Starting Over

Chapter 6

It has now been a month since the principle, Mr. Jacobson was arrested. When the judge saw the charges and asked him about it, Mr. Jacobson started talking trash about me. The judge gave him 20 years with out parole. His attorney tried to tell the judge it wasn't fair, but all the judge told him was to shut up or he was going to jail next. Needless to say, he shut up.

I still had a cast on my left hand. Thank GOD I am right handed and could still write. Jamie has been helping me and our relationship was growing stronger. I have noticed that TJ and Eric's relationship along with Steven and Samantha's relationship had all been growing strong as well. I don't know about the others, but me and Jamie haven't had sex yet. We just aren't ready. We want to take our time and see what happens.

November started rolling around and I was getting nervous. Why? Because when I originally grew up, we never really celebrated Thanksgiving or Christmas. Lets just say my dad drank it all. I knew in three weeks we were to go on Thanksgiving Holiday break and I didn't know what to do. I think Jamie and Jeremy were going out of town to some relatives by the way they talked. I was hoping to have him here with me, but hey what can I say? You can't get everything you want.

TJ, Steven and myself had been hanging out. They tried to teach me to play basketball and baseball, needless to say I made a fool of myself. But we all had a good laugh. I tried, then finally gave up and started talking in a girly voice just to make them laugh.

"That's it. I QUIT! A GIRL shouldn't be doing this." then I turned around and sashayed off the filled. Everyone fell down in bouts of laughter, me included. We all had a good day. Well I decided I would teach them tennis. They did ok, but I was still better. Jamie was with us one day . Me and him got into a match, needless to say he gave me a run for my money. Everyone was cheering. As we were playing, we didn't see one of the tennis coaches come up and start taking score. He would call them out to us and we just nodded our heads. Well 5 matches, and two hours later it was declared I was the winner by a 6-5 ball. Jamie shook my hand and said good going. We were talking about where I learned to play and how I learned to play so good while. I was telling him, the coach came up to us.

"Damn boys, I never saw anyone your age play that well. What are your names?" he asked.

"I'm Jamie sir and this is my boyfriend Alex." I still couldn't believe that he told him. I kinda blushed and nodded my head. The coach just kinda looked at us for a minute then nodded his head.

"Well I don't care if your gay or not, I like the way you two played. Are you going to go out for the tennis team?" he asked.

"I'm not sir sorry. I'm not that good. I'm ok but Alex is better, also I play baseball and that takes up most of my time." Jamie replied. I just kinda looked down and shrugged my shoulders not looking at anyone, just my feet. The next thing I felt was Jamie take my hand in his. I looked up and saw all of the love in the world in his eyes. He smiled at me and I returned the smile, then I turned towards the coach.

"Well I never really thought about joining the team sir." I said a little nervously. He just nodded his head.

"Well I manly have 9'th grades on up, but come by Monday and lets see how good you are, ok?" he said. I told him I would and he left us. Everyone was excited, but I felt a little scared, maybe that they would try and pick on me to much or something. Jamie just smiled at me and I knew right away I wasn't going to be alone, so I smiled back. When we returned home TJ, and Steven started telling mom all about what happened. She was really excited, but I think she knew how nervous I would be. She just told me it would be ok and I was going to do good.

Later that night, Jamie and I were in bed cuddled up together trying to fall asleep. We were both in our underwear, but as yet, sex just wasn't an issue for us. We each knew the other beat off thinking about each other, but for us right now that kind of intimacy just wasn't what we needed. We heard some giggling and figured that Eric and TJ were messing around with each other. Well it was confirmed when we heard a rather load moan. Me and Jamie just giggled, then feel into a deep peaceful sleep.

The next day was Sunday, so we decided to go bowling. We went to the bowling center around 3 that day. They weren't real busy, we were glad for that. We got our shoes and picked out our bowling balls to use. The guy behind the counter was a nice looking guy, about 5'11 with red hair and brown eyes. His name was Trey and he seemed real nice to us. There was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on. He put us on lanes 39-40 so we could bowl league style. I started warming up by taking my stance and going near the foul line. TJ. was the one to ask.

"Alex what are you doing?"

"Well I'm warming up and making sure that my shoes won't stick." I replied. He just kinda thought about this for a minute, then he too got up and did the same thing, eventually the rest did as well. While Jamie was putting in the names I noticed three brothers come in, they all seemed cute ranging in age from 10-18. They all talked and joked with Trey like they have been friends for a while. I noticed that the middle brother and the counter guy Trey were mainly just staring and smiling at each other. Trey said something to him and he turned around and noticed me staring. I blushed and turned around really fast. Jamie came up and asked what was up.

"Hey babe what's wrong?" he asked. I just smiled and told him. He kinda laughed and shook his head. Then he did something I thought was going to give me a heart attack. While Trey and the three brothers were laughing, Jamie kissed me full on the lips. At first I wanted to resist, but like all of the other times I just melted into his arms. When we broke apart we turned around and saw the other boys smiling at us. The middle brother turned back towards Trey and mouthed something to him that made Trey fall about in laughter. We just all smiled. We noticed that he set the brothers on lane 37. After the brothers names were in, I saw Trey go to the back ,say something, then walk from the counter to the bathroom. I noticed that the middle brother saw this then whispered something in his older brothers ear and followed Trey. Well that got me to thinking. I told Jamie I would be right back. A few minutes later, I too was falling behind them. As I entered the bathroom I heard hush voices.

"Mmmm I missed that." said Trey.

"Me too baby" said the other boy. "Trey, I hate this. I mean, damn your family knows we're going out, mine knows too and we can't be together like this out in public."

"I know Chris, but because of the age difference there is nothing we can do about it. Just remember I LOVE you and you love me ok." said Trey. I guess Chris made a face or something. "Shhh, it will be ok, I promise. I don't have to work till Wednesday. I will pick you up from school tomorrow, ok?" said Trey.

"Ok, I love you Trey" was Chris's reply

"And I love you Chris." he said I heard them start kissing and turned around and left. When I got back to the lanes I saw that it was my turn. I went up and bowled before anyone could say anything to me. I got a strike on my first shot. TJ just shot me the bird because he only made 5, then he smiled at me. Jamie looked at me and noticed that I had a lot on my mind.

"Ok spill it" was all he said, so I did.

"Wow! they are together and there family knows. That is so cool." he said. I agreed. We saw Chris and Trey walk back this way. Chris with tears in his eyes and Trey who looked like he was about to cry as well. When Chris sat down, his brother asked him what was wrong. He just said nothing and got up to bowl. Well his older brother went and talked to Trey. Apparently he told him what was said because they just shook hands and he nodded his head. The older brother went back over to Chris and just hugged him.

We bowled three games each. With there being six of us, it didn't take that long because we used two lanes, but it did take about an hour. We sat down to eat and that is when I noticed that Trey was talking to his co-worker. Then his co-worker, who I later found out was his boss, just nodded his head. I saw Trey go and pull his drawer and count the money. He gave it to his boss who recounted it, then Trey apparently clocked out. He went to the back and reemerged a few minutes later whereing a different shirt. All this time and Chris still had his back to him. Trey looked over at us and put his fingers to his lips in a shush kinda jester, we smiled and nodded our heads. He snuck up behind Chris and whispered something in his ear. At first Chris jumped, then turned around, looked Trey up and down and hugged him. They released each other fairly quickly. After the boys finished bowling, they all left. I thought that was cool, that he was able to get off early and spend the rest of the evening with Chris. As they walked out Chris turned and said something to him and Trey nodded his head. Chris turned and walked towards us.

"Umm hi. My name is Chris. Me and Trey were going to go and get some dinner and wanted to know if you would like to join us?" he asked. We all thought of this and about that time our mom came in. We told her. She met Trey and Chris and finally agreed. So we were all deciding where to go. I didn't tell them who owned it, but we agreed on the restaurant that my parents owned. My mom took us while Chris and Trey rode in Trey's car and Chris brothers road in their car. My mom called dad and told him what we were doing, sense he was working that night. He said fine and would have a table for us. We told him not too, just to treat us like any other person. He thought this was funny and agreed.

When we got to the restaurant we walked in and the host acted like he didn't know us. It took about 5 minutes before we were finally seated. While we were looking over our Menus, my father came posing as a waiter. I smiled but didn't say anything. He took our drink order and left us a lone. We finally decided what we wanted to eat and my dad came back took our orders and left once again. At first no, one knew what to say. Steven finally broke the silence.

"So how did you two meet?" he asked Trey and Chris. They smiled at each other and Chris started off.

"Well, me and my two brothers came into the bowling ally one day. Trey was working the front counter and got us situated. I had to use the bathroom and he just asked if I had fun. I told him yeah, I kinda smiled and walked away. Well about a week later me and my family came in there and I did the same thing, saying VERY little but looking at him and him at me. After about two weeks, me and a few of my friends went there. When we finished bowling and playing in the arcade we got ready to leave. I told them I forgot something and ran back in, I gave Trey my phone number and walked out." he said smiling at his boyfriend.

"I called him that night scared as hell. I was afraid his parents may answer, but luck had it that that was his private phone line, so he answered. We talked for about an hour or two then he had to go." Trey went on "Well it just kinda went from there." We all smiled and nodded our heads.

Our food came and we ate, mainly in silence with little snips at each other for fun. About an hour later our bill came. I signed for it. When Trey and Chris saw this, they looked confessed. I couldn't stop myself, I just started laughing along with everyone except Trey ,Chris and his brothers. They looked VERY confused. When I settled down enough to talk, I finally told them.

"Sorry guys, I was playing with y'all. Our family owns this resturant." I said. When they realized this, they too started laughing. We left the resturant and Chris and Trey went ahead and left in Trey's car, while the rest of us waited for dad come out. We told him what happened and how they reacted, he laughed and said he had fun too. We told him bye and we would see him tonight. We all gave him a hug and a kiss, then headed home.