Starting Over

Chapter 1

I don't know what happened. One day I am walking home now I am running for my life what should I do. Damn I don't know.

You see one day I was walking home late at night and saw this limo pull into an ally. I stopped to see what was going on. I saw three men get out dragging a forth man. I heard them talking about ratting on them then they shot him in the head. I gasped I didn't know what to do. They turned when the heard me and I ran. I have been running for over a week. Should I go to the police? FBI? CIA? I have NO clue but what I do know is that I have to protect myself.

I decided to go to the FBI. I mean come on I look like hell, I haven't shaved in a week, I have only had one bath and I am tired. I am lucky to get two hours of sleep a night.

I went to the FBI building and asked to talk to an agent. When they finally got me one I told him what I saw. He asked me to describe the men so I did. He pulled out a photo album and showed me several pictures I pointed to the man it was. I am NOT going to say his name not now or ever again.

The FBI told me if I were to testify for them that they would put me in protective custody and I can disappear. I wanted more then just disappearing I wanted to be someone else. I was 16 and a run away. I testify and they change me to what I want. I agreed and them what I wanted. At first they were astounded but called someone ( I have NO idea who it was) but the person on the other end agreed, and so it started.

Two weeks later I was in court and testified against the mobster. After the jury found him guilty I disappeared. I know you are wondering how or where well here it is. First this is what I used to look like. 5'1 feet tall, with brown hair and brown eyes I was of average build. I took Judo and Ninjetsu for about 10 years. So I was in pretty good shape and knew how to take care of myself. Well now I am totally different.

The waited to do the operation 6 months after the trial. Then one day I turned up dead well supposedly dead so the contract on my life was lifted. After that I had the operation.

When I awoke I was sore but happy it was over. Two weeks latter they took off the bandages. I was now 5'1with red hair and dark blue eyes, so dark they looked like sapphires. I had a cute pudgy type of nose and a now style hair cut. Long on top and short on the sides.

They gave me my new identity. My name Alexander Michaels Covington. I was 13, my family died in an accident. I was an only child. Neither of my parents had sisters or brothers and my grandparents were already dead. Not so unlike my real life. They went over my new name and what I had to do to blend in, now here is the REAL kicker. I was NOW a millionaire as well. They put 5 million dollars in a bank that I can't touch till I turn 25. I liked that no one would know about it except for who ever adopted me.

I was told to be shy, well I was anyways then I told them the truth. Something that I was hiding from everyone in my old life. I was gay. At first they were shocked but then they thought that would be a great idea. Who would come looking for a gay teen, so it was settled and here I am .

So here I am now a 13 year old at an orphanage. I was shy and I didn't know what to say to the others. I mainly stayed by my self. I don't know what the FBI I did but with in two or three weeks after I was there a man and a woman showed up. They wanted to adopted a boy, well another boy. They already had two adopted boys and they wanted another one. They meet several but I wasn't one of the first. I was in my room looking out the window when my door opened. I looked and saw a man and a woman staring there, the woman looked at me and noticed I was crying.

I was crying because I didn't have any friends. I didn't play sports and I didn't do any of the other activities unless I had to. I was by my self, the woman came in and looked around my room not talking to me at first. I just keep staring out the window. Finally she came over to me, when I felt someone behind me I turned and looked up at her. She smiled down at me and I gave her a half smile and turned back towards the window. She sat down by me and just looked out there with me for a few minutes before she spoke.

"Hi my name is Katherine Wells, what's yours?" she asked smiling at me. By this time I was totally acting like a shy 13 year old so I didn't have to pretend. I sat with my legs in front of me and pulled them closer to me.

"Alex" I replied quietly. I smiled at me.

"That's a nice name Alex. Did you draw all of those picts over there?" she pointed to the desk that me and my room mate shared. I nodded my head in response. "Well they are very good. Do you like to draw?" once again all I did was nod. My roommate ran into my room and saw her there talking to me. When he saw this he turned and ran out the room. A minute later I saw him run to a group of boys and started talking to them. He pointed at the window and they all looked up. Mrs. Wells ignored them. "So what else do you like to do?" she asked me. I just shrugged my shoulder. "Aww come on I know you must like other stuff." she said smiling at me. Looked at her then at my feet.

"Well I like to read and write." I started. "I also like to watch some TV, but not a lot, I like to listen to music, and play on the computers and take walks. That is about it" I replied looking down.

"Wow that is nice. Do you like the modern bands or oldies. What type of music do you like?" she asked.

"I like all sorts. I am not really into rap, or metal or hard rock. I like hip-hop, jazz, classical, oldies a little of that." I said turning to look out the window again.

"Well that is a lot, not a lot of kids like all of that, I bet it is nice." She said. I just nodded my head. "Do you have any friends here?" she asked me. When she asked that I felt the tears running down my face. I just shook my head and continued to stare out the window. "Aww that is a shame you must have at least ONE friend" I just shook my head again and continued to stair out the window. She rubbed my shoulder and got up. She walked over to the other adults, and they walked out. I don't know what for or why but I knew I liked her, I guess I was just shy. It was like how I REALLY was growing up and now I was doing it ALL over again. I was some what feminine growing up and I couldn't help it but that is how I was and now I am just like that again.

"Well he sees like a nice boy quite and all why does he seem so sad?" asked Mrs. Wells to the head of the orphanage Mrs. Blake.

"Well you see he lost him family. He was an only child and he lost them all not even grandparents. He is REALLY shy and basically he is some what feminine. He can't help it BUT all of the other boys like to pick on him. He isn't as out going as they are so they treat him mean, he doesn't play sports and he doesn't' do much but either read, or just look out the window." Mrs. Blake replied.

"Hmm honey what do you think?" asked Mrs. Wells towards her husband.

"Sweetie he seems like a boy who needs to have some friends and a REAL life. I like the other boys here BUT the thing is that with him there is potential to help him become more out going. They all need love and attention but to be honest there is something about that boy that just screams to me that he needs us." he replied looking at his wife. She nodded his head.

"Mrs. Blake we would like to come and get him next week if that is alright?" asked Mrs. Wells.

"Of course I will let him know by Thursday what is going on" with that they concluded there talk and headed home.

The week went by slow and boring. I mainly stayed in my room to avoided all of the teasing and the other boys being mean to me. With this being summer we were ALL there so there was no real escape from there.

Thursday came and Mrs. Blake had someone come and get me and take me to her office. I was scared and nervous I didn't do anything that I could think of so I didn't know why I was there. When I got there I knocked and was told to come in. I walked in and Mrs. Blake smiled at me and pointed to a chair. I sat down and just waited to see what was going on.

"Well young man it seems that the Wells would like you to come and visits them this weekend. What do you think of that?" she asked me. I was astounded to say the least. I thought they wouldn't like me. I was scared so I just shrugged my shoulders.

"I guess it's alright" I replied. Mrs. Blake just smiled and nodded her head. She told me that they would be there between 10 and 12 tomorrow afternoon and to be up and dressed by then. I said yes ma'am and was excused. Sense it was summer we were aloud to sleep in if we wanted too. I went back to my room and sat down somewhat scared. Not knowing what was going to happen or what I should do.

The night came fast and I went to sleep on time. I guess I was some what excited but scared as well.

At 10:45 Friday morning the Wells showed up. I was dressed in jeans and a blue polo shirt. I was down stairs with my over night bag when they arrived. They came in talked with Mrs. Blake for a few minutes then we left.

The wells had a silver Lincoln Navigator. It was very nice with leather seats and all decked out radio. They asked me a few question about my week and I told them the same thing. I just stayed in my room all week except for lunch. We probably drove for about 45 minutes to an hour till we pulled in front of a restaurant. We all got out and went inside. The host sat us in a non smoking area, and gave us our menu. They asked me what I wanted, I looked at the prices and thought they were a little high so I just told them a glass of water and a house salad. I didn't want them to spend too much money on me and be disappointed this weekend and not want me. They looked at me quizzically.

"Honey don't you want anything else?" asked Mrs. Wells. I just kinda looked at her and bit my lip and shook my head. Mr. Wells just looked at me before he spook.

"Hey little man don't worry about it. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that you don't want us to spend to much money on you because you would probably disappoint us and we wouldn't want you so why spend any real money right?" he asked looking at me smiling. I was surprised that he knew how I was feeling. I just nodded my head and he smiled. "Son listen to me don't worry about the prices or this weekend ok. Just be your self that is all we want. So please order something more ok." He said smiling at me and reaching across and holding my hand. I just slightly smiled and nodded my head. Hell my real father NEVER treated me like this, I wanted to cry. When the waiter came to our table we ordered. Mr. Wells the Filet Minion and Mrs. Wells a steak medium rare. I ordered the chicken finger basket, and sweet tea. The wells just smiled at me. After we ordered I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I locked myself in a stall and started crying.

I was upset because even my real parents didn't treat me like that, they would have assumed that I just got bread and water or nothing. The Wells were really nice and I didn't want to screw up this weekend but with how shy I am I don't know what to do. I heard a knocking on the stall door.

"Alex are you alright?" asked Mr. Wells. I didn't know what to say I had tears running down my face and a knot in my throat.

"Y..yes..sir..i'll be right out." I said afraid that he would be upset with me for taking so long. I wiped my face and walked out. He was standing there smiling at me. I was scared as he approached me. When he got to me he reached down ( I was 5'1 but Mr. Wells was like 6-5 or something) and gave me a hug.

"It will be alright I promise you." was all he said and I burst into tears again, while holding onto him. He let me cry myself out then he had me wash my hands and face and we went back to the table. I don't know what face he made to Mrs. Wells but when I sat down she scooted her chair closer to mine, and put her arms around me. A few minutes later out food came, Mr. and Mrs. Wells talked a little about some business then turned to me. They asked if I liked video games and such and I told them I did and the different ones I liked. They keep asking what I liked and didn't like. I didn't know why they did because I KNEW I was going to make a mess of things, but who knows MAYBE just MAYBE I won't, but I doubt it.

After we ate Mr. Wells got up and paid the bill, then we went and left to head to there house. We drove for about 10 minutes when we came up to a set of gates. There was a guard there, he looked at a sticker on the front of the car and opened the gates. We drove through the gates and they closed behind us. As we drove I saw all of these houses. Some where one story some where two and some where just HUGE, there was no real way to describe them. We drove for about 10 or 15 minutes till we came to what looked like the back of this small community. When we pulled up to there house I couldn't believe it's size, it was amazing. The house was 3 stories tall, and about as long as two or three houses. The outside was dark red brink, and there was nice double oak doors in the front. I grabbed my over night bag and followed them inside.

The living room was HUGE with a circular type of couch and a big screen TV, there was an entertainment center attached to it with HUDREADS of cd's and tapes. The Wells showed me the kitchen, dinning room, laundry room, and family room all on the first floor.

On the second floor there was a HUGE play room, with a pool table, Super Nintendo, a play station, a play station 2 and other games and video equipment, I was amazed. There were other room, including a full bathroom, two guest rooms which I assumed I would be staying in and a smaller family room (actually it was bigger then the one down stairs).

They took me up to the third floor. They showed me where there bedroom was and there two boys rooms. They all had huge rooms, I was about to go down stairs and put my stuff in one of the guest rooms when they stopped me. They asked where I was going and I told them and they just laughed and said my room would be up stairs. They showed me to a room at the end of the hall, when the opened the door I was amazed the room I was going to be using was the same size as everyone else. On the third floor there was no guest bathroom because everyone room had there own. I couldn't believe the size of this place it was amazing. They left me to unpack and get used to it. I noticed a computer and it made me think of mine from my old life. I missed it.

I unpacked and sat on the little chair like chair that was attached to the window. I don't know how long I sat there but I just sat and watched the day go by. I was so used to just sitting by myself that it didn't bother me. I saw two boys around my age come into the yard then I assumed disappear into the house. I knew they had two boys but I didn't know I was going to be meeting them just yet, but still I didn't get up. I was there for about 10 or 15 minutes when there was a knock at the door. I didn't get it, I was so used to people just walking in at the boys home I wasn't used to a closed door where I could open it and close it when ever I wanted. I heard the door open and Mrs. Well's voice.

"Is it ok if I come in?" she asked. I didn't look up but nodded my head. She came over and sat down beside me. "Why didn't you say to come in we I knocked?" she asked. I just looked at her for a second then at me feet.

"I'm used to people just coming in. Sorry" I said sad I thought this is it she didn't like me because of my manners. Mrs. Wells just chuckled.

"Hehe that is ok I can understand that but while you are hear you can tell someone to come in or stay out ok. This is YOUR room while your here ok." she said in a motherly smoothing tone. I just nodded my head and started to silently cry. Mrs. Wells noticed this and hugged me. While we were hugging I heard the door open. Mrs. Wells just looked at how ever came in before she spook. "It's ok you can come in" she said. I still didn't look up, till a boys voice spoke to me.

"Hi I'm Tj, well Timothy, but everyone calls me Tj." he said

"And I'm Steven" said another boy. I looked up and saw two beautiful boys looking at me. Steven I was assuming was older because he was taller and looked older then Tj was about 5'10 or so with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, Tj was abut 5'0 with dark blonde hair and blue shining eyes. They both looked friendly.

"H..hi..i'm....Alex" I said extending my hand. They shook my hand then we went quite.

"Well I am going to go and see what is happening down stairs and start planning dinner. You boys get acquainted." with that Mrs. Wells got up and left closing the door behind her. For a few minutes we just sat or stood in awkward silence till Tj, started talking.

"So do you like to play video games?" he asked. I just nodded my head and they said cool and suggested us going to the game room. I said ok and followed them down the stairs. I stayed behind them and just looked at the floor then the stairs as we descended them heading to the game room.

We talked a little as we took turns playing street fighter on the SP2. It turns out that Tj is 12 and Steven is 14, they like to play sports and out side a lot. I told them what I liked but I was more of an indoor person except on taking walks and such. They said that was cool and tomorrow they would take me out showing me the neighborhood. I agreed, we were becoming fast friends even thought I still didn't talk all that much.

Tj went and got us some drinks but while he was down there he talked to his mom.

"Hey mom why is Alex so quit?" he asked. Mrs. Wells just looked at him and giggled. He didn't understand.

"Well honey probably for the same reason that you were when you first came here. He is scared and shy and doesn't know anyone yet, but he will come around don't worry."

"Ok" Tj replied then grabbed the drinks and headed up stairs to the game room. Two cans of soda each, three trips to the bathroom each and hours of playing on the game system we were called down stairs for dinner. When we got there the other two grabbed a plate and started filling them up with hamburgers and chips. I just kinda stood there not knowing what to do. Mr. and Mrs. Wells saw this and Mr. Wells brought me over a plate.

"Here just pick out what you want ok" he said. I nodded my head and got one burger and a few chips. No one said anything to me but they all knew that that wouldn't fill me up. I guess I was just scared that things wouldn't work out. Tj handed me a can of Dr. Pepper then grabbed one for himself. We went to the kitchen table sat down and began eating. I was taking my time and not wanting to rush anything. Scared I would make a mess. Everyone finished with there first burger and was starting on there second before I finished my first. When I did finish my burger and ships, I kinda just sat there not doing anything. I was too scared to ask for another one thinking that they may get upset. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I get back there was another one sitting on my plate. No one said anything, I just gave a shy smile and started eating. Mr. and Mrs. Wells finished got up and left telling us to clean up when we finished eating. We said yes ma'am, and they walked out.

Tj and Steven kinda just sat there watching me. I was starting to get nervous and I think that they could tell.

"Hey man don't worry ok, you can have what you want ok" Steve said to me. I just nodded but slowly ate anyways. I think Tj was worried about me, by the way that he looked at me, but he didn't say anything. When I finished I started cleaning up with them. I was used to washing the dishes so I put them in the sick and started looking for the dish detergent. After a few minutes Steven finally asked me what I was doing.

"Dude what are you looking for?" he asked with a smile on his face. I blushed but responded.

"Umm the detergent I do the dishes at the orphanage so I was going to do them now." I said scared that I did something wrong. Steve just chuckled and grabbed my plate and glass and put them in the dish washer. He smiled and I gave a shy smile, back to him. All this time Tj just sat quietly watching me. I was starting to get scared of him doing that. Did he know I was gay? Did he think I something was wrong with me? I was scared and didn't know what to do.

We went back up stairs but where they headed for the play room I headed for my room. I got there and closed the door leaning heavily on it. The tears started then, they didn't' like me but I was used to that, was I if I was then why was I crying. I threw my self on the bed and just started really crying. I don't know how long I was laying there but I started getting REALLY tired as I was crying. As I drifted off to sleep I thought I heard my door open but I wasn't sure.