with a here.

Adam's day went very well, he liked all of his teachers and they all liked him. Not for who he was but for the fact that he was a sweet adorable young man, well mannered and very bright.

Adam got along with all of the other students and they all seemed to like him as well. By the end of the day he was tired but very happy.

Agent Brandon, Michael walked him out the front door and to the waiting limo. He told Noah he would call him later that night and he did.

When he got home he told his mom and grandmother everything that happened that day. They were both very happy that he met so many new friends and he seemed well liked.

After supper that evening he went and called Noah, they talked for nearly an hour before Noah was told to go to bed. They said goodnight and off Noah went to bed.

Adam stayed up a little while longer and thought about Noah and how he felt for him. He liked Noah as a person and a friend but inside of his heart he knew he was falling for Noah and in doing so that could cause trouble not only for his friendship with Noah but also because he was the crown Prince of Seary.

Adam finally feel into a restless sleep, dreaming of Noah and what could all happen if he told Noah of his feelings for him.

Unknown to him Noah was home and dreaming of Adam as well. He dreamed of holding him and protecting him, and most importantly of loving him.

The next morning Adam awoke tired and exhausted. His mom and grandmother noticed this and questioned him about it.

"I don't know I guess all of the excitement has finally caught up to me. Nothing to worry about I'm sure it will pass." He said.

They weren't very sure of that but let it go anyways.

At school Adam seemed to drag himself from class to class, all of his friends noticed this as well and questioned him about it. He told them the same thing that

Over the next three weeks, Adam seemed to get more exhausted, and not only that he seemed more moody. On several occasions he snapped at his friends and family.

During the first week Adam only seemed to be dragging a little bit. At lunch one day his friends and him were talking about a game that was coming up even though they knew that Adam didn't like to play they always seemed to ask his advice. Bobby turned to him for his opinion.

"Adam which one do you think will work better, left forward, or back right?" Bobby asked.

"Sorry don't know." He said turning to stare out the window again.

"Awwww come on you always seem to know which one is better." Bobby said. Adam turned and stared at him.

"I said I don't know and I don't care right now. Ok. I'm sorry but I have a lot on my mind." Adam said forcefully. Adam got up and started walking out of the lunchroom. One of the school officials tried to stop him but he just shrugged off his hand and keep on walking. Agents Brandon and Michael went out the door right after him.

Noah watched with worried eyes and sadness for his friend, he wished he knew what was going on and try to help him. He was afraid that Adam was going off the deep end.

Adam didn't seem to get any better over the next two weeks. Every day Adam seemed to come to school looking worse. Dark circles started appearing under his eyes, and his attitude seemed to get worse. His teacher and friends were all worried about him and he told them it was nothing.

Noah knew something was going on and he was getting scarred that his friend was really getting carried away with how he acted towards his friends and family.

During one of these episodes Adam and his mother had a huge fight.

"Adam honey come over here and sit down," she said to him. They were in the sitting room and wanted to talk privately. The shadows under Adam's eyes were so dark they almost seemed pure black. "Dear I love you and I am worried about you. What is going on honey?" she asked him, putting her arm around his shoulders.

Adam shrugged them off.

"Nothing the matter," he said kind of sharply towards her. He got up and walked to the outside doors.

"Adam that is what I mean. What is going on with you? You are getting dark circles under your eyes and you are starting to have a short attitude. Honey what is going on that has you in this condition?" she asked walking up to him.

"Nothing now leave me alone." He yelled at her and ran out the doors, he headed to his rooms. Once he got there he slammed his doors and ran into his bedroom, he slammed that door to and started crying.

Adam sat on the floor for many hours thinking about his mom and how she will take it all. She knew he was gay but still knowing and actually seeing it are two different things. He didn't know what to do, he knew his grandmother told him not to worry but he still did. Everything seemed to be weighing him down more and more.

Finally Adam couldn't even sleep. He would spend his night sitting out on his balcony looking up at the sky and contemplating what he should do. The night would seem to go on forever but then just as he thought it would never end towards the east a light glow would appear. The sky slowly turned from black, to gray, to a light blue, then finally to true blue skies. He loved to watch when this happened. It was at this moment that he knew that God did exist and that he was there for him every step of the way.

Finally in the middle of the fourth week everything seemed to start crashing down on Adam. How he felt about Noah, what the country would think and how his mother and grandmother would react when they finally actually see him with another boy.

Noah loved Adam and he didn't know what to do but he didn't let it show to anyone, especially to Adam. Even though he knew how he felt and was worried about what everyone else thought he didn't let it get to him. His biggest concern was Adam, and what would happen to there friendship.

At school Adam got strange looks but no one said anything to him, they all knew better. Adam seemed to go to class then leave it all in a daze, but finally after Math on Wednesday things hit home all at once.

Adam was in the hall walking to his next class when he stopped. Slowly tears started coming to his eyes and he couldn't breath, Noah was all he thought about. Adam saw Noah look at him and try and say something to him but he couldn't hear it, finally complete fatigue and exhaustion took hold of him and he collapsed in the middle of the hall way.

Noah stood there in shock along with the rest of the students. Agent's Brandon and Michael went immediately to work.

"Code Red, Prince has passed out. Send ambulance immediately." Agent Brandon said into his radio.

Noah knelt down next to Adam, agents Brandon and Michael didn't stop him, but they did stop any of the staff or other students from getting to close.

"Adam, Adam come on man, don't do this to me, wake up please. Please God let him be ok. Come on Adam I need you." Noah said, no one but the two agents heard him.

After about five minutes the ambulance and more security personal showed up, they loaded Adam into the ambulance and took off, Noah being the only person other then agents to be aloud in the ambulance.

They arrived at the hospital shortly after leaving the school. The Queen and Princesses were already there.

"What happened?" asked Mary and the doctor at the same time.

"I don't know ma'am we were walking down the hall then the Prince just stopped. He started crying then passed out." Agent Brandon said.

The doctors and nurses took Adam into trauma room one. They took his vitals and waited on the blood results, Noah never left his side and no one tried to make him go away.

Finally after about fifteen minutes the doctor came back in with the results.

"Well your majesties he seems to be fine. His white blood cells are a little high but according to you he wasn't sleeping. All I can say is that he is simply exhausted and it has finally caught up to him. Does anyone have any idea why he wasn't sleeping?" he asked.

"No doctor we don't but we will find out," said the Queen. The doctor smiled.

"Good but don't push him to hard or he may relapse again." A few minutes later an orderly took Adam and family up to his room. With guards posted at the entrance to his room and on both ends of the hall leading to his room.

After about 2 hours Adam slowly seemed to wake up, Noah and the Queen and Adam's mom were there by his side.

"Adam, can you hear me?" asked Noah.

"Mmm-mmm…. Noah?" Adam asked barely conscious. Noah smiled.

"Yes Adam it's me and your grandmother and mom. Are you ok?" he asked.

"Head hurts." Adam said.

"I know." Noah said slowly starting to cry. Noah closed his eyes and let the tears escape, a few seconds later Noah felt a hand wipe away his tears. Noah opened his eye and looked down into Adams eyes now wet with tears.

Adam whispered to Noah three simple little words that only Adam, Noah, his mom and grandmother heard. But to Adam and Noah it was shouted out to the universe.

"I love you."

Noah stared at Adam for a moment and then a small smile appeared on his face. Adam was scared at first when Noah didn't say anything, but when he saw the smile on Noah he relaxed and smiled back.

"I love you too." He said. Noah bent down and gently kissed Adam on the lips. "I'm worried about you." Noah said. Adam's smile left him and he turned his head away from Noah.

"I can't" was all that Adam said. Noah made Adam look at him.

"Adam I love you with my whole heart. I know that what ever the matter is that we can work through it. I am here for you and I will not be leaving you, so talk to me." Noah said.

At first Adam didn't say anything, then he turned towards his mom and grandmother and told them.

"I'm scared." With a single tear running down his cheek.

"Why dear?" asked his grandmother. Adam didn't speak right away; he was trying to form his words so they wouldn't hurt anyone.

"You know I'm gay and you say you are ok with it, but I didn't know how you would react when you actually saw me with another boy. And then there's Noah." Adam said turning towards Noah. "I didn't know how you felt about me and I was scared you would hate me." He said letting more tears fall. "Also what would the country think if they ever found out? It would ruin the entire family, I don't think I could handle anyone getting hurt." Adam said finally letting it all out with the tears, of pain, worry and anguish with it.

Adam's grandmother took his hand and smiled at him.

"Adam you have nothing to worry about. Your mother and myself love you for you, and nothing will ever change that. We knew that eventually that you would find a boy to love, and you found an excellent young man to want to be with. We are not worried about seeing you two holding hands, or kissing or even cuddling. All we ask is that you do it in doors and not outside.

As for the country they won't find out, as I said I have talked with a King over in Europe and his daughter is gay as well. We have talked and decided that when the time comes you two will marry. But that doesn't mean that you two will have to sleep together, it will simply be for appearances. Even if the country were to find out then no big deal, we will handle it and it will not ruin us. Trust me my grandson everything will be all right.

As for Noah, I think that the kiss and his telling you that he loves you is your answer to that question." His grandmother said. Adam turned and looked at Noah.

"She's right, I love you Adam and I am not going to leave you, so don't worry. We will work around what ever we have to do so we can be together. I love you Adam and nothing will change that." Noah said leaning down to kiss Adam. Adam accepted the kiss.

"Noah you know in the Bible how it says that a man named Noah saved his family from the great flood, and helped to create a new world?" Adam asked.

"Yes." Noah replied. Adams smiled at him and took his hand.

"You are my Noah, and you saved me from a life of drowning. I love you Noah." Adam said.

"And I love you." They kissed again.

Adam was released and sent home and ordered to stay home and rest for the next week. Noah came over everyday and they cuddled either in Adam's sitting room or his bedroom.

They loved to kiss and cuddle and just to hold each other; sex was the farthest thing from their minds right now. They decided that that could wait a long time until they were completely ready.

Noah brought Adam his work assignments and homework and helped him with it all. Adam never failed any of his classes thanks to Noah.

Over time it was as if when you saw Adam you would see Noah, no one knew of their relationship or anything else that happened between them, not even their other friends.

Adam and Noah lived happy ever after. Their story isn't over, just stopped for now. Their future is unknown, so maybe more is yet to come. For now...

The End