Starting Over

Chapter 2

The next time I woke up I saw Tj slipping out of my room, I heard him whisper to someone then heard a bedroom door shut. I looked at the little clock that was by my bed and noticed that is was 10:30 in the morning. I got up used the bathroom then got dressed. I walked out of the bedroom and almost ran into Steven just standing there.

"Morning how did you sleep?" he asked me smiling. I gave him a shy smile.

"Fine" I answered with a low voice.

"Cool well come on down stairs, breakfast is over but I am sure we can find you something to eat." he said. I just kinda looked at him for a minute.

"Ummm no thanks I can wait till lunch." about at time my stomach grumbled. Steven just laughed.

"Yea YOU might but not your stomach." with that he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the steps to the kitchen. When we got there Mrs. Wells was sitting there. She looked up as we entered and smiled at us.

"Did you sleep well dear?" she asked me. I just nodded and sat at the table where Steven put me. He grabbed a bowl some cereal and the milk and put it in front of me. At first I didn't know if I should eat or if this was a test. "Go ahead honey, you can eat, don't wait for us to tell you ok. You eat whenever you feel hungry" Mrs. Wells said getting up and walking out of the kitchen. About that time Tj came in. He grabbed a bowl then sat at the table, I poured some in my bowl then Tj grabbed the cereal box and poured some for himself. We ate and chatted a little.

After breakfast they took me out and showed me around the neighborhood. We passed some other boys and Steven and Tj stopped to talk to them. They introduced me, I said hi but mainly stayed quite. They looked real cute and seemed nice after about 5 minutes we took off to finish my exploration of the neighborhood.

Well the weekend passed and I did enjoy myself with as little talking as I did. I know that when ever I went to sleep that Tj would sneak in and crawl under the covers and cuddle up with me and sleep with me. I didn't mind, he seemed REAL nice and I didn't want to make him mad at me.

By 6 o'clock Sunday night I was back at the orphanage and told to expect them next Friday. I said ok and took off up to my room. But before I got to far Mrs. Wells pulled me too her and gave me a hug and a kiss. Mr. Wells did the same then sent me on my way. I smiled at them a genuine smile and I enjoyed them doing that. When I got to my room my room mate was there and asked me all about it. Since I didn't talk all that much I told him little about it. He seemed to except this and let me be.

The next week flew by with my staying in my room and once again by 10:45 Friday morning I was down stairs with my over night bag waiting on them. The Wells walked in and gave me a hug this time Tj, and Steven were with them, they came over and gave me a hug as well. Some of the other boys who were standing around and saw this. One of the boys gave me a dirty look and walked off. We left and stopped at the same restaurant as we did last time. I was more open and happier then I was the other week. Steven, Tj and myself joked around and had a good time. Tj smiled and put his head on my shoulder, and he whispered something to me that totally blew my mind.

"I knew you would be better this weekend. I did the same thing when I first stayed with them, you see I am adopted as well." with that he smiled at me and I smiled back. He told me that his mom gave him up and that he spent most of his life in foster homes till he was 9 when the Wells adopted him. I told him about my parents and he cried when I told him that they had died in a car accident. He gave me a hug and said he was sorry. When Steven heard what happened he to cried and gave me a hug. I felt really good knowing that they liked me.

That weekend was better then the last. I actually laughed and had a better time and was more opened. I was sad when Sunday came around and I went back. Mrs. Blake saw how sad I was and asked if everything was alright.

"Yes ma'me, I just wish I didn't have to come back. You are nice and all but I really want my own family." With that I burst into tears and ran upstairs. I didn't know what Mr. and Mrs. Wells saw this. They got out and walked over the Mrs. Blake to find out what was going on.

"Well it seems that Mr. Convention didn't want to come back." she said smiling. Mr. and Mrs. Wells smiled then started talking to Mrs. Blake about adoption, in this case adopting me. I didn't know that at this time.

When Monday came I was back in my room and stayed there. Burt a bigger and older boy then me, came into my room.

"Hey you little shit what do you think you are doing. I should have been the one with them NOT you." he said coming up to me and grabbing me around the collar and throwing me on the floor. I hit my head and screamed out loud. Burt just kicked me. When I curled into a ball he was going to kick me again when someone pulled him off of me ( Yes I know martial arts and all but I was so stunned I didn't have time to react.) Some one touched my shoulder and I jerked back on reflex to protect myself, that is when I heard Mrs. Wells voice.

"Alex come on baby it's alright, i'm right here." she said. I looked up and saw her smiling at me. I saw Burt being held by Mr. Wells; Burt had a mean and hateful look in his eyes. I hugged Mrs. Wells and started crying again.

"Burt what was the meaning of this?" asked Mrs. Blake when Mr. Wells finally let him go. He looked down at me with hate. "THIS little FAG is what is going on. It should have been me not him. He just got here I have been here for 8 years, longer then the rest of them, I should be the one being adopted finally not him." he said bursting into tears. Mrs. Blake held Burt as he cried. I felt really sad for Burt and started crying even harder.

"Shhhh what's wrong baby?" asked Mrs. Well. I just looked at Burt, she looked at me and nodded her head. "I know it is sad. I'm sorry we can't take them all." she said. Burt heard this then turned towards me. He came over to me after breaking free of Mrs. Blake and knelt down by me.

"I'm sorry Alex. I didn't mean it. I am just so sad of never getting a chance." he said starting to cry silently. I let go of Mrs. Wells and hugged Burt.

"I'm sorry too Burt, I wish I could of had an older brother like you to help me" I said. We hugged for a minute, then he got up and walked out. Mrs. Wells looked at me and smiled.

"Well I think I might know someone to help him. Who knows, BUT we need to talk for a few minutes ok" she said. I just nodded my head and we all went down stairs. We went into Mrs. Blake's office. She shut the door and we all had a seat. I sat between Mr. and Mrs. Wells.

"Ok now Alex how much do you like being there with the Wells?" she asked me. I looked at them and smiled.

"I like it a lot. They make me happy and I have fun there." I said.

"Do you feel safe there?"

"Yes ma'am I do"

"Ok good, well I have something here for you. Do you know what is in this folder?" she asked me. I shook my head. "Well young man they are adoption papers. The Wells want to adopt you." she said smiling at me. I looked at them and they smiled at me. I started crying for two reasons One: because I was so happy and Two: because I was gay and they had a right to know. When that thought came to me I just sobbed and I couldn't stop. Mrs. Wells hugged me and I pushed away from her standing up and running to the other side of the room. I sat on the floor and all of the adults sat there not knowing what to do. Finally Mrs. Blake spoke up. "Alex what is the matter aren't you happy?" she asked me. I nodded my head. "Then what is wrong?" she asked getting up. I stood up and faced the Wells.

Taking a deep breath I told them "Burt was right I am a fag I'm gay. You don't need someone like me in your home, thank you anyways." I said running to the door and opening it. I ran out of the room and up stairs to my bedroom. I ran to my bed where I through myself on the bed crying. I heard the foot steps but didn't look up. I felt someone rubbing my back. After a few minutes Mr. Wells spoke.

"Well I only have one thing to say, Mrs. Blake do you have a pen so I can sign those papers and take our son home?" he asked. I couldn't believe my ears I turned to look at them. I was still crying.

"You don't care that I'm a fag?" I sobbed out. Mrs. Wells took me in her arms and made me look at her, with a stern face she said.

"You are NOT a fag...Gay yes fag NO. You are who you are and we love you for that. Besides we kinda already figured you were gay." she said smiling at me. I looked at her in astonishment.

" did?" I asked gulping for air. She just nodded her head and held me.

"Son next time you draw a picture of a boy and you don't want anyone to see it hide it better" Mr. Wells said, walking over to my desk to show me the picture I drew of one of the boys at the orphanage. I had him naked on a bed. I blushed when he showed it too me.

"So you really don't mind?" I asked still scared. Mr. Wells walked over to me. He took the pen from Mrs. Blake, and right next to me signed the adoption papers. Mrs. Wells did it next then they handed me the pen. I didn't know what name to sign.

"Sign your full real name first, then sign your full name with our last name." Mr. Wells said. I did as I was told. Mrs. Blake took them and looked at them then turning to us she smiled.

"As of now you are no longer Alexander Michael Convention, you are NOW Alexander Michael Wells. Congratulation." with that Mrs. Blake came over to me and hugged me. With tears in her eyes she wished me well. She gave me my suit case I arrived with. "Now pack your things you are going home." with that she walked out. I sat there for a minute before I got up. I looked at all of my stuff, which wasn't much. Just a few cloths, a teddy bear from when I was 6 and a few drawings and pens and pencils. I packed all of that. Mr. Wells took my bag and we headed down stairs.

I passed a bunch of the boys and they all congratulated me even Burt. He gave me a hug and told me to let him know how things are. I promised him I would, the boy that I drew the picture of was the last one. I gave it to him, when he saw it he blushed but thanked me, and right in front of my new parents he kissed me on the lips, then ran away sniffling. I couldn't believe it. I blushed and turned to walk out the front door.

An hour later we were back at there house. As we pulled up Steven and Tj ran out. They saw me with my stuff and knew I was adopted they both gave me BIG hugs, and welcomed me to there family. We went inside and they helped me put all of my things up. When they saw how little I had Tj just had to ask.

"When is the rest of your stuff coming?" I just kinda looked at him then away.

"I don't have anything else." I responded with a frown on my face. Tj walked up to me and put his arms around me and hugged me. "That's ok you can share my stuff."

"Mine too" said Steven giving me a hug. We didn't know that his parents were at the door. We heard someone sniffling and turned to the door. Mr. and Mrs. Wells just had this look for adoration on there faces.

"That my boys is the nicest thing anyone can do for someone, but don't worry we are going to take him out tomorrow and buy him some more cloths, and other items that he may need." with that they came in and gave us all hugs.

Tj and Steven took me around the neighborhood and reintroduced me to there friends. We saw the first fours boys that I saw the first day I meet them.

"Ok guys listen up I want to introduce you to someone." said Steven, the boys looked at him like he was crazy they already meet me. "I would like you to meet my NEW BROTHER Alex." Steven said proudly. The four boys cheered and pounded me on my back congratulating me. By the time we got home every kid in the neighborhood knew I was a Wells.

That night at dinner I decided that Steven and Tj needed to know something.

"Umm Mr. and Mrs. Well...I'm mean mom and dad" I said blushing. They just smiled when I corrected myself. I smiled back. "I think that Steven and Tj, should know what I told you two today at the orphanage." I looked at them and they looked at each other then back to me and nodded. I just smiled. "Ummm Tj, Steven I don't know how to tell you this, but mom and dad know and they are ok with seee...I...mean the thing is that..." I didn't know how to tell them and tears started to form in my eyes. Tj saved the day, he got up and came over and hugged me.

"Are you trying to say that your gay?" he asked me. I just looked at him in shock. So did everyone else. He just smiled at me and I nodded me head. He hugged me kissed my check then sat back down. I was just looking at Steven and Tj and they were smiling at each other. There parents just stared at them.

"What! oh come on we already knew." said Steven. Taking a sip of his drink.

"Well yeah next time you look at a guy don't stare the way you did when you meet, Mike, Brett, Michael and James." Tj said, smiling and giggling. I smiled at them with tears still in my eyes.

"So you guys don't mind?" I asked. They just shook there heads smiling at me. I sighed a sigh of relief and relaxed. Then Tj dropped a bomb shell.

"Besides it takes one to know one" he said staring at me. Steven spit the drink through his nose and I think that the Wells about had a heart attack.

"Tj...your gay? Why didn't you tell us honey?" asked Mrs. Wells....I mean mom hehe I have to get used to that.

Umm...well I didn't know how you would react. Now since I know how you feel I felt I could tell you. Your not mad or anything are you?" he asked tears now welling up in his eyes. Mom and dad just stared at him and smiled. They got up and hugged him.

"Nope son were not mad. Surprised but not mad" dad said. I smiled at Tj then got up and hugged him too. "Now does this mean we are going to have to padlock your two doors from the out side." Dad asked taking his sit again. Me and Tj looked at each other and giggled.

"Hehe nope I think I want him more as my big brother then a boyfriend. Besides I don't think MY boyfriend would like that too much." he said smiling and giggling.

"Oh really and WHO is that?" asked Mrs.. mean mom.

"Hehe well it see it is..." he couldn't finish he was blushing A LOT and didn't know what to say.

"It's Eric isn't it?" I asked. Tj looked at me with WIDE eyes.

" did you know?" he asked. I just giggled.

"Well it took a minute but I remembered how you two looked at each other when you introduced me to him." I said smiling at him. He finally smiled.

"Yeah it's him." he looked at mom and dad.

"Well at least you have good taste honey. Now Steven anything YOU want to say?" mom asked looking at him. Steven just looked at us and laughed.

"Nope I'm the straight one." and we all busted out laughing. About that time the door bell rang. Dad got up and answered it. Walking back into the kitchen he looked at Tj.

"Um son your other half is here." he said smiling, Tj got this WIDE eye look and turned around seeing Eric about to cry.

"You...TOLD didn't you. You promised me you wouldn't" he said starting to cry hysterically now. Tj got up and walked over to him. He took him in his arms and whispered something to him. Eric looked at me and I smiled back he smiled at me then turned to face Tj, he stopped crying at that point. He took Tj's arms put them around his waist and put his arms around Tj's neck. While we were all watching we could see the change come over Tj. He just stared at Eric and Eric at him. Like no one else in the world exsisted. They slowly came together in a soft chaste kiss. Just a brushing of lips but one that left them both breathing heavier. Eric hugged Tj and Tj hugged him back. After that Tj taking Eric's hand led him over to the table.

"Mom, dad, Steven, Alex I want you to meet MY BOYFRIEND, Eric Smith." Mom and dad gave Eric a hug and me and Steven shook his hand. Tj held out a chair for him and Eric sat down. Tj got Eric a plate and put some of the food on it for him, then sat it in front of Eric. Tj sat down and looked at him. They blushed and we all started eating.