Open Plains

Chapter 9

I didn't know where I was; I was in a gray haze. I felt people around me but I couldn't move. I couldn't open my eyes. I wanted to but it was too painful. Finally I slowly opened my eyes. Well eye anyways, my left eye wouldn't open, I knew it was swelled shut.

I tried to move my head and noticed that I was in a neck brace. I moved my eyes and saw my Dad asleep in a chair next to my bed. I tried to say his name but my throat was so dry I couldn't talk. I tried to move my left arm to get my Dads attention but noticed that it was in a cast and I could barely move it. I must have made some kind of sound because my Dad turned his head and looked at me.

"Billy are you ok?" he asked me. I tried to shake my head but couldn't. I pointed to my throat and Dad understood that I needed some water and handed me some. I took a sip and choked a little which caused more pain to shoot through my body. My Dad took the cup. "Billy I'm going to go and get the doctor ok?" he said. I nodded my head and he went and got the doctor.

A few minutes later Dr. Bradshaw came in and smiled at me.

"We have got to stop meeting like this young man." He said chuckling. Dr. Bradshaw checked my eyes and my vitals. Then he sat down on the bed next to me. "Ok Billy what happened? I know you got beat up and if you want to know the extent of your injuries that will have to wait till tomorrow. I am only on for another 3 hours and I don't have all day to explain them to you. But you should know that you did have another surgery and that you no longer have an appendix. There's more of course but as I said I don't have all day. So who did it?" he asked looking at me.

I looked at him and just slightly shook my head. I was too afraid that anyone who knew who did it would get hurt or hurt me for telling.

"Billy what is it? Why are you scared? Did someone threaten you?" Dad asked me. I looked at him and started crying and slowly nodded my head. "Oh baby I'm sorry but come on tell us we can stop them from hurting you again." Dad said. I looked at Dad and just cried more.

"It's because they threatened me as well. Wasn't it?" a voice asked. I turned and there was Darren standing at the door. I looked at him as more tears fell from my eyes and nodded my head. Darren came over to me and took my hand. "Baby you don't have to worry. No one is going to hurt me. I promise you that." Darren said then leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

I started crying and held Darren tightly.

"I'm afraid that if I do tell that they will hurt me and you. They said if I did they would come back." Darren just held me and comforted me.

"Baby if they are in jail then they can't hurt you or me. I promise you." Dad came up to the other side of the bed and took my hand.

"Son they won't hurt you or Darren, as your father and Darren's father-in-law I swear to you son, no harm will come to either of you." Darren looked at my Dad then nodded.

"It was some boys from our school. I don't know their names but when I got home from school and was going up the ramp they stopped me. They told me if I didn't stop hanging out with Darren and if I didn't leave school they would hurt both of us, Darren because he is part white and black and me because I'm in a wheelchair. They said I was weak and they didn't like weaklings in there school." I told them what was said then broke down crying again.

"Son trust me no one is going to hurt either of you. Now I'm going to go and call the police." With that Dad left the doctor and Darren alone with me.

"Billy don't worry no one can hurt you now." Dr. Bradshaw said, then turned and left us alone.

Within the hour there were two policemen in my room along with, Dr. William's. Dr. Williams was there to make sure that I didn't get too agitated. If I did then he would stop the interview immediately.

After the police left Dr. Williams had everyone leave so he could spend some time alone with me.

We talked about how I was feeling with my family and how I was handling myself being in a wheelchair.

I explained to him that I didn't mind being in a wheelchair most of the time, but there were times when I wished that I could do things that the other kids did. We talked for about an hour then Dr. Williams left.

That night Darren stayed with me without any objections.

I stayed in the hospital for a few more days then was able to get out on Wednesday. The rest of the week I stayed home and Darren brought me my schoolwork and homework and helped me with it all. Ben was there to help as well with the subjects that we had problems with.

The next Monday I went to school but this time Dad took me late.

When we they got to the school Dad helped me out and into the wheelchair and then wheeled me into the office. Since my left arm was in the cast I couldn't wheel myself at the Moment.

We went to the office and Mrs. Whiner was there.

"Hey sweetie what happened to you?" she asked me looking concerned.

"Hey Mrs. Whiner, I was attacked. This is my Dad can we see Mr. Smith please?" I asked. She nodded her head and called him on the intercom.

We went into his office a few minutes later and we explained what happened. We also explained that at lunch I was not going to be going to the lunchroom right away that my father and several police officers would be meeting me and I would be going in with them and pointing out who did this to me. Mr. Smith agreed and gave me a pass to my class.

When lunch came around I went to the front and waited on my father and the police to show up.

I was amazed to see 5 police cars and one unmarked police car. There must have been about 8 police officers there. My Dad came up and gave me hug.

We went to the lunchroom and looked in the window. There was Darren sitting at a table with the bullies around him. He was trying to get up but they wouldn't let him.

Finally we all went in. Dad wheeled me in the door and he, the detective, several police officers stood at the front door, and the rest covered the other doors.

When we walked in the whole place got quite. Darren looked up and saw me then smiled. The bullies looked and I could see murder in their eyes.

The leader saw me and he just shook his head. I smiled and nodded mine.

"Detective the guys sitting with my friend Darren right there are the ones." I said pointing to where Darren was sitting. He nodded and started over there. One of the guys tried to run but another officer was there and got him.

Finally they got them all together. The principle was there and started saying their names for us. Finally the leader tried to come after me.

"I warned you, you little shit. Wait till I'm out your dead!" he said, I started shaking but Darren came up to me and took my hand. Before he could say anything my Dad was there and grabbed the boy by the shirt.

"You ever threaten my son again and I'll see you dead." He said. The police separated them and dragged the boys away. I told my Dad I wanted to go home and he agreed. Darren asked to call his Mom and Mr. Smith agreed and Darren called his Mom and with her permission he left with us to go home.

When we got home Darren and I went to my room and lay on the bed and cuddled. We both needed it now. We soon feel asleep and were awoken by my Mom coming in to get up for dinner.

We ate then lay back down and went to sleep. I awoke the next morning alone with a note from Darren on the pillow next to mine.

Dear Billy

Mom came and got me about 9:30 and I didn't want to wake you. I'll see you in class and know I love you.

Love, Darren.

I smiled when I read that and got up and went to the bathroom. When my morning rituals were finished I got dressed and went and ate the wonderful breakfast that my Mom had made me. Boy was it good too! About thirty minutes later Mrs. Lewis arrived and helped me into the bus and took me to school.

The school day went great, along with the rest of the week.

Soon the Christmas break was on us and we were out for two weeks. Mom took me to the mall to look for Christmas presents for everyone. I got Dad a pocket watch, and Joy a bracelet. I made Mom go for something to drink and I got Mom some perfume that she had always wanted (White Diamonds of course). Finally it was Darren and his Moms turn.

With Mom's help I got Mrs. Anderson a painting that she mentioned that she liked. As for Darren that was a little harder. I wanted to get him something to show him how much I loved him and for him to know that I thought he was the other half of my soul. I just wasn't real sure on what that should be.

Finally as we passed a jewelry store I noticed a necklace in the window. The necklace was a heart made of black hills gold with an eye in the center. I thought that the heart represents the love we have for one another and the eye is the window of my soul and Darren is and will ever be my one and only soul mate.

I talked with my Mom and she agreed and bought it.

A week later Christmas was here. We ate breakfast and Joy and I opened our presents from our parents. We both got clothes and I got some DVD's I have been wanting and some games for my computer and N64. Joy got some DVD's as well and some games for her N64. We all had a great time and everyone loved there presents.

We invited Darren and his Mom over for Christmas lunch and they agreed. They arrived about 1. Mrs. Anderson got gift certificates from Joy and our parents, and I gave her the painting. She loved them.

Mom, Dad, Joy and I got gift certificates from them but Darren also got me a present separately.

I gave Darren my present to him and he gave me his. Dad helped me onto the floor to sit in front of the fireplace with Darren so we could open our presents together.

Darren opened my present to him first and I saw tears of gladness in his eyes.

"Oh Billy that is so beautiful" he said, I smiled at him.

"Read the back" I said. Darren turned it over and read what I had inscribed on it. He read it first to himself then out loud.

"To my soul mate
I will love you forever
Love Billy"

Darren smiled and gave me a kiss, which I accepted with a blush. I then opened Darren's to me. I opened it and couldn't believe my eyes. There sitting in black velvet was a gold bracelet, and just like mine It had a heart with an eye on it. I smiled at Darren and he smiled at me.

"Read the back" he said.

"To the love of my life
And my soul mate
Love Darren."

I smiled and gave Darren a kiss. "I love it. Thank you Darre." I said. Darren smiled at that and gave me another kiss. I put the necklace I got for Darren around his neck and Darren put the bracelet that he gave me on my wrist. We kissed one last time then Darren helped me into my chair.

We all ate lunch and had a wonderful time talking and joking with each other. After lunch the adults did the dishes and sat in the kitchen talking while Joy, Darren and myself sat in the living room to watch one of my new DVD's X-Men. Darren sat in the armchair and I sat next to him in my wheelchair and we gave Joy the couch to herself.

Later that night Darren and his Mom left around 9:30. After giving each other a kiss good night and a hug I watched them drive away.

I went to bed that night with a smile on my face and the bracelet on my arm. I dreamed of Darren and myself and I was truly happy for the first time in a long time.


In the last two years of high school both Darren and I have gone through a lot. We have had to fight our way to prove our love.

We were outted in our senior year and that almost broke us up, but we proved to ourselves and each other that our love was worth fighting for.

Our parents and family stayed behind us the entire time and supported our love for each other.

If you were to look into our future you will see me as a doctor and proving that no matter what handicap you may have you can do anything you want. Darren went on and became a child psychologist to help kids with their problems and with any handicap that they may have. Since he is with someone who has a handicap he has learned what to say and what can be done to help others.

Darren and I went and adopted two wonderful kids. One girl named Hanna and a boy named Danny. Hanna was 5 when we adopted her; she has long dark hair and blue eyes. She is blind in one eye.

Danny was 7 when we adopted him after he lost his left arm from the elbow down in an accident. Seeing me in a wheelchair and being a doctor has helped him see that he can still do anything that he wants.

Our life hasn't been perfect we have had our fights but we have learned to work through them and learned how to help build a stronger relationship because of them.

We love each other now and forever and we are truly each other's soul mate.

The End