The Lonely Prince

Chapter 7

For several weeks after Adam returned home a tutor was brought to the house to teach him his lessons so he wouldn't miss any of his schooling. The school offered to send over a counselor but the Queen refused stating that everything was already handled and that things were fine at the palace.

Adam slowly recovered with the help of his mother, grandmother and of course Noah.

Noah came over everyday after school and helped Adam with his homework and just spent time talking with him. They both loved to cuddle and kiss and no one in the palace ever said anything about that.

Some days both boys went for walks on the palace grounds, and with the high fences and hedges no photographers were able to see them holding hands or sitting under a tree talking and holding each other.

Finally Adam returned to school, Noah met him at the entrance and walked with him to his locker and then his homeroom. Mr. Harold met them at the door.

“Everything alright now Adam?” he asked with concern evident in his voice.

“Yes sir everything is fine now, thank you.” Adam said taking his seat in the back of the class room. The other students all filed in as well and said hi to Adam and then turned and started talking with each other like nothing ever happened.

Mr. Harold called the class to order and things got underway.

Through out the day Noah was with Adam when ever he could be and at lunch they sat with all of their friends and talked. Agents Brandon and Michael never bothered him when they were with his friends and sat at a table near by instead of the same table.

Slowly the weeks flew by and it was summertime. A ball had been set up to announce the summer holidays and some of the most prestigious royal families in the world were invited.

The night of the ball Adam was getting dressed with Noah at his side and they were both laughing at Noah not being able to tie his bowtie. Adam wore the same outfit that he did when he was officially crowned so he didn't have to worry about one.

“Do you want me to get one of the guards?” Adam asking laughing, knowing that with this many people in the palace that there were guards stationed at the doors to his room and on every floor of the palace.

Growling Noah nodded and Adam laughed again. Adam opened his door to see Agents Brandon and Michael there.

“Can one of you two come and help Noah with his tie, he has never worn one before and neither have I. If I have to keep waiting on him I am going to die from laughing at him;” Adam asking giggling some still thinking of Noah trying to tie the tie.

Both agents chuckled and Agent Brandon went in.

“I hear were having some tie problems?” he asked walking up to Noah who was scowling at Adam that only made Adam laugh harder.

“Shut up or no more kisses tonight.” Noah said and Adam stopped laughing after a few more giggles.

“Ok your highness you need to watch because there are going to be times when you have to wear this yourself.” He said as he turned Noah around and tied the tie with them both watching.

“That looks harder to do then anything else I have ever done.” Adam said still watching Noah and Agent Brandon.

“It can be, but after a while you get used to it. Ok now that I am done we need to talk before you go down.” He said having both boys sit on the couch in the room. “Now Noah you're going to have to go down after I'm finished and Adam in a few minutes you will be going down. I know you two want to hang out all night but Adam you're going to have to go and talk with everyone. Noah you can of course off and on be with him but you cannot make it obvious that you're always waiting on him. So I suggest that you talk with some of the other guests.” He said and both boys nodded their head.

With a final kiss Noah headed downstairs leaving Adam by himself. Noah was escorted into the ball room and took his place in the line next to one of the other guests.

A few moments later Adam was announced and brought in. As Adam walked down the line, he shook everyone's hand and kissed the hands of the women and lady's. He got to the bottom of the thrones steps, turned and faced the door.

Trumpets blew and the Queen was announced. She did have her hand kissed by the gentlemen as they bowed and shook the hands of the woman and lady's as the curtsied.

She met Adam at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the thrones and Adam took her arm in his and led her up the stairs.

The Queen stood for a moment looking at everyone and smiling then announced.

“For hundreds of years this tradition has been handed down from one generation to the next. We have all gathered him to celebrate the beginning of summer, to bring in a new year of warmth and life. Thank you all for being here to celebrate it with us, and now, at the hour approaches it is officially summer.” She said and everyone clapped.

The Queen and Prince Adam lead everyone into the banquet hall where tables were set up. Everyone went to their marked table and sat down. With a silent bell chime dinner was brought in and everyone started talking with the people at their table.

Naturally Noah sat with Adam and they talked with the other guests at the table. Some of them were surprised to learn that Noah was Adam's best friend and that was why he was there, but they were also happy that he wanted to share his experiences with his friend.

After dinner everyone went back into the ballroom where they all danced after the Queen and Adam had a dance first. The hours flew by and everyone was having a great time.

Around 10 the Queen took Adam and Noah into a side room where two young ladies were waiting with a set of Parents.

“Adam I would like for you to meet Princess Rose from Greece , and her friend Sarah. Ladies I would like for you to meet Prince Adam and his friend Noah. Adam, Noah these are the two young ladies I told you about.” She said smiling at them.

At first Adam wasn't sure what she meant until Princess Rose, took Sarah's hand in hers then it dawned on him.

“Oh ok I get it, it's nice to meet you both.” Adam said.

“Adam, Noah this is the King and Queen of Greece .” The Queen said. Adam gave a slight bow to the king who returned it and he kissed the Queen's hand, and Noah followed suit.

“It is a pleasure to meet you both.” Adam said smiling at them.

“And it is a pleasure to meet you as well Your Highness. When your grandmother called and told us about what happened to you we weren't sure what we could do until she told us that you and Noah were like your Rose and her friend Sarah. We talked with them and they have agreed to what we have arranged.” He said.

“Oh ok and what is the arrangement?” Adam asked offering them a seat.

Once everyone was seated Noah grabbed Adam's hand and smiled and Adam returned it.

“You see Your Highness, like you our daughter is gay and she is with someone that she loves very much. If this works out then I think that both of our kingdoms will benefit.” He started. “You see this is what I propose we should all do in the best interest of both our kingdoms.” And from there the King of Greece told them what they came up with.

They decided that at the age of 21 Princess Rose would marry Prince Adam, and a few weeks later if Sarah is still with Rose and Noah is still with Adam, then Sarah and Noah will wed.

Noah would be Adams personal assistant and Sarah would be Rose's. No one would think it odd that Sarah and Noah were with Adam and Rose all the time.

Adam asked a few questions that he had and once he had the answers he turned towards the two young ladies.

“So what do you think?” he asked.

“When they first told me about it I was thinking no real fast, but over time I thought that it would work. This way we can still be with the one we love and no one would say anything.

I think that maybe we should go out and dance with each other and let rumors start that there is a relationship building between us. We are going to be here all weekend at the request of her Majesty the Queen. Sarah will be here with me and Noah with you and when they see the “two couples” they will think that we are all talking about dating.

I can still be with Sarah and you can still be with Noah and no one has to know the real relationship between any of us.” She said smiling.

Adam sat there thinking for a few moments.

“I like it but Noah, Sarah what do you think? I mean this is going to involve you two as well. And if neither of them want to do this then I can't.” he said with all honestly. Everyone nodded at that then turned to look at Sarah and Noah.

“I have already been asked about it and I have already talked it over with Rose and her parents, I think it will work and I think it is a great plan. Noah what about you?” she asked and everyone turned and faced Noah.

Noah sat there for a moment and looked between them all and thought about the plan and going over it in his head.

“I like it, I mean I can be with Adam and Sarah can be with Rose. All we have to do is make sure that no one can find out; and I think we should start tonight. All of us go and dance me with Sarah and you Adam with Rose.” Noah said smiling at Adam.

Adam smiled back and agreed.

They finished talking about the finer points on how everything should go and then decided to go and make a show of the two couples.

Later that night after the ball had ended and all of the guests had left, Adam with Noah at his side, and Rose with Sarah at her side sat on Adam's balcony and talked about what the future would be like. They laughed and had a great time not worrying about anything but knowing that everything will be alright.

That weekend Adam and Rose made sure that they were seen in public on many different occasions holding hands and laughing. They had a “date” and the photographers even got a picture of Adam giving Rose a kiss on the cheek.

It was late at night that no one saw Adam giving Noah more then a simple little kiss; for when Adam and Noah kissed they always kissed with passion and love.

Rose returned home but made several trips to Seary as did Adam make several trips to Greece . Sometimes Noah could come with him and sometimes he couldn't; the same for Sarah, sometimes she went with Rose and sometimes she didn't.

Slowly the years went by and soon Noah and Adam graduated from high school and went off to university. They both decided to go to Harvard where they each got a degree; Adam in political science with emphasis on government and Noah with a degree in political science with emphasis on international policies.

A few years after they graduated from college Adam and Rose got married, the celebration was a huge event and all the royal families attended along with several presidents and dignitaries from around the world.

A few days later Noah and Sarah got married in a much smaller ceremony, like Noah was Adam's best man and Sarah was Rose's; Adam was Noah's and Rose was Sarah's.

With in a year with the help of a doctor that was sworn to silence and with his help the couples had children through artificial insemination.

Adam and Rose had twins and named them: Adam William Ryan II and Mary Katherine Ryan; Noah and Sarah surprisingly also had twins. A boy they named William Noah Woods, and a Girl they named Rachael Katherine Woods.

Queen Katherine decided that it was time to retire and she stepped down from the throne. In the spring time of 2016 Adam William Ryan took the throne and became His Majesty Adam William Ryan I King of Seary and Rose his wife became Her Majesty Rose Elizabeth Ryan Queen of Seary.

As far as anyone knew they were the perfect couple, they had two great children and they were happily married. No one ever knew that they never shared a room and they have never shared a bed.

A year after Adam took the throne Queen Mother Katherine died. It was a sad time in the royal family at her passing. The funeral was a long and slow precision throughout the city and everyone came out to pay their respects to the late Queen.

Within a week after her death Adam declared his mother to be the new Queen Mother. That had never happened but no one had questions the King on this because since he took the throne Seary had flourished into an even better country and had become an even better nation to the world.

Eventually Seary became the only country in the world where two people of the same sex could get married. That came after a debate that was caused by a teenager who had killed himself because he wanted to marry his boyfriend and they were told no.

In a speech Adam said he never wanted to hear of something like that happening ever again. He told them that he felt that everyone had the right to be happy and to have love even if it was with the same sex.

Two weeks later after that announcement was made Adam signed in a law giving two people of the same sex the right to marry he also signed in a law giving the married couples the same rights and privileges to benefits of a married couple.

Several countries tried to talk him out of it but he finally told them that unlike them he does not want to see people hurt because they are not aloud to love and unlike them he wants his people to be happy.

As time went on King Adam and Queen Rose became the best monarchy in the world and in the history of Seary. Unknown to everyone else in the world except a select few Adam had Noah by his side and Noah helped make a lot of the laws and helped run the country.

Sarah was there by Roses side in helping to put together several rights and privileges to the people of Seary.

No one ever knew that in the end it wasn't Adam and Rose who ran the country but Adam and Noah. With his love at his side he learned what happiness and love was, and he learned that life really was a great adventure to experience.

And in the end the lonely prince was no longer lonely, but was happy and content with his love by his side for the rest of his life.

The End

Authors Note: The Lonely Prince seems to have taken a life of its own. It has been a long time since I added another chapter to this story and I decide that I would also make this the last chapter.

I would like to thank everyone who has made this story a great story and who has made my adventure in writing this one of experience and fun.

Thank you all for reading this great story, I have finally found a perfect ending for it, and sadly this is the end of this story. I hope that you all have enjoyed reading The Lonely Prince as mush as I have enjoyed writing it.

So once again thank you all for reading and enjoying this story and I hope that you all find your own Prince.

Thank You