Where It Began

Chapter One

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I know you must be wondering what a 14 year old boy is doing in a mental hospital. Well it is really simple I tried to kill my self. Why?? You may ask that is simple as well. You see I am a eunch. It is someone who is casterated. The reason cancer, that and I got so depressed and pissed at my parents I tried to kill myself. Let me start from the beginning.

Two months ago in July I was getting ready for high school. My mom took me to go and see the doc to make sure I had all of my final shots up to date, no big deal right? Wrong. He went ahead and did a physical and noticed a lump on my right testical.

"Aaron how long has this lump been here?" the doc asked.

"I'm not sure a few months I just thoght it was swollen." I replied. I know you mut be wondering what I look like so here it is. I am about 5'5 kinda short for my age. I weigh 120 soking wet I have blond hair cut short but nice and brown puppy dog eyes. There you go.

"Well it isn't good I want to run a few test to make sure it isn't anything of danger." he said. I was thinking ok. He went ahead and ran some test then called my mom into his office. I heard her scream and whale no. I wasn't sure what was going on. Apperntly they called my dad becasue 15 minutes later him , my mom, dad and the doc came back in.

"Aaron i'm sorry it isn't good news" he said.

"What?" was all I could get out.

"Son i'm sorry it is cancer." the doctor said. I couldn't beleive it, cancer how I wasn't sure and I was afraid of what he was going to say next. "I'm afraid there is only one thing we can do. We checked all of the blood and it isn't in the blood stream yet which is good, but we are going to have to remove both your testicals to make sure that we get it all out." I couldn't belive it. They wanted to cut my balls off. 'NO man NO way' is all I thougt.

"I don't think so. Find some other way." I said. My mom cried and my dad had tears in his eyes as well.

"Son i'm sorry there is no other way." the doctor replied. I just shook my head and said 'NO'. The doctor went out of the room and my parents came and sat beside me.

"Aaron i'm so sorry son but we have to do this. There is not other way." my dad said I just looked at him and all I could think is that they wanted to cut my balls off. My parents were barely there in my life any more and now they care, what ever.

"Oh my baby." my mom whaled. She touched my arm and my dad put his arms around my shoulder I jerked away from them and hopped off of the table.

"If you let him do that I will NEVER forgive you and I will HATE you." I said. They looked at me in surprise but my dad had a grim look on his face.

"I'm sorry son but there is no other way." I didn't hear the doctor come back in but I felt the shot in my butt. I turned around and saw him.

"You will be fine don't worry and you will not hate anyone." he said. All I could think was, 'yeah right wait and see'. Then I felt really tired and I felt my dad catch me as I drifted off to sleep.

Now you see how it all started

I awoke in a room with an IV in my arm and a nurse putting something in it. She looked and noticed me awake.

"Well aren't you a handsome young man." She said in her cheery voice I looked at her with hate and simply said

"Fuck you" I tried getting up but what ever she gave me made me sleepy again. I noticed the look of hurt on her face as I drifted off to sleep, oh well I don't care.

The next time I awoke I was in a room with other poeple who were also asleep. My dick hurt and so did my entire groin area. A nurse who was watching over me smiled at me.

"It's over now, rest, you will be in a room shortly". I tried to tell her off but I was too tired. I knew they casterated me.

I awoke to voices I regonized my mom, dad, the doctor but there was someone else there as well.

"Now he may seem a little depressed at first but don't worry I will talk to him and he will be ok it may take a while but don't worry." said this guy. I guess he was a shrink. I opened my eyes and they noticed.

"Hey baby how are you?" my mom asked, I just looked at her then turned my head. My dad came around the other side of me.

"Hey big man how do you feel.?" he asked. I looked at him, then turned my face to the ceiling and shut my eyes. I heard the doctor tell them I was still tired from the anestia. I feel asleep again.

When I awoke I noticed it was morning, becuase I knew I woke up a few times in the night. My parents were still there. The door openned and the doctor and the one I assumed was the shrink came in.

"Well we see you are awake. Let me look at you real quick you may even go home today." he said smiling at me I just looked at him with dead eyes and didn't resond. How can I. I am no longer a man hell I don't have any balls. I can't play sports anymore, and taking showers forget it. I am starting high school but I can't even do that now. I just want to die. "Well you are healing up nicely I think you can go home today what do you think?" he asked me smiling. I just looked at him and did not respond.

The other man came up and moved the doctor out of the way. "Hi Aaron my name is Dr. Prescot, but you can call me John. I know you are upset but don't worry you will be fine ok. I know you think that it is the end of the world but it isn't. Do you have anything to ask or say?" he said smiling at me. I thought for a moment then I turned to my parents and simply said.

"I hate you two. GET OUT." they looked shocked and hurt but didn't move, neither did the doctors, hell they looked shocked. I turned my head and saw a vase there with some flowers in it. I picked it up and threw it at the wall only inches from my parents and the doctors. "I said GET OUT" I screamed at them. My mom was crying and everyone else just stared. The doctor motioned them outside. When they left I let the tears fall for the first time.