Chapter 3

Well it has been over a week since me and Daniel have gotten together, and let me tell you it has been in interesting week. The first Monday back we were in home room talking when he did something I didn't expect him to do, what you may ask well he whispered something to me, don't ask I won't tell hehe. Well anyway's after he did that he looked at me and kissed me on the cheek. There were a few gasps and a few cat calls even the teacher giggled but she knew I was happy and had what I wanted, I couldn't ask for more. Daniel blushed then held my hand, I mean most couples don't even do that but we do and still do to this day.

Well let me tell you by lunch EVERYONE and I MEAN EVERYONE knew that Daniel was gay and taken and a few hearts broke in the process. Everyone was happy for us except a select few, who you may ask well not any of my friends hell they kidded us to much. There were a few guys who tried to start things but were persuaded not to by a few of the tougher kids in my class, so they backed off. That was Monday.

By Wednesday we couldn't walk down the halls with out a few people making comments all good friends. Daniel was getting used to being popular. My friends wanted to have a party to celebrate and I told them I would have to talk to my parents and Daniels and see what they thought about it. They understood and told me to let them know. That was Wednesday.

Now it is Friday night and there was going to be a party at my house. A few select close personal friends were invited but that was all.

The party started at about 8 and was going to go till between 11 and 12. My parents and my friends parents knew we didn't drink and we didn't like drugs so they left us alone. We were in the basement at my house. Everything was going great but what surprised me was that Bobby and Brandon were sitting close together, as if it was a normal thing almost acting like boy friends instead of friends, so of course I had to say something.

"Hey Brandon when did you and Bobby start going out?" I giggled and so did everyone else including Bobby and Brandon. Well they looked at each other and nodded.

"Last night what about it?" he asked. We looked at him in shock and shook our heads like they were joking well we were till they frenched kissed each other right in front of us. After words they broke apart told each other they loved the other and then looked at us. I jumped up and went up and hugged them. After me was Daniel, then the rest of the gang.

"So when were you two going to tell me you were gay?" I asked them. They both looked kinda sheepish.

"Well I was afraid of telling anyone I mean I knew y'all would of been cool with it but still I just wasn't ready and Bobby said the same thing when I asked him last night." replied Brandon. Ok that was one question answered so now for the other.

"Ok then when and how did you two find out about each other?" I asked. Brandon laughed and Bobby blushed and hid his head in Brandon's shoulder. Brandon held him and chucked.

"Well I was over at his house last night we were studying for a exam. Well Bobby went and used the bath room while he was away I noticed a magazine sticking out of the side of his mattress I figured Play Boy or penthouse but when I pulled it out I got a BIG SURPRISE. On it was a guy about 18 with a HUGE dick..oppss sorry girls... any ways, Bobby came in and saw me looking at it. He started rambling on and trying to explain so I decided to shut him up. I did it the only way I knew how I kissed him. Bobby about freaked. We talked, found out we were in love with each other and here we are, and NO NO ONE else knows especially our parents." Brandon finished, we all nodded out heads and started joking around and parting.

Someone put on a slow song and I saw couples and just friends starting to dance. I wanted to dance SO bad but I was afraid that Daniel wouldn't want to so I sat there waiting on him to come back from the bath room. The next thing I knew someone's hand was in front of my face. I looked up and saw Daniel smiling at me. I took his hand an he lead me to the floor. He put his arms around my waist and I put mine around his neck and held on . I love slow songs and this one was no exception. I felt my head being raised from his chest and when I looked up I looked into his deep green eyes. He lowered his head and kissed me. A brush of the lips then he put his lips to mine and we kissed, long and hard. I felt his tongue at my lips and I opened up and let him in. Out tongues touched tintevley and slowly I feel in love with Daniel all over again.

The song ended and we were still dancing, I don't know why but I didn't want to let him go and by the way he looked at me I knew he didn't want me to let him go either. Someone played another slow song and we just danced. I don't know when or how but when the song ended I looked up and everyone was gone. There was a note:

Dear Britain and Daniel

Tonight is your night, enjoy and be happy.

Love The Gang

I about cried but I didn't. Daniel looked at me and kissed me. He released my lips and lead me upstairs to my room. He went over to the cd player and put in the BackStreet Boys new cd, Black and Blue, he made his selection and turned on the repeat button. The song: I Promise You (With Everything I Am) started playing. We started slow dancing again, but this time we both knew what was going to happen.

Daniel slowly started to lift my shirt, I broke our kiss long enough for him to pull the shirt over my head. He looked into my eyes and smiled as he slowly felt my chest and ran his hands over my nipples, the became erect. I took his shirt off and followed suit. As we slowly danced our shoes, socks, pants and underwear came off, the next thing I knew the song was starting over again and I was on my bed with Daniel on top of me and we were both naked. He went down and started licking and kissing my neck, my cock was hard and leaking all 5 inches of it. He went to my belly and slowly and erotically licked around it. As he went down he by pasted my cock and licked my thighs and balls, I moan in exsticy and excitement. He slowly moved up till he took my cock in his mouth, first just the head then all of it. I felt like I was about to cum when he stopped, he looked up at me and I smiled, I knew what I wanted I turned him over and under me then laid him down on the bed. I started playing with his nipples and licking his neck and chest. I went straight to his cock. I sucked like there was no tomorrow, but I wanted something else. I got up and went over to my dresser.

"Close your eyes" I told him, he Obeid. I squeezed some KY into my hand and rubbed it together I started rubbing his cock all over with it as I lubed and fingered my ass getting it lose and ready for his 6 inches. "Keep them closed" I said as I straddled him. I aimed his cock at my ass and slowly sat down on it. I moaned and so did Daniel, he didn't know what I was doing until he opened his eyes and saw me. He couldn't believe I was doing this I smiled and leaned down and kissed him. I felt him slip all the way in and I knew how I wanted him to make love to me. I turned us over with me laying on my back and my legs wrapped around his waist. I looked into his eyes. "Make love to me" I said. Daniel smiled and nodded, he leant down and started kissing me as he moved in and out of me. We moaned in unison. Me from the excitement and my prostate being rubbed and him from the tightness of my no longer virgin ass.

We keep a rytheme going he went in and out slowly and carefully and I pushed back to meet his gentle thrust, we kissed and held each other. I felt my orgasm coming close and I had to break the contact to moan.

"UGGG I'm going to come" I moaned into his mouth.

"So am I" he moaned his response. I felt him push one hard time then felt something warm being released into me, I moaned and came then as I felt him release his love into me. Daniel collapsed on top of me and laid there to catch his breath. As we regained out breathing controls his dick softened and came out of me with a gentle pop. I unwrapped my legs from around him, he laid down beside me. We both laid on our left side, me in front and his spooned behind me. I turned my head and looked at him.

"I love you" was all I could say. Daniel smiled at me.

"I love you too" then he kissed me. We cuddled together then feel asleep in each others arms.