Starting Over

Chapter 8

2003 started out with a bang when two new boys showed up at school. I noticed them when we first came back to school; they were there in my homeroom. The first one was Logan he was about 5'3 and 115 lbs. Logan had auburn hair cut nearly like a military cut but longer on top then that of a military personal he had green eyes; he looked very fit like he played sports or maybe swam.

The other boy was Coby and he was about 5'2 and 107 lbs. Coby had blonde hair that was longer then Logan 's and came down to his ears. He has it styled so it was combed over to the right he had green eyes. Like Logan , he also seemed very fit and seemed like he was very athletic as well.

I noticed that even though both of the new boys were looked like they were athletic Logan seemed more like he had more of a six pack going on then Coby did. Coby seemed more slender and scrappier looking with his blonde hair falling over his eyes.

It seemed that both of them knew each other and were already good friends.

Mr. Barley introduced them as Logan and Coby Woods. That would explain why they seemed like they knew each other I thought.

The school day seemed to go by fine so far and even the teachers that I used to have problems with didn't bother me. At lunch I noticed that Coby and Logan sat by themselves and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself so maybe they could start having friends.

Along with Jamie, TJ, Steven, Eric, Jerry, Rick and Jamie we walked up to the table they were sitting at. They saw us approach and I noticed that Logan put his hand on Coby ready to pull him back if there was trouble.

I smiled and started talking with them.

“Hi I'm Alex and these are my friends, I saw you in my homeroom and in a few of my classes. I was wondering if we could join you and get to know you. I thought maybe you two could use some friends.” I said still smiling at them.

Before they could respond, Myers one of the boys I had problems with earlier in the school year walked up.

“Hey newbie boys, be careful this is the fag brigade.” He said walking off. Before he could do anything else Jerry grabbed Myers around the neck and through him up against one of the pillars in the cafeteria, everyone stopped talking and watched what was going to happen.

“Myers I told you once to leave us the hell alone and you still haven't learned your lesson. Do I need to teach you a lesson now?” He asked still holding onto Myers.

Before Myers could respond I walked up to them.

“Jerry let him go.” I said as I walked up to him. “He isn't worth it, he is nothing but ignorant and I don't want you to be like him.” I said holding onto his arms. Jerry looked at me and noticed I was serious and nodded his head.

“Ok, but Myers I am warning you, once more and that is it.” With that we all walked back to the table.

I looked at Logan and Coby to see what they thought of what happened. Finally I sighed and started speaking.

“Well I guess that you know now, yes I am gay.” I said waiting to see what would happen next, Jamie took my hand.

“I'm his boyfriend Jamie.” He said, I tuned and looked at him and he smiled at me. I saw TJ and Eric walk up holding hands.

“I'm his brother TJ, and this is my boyfriend Eric.” He said smiling at me.

“I'm Steven and I'm the straight brother and my girlfriend is not here today,” he said, I chuckled at that.

“I'm Jerry, this is Rick and Jamie we're straight but they're like our little brother. Ya'll have any problems with this?” he asked them.

“Not any at all.” Logan said smiling at us and putting his hand out in a gesture to join them, we all sat down and joined them.

“So he's your boyfriend?” asked Coby, I smiled and nodded my head. “Cool.” He said looking at Logan, who smiled at him and nodded his head. “ Logan is my adoptive brother, and he's also my boyfriend.” He said, I smiled at them, and took a bite of my food before I spoke.

“Cool if you don't mind me asking when did you two meet?” I asked, they just looked at us and thought before answering.

“Well a few years ago I had some problems with my dad. My mom died about 5 years ago and it was just my father and I. Well there were some problems and I had to be taken away. I found out later that he had a tumor and that is what caused him to act the way he did. I forgave him, before he died. Coby and his parents have been there for me from the start and they took me in and adopted me.

Last Christmas we woke up to find two dogs in our beds and on the tree were the adoption papers, all I had to do was sign them. I signed them and I was their son, and I have been there ever since. We moved because out dad got a new job out at Gulf Stream , and our mom got a job at the local hospital here.” Logan said smiling at us.

“I think that is cool and I am glad that you are ok now. So what do you think of Savannah so far?” asked Jamie.

“Cool, there isn't a whole lot to do except putt-putt, bowling or the movies but that is cool. This summer were going to go out to Arizona and stay with our Uncle Rob for a few weeks.” Coby responded smiling as he said it.

“Sweet” was all anyone said.

The rest of the day went by smoothly and by three thirty Steven, TJ, and I were home with mom and dad, and we told them all about what happened at school that day.

The next day I invited our new friends to have dinner with us this coming up Friday at our restaurant. They accepted and said they will ask their parents and let us know the next day. We agreed that that was ok and we also decided to swap phone numbers so we can call each other.

Jamie came over that afternoon and we did our homework together. Between homework assignments we of course had to make out a little and got teased some by TJ, and Steven. We just stuck our tongues out at them and got back to work. Jamie stayed for dinner then dad ran him home with me tagging along so I could say bye for the night to the love of my life.

The next day Logan and Coby let us know that it was fine with their parents for us to have dinner with them. We asked them to meet us at 7 o'clock Friday night and gave them directions to out parent's restaurant.

The rest of the week flew by and Friday day night we were all at the restaurant having dinner with out new friends. Our parents enjoyed talking and getting to know them better as we got to know them.

We told them what happened at school with the old principle and what happened to him. They were surprised that something like that happened and asked us all some questions about it.

That night Jamie and Eric stayed the night with us after we dropped Logan and Coby at their house.

Around 10 that evening Jamie and I went to my room and got ready for bed. We crawled under the covers and cuddled silently talking with each other.

“So what do you think of our new friends?” he asked me hugging me tighter to them.

“I think that they're cool, Logan and I talked about martial arts some and compared different forms.” I told him.

“Cool, Coby and I talked about science and the different aspects of that subject.” Jamie replied.

“Wow that must have been fun. So do you think that they will be good friends?” I asked still unsure of making the right decisions on certain things without Jamie their too help me.

“Yeah I think they will.” He said, after that we both got quiet and drifted off to sleep.

The next few weeks flew by and things went from good to nuts with us studying for end of quarter finals. One more quarter and we were out for the summer.

We all passed our test and started the next quarter smiling knowing that we are doing well with out classes and in our own relationships.

One Friday night, Jamie, Eric, TJ, Steven, Samantha, Coby, Logan and I were all out at the movies. We decided on dinner afterwards and were just leaving the theater when Myers and his friends came up to us. There were about 10 of them and only 7 of us, but only a few of us knew how to fight.

“Well, well, well if it isn't the fag and pansy brigade. Did ya'll go and see a little baby film?” he asked in a baby like voice that only pissed me off.

“No you moron we went for action.” I said and tried walking around them but they stopped us.

“I don't think so fag, you and your kind don't deserve to be with us normal folks.” He said with as much hate as he could muster. I just stared at him and didn't say anything.

I tried once more to walk around them but they wouldn't get out of our way.

“You're going down boy.” He said to me and lunged at me, I moved Jamie behind me and blocked his punch then countered with a punch of my own to his stomach knocking the air out of him.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Logan moved Coby behind him and Samantha got out of the way as well.

“GET HIM!” Myers hollered once he got his breath back. The rest of his friends charged at us. Jamie was able to get in a few lucky shots but was hit one too many times and stayed on the ground gasping for breath.

The guy in front of me made a stupid mistake and I knocked him out with a well aimed shot to his face, I turned in time to see the guy that hit Jamie try and stomp on him, I got him in a flying tackle and beat his face into the ground until he stopped moving.

Steven was holding his own against one of the guys but Eric and TJ were no match for the guys that were trying to get to them.

Logan was taking on 3 guys his self and could hold his own I moved onto the one that was going after TJ and Eric when I saw another one join him. A swift leg kick and both went down groaning with their knee caps misplaced.

I watched as Logan disabled and took out his three, after that there were only 2 left and that included Myers. I went after Myers and Logan went after the other guy. A few seconds later both were on the ground moaning and groaning. About that time cop cars started pulling up.

“Freeze, don't move.” One of them said. We all stopped and turned towards them.

“What's going on here?” he asked.

We told them we would only talk with them when out parents got here. We gave them our number then he called them. An ambulance arrived and started patching up the people who were hurt, I tried to get to Jamie but the officer refused to let me go to him. A few minutes later our parents arrived.

“Ok now someone tell me what in the hell happened?” he asked him again this time not so nice. Before I could respond my dad spoke up.

“Excuse me officer Knight, but you WILL talk with these children with respect. I know you want to know what is going on but you WILL treat them like human beings or I will file a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Do you understand?” he asked the man who paled at the word lawsuit.

Officer Knight nodded then asked the question again but more politely. I showed him my ticket stub and told him what happened.

I told him about Myers and his friends being bullies at school and gave him Rick, Jamie and Jerry's numbers and said he could contact them and they could prove what I was telling was the truth.

I told him how we tried to walk around them but they wouldn't move and how Myers tried to attack me and I defended myself. I went on to tell the rest of what happened.

After I was finished I heard Myers shouting.

“That fag did this to me, him and his little brigade of pansies.” He said, and that only led to me telling the truth. About that time a black SUV pulled up and a man and a woman got out and walked towards Myers.

They talked to him and he pointed to me and the man came my way. He was acting very hostile and hateful.

“I want that faggot and his friends arrested for assault. My son was only here having a good evening when this BOY attacked him.” He said.

“Sir, I'm officer Knight. There is a problem with that. There were only 7 in Mr. Will's party and 10 in your boy's party. Also they all have said the same thing, plus I just got off the phone with several other students form the school and they said how much of a bully your son and his friends are.”

“Why you little…” Mr. Myers said and threw himself at me before anyone could stop him. I stopped him with a well aimed kick to the face. After that I was going to go after him but Jamie and my dad healed me back.

“You son-of-a-bitch, your son is a bully and tried to hurt me and my friends, I only defended myself. Your son learned his hate from you and your bigoted friends. I should be the one pressing assault charges.” I hollered at him. I tried to wiggle from but my dad and Jamie wouldn't let me.

Officer Knight got Mr. Myers up and let one of the paramedics check him over.

“Mr. Myers right now I can charge you with attempted assault and probably more. But I am going to ask Mr. Will's here what he wants to do once he calms down. I think that you may need to talk with someone about that anger problem you have and from what I have seen your lucky a broken nose is the only thing that you have after trying to attack him.” Officer Knight said, and turned to see me still struggling.

I was still trying to get out and hurt that man and his son for what they did to me and my friends, finally Jamie had enough and grabbed me with both arms pinned behind me and then did the one thing he knew would calm me down.

He kissed me.

No one said anything as I slowly sank into the kiss and the hate and anger I felt drained out of me to be replaced with the fear, and hurt I was feeling. Slowly Jamie let me go and I relaxed hugging him to me and crying into his chest.

After a few moments I got myself under control and turned to face everyone, but no one said anything.

“Mr. Wills would you like to press charges against any of the people who attacked you or your party?” Officer Knight asked me.

I looked into each of the boys faces and watched them. Slowly it came to me that the boys were only doing what Myers told them to do. They didn't care about me or my friends being gay and they didn't care about what someone did. They only wanted to fit in and Myers was the big man on campus, well he was till now.

“I only want to charge Myers and his father,” I started. “The others were only following what Myers wanted and they only wanted to fit in. I hope you have all learned your lesson.” With that I turned to Jamie.

“Let's go home.” I said. Jamie nodded and led me to my parent's car. I got the very back and Jamie got in with me.

I watched through the window as both the Myers men were handcuffed and led to a police car.

Coby and Logan 's parents came to our house and we all sat around and talked. Well they all talked while I cuddled with Jamie and only nodded my head a little when someone asked me a question.

Coby and Logan 's parents thanked us for helping their sons, and told us that we were welcomed at their house anytime. We thanked them then my dad walked them to the door and let them out.

Jamie and I went to my room and got undressed and Jamie held me as I cried. He knew I didn't like to fight. He knew I hated hurting people but he also knew I would defend someone with my life if I had to.

Slowly things went back to normal and school went on. Both Myers were sentenced to 2 years probation and 100 hours community service. They were also ordered to pay all medical and court costs.

Myers was kicked out of school for his bullying and from what I heard his father sent him to a military school. Oh well good riddance to bad rubbish. The other guys from the fight apologized to us and we accepted their apology. They had to see the school counselor and they learned a lot about what they did and how what they did hurt people. They have turned into a great group of guys.

School finally finished and we all passed our year and were all heading into the next grade. With our new friends Logan and Coby at our sides we headed off to have a summer of fun and adventures.

The End