Starting Over

Chapter 5

We had a great time at the mall. We all bought a few cloths and a few different items for our rooms. While I was at one shop, Jamie went to another one to get something for himself. We all meet up at the food court at about 4 or 5 and had a light snack before we headed home. Dad meet us and off we went. We dropped off Jamie first, he gave me a kiss bye, then ran in side. Next was Eric and he did the same thing and and then gave TJ a kiss also before he ran inside. Then finally it was Samantha's turn. She kissed Steven then ran inside while Steven just stood there red as a tomato. Since he joked about me and TJ, and our boyfriends, we kidded him about his girlfriend. He started laughing while going red.

We all had a good time that evening as we talked and finished our homework. Since tonight was Saturday, all I had left was Sunday before I faced the school. Not knowing what to except. I was terrified!

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday except I went over to Jamie's house. TJ went to Eric's, and Steven to Samantha's house.

I turned in early, still scared about not knowing what to do. Oh well ,I will leave it for tomorrow.

Monday dawned bright and early. I still didn't' know what to do, or what to say to anyone at school. All through breakfast everyone assured me that it would be alright, but I just wasn't sure anymore.

Mom took us to school and dropped us off . Before I got out she put a piece of paper in my hand.

"This is my cell number and the number to all the shops. If you need me, then you just call, ok?" she said. I just smiled and nodded my head. I got out and just stood there for a minute as she drove off. The few kids that were out there stopped talking and just looked at me. I decided just to head to my home room. I walked in and everyone seemed to get out of my way, as if they were afraid to touch me. I saw Jerry there and he smiled at me, I just smiled back then headed to my home room. I got there and sat down, but no one said anything to me. I just kept quite. The teacher came in, smiled and went about her work. By the look on her face, I didn't think I had anything to worry about. The teacher went over what she was suppose to for home room and let us talk amongst ourselves. None of the kids talked to me. I felt like I wanted to cry but didn't. I wouldn't let them see me cry.

The bell rang and we all went to our first class. A few of the older boys ran into me and just told me to watch if fag, and walked away. I didn't know what to do. So I didn't' do anything. I walked into English and saw Jerry, James and Ricky all there, with a seat in the middle of them. I didn't' know if I should sit there or not. But they smiled and pointed to the chair. I smiled back and walked over there. As I was getting there, another boy held out his foot and tripped me. I landed palms out and caught myself, but not without doing some damage. I felt my wrist twist and it started hurting. The boy just laughed and went about his business talking to some other boys that were laughing as well.

"Hey Collins, next time try that on someone your own size you dumb fuck." said Jerry coming over to help me. Oh did I mention that Jerry, Ricky, and James were all on the Wrestling team, ooppss I guess I forgot. The boy that tripped me looked over at Jerry with a stunned look on his face.

"Jerry, dude he's jut a FAG, not someone important." WRONG thing to say. Jerry got up and in his face. The boy looked scared.

"The word, COLLINS is GAY, NOT FAG. Do I MAKE myslef CLEAR?" he said looking at the boy,.

"Umm, yeah, sure, crystal clear." Jerry helped me up and made sure I was ok. The other boy never even looked at me after that. I said I was fine and sat down. My wrist started throbbing as I held it.

"Dude, are you sure your fine?" Ricky asked seeing me hold my wrist. I just nodded my head. I don't think that they believed me. The teacher walked in and saw me. She called me up to her desk.

"What happened?" she asked me. I just looked at her.

"No... nothing" I said, then I returned to my seat. She then called Jerry up. They talked for a few minutes, then he returned to his seat and just smiled at me. The class began. Two ours later (which is English and History) the class was over and I was on my way to Algebra. The only difference is that I didn't have Jerry, Ricky or James in there with me. I sat at my normal desk and just opened my book waiting for the teacher to come in and start class. Most of the class was in when someone through a piece of paper on my desk. I opened it up and read what it said. I wanted to cry but once again held it in. The note sad: FAGS area evil and your going to hell. I just didn't know what to say. My wrist still hurt and I was still scared.

The teacher came in and started class. I was ignored by everyone including the teacher, unless she handed us worksheets to work on. As I was finishing the work sheet for class, the principle called for me to come to his office. I stood up, packed up my book bag and left for his office. When I got there, I was told to sit and wait. First the bell rang to change class, then the tardy bell rang for the next class, then the principle came out and got me. He took me into his office and had me sit down. He looked at me with a look of neutralness, but with a look in his eyes saying he hated me.

"I will let you know now." he began. "If you are caught doing anything obscene or disobedient just one time, you are OUT of my school. Do I MAKE myself clear." I just looked at him with astonishment on my face and nodded my head. He didn't' like that. "SPEAKE up! I CAN'T HEAR YOU." he hollered at me. I felt tears at my eyes.

"Y..yyeess .....yes sir." I stuterd out. He started talking about what happenes to kids who are bad in the school and was scareing me, my wrist still hurt REALLY bad and tears fell from my eyes. Finaly I coudln't take it anymore. "Exscuse me, but may I please call my mother? I hurt my wrist when a boy tripped me this morning," I told him. He just glared at me.

"NO you can not call her. You listen to me, if you EVER tell anyone what I said, I WILL suspend you. YOU are a dirty little fag who doesn't deserve to go here. I just don't have a choice but let you unless you break the rules. And so help me if you do, YOU will be OUT in a second do I make myself clear?" he asked me with hatred in his eyes.

"Yes sir" I said. Now I was starting to cry. He handed me a pass and told me to go. I left his office. By the time I got to biology, the bell rang. I walked in, handed the teacher the note, then walked out. I turned and saw Jamie standing there with Jerry, Ricky, and James. They looked at me and noticed the tears in my eyes, and the pain. They didn't say anything. They lead me to the nearest bathroom.

Jamie hugged me. "What happened?" he asked. Even thought the principle told me not to say anything, I told them. I even told them what he said if I did mention it. They asked how my wrist was and I told them that is was hurting really bad. They looked and noticed that it was swollen. They wanted me to go to the nurse but I told them no. I had to stay here or the principle was going to kick me out of school. They said ok, but stayed with me.

We went to the cafeteria where no one talked to me. They talked to everyone else. Well, since no one talked to me, my friends didn't talk to anyone but me, and who those sat at our table. One of the seniors came by.

"Hey, is the little fairy feeling good?" they asked laughing. I started getting mad and upset at the same time. Jerry noticed this and stood up.

"Hey Myers, does it take a little boy to pick on someone smaller then themselves, because if that is the case man, you will NEVER be a REAL man. Dude, it takes A REAL man to accept someone for themselves. I guess no one EVER did that for you." Jerry then sat down. I thought that Myers was going to say something, but instead, he just glared at me and walked away. About that time, my wrist started hurting big time. I was holding it but I couldn't move it. I started silently crying. Jamie saw this and got up. I don't know where he got the bag, but he did. He got a clear plastic baggie and some ice, and brought it over to me. He had me hold it on my wrist. About that time, the principle came in. He walked over to where we were standing and just looked at me. He reached down and grabbed the bag of ice.

"You don't need that," he said. With that he left. I could tell that Jamie and everyone was getting mad. I told them to just leave it. The bell rang and we all went to our next class.. Me, Steven, Eric, TJ, Ricky and James all went to Gym. Jamie and Jerry went to there next class as well. We all went in but the coach told the whole class that we weren't' changing out today. I guess so he wouldn't think I would look at anyone. One of the other boys made a comment about being in the same room as a faggot and a fairy. The coach didn't like that at all.

"One more comment like that and you and everyone with you will be doing laps for the rest of the period and EVERYDAY after that. You WILL fail my class. got it," he said. they all nodded and sat down. The guys that were with me sat down by me and we just talked. Well they did, I was in to much pain to talk. A few minutes later the coach called me, Ricky, and James into his office. When we went in, I saw Jamie and Jerry in there, along with my parents. I didn't know what was going on. My mom came over and hugged me then looked at my wrist. She didn't look happy.

"This looks broken," she said. My dad came over and looked too. He was pissed, and you could REALLY tell.

"What in the HELL happened Mark?" my dad asked the coach. I just looked at my dad and the coach.

"Mike, the principle wouldn't let him call you. Boys, when you took Alex into the bathroom and made him tell you what was going on, I was in there. I was in one of the stalls, I heard what happened. I didn't like it. I may not like the fact that someone is gay, but if they are a good person, I don't care about that. I grew up in a time or prejudice and hatred. I still have a lot to learn, BUT the one thing I do know is that everyone should be treated equally. As I said, I don't like the fact that someone may be gay, but that does not mean I don't like that person. It's just that I don't like what they are. Do you understand?" All of us kids nodded our heads. I winced right then and started to cry. Jamie came over and hugged me.

"Sorry coach, but I have to hold him." was all he said. He came around and stood behind me. He then put his arms around my waist and held on as I cried.

"That's ok. I understand. Mike, I don't know what to do except call the attorneys in on this." the coach said. My dad agreed and called his attorney who is also my. About 30 minutes later, two guys came in dressed in suits. I knew by now that everyone out there knews something was up. I told mom and dad that they should get Steven, TJ, and Eric. They had a right to be in here. They agreed and the coach went out and got them. When they came in they were surprised to see who was all there. Then they gave mom and dad a hug.

"What"s going on?" asked Steven. Mom and dad told them and TJ started crying. He didn't like it and was scared. Mom went over and hugged him, then dad did. Eric just put his arms around TJ and held him. The coach told the attorneys what happened. The attorneys then asked me about it. I told them everything I could remember. But without any real evidence, there wasn't anything they could do. Dad had an idea. He ran out to his car then brought in a tape recorder. He tested it and when he was sure it was ok, had the coach give me a hall pass. The coach grabbed some papers and told me to take them to Mrs. Barns. I wasn't sure why, but he said that those were papers explaining what was going on. She had a right to know. I said yes sir and headed out.

About half way to Mrs. Barnes room, the principle stopped me.

"WHERE are YOU going?" he asked all mean and hateful. I was scared that something would happen, and my wrist hurt.

"The coach asked me to take some papers to Mrs. Barns." I told him. He just looked at me, and grabbed my bad wrist hard. I cried out. "OOUUCH that hurts sir. My wrist is still sore. Please let it go?" I begged him. He just laughed.

"Oh shut up you little fairy. Fags like you should like pain." with that he let me go. I hurried, but did NOT run to Mrs. Barns room. I knocked on the door. She opened it and I gave her the papers. She read them, said ok and let me go back. I got back to the gym and knocked on the coaches door. He opened it and let me in. When the door was safely shut I started sobbing and grabbed my write. I couldn't stop crying. They tried asking me what was wrong but I was crying to much to tell them. I handed them the tape recorder and let them hear it. When they heard it, they hit the roof. The attorneys said that it was all they needed and apologized for me getting hurt. One of them picked up the phone and called someone, played the tape for them, then hung up. A few minutes later the bell rang and classes changed. The coach excused himself, went out and told the kids there that they had a free day. Then walked back in.

A few minutes later the phone rang. The coach answered it and handed it to one of the attorneys. He said a few words then hug up. He put his head down for a minute then looked at us smiling.

"The DA is sending over a warrant for the principles arrest, for child endangerment, child abuse and mistreatment of a child. They will be here in a few minutes." We waited about a half hour for them to get there. The attorneys said it was a good idea that I stay , even though I was hurting. I needed to be there to see what happened. I said ok and just held Jamie's hand. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. The coach opened it up and let in two police officers and another man dressed in a suit. The talked to the adults, then walked over to me.

"Are you Alex Wells?" he asked. I just nodded my head. He held out his hand and I shook it with my good hand. "My name is Steven Backer and I am with the DA's office. I need you to tell me what happened." I said yes sir and told him. The cops behind him just got mad, and I mean RED faced mad. One interrupted.

"I don't even know the guy and I HATE him. My youngest brother is gay and was beat up because of that. Don't worry little man, this guy won't get away." With that, we all followed everyone outside. The kids in the gym just stopped and stared, seeing us walk out with the cops and attorneys. I was still holding my wrist.

We walked into the office where the secretary just stood in shock for a moment.

"May I help you?" she asked with a pleasant smile till she saw me. Then she just frowned. My mom saw this.

"Excuse me, that is MY son. You look at him like that again and I WILL be arrested for beating you half to death, understood," she said with fire in her eyes. The secretary just took a deep gulp and nodded.

"Is the principle in?" asked Mr. Backer, she nodded again. He said thanks and we all went towards his office. Mr. Backer opened the door and the principle just started at him.

"Who are you?" he asked with anger. He saw me and got up and started towards me. I coward back, but only into Jamie's arms. One of the cops got in front of the principle.

"Mr. Thomas Howard Jacobson, you are under arrest." he said turning him around and placing hand cuffs on him.

"FOR WHAT?" he screamed. Mr. Backer went up to him with the warrant.

"I am deputy DA Backer, you are under arrest for child endangerment, child abuse and child mistreatment under Georgia law." The police began to read him his rights. He started cussing up a storm, telling them that that they had no right and that there was no proof. After Mr. Backer was finished, he pulled out the tape recorder and let Mr. Jacobson listen to it. Mr. Jacobson was not a happy man.

"You can't arrest me. I didn't' know I was being tapped. That is not admissible in court," he said glaring at me. One of the cops just laughed.

"Yes sir it is. As long as one of the people on that tape knows that they are being recorded, then it is admissible. Gentlemen, please take him away." While they were taking him away, he was cussing up a storm and threatening me. The cops just stopped him.

"Well that is another charge sir, terroristic threats, and terroristic behavior toward a minor." With that they hawed him out the door. About that time, the Assistant principle walked in, asking what was going on. My dad explained it to him, he turned pale.

"I am SO sorry that happened. That is NOT in our policy. We even state there is no discrimination. I am sorry and I hope you won't hold it against our school," he said. About that time ,I cried out. Once more pain just shooting through my arm. I about fell, if not for Jamie holding me.

"Ok babe, we are taking you to the hospital now." he said. He looked at the assist principle and asked him to please contact his parents and let them know. He said fine, and out the door we went. Jerry, Ricky, James and Eric all went back to class, while me, Jamie, Steven, TJ, and mom and dad left to take me to the hospital.