Where It Began

Chapter Five

The next morning we awoke when they brought in breakfast, we ate and talked till it was time for Dr. Smith, and Dr. Gibson to release us. Dr. Gibson came in shortly after Bobby's and my parents arrived. He talked to us and set me and Bobby up with out appointments for the next week with him, then said we were free to go, me of course AFTER Dr. Smith looked at me. I just had a sour face on, he laughed ruffled my hair then walked out, he really is cool and when we talk he knows how I feel about my being gay. Between him and Bobby, they let me know it was cool being a eunuch and I could still have sex and have a sex life. Dr. Smith last week gave me something for my hormons so I can develope like other kids, I hated it but it needed to be done.

Finally about 20 minutes later, Dr. Smith came in, he shut the curtain around me and looked to make sure where he removed my testical was still up healing. He looked up smiled at me.

"Well it's stil healing nicely, nothing to stop you from being active." he said. Yeah right what ever. Then I decided to ask about the exscuse. After he opened the curtain up I asked.

"I was wondering if you would write me an exscuse from gym please?" I asked, nicely. He looked at me.

"Why?" he asked. I was NOT in the mood for him.

"You know why I don't want anyone to see me in the showers and I don't want anyone to see me with how I am." I said. He just looked at me.

"Aaron there is nothing wrong with you, you can play soccor, football, baseball anything including gym so no I won't." he said. Fine I thought.

"Fine then I will skip it. You won't help I don't need you. I am ok to leave so GET OUT, so I can get dressed." I said being mean, he knew I didn't like him. He just looked at me and walked out. Bobby pulled the Curtain around my bed and helped me get dressed.

"You should have been nicer to him." he said. I just smiled.

"I was he wants me to embaress myself and try and prove that no one will notice or care, but he is NOT into the high school or the school scence now not sence Lincoln in 1860. (someone snicked I think it was my dad) so fine I will skip that class and if I fell then I will fell I WILL NOT go to gym, or play any sports anymore, my life as far as I am concerend it over with that." I said with tears falling down my eyes. Bobby stood up after he tied my shoes and hugged me, I just held on and cried. He pulled back and gently kissed me on the lips, we didn't know it but out parents could see our shadows though the curtains. We let go of each other, pulled the curtain open and walked out. This time I rode in the wheel chair, as we pasted the doctors station, Dr's. Gibson,Prescot and Smith where there, we smiled and waved to Gibson and Prescot, Bobby smiled at Smith but when I saw him I put on my angry face and turned away from him.

"Hey mom can you get me a new doctor to take care of me now. I think I need a better one who acually cares about me." I said that loud enough for Dr. Smith to hear. I think I heard him sigh but I didn't care.

"NO and don't ask again." she said.

"Damn" I just said and smiled up at her, she smiled back.

We got down stairs and both of out dads brought there cars around, we gave each other a hug and told the other we would call later this evening if we if we could. As we pulled away I saw Dr. Smith standing there looking at me as he talked to Dr. Gibson. I just glared then turned away.

We arrived home from the hospital and this time when we got in and mom asked me if I was hungry I told her yes. She smiled then headed into the kitchen to make me a snack. About 5 minutes later the phone rang, I answerd it.

"Hello" I said.

"Hey it's Bobby I couldn't wait till tonight to call you." he said giggling which caused me to giggle. I smiled.

"Yeah I know I was debating on weather I should call you or not." I responded.

"Hehe I saw Dr. Smith and Gibson out side as we were leaving. Did you see the look on Smith's face" Bobby asked.

"Yeah he put it on after I glared at him then turned away. I know I should not be mean but I can't help it when it comes to him. Maybe one day but not now."

"I understand" Bobby said. We talked for about 10 minutes before mom told me to come and eat. I told Bobby I will try and call him later depending on how I feel. He said ok then we hung up.

I ate my snack talked to my parents for a little bit then laid down and took a nap. I awoke to my dad at the door saying dinner is ready. We had spagetty and as usall it was good. I thanked my mom and dad then headed up staris so I could call Bobby. It was only 8:45.

"Hello" said a mans voice.

"Hi Mr. Olsen this is Aaron may I please speak to Bobby?" I asked politely. I came to like Mr. and Mrs. Olsen a lot while I was at the hospital.

"Suer Aaron hold on. BOBBY, AARON IS ON THE PHONE FOR YOU" he hollard. I heard ponding feet then another connection picked up.

"Ok dad got it" Bobby said. Mr. Olsen hung up. "Hey I was waiting on your call." he said I just giggled.

"Hehe cool I just finished eating we had spagetti. So what are you doing?" I asked.

"Nothing much we had burgers and chips, I was just reading."

"Cool so this is Friday and school starts on Monday. I hate to say this but I am going to have to find a way to get out of gym. I stil have two weeks before I can participate anyways so after that I don't know." I said.

"Yeah I wish you wouldn't but hey I know why and I understand. Do you think you can spend the night tomorrow night? I already asked my parents and they said if yours say yes then it is cool by them." Bobby asked

"Sure hold on and I will check." I went and got permission to spend the night at Bobby's house. "Hey I got it, what time should I be there?" I asked.

"Umm how about between 12-2 that will give us the day and the night to hang out." Bobby said. I thought about what had to be done tomorrow and sence nothing that I could think of came to mind I agreed.

"Ok sounds cool. Let me go and get some sleep I am tired and I still need to pack." I said.

"Ok cool I will talk with you later night." Bobby said.

"Night" with that we hung up. I went to the bathroom releived my self then headed to bed. I took off all but my boxers climbed into bed and slowly feel asleep.