Where It Began

Chapter Six

The sleep over was excellent. We had so much fun. We talked till late in the night, had snacks and drank sodas. About 1 in the morning I turned towards Bobby and looked at him he looked at me and smiled. We leanded toward each other and kissed, it was SO good and SO amazing. I loved it. We took off each others shirt then our boxers, and laid down on top of each other. Even though I didn't have any balls I felt my self get hard.

I slowly kissed my way down his body, kissing his neck, cheast, stomach and even the hair about his penis. I swallowed a dick for the first time. I slowly bobbed up and down while I coressed his balls with my left hand. I felt him tap me on the leg and motion me to turn around, I soon felt his hot mouth on my hard cock. We were both about 5 inches long. After a few more minutes of this I felt Bobby tense up and he fired his hot cum into my mouth, that was the first but not the last time that I drank his cum. I few minutes later I had a dry orgasm in his mouth. Exhausted I turned around, we kissed and held each other for a few minutes.

"Aaron I was wondering if you would let me try something?" Bobby asked. I just looked at him then said.

"What?" even though I had an idea what it was and I too wanted him to do that to me.

"Can I try and fuck you?" he asked shyly. I smiled and turned over on my stomach presenting my ass to him. He reached into his back and pulled out a tube of somthing called KY. I didn't know what this was at the time. I felt him squirt some on my ass hole as he held my ass cheeks apart. It was COLD hehe. Bobby massaged in the KY and I felt him slowly insert his finger into me. It felt kinda sore at first but I soon relaxed and it was the best feeling I ever felt. He soon worked in two then three fingers going slowly the entire time. He pulled out and I turned and saw him coat his cock with the KY, he smiled leaned forward and kissed me. I smiled turned back over and he crawled on top of me.

I felt him push into me and it felt SO GOOD. At first it hurt but soon the pain turned into pleasure. I couldn't beleive, how good it felt. Bobby went slowly at first stopping every few minutes so I wouldn't hurt as much. After about 5 miinutes he was all the way in me and was slowly going in and out, I felt the head of his dick rubbing my prostate and that alone sent stars off in my head. I don't know how long he lasted but I think for about 30 minutes. I felt my orgasm start and soon I tightned my ass hole around his cock and shook in a dry orgasm. I think that was the best I EVER had hehe. A few miuntes later Bobby shook and I felt his cream being shot deep into my bowls. It was amazing, I have always loved the way cum feels as it is shot deep into me sence that first time.

Bobby pulled out a few minuts later and cleaned us both up, I turned around and looked at him "WOW that was SO GOOD." I said smiling at him.

Bobby laid down and I laid in his arms and he wrapped his arms aroud me. "I knew you were tight and hot but the feelings were amazing." he said. He looked at me and I looked back and we brought our heads together in a slow chast kiss, then a more pasionant one. As we pulled our lips and toungs from each other I looked at him with all the love I could put on my face, and whisperd.

"I Love You Bobby" with tears slowly sliding down my face. He wipped the tears away bent down kissed me and said.

"And I love you Aaron" We looked at each other after confessing our love for each other for the first but not last time in our lives. We laid down me wrapped in Bobby's arms and slowly drifted to sleep soon to be dreaming about each other and what high school will be like, and how our lives would turn out.

The End