Chapter 1

Damn another day, I have to get up and head to school, I hate it. Let me introduce my self, hello my name is Britain Adams, I am 13, I know you must be wondering what I look like well I will tell you. I am about 5'5 110 lbs soaking wet, with dark red hair and dark blue eyes. I live in Savannah Ga, and I go to Wilder Middle school. Oh yeah I almost forgot I am gay.

I know you must be wondering if my parents know I am gay yes they do know and trust me at first it was a shock to them I think it is because of how they found out. You see it is like this, one day me and my best friend at the time Billy Roberts were up in my room, at first talking you see me and Billy have been messing around since we were 10, three years ago well we went from just messing around to really liking each other, one day last about two months before my parents found out I was gay I told him, he looked at me at first I thought he was going to get mad and yell and stop be my friend well I did have tears in my eyes but I think it was because I wanted to still be his friend and I thought he didn't want to be mine.

Billy just smiled at me then leaned in and kissed me, talk about the shock of my life, well that's life. I was happy and smiled at him, from then on when ever we were alone we would talk and kiss and mess around. Well one of the things that I wanted to do and I wasn't sure he did was slow dance. Hey even at 13 I knew I was a romantic.

One day me and Billy were in my room slow dancing, we didn't hear my parents car pull up nor did we hear the door down stairs open or them coming up the stairs to my room. Billy and I were slow dancing and I remember pulling my head back from his shoulder, hey what can I say I am short and he was taller I will always be short hehe, but hey that's life. Any ways we were dancing and as I said I pulled my head from his shoulder and looked him in the eyes and told him I loved him, he told me he loved me then he leaned down and kissed me, it was so beautiful and romantic, well it was until my mom gasped and we jumped apart. You should have seen us, we jumped about 5 feet apart, I looked at my parents and I had tears in my eyes as did my mom and Billy. I didn't know what to say or do and I wasn't sure my mom knew either. My dad just turned and went down stairs to me that was his way of rejection. Mom turned and left us and then Billy got on his shoes gave me a quick kiss, told me he was sorry then ran down stairs and out the door. I heard the front door slam, I didn't know what to do and I was scared, scared my parents were going to disown me and scared that they were going to kick me out. I laid on the bed and cried, I must have fallen asleep, the next thing I knew it was dark and there were whispered voices, I pretended to sleep and just listened.

"So what do you think?" asked my mom I was assuming that she was talking to dad.

"Well if he is gay then so be it, we can't change it and we know that we didn't do anything to turn him gay, what can I say that's life."

"You're right dear of course, I just want him to be happy that is all. Should we wake him or let him sleep it is almost 8 and I know he must be hungry."

"Naw let him sleep, and when he gets up then we can eat. We can sit down tomorrow and talk then." with that they left, I had tears in my eyes but this time they were tears of happiness.

I just laid there for about 10 more minutes then got up and headed down stairs, I didn't look into the living room as I headed to the kitchen but I could tell that they were following my every move. I went to the fridge and pulled out some makings for a sandwich, after I made them, I grabbed some chips and sat down at the kitchen table, even though I knew how they felt I still couldn't face them not yet. A few minutes later my dad came in. He grabbed some coke got me some milk and sat down in front of me.

"Hey sport how are you feeling?" he asked. I just looked at him and nodded my head. "That is good, I just wanted to tell you...." his voice faltered for a minute then out of know where a smile came on his face and he looked at me "Son me and your mother don't care if you are gay or even bi, as long as you are happy." when he said that I about chocked on my sandwich and cried, I got up and hugged him.

"Oh dad I am sorry I am gay I don't want to be but I know in my heart I am, as where my friends are starting to look at girls I only want to look at them." I said as I cried. I just want to know one thing why in the HELL are coming outs so painful and full of crying damn get over it already. About that time mom walked in and we all sat down and had a long talk about me being gay and how I felt. I told them everything and I mean everything including the embarrassing parts, I blushed they giggled and blushed.

Well that was my coming out, it is over and now I am here a year later. Billy moved six months ago and I haven't had a boyfriend since then. Now it is time for school to start who knows maybe just maybe I can finally find a boyfriend, or at least a PLAY mate hehe.

Well now lets start over ANOTHER DAMN SCHOOL DAY, I HATE THEM, hehe. I finally got up took my shower and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. I ate talked with my parents then headed to the bus stop. I got there about the time the bus pulled up, since I was one of the first stops, there really wasn't anyone on yet. After a few more stops one of my friends got on named Brandon, let me tell you about him, he is 5'8, 150 lbs, with brown hair and green eyes, he is cute but not my type, I want a stronger guy someone more masculine but hey what can I say what I want is a straight guy those are the only types right hehe, if I had only known. We talked till we got to school then got off the bus, as I was heading into the building a voice called out to me standing there was another friend of mine named Brett.

"Hey Britain you even find another boyfriend?" he asked then started laughing, I laughed too and replied.

"Nope the position is still available, what you want to fill it." he laughed rolled his eyes then turned and finished his conversation, oh didn't I mention I was out at school, to make a long story short a boy caught me and Billy kissing in the bathroom one day, hey what can I say we were horny and needed each other. Well it went around school that we were gay, by that time Billy's parents knew about us and were cool I think they hope it was a phase, probably glad to get him away from me...NAW hehe. Any ways a few of the guys tried picking on me about it till a few 8th graders put them in there place, what can I say you tutor a few people and they help you, well Any ways after it was stated that whether I was gay or not I was NOT to be hurt or harassed well lets say that things settled down real quick, even though the Th graders aren't here anymore no one bothers me about it, they see I am not a threat and we all joke about it. I have A LOT of friends.

As I was walking to my home room I accidently bumped into this boy, well lets say we collided and fell down. I was flat on my back and a few of my friends came over to make sure we were ok, after we said yeah I finally looked at the guy I accidently collided with, WOW what can I say I think I feel in love. Standing in front of me was this guy that was about 5'8 or 5'9 150-170 lbs, with dark blonde hair and these deep and I mean deep green eyes, I mean my friend WOW he looked HOT. I think I stopped breathing for a minute. When I finally got my voice back it trembled.

"Umm.... hi.. I'm Britain, Britain Adams." I said sticking out my hands now everyone who knows me knows that I am not shy so I know what some of the guys around me must be thinking.

"Hi I'm Daniel Blackmore." he said taking my hand and shaking it. I knew I held on a little longer then I should have when he giggled and asked for his hand back, it was so soft I didn't want to give it back. I reluctantly let him have his hand back. He made sure I was alright then headed to the office to check in. I turned saw all my friends with smiled and a few trying to suppress giggles, the boys bathroom was right there and I went inside after checking to make sure all of the stales were empty and now one was in there I screamed out loud. After that I heard the laughing, I came back out blushing and my friends were there laughing at me.

"UHU OH he better look out I think Britain is on the prowl" one of them said, I just smiled laughed then headed to class with cat calls and whistles following me. I smiled turned flipped them off then headed to my home room. A few of the girls came up to me in home room and asked me about this new boy I told them his name and we sat around talking about him. Hey what can I say I am fem and I can't hide it never could and never will be able to but hey that's life, now get over it I have.

We talked till the teacher came in Mrs. Winters was real cool especially about me being gay and we even joked about it. This time she got me.

"Britain next time you bumped into a boy please don't go scream I think you took about 10 years out of the principle." she said smiling at me. I just smiled nodded my head and slipped down in my seat. The kids around me giggled as did the teacher. I laughed sat up right, Mrs. Winters started talking about what was happening in school when the door opened and in walks Daniel, I gasp a few of the girls look at me and giggle so does the teacher everyone knows who I screamed about MY LIFE was going to be one big joke but hey I can join hehe. He saw everyone looking at me and giggling and gave me a weird stare. I just slipped down in my seat, Mrs. Winters smiled took his name and add him on her call roll. She just had to have a good time and have him sit right behind me, I know I blushed BIG time. After a few minutes Mrs. Winters finished her discussion and the bell rang a grabbed my stuff and walked out shooting Mrs. Winters a thanks for nothing look. She stopped me.

"I sat him there so you wouldn't be staring and so you would listen to me." she said smiling.

"Yeah right you just wanted to see me blush and squirm." I said smiling back at her. She had this look like ^who me' I just nodded smiled and walked out, hearing her laugh. I know what you must be thinking all of these people laughing at me, well there not I know they are joking and they know when to cut it out. The school knows I am gay and hey if I can joke about it so can they, I don't mind besides I have A LOT of friends. The first 4 periods were boring even though Daniel was in at least two of my classes they were still boring with the exception that every teacher sat Daniel behind me and smiled when I blushed and squirmed. Hey they love me when I blush what can I say.

Lunch finally came and I went and got my lunch and sat at my table by my self, for all of about 15 seconds then about 20 people, came and joined me, hey I said I was popular didn't I. Well we all talked and of course the topic was my scream in the boys bathroom, we all had a good laugh, till I stopped laughing, everyone thought something was wrong and one boy even said "hey Britain we were just kidding are you ok?" I couldn't answer my eyes were locked on the boy in the lunch line, DANIEL. OMG he is SO HOT I can't believe it. Well apparently one of the other guys noticed this and got everyone ones attention. I didn't see Bobby get up and move his tray, the next think I know Daniel sees me and smiles and comes up to the table.

"Hey mind if I join yall." he asked in a beautiful hypnotic voice, I couldn't answer but Jared did that for me.

"Sure the only sit left is the one next too Britain why don't you sit there." he said smiling. Upon hearing that I looked to my left and noticed Bobby not sitting there I look to my right and found him at the end of the table smiling. I just gave him the finger and he smiled and shock his head. We all laughed at that.

"Man you do sure have a lot of friends." Daniel said.

"Yeah thanks, they are all nice and good to me. We have been friends for ages." I replied with out looking up. I started to get nauseous. I was SO nervous. I think Becky noticed because she started asking Daniel questions, like where he came from? What he did for fun? Those sort of questions they kind that you use ask to get to know someone. I just listened learning more and more about him. I loved to hear his voice it was just so beautiful.

Finally lunch was up and we headed in our own directions, that was gym for me and I will tell you I was surprised when Daniel followed me and a few of my other friends into the gym, turns out he had gym the same time as I did. DAMN why did that have to happen, now I will NEVER get rid of this boner I had. Hey he gave it to me hehe.

The rest of the school day went and Daniel was also in my last class of the day, that is a fun class it is English, I enjoyed it because the teacher was really cool. Her name was Mrs, Black and she was exceptional. Once again she sat him behind me, I couldn't believe it she just looked at me and smiled, I smiled back but blushed, thank God Daniel was sitting behind me I am glad he didn't notice how much I blush.

Finally 45 minutes later the class was over and we were headed for home. Daniel stopped me.

"Um Britain may I have your phone number? Maybe we could talk later tonight." he asked in a sweet low voice. Once again my voice trembled.

"Surreee" I said. I scratched down my phone number and handed it to him as he handed me his. I grabbed my book bag and left the room. I ran to my locker grabbed the books I had homework in then headed to the bus, I sat down and then the chants began.

"Britain likes Daniel" over and over I laughed as did the others and we all had a good laugh before we got dropped off. On the way over I noticed that the old Riker house was taken. It was s three story house made of brick I was in it once and it is HUGE. I mean like 4 or 5 rooms, 4 baths, a kitchen, living room, family room, dinning room, a play room and a HUGE back yard. I loved it. I noticed a blue BMW pulling into it and I will be damned it Daniel Blackmore didn't get out of it. I couldn't believe it Daniel lived three bocks from my house.

I finally got home I ran up stairs through my back pack in the corner, stripped off my cloths laid down on my bed and took care of a very HARD matter. 15 minutes later I was dressed covered in sweat and headed down stairs fora snack.

Mom and dad got home about 5:30, dad was a real estate broker and mom was a stock broker so we made a nice amount of money. We talked about my day and there's. The usual for all of use except I told them about Daniel and the fact that he lived three blocks away, my dad surprised me by telling me that he is the one who sold them the house then mom said that his dad Bob came in and started an investment. I couldn't believe it WOW. What else could happen, well i'll be, they didn't let me down that is for sure. Turns out that they hit it off so well and since we all live in the same neighbors hood invited them over for dinner tomorrow night. I couldn't believe it, Daniel was going to be here tomorrow and the best part is that tomorrow is Friday, I couldn't believe it, but you know what like my dad says THAT'S LIFE, now deal with it.