The Long Way Home

Chapter 4

School finally started, Levi and I have hung out everyday since we got together, and when ever we went for a walk we always took the long way home so we could be together longer. On the weekend we stayed at each other's house. Friday's his or mine and the same for Saturday's.

We were always together. Our families were becoming great friends and everything was going great, but like all great things something had to happen and in this case it was Fred Tompkins, the school bully.

The Michaels and my parents told us not to worry about him and if he causes us any problems to let the teachers know immediately. We agreed.

Levi and I were in homeroom together and also in math, biology, history, and gym together, the only classes we didn't share were civics and English for me and English and physical science for him.

Unfortunately we had Fred in out history and biology class. The teacher warned any students that caused problems would be sent to the principles office immediately. We hoped that this would keep Fred from bothering us but it didn't.

"Hey I heard you two were faggots." He said. Levi looked scared and scooted farther down in his seat while I turned and looked at Fred.

"Hmm well last time I checked I was straight and so was he. If your so interested in us being gay when we are not then that must mean that YOU are the one who's gay and wanting to get into our pants." I said that loud enough that even the teacher heard us, but I think she figured that I put him in his place when he turned red and didn't say anything. I hope that is what happens.

By lunch it was all over school that on the first day of school I stood up for myself and faced one of the schools bullies by myself.

People I didn't even know were telling me congrates and all of that. Hell I didn't do anything special, well not to me.

By the time that the bus came I was tired and exhausted, Levi looked and noticed this.

"Hey if you want we can do our homework separately and I could let you get some sleep." He offered, I just smiled at him and shook my head.

"Naw that's ok." I said smiling at him he smiled back at me.

When we got off our bus we started walking and like always took the long was home, I loved being with him and I wanted to be with him as much as possible. We got to my house and let our selves in with my key. We got a snack and started in on our homework.

We were finished by 4:30 so we sat on the couch with my arms around him and his head on my shoulder watching TV. We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Roger was waking us up.

"Come on love birds dinners ready, and Levi your parents already know that you're eating here." Roger said smiling at him.

"Ok thanks Roger." He replied. I loved the way he talked. We got up and washed our hands and face's to help us wake up and went to the table for dinner. After dad said the blessing, we started dishing out the food and talked turned to how our day was.

"So Trevor I heard you held Fred Tompkins at bay is it true?" asked Roger, I forgot about that and didn't want to be reminded of it so I glared at him.

"Yes and I didn't do anything important. He said he heard we were faggots and I told him we weren't and that if he is that interested in our sexuality then he must be gay not us. Well he was mad but didn't say anything else to us." My mom and dad just looked at me and smiled.

"What did we tell you two about going to the teacher for help?" my dad asked looking at Levi and me. I just blushed.

"Well it was in class and the teacher heard us and just smiled when I said that. So I figured it was cool with her." I replied smiling at him. Dad and mom just chuckled.

After dinner I walked Levi home and gave him a goodnight kiss in the shadows. I walked back home crawled into bed early and went to sleep.

The next day everything was going fine till the end of school, I was waiting on Levi when I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone push me forward.

"Hey fag don't you EVER talk to me like that again. You're the faggot and everyone knows it, and one day we are going to meet and I'm going to kick your ass." With that Fred walked away. I just stared at him and didn't say anything. About that time Levi came up and saw me on the ground.

"What happened?" he asked helping me up.

"Nothing just Fred, he threatened me for yesterday. He's just a bully, come on the bus is here." I said. We got to the bus and stood in line waiting to get in. Fred came by me and pushed me again. This time I pushed back. He was about to hit me when we saw a teacher coming towards us. We got on the bus and rode silently all the way home.

We were walking home when Levi finally said something.

"I'm scared for you Trevor, please be careful and tell your mom and dad what happened." He said pleading with me. I just turned towards him and smiled.

"If I felt he was serious I would say something he is just all talk, but I promise if he tried anything again I will tell someone ok." I said smiling at him.

"Ok just please be careful. I love you and I don't want you to get hurt."

"I love you too, now come on lets get our homework done." We went to his house did our homework then relaxed.

I had dinner there then left and went on home. We talked about my day and I didn't bring up Fred, he wasn't worth it.

The next day we got to school and saw Fred standing out side waiting around. We got off the bus and headed straight to the doors as we reached the doors Fred grabbed me.

"Watch your back." He said then he walked away. Now I was afraid but I wouldn't let Levi know.

"What did he say?" Levi asked. I looked at him then it dawned on me that Fred whispered to me.

"Nothing just being a prick, saying I was a fag that's all." We headed towards homeroom and I forgot all about it.

The school days were slowly going by.

Levi and I did our homework at each other's houses and ate at whichever house we did our homework at. We always did our homework at my house one day and his the next.

On the weekends we did just like we did in summer, one Friday my house, Saturday his then the next weekend Friday his house and Saturday mine. We always made sure that we let our families into our lives and let them know what was all going on. Except about Fred.

Fred would glare at me everyday and reminded me to watch my back but honestly I was getting tired of it so I stopped worrying and just worried about my test and the stuffing I did. I wanted to make good grades so I could not only pass to the next grade but also be able to get a scholarship one day so my parents didn't have to worry about trying to pay for me to go to college.

In October I got my learners permit and dad started teaching me how to drive. Levi always kidded me about him wearing a helmet whenever he drove with us but I knew it was in good fun. I couldn't wait for him to get his in November because I was going to do the same to him, hehe.

By December we both passed our first nine weeks and we both had A's in all of our classes even biology and history, which Fred was in. Fred hasn't really bothered me any so I figured he thought he couldn't get the best of me and left me alone.

I got Levi a necklace for Christmas and he got me a silver bracelet. I loved the bracelet; it had the rope look to it. He loved the necklace I got for him. It was a gold rope one.

We each got a lot of gifts from our families and we got each other's families gifts as well. I mainly got his mom and dad gift certificates. I figured that way I couldn't go wrong and they loved them. Levi got my mom, dad and brother gift certificates as well.

I got a watch from the Michaels and Levi got a watch from my parents. We both needed them and we loved them a lot.

We got back from Christmas vacation and it was as if nothing really changed, everything was the same except they announced a spring fling this year and carnival and we decided to sign up and help out as much as we could. Good thing we did, there was a lot to do to get ready for it and it would take months to prepare.

And yes Levi did get his learners permit and I teased him aimlessly about his driving just like he did me, he he

I couldn't believe that everything was going so fast. March was already approaching and so was my birthday I was going to be 16 finally.

It's not like we don't have any friends, we have tons of friends but I just want to be with my Levi. My parents understood and were cool with it along with Roger, Levi and his parents.

Finally March 14th was here. Yes I was born 3 days before St. Patrick's Day. This year my birthday fell on a Friday and it was just great because I was going to have a tent in the back yard for just Levi and me.

When the day came for my party I was so excited I didn't pay any attention to my classes. I got into some trouble but my teachers were really cool. Levi was just as excited for me. I planned a small party not a big one just my family, Levi, his family and me. Why do you ask for a small one and not a big one? Well I wanted to be able to hug and kiss Levi as much as I wanted and if there were a lot of people there I couldn't.

We all went out to eat to a really cool restaurant that just opened up here called Carey Hilliard's. We ate then left and went back to my house for cake and ice cream. I opened my presents and got a lot of great things, like a new game for my computer, a hand held pocket notepad so I could write down things I wanted to then download them to my computer, I got some money, cloths and a bunch of other stuff, but I noticed that my parents didn't give me anything. I didn't say anything and neither did they.

As we were finishing up everything my parents brought out a small box and put it in front of me. I looked at them in curiosity and they told me to open it. I did and found a set of keys in there. I just looked at the keys then them.

"The SUV you wanted is sitting in the drive way." Was all my dad said. I couldn't believe it and ran out front. There sitting the drive way was a brand new 2002 blue SUV. I started crying and turned around and hugged them. We were all laughing and crying.

"Tomorrow we take you to get your drivers license." My dad said. I looked at Levi and he smiled and I hugged and kissed him.

That night we stayed in the tent and held each other. No we didn't have sex, we talked about it and decided that it would be better to wait. Neither one of us were ready and nor did we want to rush into anything.

Saturday I took my drivers test and passed with flying colors. Sunday Levi and I went and rode all around town and stopped at a few friends' houses and showed them my new toy. They liked it and wanted me to pick them up one day to take them to school or take them home I agreed but didn't know when I would have to talk with my parents about that first.

That Monday we went down town and watched the St. Patrick's Day parade and had a blast, but on Tuesday that would all change.

School started the same way but this time I arrived with Levi in my new SUV. That day was going normal as any. We had history right after lunch and I told Levi I would see him in class because I had to use the bathroom. He said ok and went ahead to the classroom.

I went into the bathroom and used it. I finished up and was drying my hands when I felt someone come up behind me and hit me in the back. The pain was excruciating, it felt like someone then put something into my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw Fred standing there smiling at me then walk out. I looked down and saw blood soaking my shirt. I was stabbed I remembered my back reached back there and felt something wet. I brought my hand to my face and noticed blood there too.

Fred stabbed me in the back and the stomach. I about fell over; no I had to get out of there. I stumbled my way out into the hall; there was no one there.

My classroom was just down the hall from the bathroom and I started heading that way. I was leaning against the wall and was leaving a trail of blood on. I made it to the classroom and walked in. The teacher stopped talking and looked right at me. I turned and looked at Levi.

"Help me" was all I said before I collapsed and fell to the floor. I heard screaming and felt someone lifting my head. I looked up and saw Levi there sobbing.

I lifted my hand to his face.

"I love you" I said. He just started crying harder, but between sobs I heard what I needed to hear.

"I love you too" I smiled then slowly drifted off to sleep hearing Levi calling my name