Starting Over

Chapter 4

I awoke to a sound at my bedroom door. I thought I heard voices but wasn't sure. I heard someone unlock the door and open it. I assumed mom and dad had a key just in case. They probably wanted to make sure I packed my bags and was ready to go. I just started crying more. Someone sat on the bed.

"Honey don't worry we are going to get through this ok?" she said. I just sobbed and cried.

"Your not going to make me go back for hurting you like this and embarrassing the family?" I asked still crying.

"Aww honey NO of course not. You are our son and we love you. Now come on dry those tears ok. There are some people here to see you." she said. I didn't want to see anyone but mom insisted. I got up washed my face and followed her down stairs. Dad was at the bottom step and lifted me up and gave me a BIG hug.

"Good going sport you helped someone. Don't worry about anything we will take care of everything ok." I just nodded my head and held on. "Come on there are some people here to see you." with that he put me down and we went into the family room. When I walked in there was Jerry, Rick, James, the boy I helped earlier, two more grown ups I assumed was his parents and another boy about mine or Steven's age were sitting there. The first to speak was Jerry.

"Hey little dude. Don't worry we don't care that your gay." he said. He came up to me and shook my hand then gave me a hug. Ricky and James did too. At least I still have some friends I thought.

"Your Alex?" asked the man sitting down. I looked at my feet and nodded my head. "Thank you for helping my son. We heard you outted yourself in order to do so is that true?" he asked. I once again just nodded but didn't look up. I felt a presences over me and looked up and saw this big man reach down and give me a hug. Then his wife hugged me as well. "Thank you, thank you SO much." I was astounded and didn't know what to say. When they let me go the same boy I helped earlier came up to me. He too hugged me.

"Thank you my names Jeremy." he said. I laughed when he held out his hand and I shook it.

"Names Alex." I said. Jeremy's older brother got up and came over to me. He was a boy that was in my science glass, named Jamie. He took both of my hands in his. I kinda blushed but looked up at him he was about an inch or two taller then me. "Umm hi Jamie" I said. He caught me staring at him a few times but didn't say anything. I thought he was REAL cute with his light blond hair and these green eyes that all ways sparkled. I did talk to him once that week and it turns out that he was in the same grade as me just in different classes except for science.

"Hi Alex I wanted to thank you for being there for my brother when I couldn't. I asked them if I could give you something for helping my brother and they said I could." I couldn't believe that this was happening. HIM wanting to give ME something.

"Umm you don't have to Jamie, I did it because I wanted too." I said letting my hands slip through his. He grabbed my hands and made me look at him. He was smiling.

"I know" with that he put both of his hands on my hips and pulled me forward. My arms were hanging at my side. He just looked at me. Then he whispered in my ear "God your beautiful Alex" with that he kissed me right there, in front of God, my parents, friends, his parents my family and his. I don't know what was happening I was SO scared I have NEVER been kissed by anyone let alone a boy and I felt my self start to get hard, I LOVED it. I put my arms on his shoulders and rubbed up and down a little. I felt him open his mouth then I felt his tongue on my lips licking I opened my mouth and his tongue slipped in. I had my eyes shut and was seeing nothing but stars and bright colors as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. This was a kiss of passion. A heard a throat clear it self but thought it was a dream. Then I heard it louder and realized where I was. We separated our lips from each other, I held onto him and he held onto me, I was afraid my legs were going to give. I put my forehead on his chest and he put his head on the top of mine. I didn't know it but I started to cry not hard just tears were slipping down my cheek.

"Wow" was all I heard. I just nodded my head afraid to trust my voice. I was ALSO VERY embarrassed I couldn't look at anyone. Jamie took my hand and me him, my brothers and friends and his brother all headed upstairs to the play room. I heard Steven telling him where it was. I still didn't look up.

When we got to the play room everyone started talking except me. Jamie keep his arms around me and I keep mine around him. I still didn't look up I was to afraid to let them see the tears falling from my eyes. Finally Jamie made me lift my head. But I didn't meet his eyes.

"Please look at me." he asked in a soft wispy voice. I looked at him. "Why are you crying are you mad?" I shook my head. "They why the tears?" he asked.

I just looked at him for a minute. "Because no one ever did that, and if felt SO good. I didn't want it to stop." I said looking back down. "I have been watching you all week, and I even talked to you once but I didn't even think you really noticed me. Let alone a possibilety of you being gay." I said. He lifted my chin with one hand I looked at him, he bent his head down and gave me a chaste kiss juat a brushing of the lips.

"Aww isn't that cute." said Tj giggling. I turned and saw him and Eric holding hands. My friends saw this and kinda did a double take. Then they looked at Steven. He just looked and smiled then laughed.

"Sorry guys I am the straight one in the family." he said. We all laughed then sat down to watch TV. Jamie sat on the love sit and put me between his legs with my head on his chest and arms around my waist. I put my hands on his and just laid there. I was still scared because of Jerry and them.

"Umm Jerry, Ricky, James are you all sure your REALLY ok about this?" I asked them. Jerry was playing the PS2 and when I asked he handed the controller over to Eric to play with Steven. He turned to face me.

"Dude don't worry ok. My older brother is gay. That is how me and Ricky meet because his older brother is dating my older brother. All three of us are straight but were cool with gay people, so don't worry. Remember you have at least one of us in most of your classes except two. So no one is going to bother you ok." he said I just nodded my head. He came over and gave me a hug. After we hugged he looked at Jamie and smiled. Jamie grabbed me and Jerry started tickling me. I started laughing REAL loud telling them to quit but they wouldn't till I had tears running down my cheeks. A few minutes later our parents came in saying we were going out to eat so go get ready. I got up and headed up stairs, Jamie was right behind me.

"Sorry but I don't want to let you out of my sight" he said taking me in his arms and kissing me.

"Ok ok come on guys we want to eat." said Tj from the front of his door. That broke us up I turned and saw Eric in his arms smiling at us.

I changed and we headed down stairs to meet with everyone before heading to the restaurant. I asked if Jamie could ride with us and told that was fine. Steven said he would ride with Jeremy and his parents. Everyone else would follow in there car in this case Ricky's car.

We got to the restaurant and then Jamie finally let my hand go. He was holding it as much as he could. We walked in and the host saw us and told us to give him a few minutes. He came back got us and took us to a table that was put together for us. The manager saw us and came over.

"Mike how are you doing, didn't you just leave here a few hours ago?" he asked smiling. Dad just smiled at him and replied.

"Yep but we are hear to celebrate." he said smiling at me. I blushed.

"Oh really and what is the celebration about?" asked the Manager.

"Well Carl my son over there Alex helped out a boy today after school from being hurt. He outted himself in the process. Now the boy over the there Jeremy is the one he helped and the boy sitting next to Alex on his right is Jeremy's older brother Jamie. Turns out he is gay and I think is going to end up dating Alex. Also Tj, came out about a week ago and that is his boyfriend Eric right there sitting next to Alex on his right." said dad. ME and Tj just blushed and tried hiding under the table at everyones amusement. Carl looked at us and smiled but there was something I couldn't tell. Something that looked like sadness. After Carl left the waiter came over and got our drink order. While we looked through the menu I told dad about what I saw. He thought for a minute then looked at me and smiled that same small sad smile.

"Well you see Alex the thing is that Carl's son was gay." I noticed he said WAS instead of IS and a terrible thought occupied to me. I felt tears start to appear. "Carl Jr. Came out to his father but his father couldn't handle it and through him out a few years ago. He was your age he would have been Jerry's age. Jr. that is what we called him, lived on the streets and did stuff to survive that I NEVER want to hear of anyone of you doing. Well he went with this one man. He was be honest they had sex, then the man...he....he k" dad couldn't finish it. Just with that much I was in Jamie's arms and Eric was in Tj's we all had tears streaming down our faces.

"What your father was trying to say is that my son was killed by that man." Carl came up behind us. We didn't see him come back into where we were. "I loved him but could not accept him. I am SO glad that your parents are loving and acceptable people." He said putting a hand on my shoulder. I took his hand and held it for a few minutes. "If I wasn't so biggoted then and not seeing how things were then maybe he would still be here. I still have two beautiful boys and I am sure that one is like Jr. If he is then I will NOT make the same mistake as I did with Jr." with that he left us. We were still crying when the waitress came back with our drinks. We all settled down and orderd but I didn't let Jamie's hand go.

A few minutes later we saw a few kids from our school come in with there families. They saw us and pointed telling there parents about me. I was starting to get scared I let Jamie's hand go. He looked at me and I looked across the table to the other one. He saw them shrugged then took my hand once more. My dad saw this and looked over to see what was going on. When Carl came back he whimpered to Carl what was going on. Carl looked at me and saw how scared I was, then looked at the table by us. He trooped right up there.

"Excuse me is there a problem?" asked Carl.

"Yeah I don't want to sit near some FAGS" he said, his parents just looked at him then Carl and nodded. Carl just smiled.

"Would you like me to get the owner?" he asked.

"Yeah please do and let him know that there is a fag in here." the boy said with disgust in his voice. Carl just nodded smiling and walked back to our table. He walked over to my father whispered something is his ear. At fist I saw my dad get angry then relaxed and smiled. He stood up put his napkin on the table and walked towards the table. The boys father got up to meet him.

"Is there a problem here?" dad asked.

"We would like to speak to the owner NOT to you." the man said in a condescending tone. My dad just smiled at him. Reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet he pulled a card from his wallet and handed it to the man. The man read it looked at my dad and paled VERY white. The man then handed the card to his boy. The boy read it then looked at me then my dad.

"As I said is there a problem?" he asked.

"" the boy took a deep breath. "Sir your son is a fag" he said straight forwards. By now the people in the area that were at where looking at my dad and us. I just slipped a little in my chair. Jamie stopped me, made me sit up straight, grabbed my hand and held it as he laid it on the table top.

"Well thank you but we already know. Now if you don't like that I can have the manager take you somewhere else. Like out side." my dad said looking at them. The man just shook his head, the boy was about to say something but the man just looked at him.

"No sir thank you sorry for your trouble." he sat back down and my dad came back to the table. I looked at him and smiled then got up and went and hugged him. He hugged me back.

"Well I guess owning one of the finest restaurants in town and owning the biggest clothing outlet here you get what you want." he said smiling. I just thanked him then went and sat down by Jamie. When I sat down Jamie took my hand then made me look at the boy across from us at the other table. Then Jamie did something I wasn't expecting. He kissed me right there on the lips in front of the boy and his family. When he released me I turned fire engine red and slipped down a little to the amusement of everyone.

That was probably the best night of my life.

Saturday dawn bright and early, I was up at 9. I got dressed and headed down stairs, I was still wondering if yesterday really did happen until I went down stairs and heard my father on the phone.

"Now you listen to me if you EVEN TRY that again I will sue you. There is NOTHING in the student hand book about a gay student. If you try that again I WILL call my attorney do I make myself do that and tell them what I said." then he hung up. He turned when I entered the kitchen. I just sat down at the table not knowing what to say.

"Sorry dad, for causing all of these problems." I said ashamed of myself. Dad came over and put his hands on my shoulder.

"Son there is NOTHING to be sorry for. Those close minded biggots want to try and start stuff and not let people be themselves. So DON'T be sorry for who you are." he said squeezing my shoulders. I looked up and smiled at him. I ate breakfast and waited for Tj, and Steven to come down to see what they wanted to do. Tj finally came down stairs about 30 minutes after me, Steven about an hour later. By noon we were having lunch and deciding on what we should do when the door bell rang. Mom got the door, we heard voices but not knowing who they were thought they were for her or dad. I looked up when some one came in ad saw Eric there along with Jamie. They each had a rose. Eric went to Tj and Jamie came to me. We were both blushing. Steven just giggled until he looked to see who else was there, Samantha a girl from school and our neighboor hood also stood there with a rose as well for him, he too blushed a beautiful shade of red hehe.

We all decided just to sit back and relax some. Jamie and I went out side and talked getting to know each other. Turns out that we both have a lot of the same things in common. Foods, music, movies, games those sort of things. He played on the schools baseball team, he knew I didn't like sports but I did tell him I would come and watch him play. Then a thought struck me.

"Jamie I don't mean to be nosey but when did you tell your mom and dad that you were gay?" I asked blushing when I said it. Jamie just laughed and held my hand.

"Well it was last year. I turned 12 and I knew I was different the year before. I just enjoyed looking at boys more then girls. Well I couldn't handle it, I thought my parents would hate me and through me out. So one day while I THOUGHT they were gone I tried to...umm....well...I tried to kill myself." he said looking away from me. I couldn't believe that, JAMIE wanted to hurt himself. I felt tears coming to my face. I made him look at me. I took his face in my hands and kissed him.

"I'm glad you didn't" I smiled at him and he smiled back. He took my hand and continued.

"Well I just finished the note telling them I was gay and that I know how much of a disappointment I would be. I put it on my side table and grabbed my moms sleeping pills. I didn't hear them come back or my mom come inside. Just as I opened the cap and poured some in my hand she walked in my door. She stopped and saw what I was going to do. I started crying and so did she. She asked me why and I just pointed at the note. She came towards me very slowly and took the pills away. Well she was gone to long and my dad came up, he saw us crying and asked what was wrong , she just through him the pills. He caught them and saw what they were and tears started pouring down his face. Mom was reading the letter then looked at me.

'Honey did you think we wouldn't want you?' she asked me and I told her yeah they didn't want a fag in the family. Well that was the only time my dad ever slapped me. When I looked at him while holding my cheek, there was rage in his eyes I thought it was because I was gay.

'How DARE you say that, we don't care if you are gay or not but that word will NOT be used in this house and NOT to describe my son.' my dad said I just looked at him and told him I was 'Son you may be gay but you are NOT a fag, do you understand me' I just started crying and nodding. We talked for about two hours on how I felt and why I felt I was gay. When they asked all the questions that they could think of they were satisfied that I was what I said I was. My dad went out and made a phone call then came back in and got us. He said that the three of us were going for a ride. Well he took me to his brother my Uncle Jack. when we walked in my Uncle had tears in his eyes and they were red and blood shot from all the crying that he was doing he walked up to me and put his arms around me and about hugged me to death.

'You little shit we love you no matter what' he said kissing my head. About that time his front door opens and in walks this real HOT looking guy. I mean my uncle is only about 24 or 25 and this guy was about 23 or 24 and I mean HOT dark hair, dark eyes muscles just WOW. Well he walks up to me and asks if I was Jamie I told him yeah then he just smiled.

'Well I am your Uncle Jack's boyfriend Wayne' when he said that I about died right there. I just looked at my Uncle Jack and he just nodded then came around and put his arms around Wayne. I couldn't believe it, I sat down on the couch HARD and they started laughing. Well we all talked for about two or three hours then my parents left to go get Jeremy. While they were gone they explained how they had an idea I was gay and talked with my parents about it, last year. My parents just said if I was I was and if I wasn't I wasn't but when the time came and if I was that my Uncle Jack could talk to me. Well he gave me a brief version of what being gay was and how society was. We talked for a LONG time. My parents finally came back with Jeremy and he was introduced to Uncle Jack's boyfriend as his boyfriend the only thing Jeremy said was.

'I already knew I was just waiting for one of you to say something in the first place' then he turned to me and saw me crying and smiled. 'Finally figured out you were gay too?' he asked me I thought I was about to die from that. He explained how he saw me watching all of the other boys and NONE of the girls like all of my other friends were. He didn't have a problem with it. Well we stayed, had dinner then left and well here I am." when he finished I was just smiling at him.

"Wow that was beautiful. I must say I REALLY like you Jamie Foxx." with that I kissed him deep and hard. I felt his hands go around my waist and I put mine around his neck and just held on. We heard a throat clearing it self a few minutes later but didn't stop.


"ALRIGHT ENOUGH...geeez and I thought me and your mom was bad" dad said laughing. I was blushing and hid my face in Jamie's shoulder. He just chuckled. "So what are you two going to do stay out here and get a tan or are you going to go to the mall with your brothers?" dad I asked. I just looked at Jamie and he mouthed 'MALL' I giggled. We told my dad out plans, he said fine just hurry. We ran in the house then ran out the front door and hopped in the SUV with the other three boys and one girl.

"Geeez it's about time, I thought you two were going to make out ALL Day hehe" said Tj. I turned and saw his hand on Eric's stomach. I just looked at him and him and Eric just giggled. I smiled as he took Eric's hand and kissed him.

"Ok anymore kissing and I am going to separate everyone." said Steven he was going to say something else BUT Samantha kissed him. We all laughed at this, when they finished Steven just looked at us and said "Never mind" then hid has face in his hands as we all laughed.