The Long Way Home

Chapter 6

"Thank you for telling us that. At 8:30 tonight Fred Tompkins Jr. was arrested." We all turned and stared at Officer Smith.

"We found a knife right out side school property that we were able to match to your blood, and the prints we took off of it were Tompkins. Of course his parents are trying to claim self defense but the thing is that there are too many witnesses saying that there is bad blood between ya'll and also you had no bruising on you. Now with you awake you can tell us what happened." He said coming into the room. I ran up to him and hugged him.

"Trevor this is Officer Smith he was the one who was first on the scene and was able to help control the bleeding." I said pulling Officer Smith over to the bed and taking Trevor's hand in mine. Trevor seemed surprised that I did that. "It's ok I told him about us and his younger brother is gay." I told him, Trevor relaxed at hearing that.

"Officer can you wait till tomorrow please." Asked my mom.

"I'm sorry I really wish I could, I don't want him to have to relive all of that right now, but the sooner I do this the sooner we can get on with the proper charges plus to see if there will be additional charges as well." Officer Smith sad.

"It's ok Mrs. Michaels I don't mind." Trevor said smiling at me and holding my hand tighter. "Well let's see, I meet up with Levi after our next to last class, I had to use the bathroom. After I finished I was washing and drying my hands when I felt something hit me in the back, I then closed my eyes for a second then felt something in my stomach, I opened my eyes and saw Fred standing there smiling at me then he walked out. God knows how I managed to get to the classroom but I did. I went in there saw Levi and said help me then I fell on the floor, Levi came and held my head, I told him I loved him and he said he loved me back the next thing I know I'm waking up in the recovery room." Trevor said. Officer Smith wrote all of this down.

"Levi here said that Fred said something to you last year, he whispered something to you, now Levi said that you said that Fred called you a faggot but he thinks it's something else. Was it?" Officer Smith asked. We all looked at Trevor and waited.

"Yeah it was. I didn't say anything because I thought he meant he would try and jump me, you know try and fight me, he said to me 'Watch your back' then walked away. He never did anything or bothered me again, I thought It was over I guess not." Trevor said.

"Ok thanks, get some rest.' Officer Smith said, he said his goodbyes then left. I looked at Trevor and noticed that he was grimacing from pain.

Yeah I did need to get some rest all through what I told them about Fred I was biting back from crying out from the pain in my back and stomach, but now that I was through I couldn't any more. I started crying and Levi held my hand the entire time. My dad went and got the nurse who came and gave me a shot of something and the next thing I knew it was morning.

I awoke with my mom asleep in a chair next to the bed holding my hand no one else was there. I had to pee but couldn't get out of the bed, I couldn't feel my legs and I was in to much pain to try. I finally shook my mom awake.

"Mom I have to pee." I said. She woke up and brought me over a bottle.

"Can you do it or do you need some help?" she asked me, I turned red I didn't want my mom to see my stuff.

"No I can do it thanks. Can you give me a little privacy please?" I asked. She just smiled and walked out the door closing it behind her. I pulled the sheets down and put my dick in the bottle and started peeing, it felt so great. When I finished I set the bottle on the table next to the bed and pulled the sheets back over me. "Ok I'm finished." I said aloud.

My mom came in took the bottle dumped it in the toilet the brought it back to the table.

"Just in case you need it again. Your dad will be here about noon, while he is here I'm going to run home shower and change and be back in a bit ok." She said.

"Ok, when will the doc be here I want to find out about my legs?" I asked.

"I'm not sure honey but I think about 10 it's 9 now." She said. A nurse came in and brought me some breakfast, of eggs, toast, grits, and something hard that was supposed to be a biscuit. Finally the doctor came in.

"Good morning and how are you feeling today?" he asked.

"I'm sore and I can barely move, what's wrong with my legs? Why can't I feel them?' I asked him wanting some answers. At first he just looked at me.

"Trevor I'm sorry son to be honest we don't know if you will ever get the full use of your legs back again or not. The knife went in and severed several vital nerves and also he cut part of your spine. We are going to be taking you down the x-ray to get a better look at your back, also an MRI and a full body cat scan. We are going to run every test possible to find out if you will be able to walk again or not. To be honest it doesn't look good." He said just looking at me. I started to cry.

I wouldn't be able to walk, what about Levi how will he react to it? He may not want to be with me, OMG I can't believe this is happening to me the doctor left the room while my mom held me. We heard him mutter before hand.

"I hope they catch the sonofabitch that did this."

About 11 two orderlies came in and helped me into a wheel chair, the doctor wanted me to try and move but be careful not to put to much strain on the stitches. They wheeled me down to the x-ray room. When we got there the two orderlies and the x-ray technician helped put me on the table and had me lay how they needed me to. They apologized for the pain but they had to get the best shots possible, I understood and told them not to worry.

After the x-rays were taken I was taken to the MRI lab and had more pictures of my insides taken, then on to the full body cat scan. After all was said and done it was nearly 1:30 and I was hungry. One of the orderlies wheeled me back to my room and the other went to get me some lunch. Dad was there when we got back, he helped the orderly put me in the bed, then the orderly left and the other one brought my lunch and said he would be back later if I needed anything.

"So how did it go?" dad asked me. I just looked at him.

"Painful, the doc said all these test were to see about my legs and if I could ever walk again, he didn't sound too hopeful." I said tears trickling down my cheeks. My dad hugged me then had me eat, soon I was finished and mom was back. We were talking about school and that Fred's arraignment hearing was today and what they thought would happen, since he was only 17, none of us had any ideas.

About 2:45 Levi and his mom showed up with Roger, Levi came up and gave me a hug and a long kiss, so long that my dad had to clear his throat. We leaned back from each other and smiled.

"I've been worried about you the whole day, they made me go to school even though I wanted to be here with you." He said and I smiled at that.

"That's ok it was best for you I have barely been here since 11. They have been doing test to find out about my legs." I told him. Roger came around the other side of the bed and hugged me.

"Have you heard anything yet?" Roger asked I just shook my head no. About that time the doctor came in.

"Hey how are you doing?" he asked, I just looked at him and nodded. "Good well I got your test results back." He said and stopped, he kinda started at me for a minute then continued. "Trevor the damage to your back was sever, we were able to repair some of the damage but not all, Trevor I'm sorry but at this moment in time you won't be able to walk again, I'm sorry." He said.

I stared at him and shook my head no with tears rolling down my face, he tried saying something to me and I didn't want to listen I even tried hitting him but my dad grabbed my arms and wouldn't let go, the doctor excused himself and walked out the room. I lay there sobbing and screaming as my dad held me.

"Shhhh it's alright, everything is going to be alright son, calm down. We're all here for you. You have nothing to worry about no one is going to leave you." He said, yeah right I thought Levi wouldn't want to be with me now.

I felt someone else's hand on me and looked up into Levi's eyes, he had tears in them. He bent down and kissed me and my dad let me go.

"I love you Trevor Longsten and I'm never going away from you. No matter what happens. You may not be able to walk but that does not stop me from loving you." He said staring me right in the eyes. I just stared at him and he nodded to my unasked question if he really meant it. And I fell in love with him all over again.

"Levi I'm sorry, dad I'm sorry please get the doctor back in here." I said while holding onto Levi. The doctor came back in. "Doctor I'm sorry for trying to hit you, I'm just so mad and upset I thought everyone would abandon me." I said looking at him. The doctor just smiled.

"I understand, your not the first patient to try and hit me or have actually hit me, I've had others. But trust me everything will be fine. If it makes you feel better you'll be able to go home by the end of the week as long as the stitches are doing good." He said.

"Ok thanks." I said with tears drying on my face. He nodded his head then walked on out smiling.

Everyone stayed till 9 then left everyone but my dad, we sat and talked for ages, he told me about his uncle Jimmy who is dead now about how he felt about being in a wheel chair and what all happened. I fell asleep about 10 and didn't wake up till 7:30 the next morning.

The week went slow for me. The doctor came in twice a day to check me over and make sure everything else was ok. I had some more test done to see how my insides were coming along and surprisingly they were healing up fast. I would be able to go home Friday after all.

Also during the day I had a physical therapist come in and teach me how to get on and off the toilet, in and out of the shower and even how to dress my self. It was hard work and it will be for the rest of my life but at least I have Levi and both of our families to help.

The therapist also showed everyone how to move my legs and how to help me bend so I can keep flood flowing into and out of my legs, even though I couldn't feel or use them blood still moved in them. I would have to go to physical therapy for about a month or so so they can help me to be able to do more things on my own and teach me how to be more mobile.

A child psychologist even came in to see how I was doing. We talked for about an hour, she even asked me about Levi, I explained it to her and her response was one I did not like.

"Well you know that it probably is just a phase, I can probably help you over come it if you want and you can be normal." I just looked at her.

"What? Normal I AM normal, actually the preacher of my church knows about us and he is happy for us. If this is what you think of gay people then you need to leave and let me talk to a REAL psychologist because you are not one. I am 16 years old in this state I am allowed to make the decision of who I sleep with and whom I won't There is nothing wrong with me and never has been, if you are that racist and bigoted then please leave I have nothing I want to talk with you about." I then turned and look at my dad who was sitting there with us. I didn't want to talk alone with anyone.

"Sir you know your son is gay and you don't have a problem with that. You know I have a right to say I feel that he needs to be admitted don't you. I may have to if you don't let me try and cure him." She said. Before my dad could say anything the doctor walked in.

"Lucy you need to leave I heard everything that you said not only me but also one of the other nurses. What you just said and did is very unprofessional and I will be taking it up with the board. I have already put in my notes and sent a letter to your boss, so don't even try and have this boy committed for something that he has no control over. Now leave." He said. She just looked at me then stormed out. "I'm sorry for that I didn't know she was that prejudiced." He said.

"Not to worry I think we won't have to worry about her anymore." Dad said. And how right he was, later that evening we got a visit from the head of the psych department and he apologized for how Lucy acted. He told us that she was terminated and would not be allowed to work at the hospital any more. We thanked him then he left.

That Friday I went home and on Monday I was at the courthouse. The DA talked to us Thursday and said he got the go ahead and they were able to move the trial up to next week. Also they were trying Fred as an adult and not a juvenile.

Fred's attorney tried to say that I provoked Fred in the boy's room, and that I hit Fred, when asked to show proof of the assault they couldn't.

Several boys and girls from the school were there and they told how much of a bully Fred was and how they even saw him push me down and threaten me. It wasn't looking good for Fred.

It turned out that Fred's dad was an alcoholic but that still didn't give him the right to do what he did to me, when I stood up to him.

When I was wheeled closer to the stand and they had the microphone positioned to be able to hear me I saw Fred Glaring at me. I finally had enough.

"Excuse me but if Fred wants to glare at me fine great I don't care he can't hurt me anymore, BUT at least have some respect and try and act normal." I said to him. Everyone looked at him and he just glared more at me, finally his attorney made him stop. The judge got on to me about saying that then got onto Fred about conducting himself like an adult.

It took two days for me to finish testifying and by the end of that everyone knew that Levi and I were boyfriends, but we'd already discussed that and decided that it would be ok for them to know, after this they can't hurt us anymore.

Finally it was all over Fred was found guilty on attempted murder, aggravated assault, and assault with and possession of a deadly weapon. He was given the maximum of 25 years with out possibility of parole for all of them; he would have to serve 25 years in prison.

Finally it was over.

His parents did apologize and said they were sorry and that they were going to go and get help so that Fred's other brothers and sisters don't turn out like him. We told them we accept their apology and we are glad that they are going to get help.

Levi has been helping me at school and after school, when ever we go out for a walk well walk for him and ride for me hehe, we always take the long was home so we can spend more time together.

In April we went to the spring dance and even thought I was in a wheel chair we danced, and no one bothered us. That night I gave him a promise ring; so that one-day we can get married.

Well that is the end of this story for now, who knows maybe one day I will write more about us but for now I think this is enough. We hope you enjoyed reading our story.

The End